New Stuff This Week…3/13/17

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Mar 122017

Darkest Hour
Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
Southern Lord
Heavy melodic death type stuff.  You know that metalcore-ish sound, but heavier and more technical.

Metal Church
“Fake Healer” ft. Todd LaTorre
RatPak Records
A single from the forthcoming Live Album.  A newly recorded duet with Todd LaTorre of Queensryche.  Great stuff, both monster voices on one of the great classic metal songs.

Century Media
Brutal death metal.  Cookie monster, fast technical playing.  Great grooves too.

Black Map
In Droves
A little bit of a Tool (vocally?) feeling rock.  Just a good grooving hard rock thing.

The Bug vs. Earth
“Don’t Walk These Streets” [Single]
Ninja Tune
Doomy Electronic instrumental.

Metalville Records
Good old classic power metal.  Throw your fists up and scream along!  Good heaviness and catchy and just what something like classic Helloween or whatever would get you.

Morta Skuld
Wounds Deeper Than Time
Peaceville Records
Cool to have these guys still pputting stuff out and wow, this album crushes!  Death metal, great grooves, technicality and catchy… oh fucking brutal too!  Great stuff.

For The Fallen
Nucleat Blast USA
A bit of a doomy death metal. Cool riffs, meaty grooves and basic brutality.  Decent

The Charm The Fury
The Sinck, Dumb Happy (single)
Nuclear Blast USA
This is a Dutch metalcore band, female fronted, catchy and heavy and just some overall heavy catchy metalcore.  It’d be nice to hear some more…

Relapse Records
Well, this one is interesting!  It’s got like that classic Obituary groove and sound… but intermixed are some techy and cool solos.  They’re back!  oh wait, they never really left.  Anyway, great stuff.

Cut Up
Wherever They May Rot
Metal Blade Records
Great classic brutal death metal.  A couple of guys branched out after Vomitory broke up and made this band… so the pedigree is there and it’s just good solid death metal.

Apostate Viaticum
Before the Gates of Gomorrah
Invictus Productions
Old school brutal and evil death metal from Dublin! Maybe a little bit of a black metal evilness going on, but pretty much sticking to the catchy grooving death metal.

Ritual Severance
Invictus Productions
Two 10 minute songs of Blackened death metal, a slight doomy feeling… but it’s

Death Worship
Extermination Mass MLP/MCD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of classic death metal, more grind death metal but with a few grooves, production is a bit mushy, but listenable.

El Cuarto Jinete
Fighter Records
Classic metal / power metal all sung in Spanish!  Just your cool classic metal with guitars, great sounding vox (a nice raspy edge), and overall clean classic metal.

Harvest Gulgaltha
Altars of Devotion LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Dark and brutal blackened death metal.  Production is a bit raw, but it’s dark and evil, so who cares, right?

Discarded Existence
Xtreem Music
This is a bit of a classic thrash going more towards a speed metal heavier thrash type thing.  Great riffs and catchy too.   Great stuff.

Baptised into the Faith of Lust
Good old classic black metal.  Cold meedly guitars, pulsing blast beats and melodic grooves.

Onirik / Grimfaug
Iron Bonehead / Altare
Both of these bands are pretty much black metal, but with brutal death metal too. Grimfaug is a bit more of a classic traditional black metal thing.

Iron Magazine
Queen of Hell
This is a catchy almost 80’s rock, but stoner metal with some grooves… a bit like a Faith No More light.

Art of Propaganda
Dark and gloomy classic black metal.  A strong depressing doom feeling to go along with the pulsing black metal beats.

A Subtler Kind Of Light
I, Voidhanger Records
Not sure what to say about this one.  A bit of an experimental traditional metal thing with some prog, thrash, classic metal, vox are a bit clean in one track, death metal in another.   Four tracks with seemingly different themes on each.

Art of Propaganda
Melodic post-metal type stuff

CRIME (Chile)
First Crime (TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Blackened thrash metal.  Just 3 songs.  Sounds like a classic throwback on both fronts.

II: Morphosis
Dark Descent Records
Death metal, a bit grooving, maybe a little in the doom side of things in its mood.  But it’s fast brutal and has some black metal stuff going on too.

Ascended Dead
Abhorrent Manifestation
Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
Brutal blackened death metal… Fast intense playing, brutal barky growled vox.

Hello Black Hole
In No Good Hand
Svart Records
Doomy noise alternative rock… experiemental type stuff.

Svart Records
17 March 2017
Doomy psychedelic melodic rock with hypnotic female clean melodic vox.

Band: Killsorrow
Album: Little Something For You To Choke
Label: Art of the Nights Productions
Melodic thrash-ish / classic metal.  Vox are more shouty/growly, but some cool catchy melodic thrash type stuff.  It’s almost prog/power metal.

I Don’t Need Your Loving – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Classic hard rock.  Good catchy stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 3/6/176

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Mar 042017

American Grim
eOne Music / Rocktagon Worldwide Music
American new metal.  Not quite old “nu-metal” but it’s kind of what it reminds me of.  Maybe a bit of a Marilyn Manson shock rock/metal sound… catchy commercial metal-ish sound.

Demon Hunter
Solid State
A band that has been around for a while.  This album stays true to their sound, maybe kicking it into melodic death a tiny bit.  Metalcore, a tiny feel of nu-metal all while staying tried and true to Christian metal.  Catchy too!

Melodic death metal with a viking metal feel… so yeah, sounds like Amon Amarth and that’s a good thing, right?  Right.  This might be a bit more dark and heavy though too. Great stuff.

