WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/27/16

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Jun 242016

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/27/16

Artist — Album — Label
1) Flotsam & Jetsam — Flotsam & Jetsam — AFM
2) Vektor — Terminal Redux — Earache
3) Gruesome — Dimensions of Horror — Relapse
4) Six Feet Under — Graveyard Classics IV — Metal Blade
5) Dark Funeral — Where Shadows Forever Reign — Century Media
6) Jim Breuer / Loud/Rowdy — Songs from the Garage — Metal Blade
7) Nervosa — Agony — Napalm
8) Schoenberg Automaton — Apus — eOne
9) Fates Warning — Theories of Flight — InsideOut
10) Denner / Shermann — Masters of Evil — Metal Blade
11) Hellyeah — Unden!able — Eleven Seven
12) Suidakra — Realms of Odoric — AFM
13) Candlemass — Death Thy Lover — Napalm
14) Gojira — Magma — Roadrunner
15) Winterhorde — Maestro — Vicisolum
16) Nails — You Will Never Be One of Us — Nuclear Blast
17) Elderblood — Messiah — Osmose
18) Whitechapel — Mark of the Blade — Metal Blade
19) White Knuckle Riot — Amurdica — Epocalyptic
20) Grave Desecrator — Dust to Lust — Season of Mist

Top 5 Adds
1) Apothesary — Sensory Overload — Salem Rose
2) Aftershok — Detonate — Autorun
3) Earth Ship — Hollowed — Napalm
4) The Browning — Isolation — Spinefarm
5) Wolf Hoffman — Headbangers Symphony — Nuclear Blast

Other Adds/Reviewed: Wolves in the Throne Room, Every Time I Die, Despite, Necromancing the Stone (Single), Throes, Ascent, Berserker, Chugun, Mental Coma, Carnal Decay, Storm of Particles, Children of Seraph, Iskra, Insane Vesper, Pain of Salvation, Among Gods, Banned from Hell, Unlit Face, Brute Forcz, Project Silence, Shantak, No Jogging for Today, Stages, Sludgehammer, Winterlore, Psychotron, Netherlands, Creinium, Valgaldr, Protean, Too Left 2 Be Right, Exoriator, Seltar, Deathfare, Myth of a Life, Energema, Shatter Messiah, Liquid Graveyard, Deviser, The Pete Flesh Deathtrip

New Stuff This Week… 6/27/16

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Jun 242016

Necromancing the Stone
The Siren’s Call – radio single
Metal Blade
Catchy heavy melodic metal with thrashy undertones.

Napalm Records
A bit doomy, a little sludge, some melodic stoner metal stuff too.  Cool catchy riffs and not all down tempo, there’s some glimmers of catchier more rhythmic stuff going on too.

Wolf Hoffmann
Headbangers Symphony
Nuclear Blast USA
Wolf Hoffman metalling up classic symphonic/classical music with guitar… Kinda sounds a bit TSO’ish…. Cool stuff!

Sensory Overload
Salem Rose Music
Just missed these guys in town the other night… good heavy technical-ish death metal with a bit of a thrash vibe.

Aunurun Records
Classic metal with a great heavy Judas Priest vibe.

The Browning
What happens when you take some electronic dance music and mix it with metal?  Yeah… The Browning!  not too bad actually.  Growly industrial feel, a little black metal thing going on too.

Wolves In The Throne Room
Diadem of 12 Stars [2016 Reissue]
Four long tracks of melodic blackened black metal.

Every Time I Die
“The Coin Has A Say” [Single]
28 June 2016

Rotten Casket
Emerged From Beyond
Underground Movement
Big meaty death metal with a great groove, a bit raw in parts, and a hint of a black metal sound too.

Eclipse Records
A melodic deathcore type thing.  A little like Meshuggah, but more melodic and “solid rock” on some tracks.  Where some releases get all emo in the clean parts, this just gets more hard rock-ish.  Decent stuff overall.

Band: Throes
Album: This Viper Womb
Label: Aesthetic Death records
Screamy metalcore type stuff on the top… melodic stuff going on too in the middle.

Band: Ascent
Album: Don’t Stop When You Walk Through The Hell
Female fronted melodic death with a big meaty groove.  Heavy, brutal in parts, and more of a death metal vibe happening.  Great stuff.

Band: Berserker
Album: Dark worlds collide
Female fronted melodic metal with a little goth/symphonic/folk thing going on.

Band: Chugun
Album: Virus
Female fronted Deathy thrash metal… these vocals are brutal too.  Music is great catchy deathy/thrash.

Mental Coma
Fragments Of Democracy
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Classic thrash with a brutal heavy edge happening.  great stuff.

