Nov 242014

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 11/24/14

Artist  —  Album  —  Label
1) At The Gates  —  At War With Reality  —  Century Media
2) Obituary  —  Inked in Blood  —  Relapse
3) Unearth  —  Watchers of Rule  —  eOne
4) Slipknot  —  .05: The Gray Chapter  —  Roadrunner
5) Cavalera Conspiracy  —  Pandemonium  —  Napalm
6) Anaal Nathrakh  —  Desideratum  —  Metal Blade
7) Sanctuary  —  The Year The Sun Died  —  Century Media
8) Abysmal Dawn  —  Obsolescence  —  Relapse
9) Psychostick  —  IV: Renvenge Of The Vengence  —  Rock Ridge
10) Job for a Cowboy  —  Sun Eater  —  Metal Blade
11) Machine Head  —  Bloodstone & Diamonds  —  Nuclear Blast
12) Carcass  —  Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel  —  Nuclear Blast
13) Bloodbath  —  Grand Morbid Funeral  —  Peaceville
14) Thanatos  —  Global Purification  —  Century Media
15) Viathyn  —  Cynosure  —  Self-Released
16) Blodhemn  —  H7  —  Indie Recordings  —
17) In the Presence of Wolves  —  Thalassas  —  Self Released
18) These Are They  —  At The Feast of Seven Funerals  —  The End
19) Krokodil  —  Nachash  —  Spinefarm
20) Soen  —  Tellurian  —  Spinefarm

Top 5 Adds
1) Rise of the Northstar  —  Welcame  —  Nuclear Blast
2) Skalmold  —  Meo Vaettum  —  Napalm
3) Aversions Crown  —  Tyrant  —  Nuclear Blast
4) Cripper  —  Hyena  —  Metal Blade
5) Various Artists  —  Ragnarok Juletide  —  Spinefarm

Other Adds: Magnum EP, The Flight of Sleipnir, Blind Race, Primordial, Wayfarer, Cloudkicker, Grime! Greed! Gore Split EP (HPGD), Fayne, Zom

Nov 242014

Napalm Records
Kind of a slow post-black metal doomy thing, just a bit too slow for me.

Rise Of The Northstar
Nuclear Blast USA
A sort of hardcore metal thing… but not really metalcore per se. Just some catchy heavy metal with that NYCHC feel, you know, maybe like Biohazard?  yeah.  I can’t quite figure out where they are from, there’s a lot of Japanese imagery, but it’s definitely pretty cool stuff.

“On Christmas Day”
Steamhammer / SPV
A classic rock/AOR type sounding christmas music thing.  It’s a re-recording of the song from their 1994 album “Rock Art”  It has a bit of an epic hard rock/rock opera feel to it.  I think it’s always neat to have some metal/hard rock original xmas type music.

Various Artists
Ragnarok Juletide
a bunch of different artists all together doing different xmas classics with a metal style… mostly a hard rock/power metal/rock opera style.  You aren’t getting any cookie monster death metal little drummer boy’s here.

Meo Vaettum
Napalm Records
Folk/viking metal, but a bit more on the black metal, fast fast metal side of things.  Pretty sure there aren’t any flutes or hurdy gurdys in here.  It’s good meat and potatoes brutal viking metal.

Aversions Crown
Nuclear Blast USA
Brutal-core-ish stuff from Australia.  Heavy, catchy and yup, brutal.

Metal Blade Records
Catchy thrashy almost melodic death.  Great riffing, nice abrasive vocals, production is nice and crisp and there’s a bit of a groove going on too.

Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Metal Blade Records
Doomy post-ish metal.  Long songs, a gothy doom sludgey

Thomas Giles
Modern Noise
Metal Blade Records
Front man from BTBAM is back with another solo effort.  A bit more on the prog rock side of things, or just some experimenteal/alt rock type stuff.

Blind Race
Come And Get It (EP) 2014
Self-Release (Asher)
At first it reminds me of some heavier Volbeat (probably because of the vocal style…) music is heaver and a bit of a shuffle beat going on. Otherwise, the vocals get a little more abrasive and turns into some decent modern metal.

The Queen of Kings
Self-Release (digitally distributed by Crystal Math) (Asher Media)
Metalcore with some brutal crazy parts, but with a bit of a Protest the Hero thing going on too. (clean vox and some singy parts)

Inverse Records
A sort of throwback to 70’s metal, but with a lil bit of a modern stoner rock vibe.

Sepulchral Temple
Sepulchral Temple
Invictus Productions
Noisy black/death metal.  two long tracks, production is a little muddy… and it almost sounds like kitchen sink metal… like, EVERYTHING is going on here.

Children of The Iron Age
Prosthetic Records
Extreme post-metal atmospheric doom, some long tracks here, screaming, melodic stuff, but yet that cold black metal feel.

Live with Intronaut
Century Media
One man instrumental band from Ohio doing up some melodic metalcore type stuff. This is a live album where he had the band Intronaut perform as his backing band. Interesting stuff and sounds great for a live album!