Blinding and Bottomless Abyss Is Howling (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
An old school black metal feel, with some brutal vox and heaviness…. but overall, some old school Mayhem-ish black metal.

The Shadow Archetype
Metal Blade Records
Heavy melodic death from Sweden. They were around in the early 90’s. took a 12 year break and came back in 2005.  This is the first album in 5 years and it’s good stuff man.  A big freight train of death metal all while having a catchy melodic groove going on too.  Vox are harsh the whole time too.

Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light
Prosthetic Records
This is a bit doomy, a bit sludgey, a bit black metal, a bit grungy and noisy and a little post-metal too… and yeah, space rock and all this together fits a bit into prog, but noise-prog?

Do Not Deviate (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Tech death metal.  Good barking vox, lots of techy guitar and drum stuff going on.  Looking forward to the rest of this album!

HEXAHEDRON – Tilling The Human Soil (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Blackened death metal, a bit more on the melodic black metal side of things… but good stuff.

Within The Ruins
Halfway Human
Entertainment One
Djenty techy death/brutalcore metal Catchy and heavy… a bit thrashy too, if you don’t like the brutalcore djenty stuff, then this is probably not for you.  I like it.

Kill The Precedent
Some Version Of The Truth
Minus Head Records
Kind of hardcore…a little darker and maybe some thrashy stuff going on too

Century Media Records
These guys seem to do no wrong with catchy modern classic thrash.  Heavy, kind of technical, and just what nowaways, when someone says tell me a good new metal band…”Havoc” should be one of those answers.

Funky Queen
Napalm Records
Female fronted classic doomy metal.  Maybe a bit sabbath-y.  Grooves and catchy all around.

Poison Rites
Poison Rites
Kind of a punked up southern fried stoner metal

Damnation Plan
Reality Illusion
Melodic death metal that sounds a bit like Soilwork.  Good harsh parts, catchy and kind of technical and clean vox work well too. Great stuff!

Front Beast
Third Scourge From Darkness CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Blackened doom.  Black metal and doom,  yeah.  haha.  A little creepy with that echoey/shouted screamed vox.  Music has more of a classic stoner doom feel, but with black metal speed in parts.

Off The Grid
Scarlet Records
These guys dropped off the map for a while and they’re back!  Classic power metal type stuff, maybe a bit more Dragonforce-ish, and they’re orginally from Omaha… now from Denver.  Great to have these guys back and to have a band like this from the US!

Ghastly Sound
Ghastly Sound
Magnetic Eye
A little sludgey something-core.  I guess it’s a little hardcore/metalcore but with a sort of sludgey metal music base.

Eternal Hayden
Slow sludgey post-metal.  Shoegaze, whatever.  I am not a fan of this type of music, so I can’t really say anything good.

What The Oak Left
Scarlet Records
Progressive Melodic death metal going on here.  Harsh vox with more or less prog/power metal music.  Pretty cool stuff!  Usually you get one or the other, harsh vox or proggy power metal, but to get both… cool stuff.  The vox are a little low in the mix though.

Black Cilice
Banished From Time CD/LP/TAPE
Iron Bonehead
Raw, old school low-fi black metal.

Band: Grave Plague
Album: The Infected Crypts
Label: Give Praise records / Redefining Darkness
Two songs of classic grindy death metal.

Swallow This
Svart Records
Kind of a raw old school death metal. This is a compilation of their early 90’s stuff.  Kind of a hard rocking death metal type thing.

For a Black Tomorrow
Kind of a more gothy and doomy Tool type thing.  A bit mroe on the grungy metal side, but vocally and prog-wise, it’s a little Tool like, but not quite as grooving.

Lunar Shadow
Far from Light
Cruz Del Sur Music
Dual guitar attack reminiscent of Judas Priest, but the rest of it is kind of a doomy old school classic metal.  There’s a little raw feeling in the production, maybe a bit of a throwback “Ghost” feeling too. But then there’s some Iron Maiden feelings too!

Behind The Sun
Post Solis
melodic death, big grooves, progressive death metal. catchy, brutal, melodic, laid back too.  great stuff all around!

Temptation’s Wings
Skulthor Ebonblade
Catchy and grooving stoner metal type stuff, intricate guitar and instrumental work, a sludgey heavy edge to it, but not doomy and depressing.  good stuff.

“Tvilja” EP
Indie Recordings
Classic doomy hard rock from Norway, all sung in assumingly Norwegian… probably not for the Mosh Pit, but it’s decent laid back chilled out prog-ish rock.

Band: Nemus
Album: Wald – Mensch
Label: self-released
They call it “post black metal”  So yeah, I can hear that, a bit doomy and noise-ish, but a melodic black/doom-ish metal thing happening too.

Crucify the Faith
New Breed
Record label: Self released
Melodic Deathcore, a little bit of a “local band” feel.  The Music is cool, the screamy and growly vox are good, but the clean vox seem a bit dirty.  They aren’t emo or anything, it just seems like they should stick to the growls or screams.

Goat Revenge (EP)
Label: Witches Brew
A little bit of a classic death metal, but a bit of a black n roll thing going on too.  Production isn’t 100% crisp, but it’s still good… this has a good gritty pissed off sound to it.

Noises In The Sky
The 3rd single to trickle out from this supergroup.  This one is mostly instrumental, a little bit prog, but a laid back rock track.

New Stuff This Week… 2/27/17

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Feb 262017

Nova Collective
The Further Side
Metal Blade Records
Instrumental prog metal/rock/jazz/fusion from Trioscapes/BTBAM members and Haken current and former members.  Probably the most prog instrumental stuff since Liquid Tension Experiment!