Carnal Decay
Album: Promo 2016
Label: Rising Nemesis Records
2 songs of brutal death metal… except that one of the tracks doesn’t play right.  Well, “no Sequel” is great!

Storm of Particles
Storm of Particles
Self Released
Basically some melodic death, cookie monster vox with some more melodic death music.

Band: Children Of Seraph
Album: Warriors Of Light
Self Released
Classic metal with a bit of a keyboardy power metal thing going on.

Southern Lord
Brutal classic blackened death metal. Raw and pissed off

Insane Vesper
Art of Propaganda
Good classic melodic black metal with a brutal groove happening.

Pain Of Salvation
Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived)
Of all of the PoS albums, I guess I’m most familiar with this one, listened to it a lot at work back in the day… great emotional songs… This seems to be a much meatier remix and a full live set too.  Great stuff and a great excuse to listen to this again.

Ghost Empire
Argonauta Records
Doomy death metal, decent riffage, some brutality and a decent chugga chugga groove.

Band: Banned From Hell
Album: Fall Of Humanity
Label: Sliptrick records
Labeled as horror metal, it’s a decent death metal with some cool melodic death and thrashy stuff going on.  cool stuff!

Band: Unlit Face
Album: Everlasting Transformation
Proggy melodic death metal… Proggy stuff seems a bit on the power metal side of things… then you get into some growly stuff and you get a good mix of a Dream Theater type prog metal and some good growly blackened thrashy/death type stuff.

Band: Brute Forcz
Album: self titled
Kind of some standard metal type stuff but with fun / silly lyrics.

Band: Project Silence
Album: Slave to the machine
Catchy industrial death metal.  It’s heavy but with a cool melodic death thing going through some of the industrial stuff.

Band: Shantak
Album: For The Darkening
Good melodic death metal a bit more on the death metal side.  Good heavy stuff with that melodic stuff done well to make it interesting (cool guitar solos, etc)

No Jogging For Today
La Flemme
Imminence Records
a Proggy hardcore type thing, a little stoner and doom in parts, hardcore and experimental and yeah, proggy hardcore.

New War
Imminence Records
Modern screamy metalcore with clean vox chorus stuff going on .

A bit of a raw sludgey doom black metal.  meh.

The Fallen Sun
Release: 10 May 2016
I was expecting sludge!  It’s not sludge.  A traditional kinda thrashy metal, but then branching into some melodic death type stuff too.  cool.

Label:  Slaughterhouse Records
Release Date:  May, 2016
Classic black metal sound with some cool melodic stuff to keeep it grounded and to give a break from full on blast beats and shrieking

Lethal Paralysis
Label: Mortuary Records
Classic thrash, with a bit of a raw production, still cool stuff though.

Prosthetic Records
Sludgey noisecore, a little catchy stoner metal stuff underneat the sludge…

Inverse Records
Melodic death metal… mostly death metal with keyboards… :)

Sleaszy Rider promos…
The Lion’s Forces
Sleaszy Rider
Proggy power metal… production on these files is raw, like, someone re saved mp3 files over and over.  Decent heavy prog metal.

Sleaszy Rider
Heavy traditional-ish metal, maybe a little prog metal vibe, clean vox, but with a little edge.

Sleaszy Rider
Good ol meaty death metal.  Headbanging stuff without being too brutal or fancy.

Sleaszy Rider
By the album title and some of the files, this seems like a greatest hits type thing for some classic melodic blackened death metal.

Sleaszy Rider
A brutal melodic death tthing going on here.  Instant catchy brutal stuff.

Band: Deathfare
Album: Shotgun Surgery
Label: Heathen Tribes Records
Release date: 06 February 2016
Classic brutal death metal, headbanging and brutal… yup.  good stuff.

Album: “Are Teike” + “Declaration MMXV”
Country: USA
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Heathen Tribes records
Release date: 30 April 2016

Band: Excöriator
Album: Faster Harder Louder
Label: Heathen Tribes
CLassic thrash with a classic metal thing going on, but with more growly (not quite cookie monster) vox.

Band: Too Left 2 Be Right
Album: SOS Mall
Label: Sliptrick records
Reminds me of some 80’s rock or hard rock.  It is called “alternative/Crossover”  I already downloaded and tagged and put the info in this list here… so, no, not metal… why am I still typing?

Band: Valgaldr
Album: Østenfor sol
Heathen Tribes
Classic old school black metal… decent production… Evil cold guitars yet still catchy and melodic

Band: Protean
Album: The Burning Centuries
Label: Heathen Tribes
Black metal, but more of a brutal death metal side of black metal.