Flesh Assimilation
Invictus Productions
Fast, heavy black metal with vocals that are somewhat buried in the mix… a bit growly, music is in your face and loud… and yeah, vocals are reverbed up good and down in the mix.  eh.

Fake Lights
When a bio describes a band with a genre of “Shoegaze”  I know it’s going to be something I’m not going to be a fan of.  sorry… just don’t like it.  Ambient/atmospheric slow doomy stuff.  Meh.

Dirty Mike & The Boys / Violation Wound / First Class Elite –
Grime! Greed! Gore! Split CD
Horror Pain Gore Death
Dirty Mike’s stuff are quick short punky metal songs.  Violation Wound… same thing, some punky metal short quick songs. First Class Elite is a bit more of a death metal thing with some punky vocals

United Progressive Fraternity
Fall In Love With The World
Inside Out
Definitely prog rock (not metal) A bit jazzy in parts, but full on prog stuff going on… always have that thought that a Prog show would be cool, right?

Other new stuff to us, but released earlier this year…

Metal Cross
Metal Cross 2LP + 7″
Horror Records
Two albums and an EP of older stuff from this band.  Pretty decent catchy old school melodic thrash.

Ignis Haereticum
Luciferian Gnosis
Goathorned Productions
Blackened death metal, decent production, just a right balance of black/death and brutality.

2014 Demo
Decent death metal music, but the gurgly frogman voice vocals are a bit distracting.

Heavy (low end) brutal thrash.  Some cool chugga chugga stuff going on.

Graveyard Ghoul + Cyptic Brood
The Graveyard Brood
Final Gate Records
CD 31. oct. 2014 / Vinyl LP: dec. 2014
Graveyard Ghoul is some thrashy/punky stuff maybe a bit like old school Slayer.  Cryptic Blood is some raw melodic death metal (not so great production)

Nameless One
Thousand Memories And Nameless Sword
7 October 2014
Melodic thrashy death metal. Sounds a bit like Arch Enemy, but maybe a bit more melodic.  I think lyrics are all in Japanese too… I think!? Pretty cool stuff though.

Mortal Factor
No Lessons Need Learning
Self-Released | Distribution – Non Stop Music
31 October 2014
Brutal thrashy stuff with some catchy stuff going on too.

Nov 192014

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2014-11-17 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Bloodbath / Let the Stillborn Come To Me / Grand Morbid Funeral / Peaceville
Noisem / Voices in the Morgue / Agony Defined / A389 Recordings
Carcass / Intensive Battery Brooding / Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel – EP / Nuclear Blast
Obituary / Violence / Inked in Blood / Relapse Records
At The Gates / The Circular Ruins / At War With Reality / Century Media
Krokodil / Shatter / Nachash / Spinefarm Records UK
Boris The Blade / Atrophy / The Human Hive / Siege Of Amida
Abysmal Dawn / Devouring the Essence of God / Obsolescence / Relapse Records
Fear Factory / Shock / Obsolete / Roadrunner Records
These Are They / Hell Rides At Dawn / At the Feast of Seven Funerals / THE END
Siriun / Infected / In Chaos We Trust / Self Released
Anaal Nathrakh / A Firm Foundation of Unyielding Despair / Desideratum / Metal Blade Records
Thanatos / Global Purification / Global Purification / Century Media
Black Crown Initiate / Shape’s Collapse / The Wreckage of Stars / eOne Music
Idol Of Fear / Vanquish / All Sights Affixed, Ablaze / Self Released
Blodhemn / Flammenes Virke / H7 / Indie Recordings
Satyricon / Black Crow On a Tombstone / The Age of Nero / Koch
Cicada The Burrower / Pawns and Trivial Affairs / The Oasis / Self Released
TIAMAT / Whatever That Hurts / Wildhoney / Century Media
TIAMAT / The Ar / Wildhoney / Century Media
Samael / Rain / Passage / Century Media
While Heaven Wept / Icarus and I / Ardor / Suspended At Aphelion / Nuclear Blast
Sanctuary / I Am Low / The Year the Sun Died / Century Media
Viathyn / Shadows in Our Wake / Cynosure / Self Released
Riot V / Bring The Hammer Down / Unleash the Fire / SPV
Sonata Arctica / Blank File / Ecliptica – Revisited (15th Anniversary Edition) / Marquee Inc.
Threshold / Autumn Red / For The Journey / Nuclear Blast
Revocation / The Fix / Deathless / Metal Blade Records
Cuff / Sub-Sonic Impacts / Transient Suffering Through The Ergosphere / Gore House Productions
Job for a Cowboy / The Synthetic Sea / Sun Eater / Metal Blade Records
Cavalera Conspiracy / I, Barbarian / Pandemonium (Bonus Tracks) / Napalm
Machine Head / Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones / Bloodstone & Diamonds (Bonus Track Version) / Nuclear Blast / ???? ??????
Slipknot / Nomadic / .5: The Gray Chapter (Special Edition) / Roadrunner Records
Unearth / From The Tombs Of Five Below / Watchers of Rule (Deluxe Edition) / eOne Music
The Ghost Inside / Out Of Control / Dear Youth / Epitaph
Psychostick / Dogs Like Socks / IV Revenge of the Vengeance / Rock Ridge Music
Indestructible Noise Command / Black Hearse Serenade / Black Hearse Serenade / Ferocious Records
In The Presence Of Wolves / Man of the Times / Thalassas / Self release