Season of Mist
Kind of an alternative prog type thing.  It’s got some Devin Townsend band type stuff going on, maybe some Tesseract type things too.  Heavy in spots, more ambient/spacy/melodic in others.  Overall it’s decent stuff, just not full on heavy.

A bit of a progressive death metal/melodic death type thing.  Some keyboards, death metal growls, clean vox, decent stuff.

Season of Mist
Cool stoner metal, great grooves, probalby more stoner “hard rock” than metal… but I guess that’s the norm for the whole genre, right?

Power Trip
Nightmare Logic
Southern Lord
Actually put this out here last week, but a primary marketing firm threw it our way again, so I’ll just copy/paste what I said last week:  Ooohhh  we’re talking some classic heavy thrash here.  As far as thrash goes, this would be fast and not quite “brutal”  but speed metal style heavy!

Crystal Fairy
Crystal Fairy
Female fronted stoner-ish hard rock.  Decent edge and groove, vox are kind of a modern Janis Joplin sound.  There’s a cool energy

Zeal & Ardor
Devil Is Fine
This is one of those things it’s hard to put a finger on, but it’s definitely got its own sound and apparently it’s like kind of Ghost in that it’s all evil, but not typical in what you’d expect.  The write up (via Rolling Stone) that comes with it kind of helps a little:  “The creation of Swiss-American songwriter/soundscaper Manuel Gagneux, Devil Is Fine is an artistic artefact like no other, a meld of black metal, field recordings, Delta blues, jazz, ring shouts, music box melodies, glitchy hip-hop beats, soul and gospel, brought together in the service of The One With Horns. It is the most provocative, challenging, innovative and utterly individual album of the year, a recording which obliterates genre boundaries and creates a dark, diabolical universe all its own.”   So yeah, it might not be full on metal on the surface, but it’s definitely “metal”

The Bug vs. Earth
“Snakes vs. Rats” [Single]
Ninja Tune
Post-metal electronic noise

Body Count
No Lives Matter (Radio Edit Single)
Century Media Records
Just this one single so far, and it’s a radio edit… but it’s decent stuff, great metal edged rap just like Body Count can do.  And of course, there’s a message!

Look At Yourself
SharpTone Records
This is some brutal core type stuff like they do, but one thing that’s not what I remember, it gets a bit rap-metal-ish in with the breakdowns and all that stuff.

Supersonic Rock n Roll
Napalm Records
So when you hear this band name, what do you think it’d sound like?  Kind of a rob zombie southern fried catchy biker metal type thing?  yeah.  It sounds like that.  decent stuff.

Nick Douglas
Metalville Records
Kind of a pop rock type thing.  Nick is known for being Doro’s bass player.

Cleopatra Records
Kind of a dirty hard rockin’ metal… maybe along the lines of a Motorhead type thing.  A little punked up, a bit metal, and raw.

The Mute Gods
Tardigrades Will Inherit the Earth
Prog Rock type stuff.  A bit along the lines of a Porcupine Tree.

Funeral Storm / Celestial Rite
Funeral Rite – split MCD/MLP
Iron Bonehead
Funeral Storm’s two tracks are a bit of a keyboardy black metal, and Celestial Rite is more of a classic cold yet btutal black metal… not all shreiky and tinny, this has a heavier growly groove.

Artist:    Sanctuary
Title:    SANCTUARY – Inception (Advance)
Label:    Century Media
SO, they say this is a long lost prequel album to Refuge Denied, and they worked some magic to make it sound new… well, magic it is.  Amazing how they can get something this old and lost to sound so crisp and like, brand new… And yeah, what a dream for a Sanctuary/Nevermore fan to find something… great classic sound and Warrell Dane just singing sky high!

Helion Prime
Helion Prime
AFM Records
Female fronted classic metal, maybe with a little power metal leaning.  Catchy tracks, mainly guitar based.  Decent melodies and just a decent sound

Triumphus Haeretici
Osmose Productions
The first track is 16 minutes of ambient post-metal noise.  Get to track 2 and the rest, we have some grindy black metal.

The End
Avantgarde Music
Classic doomy and dark black metal.

Brain Eater
Xtreem Music
Kind of grindy, a bit death metal, production is a bit raw and unpolished, but there’s a cool groove going on here

Bear Mace
Butchering the Colossus
This is kind of a thrashy brutal technical death metal.  A great meaty driving beat… a little like cannibal corpse, but a bit more groove and technicality.  Good stuff.

Zombie Assault
Video Nasty
Eclectic Productions
Just a good ol classic brutal death metal.

Archaic Sound
blackened doomy death metal.  A bit down tempo, depressing and some long songs.

Ymir’s Blood
Ymir’s Blood
Archaic Sound
Doomy throwback with some viking metal grooves going on.

Mindful Of Pripyat / Stench Of Profit
New Doomsday Orchestration
Everlasting Spew Records
Both bands are pretty good grindy brutal death metal.

Band: Katharos
Album: Exuvian Heraldry
Label: Sliptrick records
Black metal with a bit of a wall of epic-ness sound.  So a bit of a symphonic feel, but not a lot.  Otherwise, that cold classic fast and heavy black metal.

Band: Atreides
Album: Neopangea
Label: Suspiria records
Classic metal, spanish lyrics/vox, a little melodic death feeling and maybe a little prog/power metal too.  Lots going on, but the production is a bit raw… just not a very full sound…otherwise, decent stuff.

The Nature of Being New
Innerstrength Records
Kind of a screamo metal core / hardcore.  Fast and raw, a little brutal,

Severed Monolith
Dark Descent Records
A bit death metal and some grind.  This is some brutal death metal and as their name says, yeah, it’s a bit gore toO!