Label:  Critical Mass Recordings
Release Date:  May 16th, 2016
Blackened doomy death metal.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 6/20/16

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Jun 212016

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2016-06-20 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Sinnery / Holy Grounds / A Feast Of Fools / Pitch Black Records
Vektor / Ultimate Artificer / Terminal Redux / Earache
White Knuckle Riot / Kill Your Tv / Amurdica / Epocalyptc Records
Hellyeah / Be Unden!able / Unden!able / Eleven Seven Music
Unlocking The Truth / Ravens / Chaos / Tunecore
Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy / Sugar rush / Songs from the Garage / Metal Blade Records
Kvelertak / Bronsegud (SSQ) / Nattesferd / Petroleum Records
Motorhead / Stay Clean (Live in Munich 2015) / Clean Your Clock (Live in Munich 2015) / UDR
Flotsam and Jetsam / Life Is a Mess / Flotsam and Jetsam / AFM Records
Skeleton Wolf / Bow Down to Death / Skeleton Wolf / Skeleton Wolf
Bat / You Die / Wings of Chains / Hells Headbangers Records
Death Angel / It Can’t Be This / The Evil Divide / Nuclear Blast Records
Hatebreed / Us Against Us / The Concrete Confessional / Nuclear Blast Records
Nervosa / Theory of Conspiracy / Agony / Napalm Records
Cloak / In The Darkness, The Path / Cloak Ep / Boris Records
Phazm / The Soothsayer / Scornful of Icons / Osmose Productions
Whitechapel / The Void / Mark of the Blade / Metal Blade Records
The Schoenberg Automaton / Lost City of Embers / Apus / eOne Music
Gojira / Silvera / Magma / Roadrunner Records
Nails / You Will Never Be One of Us / You Will Never Be One of Us / Nuclear Blast Records
Rectal Smegma / Slime Swine Swing / Gnork / Rotten Roll Rex
Front (Finland) / Legion Front / Iron Overkill / Iron Bonehead
Gruesome / Amputation / Dimensions of Horror – EP / Relapse Records
Shed The Skin / Daimonic Adytum / Harrowing Faith / Hell’s Headbangers
Rotting Obscene / Nightmares of the Forlorn / Depths Of Decay / Transcending
Humanity Delete / The Rotting And the Spoil / Fuck Off Forever / Iron, Blood & Death Corperation
Six Feet Under / Prowler / Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest / Metal Blade Records
Grave Desecrator / Temple of Abominations / Dust to Lust / Season of Mist
Dark Funeral / As One We Shall Conquer / Where Shadows Forever Reign / Century Media
Naglfar / Dawn of Eternity / Ex Inferis – EP / Century Media
Winterhorde / Worms of Souls / Maestro / ViciSolum Productions
Elderblood / Thagirion’s Sun / Messiah / Osmose Productions
Suidakra / The Hunter’s Horde / Realms of Odoric / AFM Records
Wayfarer / Catcher / Old Souls / Prosthetic Records
Vex / The Cygnus Light / Sky Exile / Eihwaz Recordings
Fates Warning / Seven Stars / Theories of Flight / InsideOutMusic
Candlemass / Death Thy Lover / Death Thy Lover – EP / Napalm Records
Denner / Shermann / Angel’s Blood / Masters of Evil / Metal Blade Records
Paradox / Manhunt / Pangea / AFM Records

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/20/16

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Jun 202016

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/20/16

Artist — Album — Label
1) Death Angel — The Evil Divide — Nuclear Blast
2) Flotsam & Jetsam — Flotsam & Jetsam — AFM
3) Jim Breuer / Loud/Rowdy — Songs from the Garage — Metal Blade
4) Gruesome — Dimensions of Horror — Relapse
5) Kvelertak — Nattesferd — Roadrunner
6) Hatebreed — The Concrete Confessional — Nuclear Blast
7) Vektor — Terminal Redux — Earache
8) Six Feet Under — Graveyard Classics IV — Metal Blade
9) Dark Funeral — Where Shadows Forever Reign — Century Media
10) Nervosa — Agony — Napalm
11) Schoenberg Automaton — Apus — eOne
12) Hellyeah — Unden!able — Eleven Seven
13) Suidakra — Realms of Odoric — AFM
14) Fates Warning — Theories of Flight — InsideOut
15) Denner / Shermann — Masters of Evil — Metal Blade
16) Winterhorde — Maestro — Vicisolum
17) Sinnery — A Feast of Fools — Pitch Black
18) Elderblood — Messiah — Osmose
19) Candlemass — Death Thy Lover — Napalm
20) Nails — You Will Never Be One of Us — Nuclear Blast