Nov 172014

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 11/17/14

Artist  —  Album  —  Label
1) At The Gates  —  At War With Reality  —  Century Media
2) Obituary  —  Inked in Blood  —  Relapse
3) Unearth  —  Watchers of Rule  —  eOne
4) Slipknot  —  .05: The Gray Chapter  —  Roadrunner
5) Black Crown Initiate  —  The Wreckage of Stars  —  eOne
6) Anaal Nathrakh  —  Desideratum  —  Metal Blade
7) Sanctuary  —  The Year The Sun Died  —  Century Media
8) I.N.C.  —  Black Hearse Serenade  —  Ferocious
9) Cavalera Conspiracy  —  Pandemonium  —  Napalm
10) Psychostick  —  IV: Renvenge Of The Vengence  —  Rock Ridge
11) Revocation  —  Deathless  —  Metal Blade
12) Abysmal Dawn  —  Obsolescence  —  Relapse
13) Job for a Cowboy  —  Sun Eater  —  Metal Blade
14) Riot V  —  Unleash the Fire  —  SPV
15) Machine Head  —  Bloodstone & Diamonds  —  Nuclear Blast
16) Carcass  —  Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel  —  Nuclear Blast
17) Threshold  —  For The Journey  —  Metalville
18) Viathyn  —  Cynosure  —  Self-Released
19) Blodhemn  —  H7  —  Indie Recordings  —
20) In the Presence of Wolves  —  Thalassas  —  Self Released

Top 5 Adds
1) Bloodbath  —  Grand Morbid Funeral  —  Peaceville
2) These Are They  —  At The Feast of Seven Funerals  —  The End
3) Thanatos  —  Global Purification  —  Century Media
4) Krokodil  —  Nachash  —  Spinefarm
5) While Heaven Wept  —  Suspended At Aphelion  —  Metalville

Other Adds: The Ghost Inside, Sonata Arctica, Monster Magnet, In This Moment, Siena Root, Kolony, Dimension, Hands of Orlac, The Deathtrip, Indie Recordings Xmas Sampler, Manimalism, Idol of Fear, Revolution, Cuff, Evil Sprit, Siriun

Nov 172014

Black Widow
Nothing really new from these guys… female fronted commercialized “metal”  a lot of electronic types of sounds going on too.

A 70’s hard rock throwback.  A bit like some Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy type stuff.  A cool groove and catchy songs, but metal?  Nope.

Pantera-like groove metal mixed up with some melodic death and stoner metal.  Pretty cool stuff.

Milking The Stars: a re-imagining of Last Patrol
Napalm Records
This is a “reimagining” of their last album… not remixed, re-recorded in a more 60s/70’s rock vibe.

Sonata Arctica
Eclipted (Revisited)
Metalville Records
15 years since their debut album… how about a reissue?  Nawww… Just re-record it from scratch… So yeah, you have a bit more of a modern production and feel of their 15 year old songs. Plus it’s cool to throw back to the earlier days of cool power metal.

While Heaven Wept
Suspended At Aphelion
Metalville Records
An epic doom prog metal type thing.  Clean vox, proggy stuff, black metal growls, power metal stuff, but overall, there’s a lot of downtime, slower melodic almost power ballad type stuff.

The Ghost Inside
Dear Youth
Epitaph Records
Metalcore, fairly brutal with a good driving low-end focusing more on the hardcore part of things, but then of course, we get to the chorus and it’s a bit more “catchy”  but what’s good, is that it doesn’t get to that winey blah blah crap.

These Are They
At The Feast Of Seven Funerals
The End Records
A grindy death metal or maybe just some good fast thrashy death metal (with nice clean production)… a side project of sorts of some current and former guys from November’s Doom.

Bloodbath (Full Length Will Be Uploaded 11.17.2014)
Grand Morbid Funeral
Peaceville Records
Classic death metal done right from this supergroup.  First album with the guy from Paradise Lost on vocals… and, yup, it’s still great.

The Suffocating Darkness
Century Media
Blackened death metal, actually it’s more on the black metal side of things. Cold guitar throughout, a nice evil feel.

Global Purification
Century Media
Dutch thrashy brutal death metal, lots of great riffs, catchy stuff, some melodic stuff and always brutal.

Black Rust TAPE
Forever Plagued
Crappy production black metal. Not so much crappy, but just pretty quiet and it’s your basic classic black metal.

Hands of Orlac
Figli Del Crepuscolo
Horror Records
A throwback doomy 70’s metal thing with female vocals. Cool catchy riffs, vocals have a bit of a creepy vibe to them.  pretty cool stuff for the throwback genre here.

Self-Release (Asher)
Some prog metal with a little bit of a thrash tendency.  Good stuff.