Disharmony (Greece)
Goddamn the Sun CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Kind of a brutal death metal/thrash.  Catchy riffs, brutal vox and tone… catchy and a bit techy too

Danko Jones
Wild Cat
AFM Records
Probably not metal, but just good fun times punky hard rock.

Desecrate the Faith
Unholy Infestation
Comatose Music
Classic brutal Death metal.  Cookie Monster, big meaty grooves
The Day Of The Beast
The Ultimate Cremation Pyre
Horror Pain Gore Death
This is more of a melodic death/technical death thing.  Melodic for the catchy riffs, but the vox are abrasively pissed off.  More of an At The Gates type sound.  great stuff.

Melodic doomy rock type stuff.  4 song EP.

Classic thrash type stuff.  Catchy, heavy, and goood.

Three (EP)
Label: Apollyon Entertainment / Universal Music Group
Kind of a brutal thrash, blackened death metal 3 song ep.

Classic black metal, melodic, cold, and harsh.

Band: Sanatana
Album: Brahmavidya
Label: Rising Moon
A bit of a folk metal feel, but a good blackened melodic death type thing going on. Catchy and a bit proggy too

Sleep of the Silent King
Argonauta Records
Southern fried doomy stoner metal.  Catchy grooves, but a little, well, you know doomy and just a bit slow to get to some grooves.  But yeah, decent stuff.

Damaged System
Label: Witches Brew
Heavy thrash from China!  Extra fast, a little brutal, but some great classic and modern thrash stuff going on, vox are a bit unique but still fitting into a great thrash style

Foetal Juice
Masters of Absurdity
Label:  Grindscene Records
A nice new death metal band name.  Brutal death metal, fast short songs and maybe a little thrash undertone to keep it catchy.

Laments of Silence
System Failure
Label:  Self-Released
A melodic death metal, with some solid heavy vox and brutal edge with maybe a little bit of an industrial thing going on too.

Band: Skeletoon
Album: Ticking Clock
Label: Revalve records
Power metal with a little edge.  Some dragonforce parts, others are just some classic metal/power metal.

Nuclear Oath
Razor Blade Regrets (single)
Raw old school extreme thrashy / dark metal

Malus Ascendant
Label: Black Lion Records
Kind of classic black metal, but the vox are a bit more in front and death metal growly as opposed to shrieky screams.  Music is more of a classic blast beat cold black metal thing

New Stuff This Week… 2/20/17

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Feb 182017

Stalking The Ghost
Doomy metal with a stoner metal feel, a sludgey thing too

The Great Momentum
Big epic proggy symphonic metal with female vox.

Solus Deus
The Plague
This band has former members of Chimaira, Bleed The Sky, Evanescence, Living Sacrifice.  Pretty much a death metal band with a classic brutal-ish sound and a big groove.  Decent stuff!

Cut Up
From Ear to Ear – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Just a single, but great classic brutal death metal.

Nocturnes and Requiems
Self Released
Last recorded release of our friend Adam Sagan.  The samples that were early released sounded great.  Technical proggy melodic death metal… but the vox I guess don’t really fit the death metal… so musically it’s “melodic death-ish” but really it’s something more along the lines of a Nevermore.  great stuff! Catchy, heavy and melodic too!

Six Feet Under
Metal Blade Records
These last few SFU albums have been pretty good with the new-ish lineup.  Music on this one is more brutal and heavy and less of a slower groove… the vox are barked out as only Chris Barnes can do.  Good stuff!

Metal Blade Records 35th Anniversary Tour
Radio Sampler
Metal Blade Records
A bunch of songs for bands on this tour to get us talking about it!   Whitechapel, Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon and Necromancing the Stone

A New Land To Find
SoundAge Productions
One of the best local metal bands and they just keep getting better!  This one has a bit of an epic black metal thing while staying a bit in the melodic death thing too.  You can’t go wrong here.

Violent Opposition
Courage And Conviction
Horror Pain Gore Death
A LOT of less than one minute songs of punked up hardcore type stuff.

The Wild!
Wild At Heart
Entertainment One
Kind of a classic rock/southern hard rock thing.  (just one song so far) seems like fun lovin’ hard rock.

Thobbe Englund
Sould My Soul
Metalville Records
Former Sabaton guitarist’s solo project. Obviously good guitar work. this is textbook “classic metal” going on here.  The sound is a bit raw and a bit of a throwback to maybe some early 80’s / 70’s metal.

Suicide Silence
Suicide Silence
Nuclear Blast USA
A lot of talk around this new album and it’s new “direction” and yeah… as a flag bearer of the brutalcore/extreme metalcore scene… this is definitely not that.  A more downtempo melodic groove thing with more clean-ish vox.  This is closer to a Filter than anything else.  Sorry, but even on its own merits, this might just get a “meh” from me.

Nuclear Blast USA
well, you got yourself some great classic brutal death metal going on here.  This is what american death metal is all about.  Staying true to their formula.  Good stuff!

Ex Deo
The Immortal Wars
Napalm Records
This is 3rd album from the Kataklysm front man’s side project and it slays.  Great catchy and brutal and melodic with a bit of a symphonic flair filling in to make it feel more “epic”  great stuff, kind of technical in parts too.

another classic metal thing.  Heavy, catchy and big metal voice!

The Infinity Complex
PRetty cool extreme tech blackened melodic death.  A little bit of a thrashy gallup, but extreme and melodic death-ish… all with hints of black metal.

Svart Records
melodic folky doom type stuff.