Top 5 Adds
1) Gojira — Magma — Roadrunner
2) White Knuckle Riot — Amurdica — Epocalyptic
3) Whitechapel — Mark of the Blade — Metal Blade
4) Motorhead — Clean Your Clock — UDR Music
5) Grave Desecrator — Dust to Lust — Season of Mist

Other Adds/Reviewed: Be’Lakor, Dramatica, Paradox, Black Explosion, Zeistencroix (single), Defiled (Single), Baptism (single), Cloak, Black Fucking Cancer, Forteresse, Monsterworks, Rotting Obscene, Head of the Demon, Sheidim, Waxen, Violent Scum, Shed the Skin, Front, Light of the Morning Star, Neige ed Noirceur, Secret Rule, CB Murdoc, Gottweist, Paul Chain, Nulla, Rectal Smegma, Wayfarer, Subject to Slaughter, Frangar, Humanity Delete, Defuntos, Ligature Would, Lustravi, Mustan Kuun Lapset

New Stuff This Week… 6/20/16

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Jun 202016

Conspiracy (Radio Single)
Season of Mist
Brutal raw death metal, not the greatest production, but it’s brutal and raw!

The Sacrament of Blood and Ash (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Classic melodic black metal, throwing a little doom in a decent sounding brutal thing.

White Knuckle Riot
Epocalyptc Records
Catchy groove metal, a little bit thrash, maybe a little hardcore/Pro-Pain type sound going on too.  Cool stuff!

Napalm Records
Proggy melodic black metal.  Long songs that go from doomy black metal to prog metal/rock… a little reminiscent of some Opeth type stuff.

Black Explosion
Atomic Zod War
Metalville Records
A 70’s throwback type thing of some old school doomy hard rockin’ stoner metal.

Saturated (Single)
Electronic industrial metal type thing on this single.  Great metal riffage, keyboard hits with an industrial style vocal.

Fall of Tyranny
Record Label Music
Kind of a prog metal / power metal / just plain kick ass metal type thing.  A little bit of Iron Maiden meets older Metallica going on.

It’s here, the full album!   A band that just feels and sounds heavy without really like, feeling really heavy or brutal.   Good melodic stuff, technical things happening, but not meedly pretentious sounding.  The title track gets into some more clean vox and melodies while keeping a good heavy undertone.  Great stuff… and it’s no surprise

Clean Your Clock
UDR Music
Live album with stuff culled from their final shows in Munich, Germany last year.  Classic Motorhead, raw and awesome.  RIP Lemmy.

Dust to Lust
Season of Mist
There’s a brutal black metal thing going on with a little bit of a Slayer vibe in the more melodic (if you can call it that) parts.  Great stuff.

Mark of the Blade
Metal Blade Records
Some good heavy stuff on here, and actually some slower stuff, almost a power death metal ballad if there’s such a thing.  some downtempo stuff going on too.  Good tech stuff… kinda bordering on some proggy death metal in parts.

Boris Records
A good catchy blackened death metal/ black n roll type thing.  Reminds me a lot of Satyricon.  (only 2 songs on this EP)

AFM Records
A little bit thrash, a little bit power metal and prog metal… but really it’s just 100% metal.  A good edge and catchy too.  great stuff.

Black Fucking Cancer
Osmose Productions
Black/death metal with a bit of a grind thing happening too… oh yeah and it gets doomy too.

Thèmes pour la Rébellion
Sepulchral Productions
Good melodic black metal.  Good production, gold meedly guitars, blast beats and evil vox.

Black Swan Annihilation
Eat Lead & Die
Doomy in parts, black metal in others, death metal too. Lots of good stuff going on and it all works well together.

Rotting Obscene
Depths Of Decay
Transcending Recs
Technical death metal.  great stuff, brutal, heavy, groovin’ and yup, brutal again!

Head of the Demon
Sathanas Transmigestos
The Ajna Offensive / Invictus Productions
A bit doomy and post-metal.  Kind of laid back, except when there are vocals, they’re kinda scream/shouty.

Shrines of the Void
Dark Descent Records
Melodic black metal.  It’s like this week is sound like old Opeth week!  These guys have a bit more of a classic black metal sound when it gets heavier, but interleaved with some decent melodic metal too.

Weihung Auf Satan
Moribund Records
Faster classic black metal, distorted vox, heavy blast beats going on… you know… black metal!

Violent Scum
Festering in Endless Decay TAPE
Blood Harvest
Classic death metal with a little bit of groove, but a bit raw in the production dept.

Harrowing Faith (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Blackened death metal, fairly quick songs, brutal stuff with a head banging groove.