The Deathtrip
Deep Drone Master
Svart Records
Classic black metal sounding stuff.  A bit slow and doomy, vocals are more shout/growled than that black metal scream/growl.

Various Artist
Christmas Carnage 2014
Indie Recordings
A good compilation of what Inide Recordings has to offer lately.  (it’s good stuff)

Doomy goth stoner metal.

Kult Ofenzivy
Nauky ruznic LP
Iron Bonehead
Fast, intense black metal.  Unfortunately, the 5 “songs” are all mushed together into one file/track, so it’s tough to skip around or pick a specific track.  But damn, it sure sounds evil.

When Cities Sleep
What Lies Lay Between Us
Indianola Records
Electronic-ish modern “post hardcore” “metal”  There’s a cool heavy vibe, but a pop music vibe too.  My ears are confused.

Nightmare Records
Always great to get something new from Nightmare records.  this is some quality prog metal.  Production could be a bit more crisp, but this is some cool proggy metal with a little bit of a power metal thing going on.

Idol of Fear
All Sights Affixed, Ablaze
Melodic death type stuff, maybe with a bit more a doom sound or maybe a blackened doom.

Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere
Gore House Productions
Very unique vocals… almost a bit like Oderus, but kinda sounds like someone just vocalizing belches.  Thrashy death metal music.

Random Cosmic Violence (NA Promo)
Relapse Records
Long             Slow                 Doomy                        Yawn.

Anechoic Horizon (NA Promo)
Relapse Records
Some more melodic atmospheric stoner doom featuring former and current members of Don Caballero.  eh.

Ciphers + Axioms (NA Promo)
Relapse Records
A Trifeca of yawny doom metal from Relapse this week.

Evil Spirit
Cauldron Messiah
Horror Records
Sort of a black n roll… black metal, yet some hard rock n roll going on too.  Big meaty riffs along with black metal stuff too.

In Chaos We Trust
Self Released
Yet another band with Kevin Talley behind the kit.  This time it’s for a Brazilian band.  Great thrashy death metal band. Yeah, there’s a little bit of a tribal/sepultura sound going on, but it’s a good, well produced self released album.

Nov 172014

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2014-11-10 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Carcass / A Wraith In the Apparatus / Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel – EP / Nuclear Blast
Morbid Angel / Chapel of Ghouls / Altars of Madness / EARACHE RECORDS
Machine Head / Killers & Kings / Bloodstone & Diamonds (Bonus Track Version) / Nuclear Blast / ???? ??????
Unearth / Guards Of Contagion / Watchers of Rule (Deluxe Edition) / eOne Music
Indestructible Noise Command / Organ Grinder / Black Hearse Serenade / Ferocious Records
Whitechapel / Strength Beyond Strength / Recorrupted – EP / Metal Blade Records
Psychostick / President Rhino / IV Revenge of the Vengeance / Rock Ridge Music
Cavalera Conspiracy / Scum / Pandemonium (Bonus Tracks) / Napalm
Slipknot / Lech / .5: The Gray Chapter / Roadrunner Records
Exodus / Salt the Wound (feat. Kirk Hammett) / Blood In Blood Out / Nuclear Blast
Pitch Black Forecast / Season In Hell / As the World Burns / Ferocious
Revocation / The Blackest Reaches / Deathless / Metal Blade Records
Job for a Cowboy / The Stone Cross / Sun Eater / Metal Blade Records
Starkill / SKyward / Virus Of The Mind / Century Media
Arkadia / The Decisions Of Yesterday (Will Haunt Us Down) / Unrelenting / Inverse
Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band / Controllers Destroyed / Black Power Flower / Napalm Records
Spectral Haze / Descent Through the Intravoidal / I.V.E.: Transmutated Nebula Remains / Soulseller Records
The House of Capricorn / In the Light of Lucifer / Morning Star Rise / Svart Records
Orange Goblin / Mythical Knives / Back From the Abyss / Candlelight Records
In The Presence Of Wolves / Storm In A Red Dress / Thalassas / Self release
At The Gates / Heroes and Tombs / At War With Reality / Century Media
Blodhemn / Evig Heder / H7 / Indie Recordings
Vargsang / In The Mist Of The Night / In The Mist Of The Night / Indie Recordings
Black Crown Initiate / To the Eye That Leads You / The Wreckage of Stars / eOne Music
Anaal Nathrakh / The One Thing Needful / Desideratum / Metal Blade Records
Obituary / Visions In My Head / Inked in Blood (Deluxe Version) / Relapse Records
Abysmal Dawn / Inanimate / Obsolescence / Relapse Records
Evocation / Corporal Jigsore Quandary / Excised and Anatomised – EP / Century Media
Arch Enemy / Incarnated Solvent Abuse / Dead Eyes See No Future – EP / Century Media
Carcass / Excoriating Abdominal Emanation / Symphonies of Sickness / Earache
Carcass / Tomorrow Belongs to Nobody / Swansong / Earache
Viathyn / Ageless Stranger / Cynosure / Self Released
Riot V / Metal Warrior / Unleash the Fire (Bonus Edition) / Steamhammer
Threshold / Turned To Dust / For The Journey / Nuclear Blast
Sanctuary / Question Existence Fading / The Year the Sun Died / Century Media
King Diamond / The Invisible Guests / Dreams of Horror / Metal Blade Records
Scar Symmetry / The Spiral Timeshift / The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity) / Nuclear Blast

Nov 102014

some cool melodic prog hard rock inching into the metal realm.  some parts are definitely metal, some are more on the proggy hard rock side of things.  There is no doubt about it though, this is definately prog with time changey stuff, lots of technical playing, great melodies and other mood changes.