Sons Ov Omega
Label: Black Lion Records
This is some cool proggy melodic death, kind of like that older pre-70’s prog Opeth.  Growly vox, melodic stuff, catchy… great stuff!

Sermon ov Wrath
Metal Blade Records
Two reviews in a row with the word “ov”  yeah!  That usually means brutal, right!?  Yeah, this is meaty brutal death metal with some big grooves.  good stuff.

Age of Decay
Xtreem Music
Heavy melodic death metal, very comparable to Amon Amarth.  Get your horns up and headbang!

Classic metal, a tiny big thrash/grooving.

Female fronted hard rock.  Good catchy stuff, but really more on the hard rock side of things and not metal… maybe classic metal type stuff.

Shox of Violence (12″ MLP, CD, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Raw classic dark metal / black/death metal type stuff… one man band.  Kind of like old Venom i guess?   Good stuff.

Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Lo-fi old school black metal.  I had to check my speakers to make sure the bass/midrange was working, I think this is only tweeter material.  tedius to listen to.

Nessun Luogo
Avantgarde Music
Doomy post metal… slow and depressing.

Reaping Asmodeia
Prosthetic Records
I’d have to say that this is a brutal-core melodic death sort of thing.  Technical, brutal, catchy too.  Good stuff!

Supersonic Rock n Roll
Napalm Records
So when you hear this band name, what do you think it’d sound like?  Kind of a rob zombie southern fried catchy biker metal type thing?  yeah.  It sounds like that.  decent stuff.

Arduini / Balich
Dawn of Ages
Cruz Del Sur Music
I listened to the first 4:20 of this… and it was drony doomy post-metal… but then it just kicked into more of a stoner metal thing with some more big grooves and catchy licks.  So yeah, a long slow start, but a better pay off than I’m used to.  So, it’s a little bit like a lighter more doomy COC.

Carnal Records
Kind of a viking metal feel, but yeah… again, some good comparisons to Amon Amarth come up again, melodic death with a full meaty sound.

Upcoming Reality”
Label:  Mosher Records
Technical Death metal, brutal, catchy and yeah, my go to word… grooving.  which means rather than a full just headbang, you get a little body movement too.  good stuff and classic death metal sounding too.

Spectral Descent
Descending The Astral Plane
Horror Pain Gore Death
Death metal, good classic groove kind.  Vox are a bit raw, production is ok… decent stuff.

ViciSolum Records
Progressive metal, then the vox kick in, and it’s more on the prog death/melodic death side of things… but yeah, very much into the technical prog world.  Great stuff.

Svart Records
As with most stuff on this label, this is dooomy.  A bit on the black metal side, down tempo and female vox.  ok for what it is, but probably not for the mosh Pit.

Baxter Stockman
I guess this could be called stoner hard rock. A little punky, but it’ ok.

War Of Dragons
AFM Records
Ooooh, big epic power metal!  We just don’t get much of this anymore.  A little dragonforce, but kind of rhapsody-like too.  Good stuff!

Sainted Sinners
Sainted Sinner
El Puerto Records Gbr
Classic rock… kind of hard rock. lots of hammond organ, and a classic AOR type rock sound.

Nightmare Logic
Southern Lord / Earsplit PR
Ooohhh  we’re talking some classic heavy thrash here.  As far as thrash goes, this would be fast and not quite “brutal”  but speed metal style heavy!

Record label: Secret Entertainment
A bit of a hardcore groove metal/rock

Stella Polaris (CD, LP, TAPE)
Werewolf Records
Classic black metal.  Cold, Evil but with that good headbanging groove.

Nordvis Produktion
Classic black metal here too.  Decent stuff, a bit more brutal and death metal influenced in parts, but also pretty laid back and melodic in others.

Lucifer Es
They call it Avantgarde Black Metal… it’s kind of like black metal but mix in some Rammstein (clean german vox) and it makes it a littel creepy but cool too.

Digging Mercy’s Grave
Catchy thrashy metal, kind of on the brutal side, growly vox, more of a melodic groove metal

Ominous Eclipse
The Horde (single)
One track of technical death metal.   one long track of tech death and it’s good stuff.

Event Horizon
A Nightmare of Symmetry
Self Released
Prog metal, a bit slow and acoustic-ish in parts, then it gets all technical and meedly guitar-like… also getting into some melodic death with growly vox too.

Loneliness of Endless Days
Prog rock with some organ/keyboards, a bit of a new Opeth type of sound.  Good catchy throwback vibe

New Stuff This Week… 2/13/17

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Feb 122017

Ghost Iris
Blind World
Long Branch
Djenty metalcore type stuff, a little bit of a melodic clean vox modern metalcore style.

Ember Falls
Welcome To Ember Falls
More commercial type hard rock… catchy, a little extreme vox and proggy stuff going on too… but mostly a keyboardy electronic thing happening too

Demon Hunter
“Died In My Sleep” [Single]
Solid State
We’ve always been a fan of this band.  Good catchy melodic metalcore / metal stuff.

“Boneyard/”The Flood” [Single]
Kind of a viking metal melodic death thing.  Decent stuff

All That Remains
Safe House (Single)
Razor And Tie
One of the better american metalcore things.  This song starts off heavy and catchy… it stays heavy and good… I’d like to hear more!

Battle Beast
Bringer Of Pain
Nuclear Blast USA
female fronted hard rockin’ metal type stuff.  Good accessible standard classic metal

Black Sites
In Monochrome
Mascot Label Group
Catchy grooving stoner metal feel with prog metal stuff happening.  Clean vox, crunchy guitars, melodic stuff… great stuff out of Chicago!  A little bit like the heavier/catchier Down or CoC too.