Front (Finland)
Iron Overkill CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Raw old school deathy black metal, good brutality, seems pissed off.

Light of the Morning Star
Cemetery Glow MCD/12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
Doomy metal with melodic stuff

Neige et Noirceur
Les Ténèbres Modernes
Sepulchral Productions
Classic black metal, on the brutal side, a little bit raw and evil sounding.

Scarlet Records
Starts off a bit prog metal-like, but turns into femaled fronted gothy solid rock, maybe a long the lines of Lacuna Coil-ish on the heavy scale and clean female vox comparison.  Some songs get heavier and almost in the melodic death/prog metal area.

C.B. Murdoc
Here be Dragons
ViciSolum Productions
I guess this would be kind of a melodic metal core proggy metal thing.  Good and heavy, a bit catchy and overall pretty decent stuff

Future Is In Our Hands
Collective Wave Records
Modern groove metal.. melodic stuff and a bit of a metal edge… production is a bit raw, yet overproduced a bit.

Label:  Minotauro Records
Doom metal with some melodic tendencies and a bit of a groove.

Stornelli Distopici
Symbol of Domination Prod. (RUS) Co-release with Metal Throne Prod. (GRC)
Raw black metal.  Production is raw, the metal is raw and the sound is raw!

Label:  Rotten Roll Rex
Well, there hasn’t been a band name this offensive in some time. So yeah, they got that.  And they got a great deathgrind/goregrind thing going on..  Growly vox that you can’t understand, but with a song title like “Sacred Semen Altar” do you really need to know what the lyrics are?  Fun stuff.

Old Souls
Prosthetic Records
Doomy black/death metal, melodic acoustic type stuff in parts, then brutal black metal in others.   Probably again, for a fan of older Opeth but that likes the lighter stuff too.

Subject to Slaughter
Plug Music Agency
Classic death metal, brutal, a bit technical and it’s good stuff.

Label:  Ultima Madre
A bit black metal, with some hard rock mixed in.  They call it black n roll, so I can sorta see that.  Black metal vibe, but a classic beat/groove.  Harsh vocals but paced decently

Band: Humanity Delete
Album: Fuck Forever Off
Label: Iron, Blood & Death Corporation
Good classic death metal and with some great swedish melodic guitars too!

A Eterna Dança da Morte
Label:  Dunkelheit Produktionen
Doomy metal with a little black metal vibe vocally.  Long down tempo doomy tracks with the occasional speedup (good parts)

Band: Ligature Wound
Album: Self-titled
Country: USA
Label: Iron, Blood & Death Corporation
Death metal, good classic heavy stuff with a brutal groove.

Cult of the Blackened Veil (Full Length)
Label: Obscure Musick
Raw blackened death metal.  Kind of a heavy evil feeling going on with a good meaty groove.

Mustan Kuun Lapset
Label: Inverse Records
Melodic black metal, 2 studio tracks, 2 live tracks… a little bit of an old Amorphis vibe going on.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 6/13/16

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Jun 142016

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2016-06-13 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Shadows Fall / Crushing Belial / Of One Blood / Century Media
DevilDriver / End of the Line / The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand / Roadrunner Records
Unearth / Sanctity of Brothers / III: In the Eyes of Fire / ?
Fear Factory / replica / Demanufacture / Roadrunner
Lamb of God / Vigil / As The Palaces Burn – Remastered / Prosthetic
Chimaira / Power Trip / The Impossibility of Reason / Roadrunner Japan
Prong / Whose Fist Is This Anyway? / Cleansing / Epic
Hatebreed / I Will Be Heard / Perseverance / Universal-Island Records Ltd.
Slipknot / The Heretic Anthem / Iowa / Roadrunner
Mastodon / Blood and Thunder / Leviathan / Relapse Records
Clutch / Rock & Roll Outlaw / Clutch / EastWest Records
Type O Negative / We Hate Everyone / Bloody Kisses / Roadrunner
Tool / prison sex / Undertow /
Faith No More / from Out of Nowhere / The Real Thing / Slash/ Reprise
Metallica / Of Wolf and Man / Metallica / Elektra / Wea
Megadeth / The Conjuring / Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? / Capitol
Anthrax / Caught in a Mosh / Among the Living / Megaforce/Island
Slayer / Skeletons of Society / Seasons In the Abyss / American
Forbidden / Infinite / Twisted Into Form / Combat
Pantera / Cowboys from Hell / Cowboys From Hell / EAST WEST
Machine Head / Davidian / Burn My Eyes / Roadrunner
Death Angel / Disturbing the Peace / Act III / ?
Metal Church / Metal Church / Metal Church / Elecktra
Acid Bath / Dr Seuss Is Dead / When the Kite String Pops / Rotten Records
Flotsam & Jetsam / Natural Enemies / Cuatro / MCA
Overkill / elimination / The Years of Decay / Megaforce
Testament / Legions of the Dead / The Gathering / Spitfire
Exodus / Bonded by Blood / Bonded By Blood / Monumentum
Nevermore / Narcosynthesis / Dead Heart In a Dead World / Non EMI
Manowar / Fighting the World / Fighting the World / Atlantic
Dio / We rock / The Last In Line / Warner Bros.
Iced Earth / Vengeance is Mine / The Dark Saga / Century Media
Dream Theater / Under a Glass Moon / Images and Words / Atlantic Records
Symphony X / Of Sins and Shadows / The Divine Wings Of Tragedy / SPV
Obituary / Chopped in Half / Cause of Death / Roadrunner
Six Feet Under / Silent Violence / Haunted / Metal Blade
Cannibal Corpse / Stripped Raped and Strangled / The Bleeding / Metal Blade
Deicide / Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon / Legion / Roadrunner Japan
Morbid Angel / Rapture / Covenant / Giant
DEATH / Flattening of Emotions / Human / Century Media