Dew on Roses
(Scarlet Media)
Kivanc Kilicer (pronounced Kuh-vaunch Kill-licker)
This is some modern metal, a bit chunky, melodic and a pinch of prog metal too.

Shake Electric
It’s been a little while since we got one of these 70’s throwback stoner metal bands… well, now we have one again.  A classic 70s female fronted hard rock thing.

Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay
Metal Blade
Classic doomy black metal sound with some prog elements, a little pinch of “post-metal”… to where it gets a little repetetive… long songs, but some parts have cool Opeth-like melodies (musically)  the vocals are all scream/shouted or as I like to say “scrowled”  like, you know, scream/growled.

Dreams of Horror
Metal Blade
A greatest hits of sorts… two disc set of songs hand-picked by the King himself spreading across his Roadrunner and Metal Blade years.  Always good to have a new excuse to play some King Diamond!

Machine Head
Bloodstone & Diamonds
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Aside from a couple nu-metal albums that Machine Head put out back in the day, they’ve been flying the flag for what “metal” should be in the 20+ years.  This is the first album with founding member Adam Duce.  It’s 100% Machine Head, that’s for sure.  Great riffs, drumming, vocals, all that stuff that makes them who they are.  Some orchestral stuff in a track or two, but it fits right and adds a layer of fullness.  It’ll take a little bit to digetst this whole thing (71 minutes!) but it’s a new classic Machine Head album!

Napalm Records
Not sure what to call this one, it’s female metal on one hand, some pop metal on the other, electronic stuff

For The Journey
Metalville Records
Classic sounding prog metal.  Not too whacked out and overplaying and not too much on the plain power metal thing.  Reminds me a lot of the band Andromeda, but Threshold has been around long enough in their own right to know what’s going on.

Brant Bjork
Black Power Flower
Napalm Records
Classic groovin’ stoner metal, monster riffs and acdtually to me, there’s a little bit of an old Foo Fighters vibe

Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel (EP)
Nuclear Blast USA
The extra tracks from the Surgical Steel sessions (if you didn’t get the special editions that had all these on it) These tracks seem to have a bit more of a groove and almost a Swansong feel to them, just not as balls out heavy thing as the original album.   The “rot n roll” feeling is here on these tracks.  awesome stuff.  Can’t wait to see them here in town on Wednesday!

Indie Recordings
Classic black metal with a groove, probably comparable to maybe Satyricon… but staying heavier.

Restoration EP
InsideOutOne of the newer bands carrying the torch for new prog metal.  These guys remind me of older Pain of Salvation but maybe with a bit more of a metal edge.  These three tracks are new recordings for a digital only release, but are reworked demos from their 2008 albums session

Fields of Elysium (2014)
Second Wind
This is a mix of some prog and power metal, with some Dragonforce-like playing in parts.  I was expecting this to be some band from Europe that’s been around for a while that I’ve never heard of… Nope, they’re from Kansas City!  Great mix of the crazy sing-along chorus stuff and full on speedy prog/power metal (you know, like that Dragonforce I mentioned)

Rated X
Frontiers Music srl
New band with Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin and Jeff Watson (Night Ranger).  A pretty good straightforward hard rock album with some great experience.  This might not be great for the Mosh Pit’s regular rotation, but there’s no reason to not check this album out!

I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains
Soulseller Records
Pscyhedelic stoner doom.  Some cool catchy parts, a big meaty sound and something I could get into with a nice cold beer.

Melodic death metal, some clean vox, a bit on the prog metal side of things, then going into the melodic death side of things. Pretty cool stuff out of Finland.

The House of Capricorn
Morning Star Rise
Svart Records
This is stoner doom band with a full sound, it’s a bit more up tempo with a little pinch of black metal sound/tone in some guitars… but still full on stoner metal at its base.  It’s pretty catchy and they’re from New Zealand!

Sleep of Monsters
Produces Reason
Svart Records
Gothy pscyhedelic post-rock from Finland

Live in 1984 – Back To The Bone
Frontiers Music srl
To celebrate 30 years since Slide It In, this stuff from the 83/84 lineups of the band made up of material from David Coverdale’s collection.  Cool to hear this stuff from the beginning.

Heart & Friends – Home for the Holidays
Frontiers Music srl
Great new live album from Heart, showing they still got it! (probably don’t have it enough to be on the Mosh Pit though… sorry!)