My Sleeping Karma
Mela Ananda
Napalm Records
Sounds like a live album of post metal-doom type stuff.  Sound is good, music is laid back and chill… not my favorite genre…

Armored Saint
Carpe Noctum (Live)
Metal Blade Records
Since I missed these guys on their last tour, this is a nice little treat.  Sounds good, and just shows that I really shouldn’t miss this band when they come around.

King Woman
Created in the Image of Suffering
Relapse Records
Atmospheric doom, sludgey and depressing

Insanity Cult
Of Despair and Self-Destruction
Label:  Ogmios Underground
Classic black metal, evil, cold guitars, and a good classic black metal groove.

Band: Tethra
Album: Like Crows For The Earth
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
A bit doomy, some death/black metal… but kind of that melancholic doomy stuff.  Decent melodies, but just kind of depressing.

Invictus Productions
Classic black metal,  A bit on the old school side, not quite lo-fi, but a bit sludgey in the mix, some good dark melodic and evil parts.

Miserist (EP)
Label: Krucyator Productions
A little black metal, a little death metal, definitely a big sludgey doom feeling throughout… but also a little djenty deathcore thing too

The Law of Purity
Argonauta Records
Stoner metal.  They say “Desert rock” and yeah I can hear that, just this kind of dry distorted doomy “hot” feeling.

Art of Propaganda
Dark and doomy black metal.

Execration Diatribes
Lavadome Productions
Good classic meaty death metal.  Big grooves, brutal vox and a freight train sound.  Good stuff

Demo 2016
Fighter Records
It’s a demo, so it sounds like a demo… (not great production)  but a classic doom (solitude aerternus type thing) with big singy clean vox.

Band: Sons Of Revolution
Album: Sons Of Revolution
Label: Sliptrick records
Kind of a bluesy hard rock/stoner rock thing

Rites of Thy Degringolade
The Universe in Three Parts TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
One track of doomy melodic black metal.  Gets into classic black metal blast beats, but not full on cold and tinny, it’s got a little meat to it.

Destroyer of Mankind
Abyss Records
This is some great grooving blackened death metal.  Heavy, brutal and yeah, chugga chugga groove groove..

Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love (2CD, 3LP)
Hells Headbangers
Pretty much black metal, with some good grooves, a little gritty heavy doom feeling

Loch Ness Rising (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Kind of a blackened melodic death metal… a little doomy, a little proggy (keyboards) Good stuff!

Sunlight’s Bane
The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried
Innerstrength Records
Pretty much death metal here, with a grindy feel.   Brutal!

White Death (CD, LP, TAPE)
Werewolf Records
BLackened death metal.  A blast beat black metal attitude going on, but not quite full on old school tinny cold guitars… Screamy vox  and brutal. A bit of a groove in parts too.

Crystal Viper
Queen Of The Witches
AFM Records
Female fronted classic metal… Decent catchy grooves, nice vocal tones, not too singy, not growly, just a good clean sound

Tim Bowness
Lost in the Ghost Light
This is kind of atmospheric and experimental prog rock.  A little like an out there Porcupine Tree.

Svart Records
Sounds like extreme doom to me.  Kind of a down tempo doom with extreme vox… Kind of a wall of noisy doom with a bit of maybe blackened doom?

Vomit Angel
Sadomatic Evil 12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
Sludgey brutal death metal

All Else Fails
The Forever Lie
Suicidal Bride Records
This is kind of a metalcore thing.  A bit melodic, a bit brutal, some clean vox, nothing emo… decent stuff

Hate Unbound
Inverse Records
Format: CD/Digital
Release Date: February 17th 2017
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: USA

Kaos Krew
End My Pride
Big groovin’ almost “nu-metal/industrial” sounding stuff.  (one single)

Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy
Mixed Messages
All-Core Records
Kind of a metalcore thing

Moment of Collapse Records
Kind of hardcore, it’s what they call “posthardcore”  So noisy and wall of guitars, a bit sludge.

Dark Towers / Bright Lights
Moment of Collapse Records
Sludgey post-metal doom.  4 long songs.  Not my thing

“Forget The Past, Let’s Worry About The Future”
Indie Recordings
Kind of an alternative hard rock thing with a little punk feel.

New Stuff This Week… 2/6/17

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Feb 052017

Past Life
Kind of an alternative metal.

“Show Yourself” [Single]
A bit more accessible than their past stuff, still good, catchy and rockin’

The High Heat Licks Against Heaven
Season of Mist
This falls into that new wave of black n roll…. grooving black metal.  heavy and brutal, yet with a big groove too.

Children of Stone – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Brutal, melodic and grooving.  Me want more!

The Grinding Wheel
Nuclear Blast USA
Consistently good.  That’s Overkill for you. Catchy classic thrash every time.  Great stuff once again!

Once Human
This has a very Chimaira feeling to it for me.  Catchy, heavy, a little brutal… melodic/death metal like too.  This is the second album from these guys founded by Logan Mader

Be Like The River
Music Management (NZ)
Female fronted metal.  Kind of an accessible groove metal/hard rock type thing with a little crunch

The O’Reilly’s And The Paddyhats
Sign Of The Fighter
Metalville Records
Well, this one isn’t quite metal… more of a ska/folk/flogging molly/Dropkick Murphy type thing.  Might be cool more around St. Patty’s day!?

“Het Gebeente”
Label:  Self-Released
Atmospheric Black Metal… kinda doomy and slow, but evil and dark vocal-wise

Inalienable Catharsis TAPE
Iron Bonehead
Old school sounding black metal.  Not too bad for a “tape”  (the files are digital! LOL)  But yeah… nothing real groundbreaking.