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/13/16

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Jun 122016

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/13/16

Artist  —  Album  —  Label
1) Hatebreed  —  The Concrete Confessional  —  Nuclear Blast
2) Death Angel  —  The Evil Divide  —  Nuclear Blast
3) Jim Breuer / Loud/Rowdy  —  Songs from the Garage  —  Metal Blade
4) Gruesome  —  Dimensions of Horror  —  Relapse
5) Kvelertak  —  Nattesferd  —  Roadrunner
6) Devildriver  —  Trust No One  —  Napalm
7) Assassin  —  Combat Cathedral  —  SPV
8) Vektor  —  Terminal Redux  —  Earache
9) Mortillery  —  Shapeshifter  —  Napalm
10) Six Feet Under  —  Graveyard Classics IV  —  Metal Blade
11) Dark Funeral  —  Where Shadows Forever Reign  —  Century Media
12) Nervosa  —  Agony  —  Napalm
13) Flotsam & Jetsam  —  Flotsam & Jetsam  —  AFM
14) Schoenberg Automaton  —  Apus  —  eOne
15) Hellyeah  —  Unden!able  —  Eleven Seven
16) Suidakra  —  Realms of Odoric  —  AFM
17) Sinnery  —  A Feast of Fools  —  Pitch Black
18) Vindland  —  Hanter Savet  —  Black Lion Prod.
19) Elderblood  —  Messiah  —  Osmose
20) Winterhorde  —  Maestro  —  Vicisolum

Top 5 Adds
1) Fates Warning  —  Theories of Flight  —  InsideOut
2) Denner / Shermann  —  Masters of Evil  —  Metal Blade
3) Candlemass  —  Death Thy Lover  —  Napalm
4) Nails  —  You Will Never Be One of Us  —  Nuclear Blast
5) Unlocking the Truth  —  Chaos  —  Tunecore

Other Adds/Reviewed:  My Missing Half, Sewercide, Acheronte, Kommando, Skin Drone, Silverbones, Vex, Coldblood, Throes, Sintax, Betrayal, Winterhymn, Arkadia, Beldam, Mausoleum, Gate, Integrity/Power Trip Split, Disclarity, Art of Deception, Helleborus, Phazm, Systemhouse 33, Oceans of Time, Without Mercy, Hereandnow, Thrawsunblat, Haiku Funeral

New Stuff This Week… 6/13/16

 Album Reviews  Comments Off on New Stuff This Week… 6/13/16
Jun 122016

My Missing Half
A Proper Hangman’s Knot [EP]
Melodic death metal, more on the blackened death metal side of things, but here’s melodic catchy stuff going on too.

Denner / Shermann
Masters of Evil
Metal Blade Records
The mercyful fate duo is back with a full length album this time.  Great stuff.  Snowy Shaw on drums and Sean Peck from Cage on vox.  This is a classic metal thing with a decent edge.

Fates Warning
Theories of Flight
Inside Out
I’ve been a fan of this band for a while… however their last couple albums were a little meh.  This one… They’re back!   Heavier, catchier, Ray Alder’s vox are top notch (for a while it seemed like he was saving his good stuff for his other band Redemption) but this one, they are firing on all cylinders.

Unlocking The Truth
This is some standard metal stuff. vox are sung/shouted, decent groove and melodic stuff.  Production is a little raw.  I guess these guys are teenagers… decent.