Cadaveric Spasm / Clit Eastwood
Split CD
Horror Pain Gore Death
Cadaveric Spasm is some grindy death metal, raw and good. And how can you go wrong with a band called “Clit Eastwood” especially with a song called “Monster Vag” It’s a raw punked up death metal with female screamed vox!

Creepy blackend industrial sounding doom. Mostly a wall of noise and growly screams.

In the Mist of Night
Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Classic raw sounding melodic black metal. Production is fairly decent though, so you can actually appreciate it!

Older stuff that we just got…

Level 6
Parat Magazine
October 2014
A little like Motorhead and UDO, These guys from the Czech Republic have been at it for a while and seem to sing in their native tongue which makes it pretty neat.

Through Cosmic Corridors
Bloody Mountain Records
1 October 2014
At first I thought my CD was skipping, but then I realized it wasn’t the CD or my files.  Just some gurgly vocalled wall of metal noise which isn’t really for me.

Old Thunder
Slings & Arrows
4 September 2014
Post-metal doom (one man band from Kentucky!) Meh.

7 October 2014
Progressive death/prog metal from Detroit.  Good melodic slower parts, brutal faster parts, pretty cool stuff!.

Black Side Records
10 February 2014
Raw old school sounding thrash.

Nov 092014

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2014-11-03 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Psychostick / Revenge of the Vengeance (Skit) / IV Revenge of the Vengeance / Rock Ridge Music
Psychostick / So. Heavy. / IV Revenge of the Vengeance / Rock Ridge Music
Amon Amarth / The Pursuit of Vikings / Fate of Norns / Metal Blade Records
Butch Ate The Baker / Viking Funeral / Mid-Afterlife Crisis / Self Released
Job for a Cowboy / Eating the Visions of God / Sun Eater / Metal Blade Records
Cavalera Conspiracy / Bonzai Kamikazee / Pandemonium (Deluxe Edition) / Napalm Records
Psycroptic / Echoes To Come / Echoes To Come (Single Version) – Single / Prosthetic
Rings of Saturn / Desolate Paradise / Lugal Ki En / Unique Leader Records
Unearth / Lifetime In Ruins / Watchers of Rule (Deluxe Edition) / eOne Music
Revocation / Scorched Earth Policy / Deathless / Metal Blade Records
Indestructible Noise Command / Sainted Sinners / Black Hearse Serenade / Ferocious Records
Exodus / Collateral Damage / Blood In Blood Out / Nuclear Blast
Static X / Bled For Days / Wisconsin Death Trip / Warner Bros.
Stuck Mojo / Feel It Comin’ Down / Declaration of a Headhunter / Century Media
Sevendust / Confessions Of Hatred / Alpha /
Body Count / Talk Shit, Get Shot / Manslaughter / Sumerian Records
Slipknot / Skeptic / .5: The Gray Chapter / Roadrunner Records
White Empress / Erased and Rewritten / Rise of the Empress / Peaceville Records
Starkill / Virus of the Mind / Virus Of The Mind / Century Media
Pitch Black Forecast / Landmine / As the World Burns / Ferocious
Black Crown Initiate / Withering Waves / The Wreckage of Stars / eOne Music
At The Gates / At War With Reality / At War With Reality / Century Media
Obituary / Violent By Nature / Inked in Blood (Deluxe Version) / Relapse Records
Internal Bleeding / Patterns of Force III. Aftermath / Imperium / Unique Leader Records
Decapitated / Nest / Blood Mantra / Nuclear Blast Records
Abysmal Dawn / Perfecting Slavery / Obsolescence (Deluxe Version) / Relapse Records
Anaal Nathrakh / Monstrum in Animo / Desideratum / Metal Blade Records
Scar Symmetry / Cryonic Harvest / The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity) / Nuclear Blast
Sanctuary / Let the Serpent Follow Me / The Year the Sun Died / Century Media
Riot / Unleash the Fire / Unleash the Fire (Bonus Edition) / Steamhammer
Cea Serin / The Illumination Mask / The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay / Generation Prog Records
Soen / Tabula Rasa / Tellurian / Spinefarm
Transport League / Blood Inn / Boogie From Hell / Metalville
Orange Goblin / Bloodzilla / Back From the Abyss / Candlelight Records
Pantera / Goddamn Electric / Reinventing the Steel / Atlantic Records
Sick Of It All / Act Your Rage / Last Act of Defiance / Century Media