Prosthetic Records
Kind of slow-doomy sludgey… not a big fan.

Obsidian Arc
Melodic blackened metal.  A little bit of a slower doom pace, but not all post-metal and blah.  There’s actually a bit of a melodic death thing happening too.  Dark and foreboding but some groove too… and yeah it gets going into some full fast black metal in parts as well.

Mors Principium Est.
Embers Of A Dying World
AFM Records
10 February 2017
Catchy, heavy, technical, melodic and brutal too.  Overall, good melodic proggy death metal.  Great stuff

Totally Vulgar – Live at Tuska Open Air 2013
Svart Records
Good meaty classic death metal.

Band: Bad Bones
Album: Demolition Derby
Label: Sliptrick records
classic hard rock AOR type stuff.

Band: In My Embrace
Album: Black Waters Deep
Label: Sliptrick records
Melodic blackened death metal.  Great grooves, catchy, heavy and not quote full on brutal, just good melodic death with a black metal feel

Band: Alfredo Gargaro
Album: Various
Label: Sliptrick records
Classic hard rock/metal.  Good big voice (with some cool rasp) and just a classic metal hard rock type thing.

Band: Marianas Rest
Album: Horror Vacui
Label: Sliptrick records
Kind of a doomy death metal…a bit slow, still melodic.

Band: Killer 4
Album: Self-Titled
Label: Sliptrick records
This is some grungy stuff with a little punk thing going on

Band: Tytus
Album: Rises
Label: Sliptrick records
Good classic metal, musically, maybe a little like Iron Maiden… but with vox a bit more growly/sung.  A low gravely clean vox type thing.  Decent stuff.

Band: Veonity
Album: Into The Void
Label: Sliptrick records
Power metal.  Lots of meedly meedly, singy stuff, vox are not all high and screamy, a little rasp and lower key… but getting higher in parts.  Some good sing-along anthem stuff too.

Band: Scum
Album: Humana
Label: Sliptrick records
Groove metal… a little bit of a death metal feel, but a cool melodic catchy groove.

Band: Precipitation
Album: The Power Of
Label: Sliptrick records
Melodic death with a prog metal thing going on too.

Band: ART
Album: Planet Zero
Label: Sliptrick records
Rock with a little alternative rock and some prog rock things going on too.

Band: Lunokhod
Album: Watch Out…Season Of Discontent
Label: Sliptrick records
Catchy grooves, a little funky, a little hardcore

Band: The Silverblack
Album: The Silverblack
Label: Sliptrick records
Industrial / electronic metal

Band: Burn Down Eden
Album: Ruins Of Oblivion
Label: Sliptrick records
Melodic Death Metal with more of a screamy vox.  A bit brutal in spots, and vox are harsh throughout.  Good stuff.

Band: Heartache
Album: Skyscrapers and Firefalls
Label: Sliptrick records
Prog hard rock with some heavier metal edges in parts.

Band: Project Theory
Album: Something Between Us
Label: Sliptrick records
Metalcore… and more or less metalcore meets nu-metal!  And some electronic stuff too

Label:  MDD Records
They say Pagan Black Metal.  I’m not sure what that means, but it’s more or less some blackened melodic death metal.  Abrasive vox

Matt Chanway
Self Titled Debut Album
Self Released
Technical proggy instrumental type stuff along the lines of a Jeff Loomis good stuff with some great crunchy riffs and head banging goodness.

Hidden Danger
Access Denied
Self Released
This is just some decent classic hard rockin almost metal stuff.  Good groove, catchy in spots too.

Artist:    Cynic
Title:    Uroboric Forms – The Complete Demo Recordings
Label:    Century Media
Well, this album was awesome to begin with… and hell, now we know the demos are too.  And as demos go, this sounds great, clean and good stuff!

Band: Concrete Jelly
Album: Getting Noticed
Label: Sliptrick records
Proggy hard rock/stoner metal.  Catchy and lots of great riffs.  Good grooves.

Band: Damned Pilots
Album: Overgalaxy
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Decent new metal, a gritty guitar, melodic chorus, kind of standard metal with some groove

Band: Tonight We Stand
Album: Redemption
Label: Sliptrick records
Melodic metal, a little bit of a metalcore thing.

The Evil Dead
Earth Inferno
Label: Witches Brew
So the description for genre is “Blackened Heavy/Speed Metal with Rock n Roll”  And yeah… it’s a good grooving hard rock/mild thrash, but the vox and feel are like black metal… and it works.  Kind of a blackened stoner metal.  neat stuff.

Craving Strange
SmashMouth Records/MIR/RED
catchy hard rock but not really metal.  It’s a bit of a poppy/alternative rock thing.  not for the mosh pit.

Kaos Krew
“Panama” (Single)
Inverse Records
Kind of an industrial metal/hard rock.  Good catchy single.

Wan Way to Hell
Carnal Records
Dark, cold black metal, a bit atmospheric… and production is a little eh.

Band: Frozen Sand
Album: Fractals: A Shadow out of Lights
Prog metal, a bit on the power metal side, vox are a little like Hansi Kursch, but in Italian! hah.

Promised Land
Symphonic and epic death metal with a little bit of folk metal going on too.   think of Dimmu Borgir meets Amon Amarth.

New Stuff This Week… 1/30/17

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Jan 292017

EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy
Season of Mist
A dark black metal.  A bit melodic, a little groove, a pinch doomy, but all evil.

Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Classic hard rock stuff from the orginal frontman of Ratt.  Has a feel of the old Ratt musically too.