You Will Never Be One Of Us
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Brutal kinda grindy death metal. Quick fast songs with no fucking around

Death Thy Lover
Napalm Records
Some classic metal with a little bit of a gothy edge. Catchy grooving stuff on this 4 song EP.

Immortalized in Suffering
Unspeakable Axe Records
Death metal with a little blackened sound.  good and brutal, in your face and angry with a pinch of a groove.

Ancient Furies
Satanath Records
Good classic black metal  Good production and nice technicality too.

Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph
Label:  Self-Released
they call this “Machinegun Punk (Mix between black metal/punk)”  Just seems like some raw death metal to me, but I guess I hear what they’re saying… some cold-ish black metal guitars and blast beats but a raw punk feel.  Not too bad actually.

Telluric Wanderers
Argonauta Records
A bit doom, a bit prog, a bit psychedelic… pretty laid back and not too bad, probably not for normal Mosh Pit play though.

Skin Drone
Bluntface Records
Brutal death metal, a little industrial feel, some black metal, a bit tech/experimental/prog and drum machine sound-y.  Some ambient parts too.  Decent overall.

Wild Waves
Label:  Stormspell Records
Classic Power/prog metal with a little bit of an edge

Sky Exile
Eihwaz Recordings
A melodic doomy almost Opeth like thing… where it’s laid back and kinda doom-ish, kicking into some good brutal melodic death metal.

Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil
Satanath Records & Metallic Media
Good ol classic death metal.  Good guitar solos, brutal vox and sound.

Melodic black metal.  Cold sound, a bit doomy, but heavy and brutal too.  Kind of a groove too.

Sway For A Better Day
Death metal feeling, but melodic with a groove and kinda catchy

Infinite Circles
Catchy technical/brutal death metal.  Good stuff.

Blood & Shadow
SoundAge Production
Folky melodic death metal.

Aspirations & Reality
Label: Inverse Records
Melodic death metal.  A bit prog metal, but mostly your typical melodic death band.  Good stuff.

Still The Wretched Linger
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Kind of a stoner black metal doom thing.  Growly screamy vox, with big depressing meaty riffs.

Mausoleum Gate
Metal and the Might
Cruz Del Sur Music
Old school creepy rock.  Kind of sounds like a not hard rock singer trying to sing hard rock.  Just seems a bit awkward, but I like what they’re trying to do…. a good groove and throwback sound.

split LP
Magic Bullet Records
Integrity is that old school band that did some metal hardcore crossover back in the day… still at it.   Power Trip is some heavier metal/death core stuff  More or less heavy brutal hardcore in an old school way.

What Will Be Left
Melodic death metal, it’s brutal yet quite melodic with a bit of a black metal feel.

Melodic death, a great balls n chunk beat going on yet with some melodic guitar and harsh vox too.  Good stuff.

The Carnal Sabbath
Satanth Records (Russia)/ Black Plague Records (USA)
Good melodic black metal.  Headbanging evil stuff.  Harsh vocals a good melodic /catchy black metal sound a bit like Satyricon.

Album: Skarby Zmiainaha Karala
Label: Possession productions
Ambient stuff, actually kind of new-age-ish, I feel like this is the music you hear when you get a massage.  Why does stuff like this get sent to metal radio?

Scornful of Icons
Osmose Productions
Good black metal, good production, brutal, songs that aren’t too long… good stuff.

Thrashy groove metal from India.  Great riffage, clean production, heavy and brutal in parts too.  Cool stuff.

Label:  Self-Released
Proggy power metal, decent stuff, with that typical cool prog metal sound.  Good heavy parts and you still got your sing-a-long parts too.

Psychotronic Generator
Label:  Self-Released
Kind of an industrial black metal/death thing with clean female vox

Without Mercy
Mouichido (EP)
Decent death metal with a groove.  Track 2 has Mark Hunter of Chimaira!

Flipside Story
Melodic metal, a good crunch to it, vox are abrasive, but there’s a cool melodic element that keeps it from being like full on brutal while still keeping to being heavy.

Ignifera Records / Broken Limbs
Melodic black metal.  Proggy stuff going on with some modern black metal type stuff too.  Pretty cool stuff.

Band: Haiku Funeral
Album: Hallucinations
Label: Aesthetic Death records
Kind of industrial, a bit ambienet and exprimental and some black metal stuff happening too.

A bunch of stuff came in from a PR company via Possession Productions…

Possession Productions
A little bit raw, but overall, some blackened death metal

“Czornaja ?vi?”
Possession Productions 2015
decent old school sounding black metal

“Daemonic: Art of Dantalian”
Possession Productions CD 2015
Brutal death metal, Great stuff.

Possession Productions CD 2014
old school black metal

“Demons of the Sabbat” Digipack
Possession Productions CD 2014
Melodic death metal on the doomy side.