Nov 032014

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 11/3/14

Artist  —  Album  —  Label
1) Exodus  —  Blood In Blood Out  —  Nuclear Blast
2) Revocation  —  Deathless  —  Metal Blade
3) Decapitated  —  Blood Mantra  —  Nuclear Blast
4) White Empress  —  Rise of the Empress  —  Peaceville
5) Black Crown Initiate  —  The Wreckage of Stars  —  eOne
6) Orange Goblin  —  Back From The Abyss  —  Candlelight
7) Pitch Black Forecast  —  As The World Burns  —  Ferocious
8) Sick of it All  —  The Last Act of Defiance  —  Century Media
9) Slipknot  —  .05: The Gray Chapter  —  Roadrunner
10) Rings of Saturn  —  Lugal Ki En  —  Unique Leader
11) Scar Symmetry  —  The Singularity  —  Nuclear Blast
12) Internal Bleeding  —  Imperium  —  Unique Leader
13) At The Gates  —  At War With Reality  —  Century Media
14) Starkill  —  Virus of the Mind  —  Century Media
15) I.N.C.  —  Black Hearse Serenade  —  Ferocious
16) Abysmal Dawn  —  Obsolescence  —  Relapse
17) Obituary  —  Inked in Blood  —  Relapse
18) Sanctuary  —  The Year The Sun Died  —  Century Media
19) Anaal Nathrakh  —  Desideratum  —  Metal Blade
20) Unearth  —  Watchers of Rule  —  eOne

Top 5 Adds
1) Psychostick  —  IV: Renvenge Of The Vengence  —  Rock Ridge
2) Cavalera Conspiracy  —  Pandemonium  —  Napalm
3) Job for a Cowboy  —  Sun Eater  —  Metal Blade
4) Riot V  —  Unleash the Fire  —  SPV
5) Transport League  —  Boogie from Hell  —  Metalville

Other Adds: Soen, Toothgrinder, Psycroptic (Single), Requiem, Heart In Hand, Fides Inversa, Thy Darkened Shade, Doombringer, Walking Dead on Broadway, Falls fo Rauros, Absentia Lunae, Hell in the Club, Cea Serin, Karkaos, Morost, Tellus Terror

Nov 032014

Job for a Cowboy
Sun Eater
Metal Blade Records
Catchy, heavy, and proggy.  Vocals are just harsh and pissed off sounding.  Music is probably more proggy than they’ve ever been but yet without sacrificing their heaviness.

Unleash the Fire
The band formerly known as Riot (they decided to change their name a bit after founding Mark Reale passed away in 2012)  This is their first album since then and with a new vocalist.  This has a Judas Priest-like musicality and more a euro metal sound even though it’s a NYC band.  It’s kind of cool to have a true new modern “classic” power metal band/album out now though.

Schizophrenic Jubilee
On the surface, you’d probably just say that this is another “brutalcore” band… and yeah probably technical death or proggy deathcore. A lot of different metal subgenres all rolled into one.

Kind of a proggy Tool-like project from the former drummer of Opeth (Martin Lopez) Mostly some more melodic stuff with some heavier parts mixed in.

Cavalera Conspiracy
Napalm Records
You know, had you said 20 years ago that the Cavalera brothers left Sepultura and Sepultura carried on… you would have just figured they sucked… well, Sepultura has come into their own in the post-Cavalera era, and now we get the best of both worlds with now a third Cavalera Conspiracy album!  Great drumming, quick, heavy thrashy songs and awesome metal riffs. The brothers do not disappoint and with Marc Rizzo still in the band, it’s just all that much better!

IV: Renvenge Of The Vengence
Rock Ridge Music
They say these guys are like the Weird Al of Metal… or “Humorcore” but they’re just more than that.  Even if they weren’t goofing around lyrically on their songs/shows/albums, the music is so heavy and catchy and hard to even compare to anything.  It’s thrashy, funky, but just great.  Throw on top of it some of the funniest lyrics and topics… oh and a cover of “Danger Zone”  They’ve done it once again!

The Unexplainable Truth
Cleopatra Records
This is kind of some post-hardcore poppy metal stuff with male and clean female vocals.  Musically it’s a little hardcore-ish, gets a little proggy brutal too, but I dunno.  Seems like their trying to do too many different things.

Transport League
Boogie From Hell
Metalville Records
Reminds me a bit of Monster Magnet, or heavier, more metal Stoner metal.  I guess this album was released last year, but now released on a label, so here we are (it’s my first time hearing it)  Pretty good stuff. These guys have been around since 1995, took a break 2005 and came back in 2011.  Catchy riffs, maybe a bit like CoC too.

Echoes To Come (Single)
Tech metal, heavy good stuff, a little djent feel, but just a pinch and I want to hear more!

Heart In Hand
A Beautiful White
Century Media
Some metalcore, post hardcore type stuff.  Fairly heavy, vocals are screamed with some phasing to clean-ish stuff.  Music is a little bit proggy, melodic.

Horror Vacui
Return Of The Empire
Horror Pain Gore Death
A gothy punk thing with a little bit of black metal going on.

Fides Inversa
Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans
Some pretty good melodic black metal.  Vocals are a bit like Tom Araya and music is that cold black metal guitar with some decent melodic metal going on.

Thy Darkened Shade
Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet
Heavy blackened death metal. Lots of stuff going on, some great intricate guitar work, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on, some great drumming, brutal, harsh vocals.

Pestilential Shadows
Old school style harsh, low production black metal.  You can tell there’s some decent cool stuff going on, but as I’ve always said… the “classic” production just turns me off.

Doombringer (Poland)
The Grand Sabbath LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Blackened death metal… and when it’s from Poland, you might think, whoa, are they like Vader or Behemoth?  Well, not quite that level, but this is some evil sounding quality blackened death… probably more blackened and more death than Vader or Behemoth if that helps…

Deathless Light
2 songs of blackened death metal.

Impericon Records
Tech/brutalcore death metal.  Good production, brutal riffs, harsh vocals, some sick breakdowns.  Someone pissed in these guys’ Wheaties… they’re mad about something! haha.

Diamonds To Dust
Faith Through Trials
Manifest Records
Post-hardcore, poppy metalcore type stuff.  Uhhh… no thanks.

Perdition Winds
Aura of Suffering
Inverse Records
Old school style black metal with cold drony rhythm guitars and some melodic stuff hanging out there somewhere in amongst the blast beats and mediocre production.

Dunkelheit Produktionen
And what’s this?  More black metal with ok production and lots of screaming with a bit of melodic stuff hanging out in there somewhere?  Yup.  This one has really long songs.

Falls of Rauros
Believe in no Coming Shore
Nordvis (EU) / Bindrune (US)
This one has some melodic black metal stuff… Vocals are old school and harsh, but the rest of this has decent production, maybe hints of older Opeth musically, in how it can go from some normal clean metal into some more traditional black metal.

Absentia Lunae
This is some good quality black metal.  Good production, a bit more on the “new” wave of black metal.  A bit more on the death metal side but with that frenetic blackened metal sound.  Harsh vocals, a good solid low end on the drums and yet still cold and evil sounding.

Devil On My Shoulder
Scarlet Records
After listening to a whole bunch of black metal (above)… this is quite different.  Some 90’s pop metal stuff I haven’t heard stuff since, oh, what, Steel Panther?  Hah.  A neat classic metal/AOR thing going on.  I’m not sure if I like this on its own merit or after listening to an hour or so of black metal.  LOL

Argonauta Records
This is what the download came described as:  “file under: Avant-garde / Progressive / Psych / Experimental”  And yeah, it’s spot on.  This is really all over the place, some saxophones, female vocals, slow atmospheric parts, stoner metal parts, black metal parts.  All over the place… at first it’s just “too much”  but maybe this deserves more of a listen.  (probably not great for on the air, but it might be worth checking out if you’re into this sort of stuff)

The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay
Generation Prog / Nightmare Distribution
Kind of thrashy and proggy and power metal with some melodic death thrown in for good measure.

Napalm Records
A bit industrial, I’d say it’s like a Rammstein/Marilyn Manson type thing.

Napalm Records
As expected, your typical fe-metal.  The Operattic stylings of Liv Kristine over some basic standard metal.  Good for fans of this stuff.

Dark Space III I
Back to the black metal with icky production.  Sigh.   Three reallly long songs. And lots of cold guitars and screaming and stuff.

Arcana Coelestia
Melodic black metal.  Basic black metal with some melodic stuff going on, more deathy growly vocals, some downtempo slower speed doomy stuff taking over…

Stuff we’ve gotten recently with older release dates….

9 August 2014
Thrashy Black metal.

Dead Samaritan
The Devil Tunes
10 February 2014
Some heaver than thrash, thrash music.  Has that old school thrash feel, but more modern heavy stuff.

Strung Out (Single)
Backstage Vibe
Stoner Punk

Assassins of the Pentagram
Deathstrike Records
30 May 2014
Old school black metal but with more of a thrashy element going on.  (not the greatest production though, but not like it’s a 5th generation mono cassette tape either)

Leap of Faith ft. new vocalist Viky Boyer (single)
Self Released (Asher Media)
Release: 8 March 2014
Melodic death metal with female vocals… mostly clean vocals, catchy music, more on the prog metal side of things. Cool stuff!

Watch The World Unwind (single) New Line Up + New Song
Self-Release (Asher)
Release: 4 June 2013
Great heavy thrashy death metal.

To React Records
22 March 2014
Some more modern catchy metal, a bit of a commercial feel, but probably heavier than that.  It’s like some post-hardcore stuff, where it’s heavy, brutal, which carries into a chorus that should get all emo-like, but it’s more just clean sung in this case instead of auto-tuney.  Other music has a prog metal feel too.

Lord of Pagathon
Nekros Philia
Inverse Records
Black metal all in your face.  Some classic black metal stuff going on here, but some good production.

Solace in Solitude
15 August 2014
Proggy death metal.

From the dead villages darkness
20 October 2014
Black metal with a little bit of melodic stuff… music seems to be fairly straightfoward metal and maybe a bit of folk metal in parts, and classic black metal.  vocals can be distracting in parts as they seem to just be shout/screamed.

Sludgey blackened doom

Tellus Terror
EZ Life DV8
10 August 2014
Sort of a standard metal thing with death metal, groove metal and deathcore stuff going on.

Embassy Row Music / Possession Productions
5 October 2014
Atmospheric stuff then icky produced black metal.

Drown Within Records
20 October 2014
Four really long tracks, black metal, atmospheric stuff and some melodic black metal going on too.