“Surrounded by Pain”
Possession Productions  CD 2013
Brutal death metal for the most part, then it sounds like the vocals are sung by a parrot.

“Cjomny pryli? razbure?nja / Ciemrazo?”
Possession Productions CD 2116
Old school black metal

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 6/6/16

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Jun 072016

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2016-06-06 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Volbeat / Marie laveau / Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie / Vertigo/Capitol
Scorpion Child / She Sings, I Kill / Acid Roulette / Nuclear Blast Records
Hellyeah / Scratch a Lie / Unden!able / Eleven Seven Music
Fates Warning / From the Rooftops / Theories of Flight / InsideOutMusic
Flotsam and Jetsam / Seventh Seal / Flotsam and Jetsam / AFM Records
Death Angel / hell to pay / The Evil Divide / Nuclear Blast Records
Conniption / Self Destruct / Relentless Tides / Self Released
DevilDriver / daybreak / Trust No One / Napalm Records
Hatebreed / From Grace We’ve Fallen / The Concrete Confessional / Nuclear Blast Records
Sinnery / Mad dog / A Feast Of Fools / Pitch Black Records
Assassin / Servant of Fear / Combat Cathedral / SPV
Incite / I Want It All (feat. Jose Mangin) / Oppression / Minus Head
Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy / old school / Songs from the Garage / Metal Blade Records
Vektor / LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease) / Terminal Redux / EARACHE RECORDS
Mortillery / Age of Stone / Shapeshifter / Napalm Records
Kvelertak / Nattesferd / Nattesferd / Petroleum Records
Katatonia / Old Heart Falls / The Fall of Hearts / Peaceville
Dark Funeral / Unchain My Soul / Where Shadows Forever Reign / Century Media
Elderblood / leviathan / Messiah / Osmose Productions
Winterhorde / Antipath / Maestro / ViciSolum Productions
Vindland / Skleur Dallus / Hanter Savet / Self Released
Nervosa / Arrogance / Agony / Napalm Records
The Schoenberg Automaton / Swarm / Apus / eOne Music
The Hypothesis / Atonement / Origin / Inverse Records
Coffin Lust / Swarming Black Inferno / Manifestation Of Inner Darkness / Hell’s Headbangers
Gruesome / Raped by Darkness / Dimensions of Horror – EP / Relapse Records
Six Feet Under / night crawler / Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest / Metal Blade Records
Withered / A Realm of Suffering / Grief Relic / Season of Mist
Morthus / Unholy Cult Of The Ancient One / Over The Dying Stars / Self Released

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/6/16

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Jun 042016

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/6/16

Artist — Album — Label
1) Devildriver — Trust No One — Napalm
2) Hatebreed — The Concrete Confessional — Nuclear Blast
3) Death Angel — The Evil Divide — Nuclear Blast
4) Incite — Oppression — Minus HEAD
5) Kvelertak — Nattesferd — Roadrunner
6) Conniption — Relentless Tides — Self Released
7) The Hypothesis — Origin — Inverse
8) Jim Breuer / Loud/Rowdy — Songs from the Garage — Metal Blade
9) Gruesome — Dimensions of Horror — Relapse
10) Katatonia — The Fall of Hearts — Peaceville
11) Assassin — Combat Cathedral — SPV
12) Six Feet Under — Graveyard Classics IV — Metal Blade
13) Vektor — Terminal Redux — Earache
14) Mortillery — Shapeshifter — Napalm
15) Coffin Lust — Manifestation of Inner Darkness — Hells Headbangers
16) Hellyeah — Unden!able — Eleven Seven
17) Sinnery — A Feast of Fools — Pitch Black
18) Vindland — Hanter Savet — Black Lion Prod.
19) Elderblood — Messiah — Osmose
20) Winterhorde — Maestro — Vicisolum

Top 5 Adds
1) Dark Funeral — Where Shadows Forever Reign — Century Media
2) Volbeat — Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie — Republic
3) Nervosa — Agony — Napalm
4) The Schoenberg Automaton — Apus — eOne
5) Scorpion Child — Acid Roulette — Nuclear Blast

Other Adds/Reviewed: Beartooth, Even the Dead Love a Parade, Fates Warning (single),Withered, Flotsam & Jetsam, Iron Savior, Suidakra, Skeleton Wolf, Cauchemar, Surya, Ashbringer, High Fighter, Sarbante, Astrakhan, Bat, Hour of Anguish, Jinjer (single), Iron Imperium, Korgonthurus, Morthus, Heaven’s Cry, Yuth Forever, Withem, Jorn, Saosin