Lorna Shore
Flesh Coffin
Kind of a melodic blackened death type thing.  Extreme, brutal and atmospheric too.  A cool back and forth kind of like older Opeth, but the heaver stuff, is, like, more heavy.  Good stuff.

The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996
This looks to be a box set of the older orginal good classic Sepultura on Roadrunner Recs.  Can never go wrong with these?

Power Trip
“Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)”
(Southern Lord)
Kind of some just good old metal.  Decent groove, maybe a light thrash feel

Motionless In White
“Eternally Yours” [Single]
So the first time I saw these guys live, they had that full on emo-hardcore look going on with the makeup and all that, and I thought it’d just be one of those bands/shows… but they blew me away and kept it heavy and melodic death-like.  This song, has a bit of that same feel, but really getting into what I first thought, some clean-emo-ish singy stuff.  no autotune stuff, but it’s kind of formulaic.

Aversions Crown
Nuclear Blast Records
Kind of a brutal metal core with some meeedly guitar and melodic stuff going on.  You know most of the time a band like this comes around and then some emo vox come on and ruin it.  None of that here.  Just brutal throughout.

Iron Reagan
Crossover Ministry
Relapse Records
Kind of a punked up hardcore.  They’ve been around a while, lots of short songs that don’t fuck around.  Good and heavy with a throwback old school thrash thing too.

Galactic Empire
Galactic Empire
Rise Records
Metal versions of star wars songs.  Live show videos look to be works of art with the band performing in storm trooper and a darth vader costume.  Great melodic technical metal.  Great stuff for the metal nerd in all of us!

Black Star Riders
Heavy Fire
Nuclear Blast USA
Basically Thin Lizzy with a new name.  Good classic hard rockin’ stuff.

Ghost Season
Like Stars In A Neon Sky
Pavement Entertainment
A little bit of a modern metal feel, some proggy metal stuff, some more just standard metal and yeah, a commercial hard rock/metal thing going on too.  catchy songs, melodic clean vox.

Music Gallery International
This is some cool melodic death with some more of a extreme death metal sound.  Good groove and a bit technical in parts too… and yeah kinda catchy as well.  good stuff.

John Garcia
The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues
Napalm Records
Former Kyuss frontman… this is mostly acoustic, great vox, but just not really metal… cool laid back guitar/vox stuff

Beasts of the Temple of Satan
Grindy raw death metal

Can’-Ka No Rey
Argonauta Records
HEavy instrumental stoner rock… Good meaty grooves and a bit doomy too.

Palace of Worms / Ecferus
Crown & Throne Ltd
Both are a bit of a grindy black metal with some death metal grooves.

Body Void
Crown & Throne Ltd
Slugdey doom.  4 tracks and a couple are quite long.

Fabio La Manna
Label:  Self-Released (2016), Via Nocturna records (2017)
Instrumental Progressive Rock… a lot of laid back acoustic type stuff, but then it does get into a little bit of heavier stuff here and there…. but overall, a little bit new-agey.

Band: Mourning Dawn
Album: Waste
Label: Aesthetic Death
Interestingly, this album has 3 tracks each at 24:12.  All dark doom type stuff.

Band: Norunda
Album: Irruption
Label: Suspiria records
If I had to pick something this sounds like… probably some more modern Megadeth.  Decent heavy metal, with a tiny thrash… not really hitting a sub genre hard, just good “metal”.

Annihilate… Then Ask!
Xtreem Music
Some classic thrash with a bit of a maybe old Prong/punk edge to it…or maybe a little hardcore… but definitely classic old school thrash riffage.  Good stuff!

Bestial Raids
Master Satan’s Witchery LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Raw crazy fast blackened death metal.

“Anorexic Insect”
Label:  Self-Released
File this under experimental metal.  Some music, some acting type stuff, cinematic and electronic stuff too.  Just a bit too out there for me.

Svart Records
Kind of a psychedelic prog.  ALmost has a feeling of that new Opeth style of prog throwback… but this could be a more experimental “out there” version of it.

Ghost Avenue
Pitch Black Records
A thought I was listening to Metal Church for a second… good classic metal

Band: Starbynary
Album: Divina Commedia Inferno
Country: Italy
Label: Revalve records
This is the kind of prog/power metal that has it going on.  Good meaty heavy aggressive music with good clean vox, kind of like a heavier Dream Theater musically with a singer that is a bit more euro power metal.  Great stuff.

Dreadful Life
Blackend death metal, great barked out growly vox, heavy and brutal death metal with massive groove too

Band: The Brood
Album: The Truth Behind
Label: Give Praise records
Grindy death metal but with a bit of a melodic groove too. Fast and short brutal songs.

The Mist
Greyhaze Records
Kind of a mix of some Obituary meets classic thrash.  A bit raw, but heavy, grooving and catchy too

Tomb Mold
Primordial Malignity CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Grindy Brutal death metal.  Very brutal.

IC Rex
Tulen Jumalat
Black metal… a little melodic and kind of evil feeling.  There’s just a cold dark quality about this that just kind makes you think “what’s their problem?”

Haken – Aquarius
Release date: Friday, February 3, 2017
Haken – Visions
Release date: Friday, February 3, 2017

Contrastic LP Reissue (released on January 20th 2017)
Horror Pain Gore Death
Brutal, grindy, and yeah grooving and in your face too.  Some things might be out of place like the electronic video game sound intro, or maybe a little electronic part or piano here and there, but I think it adds a little to the charm.

Fight The Fight
“Fight The Fight”
Indie Recordings
Kind of a modern hardcore type thing.  Grooves, melody and a hard edge, yet still being heavy, accessible and catchy too.

Immortal Force
Greyhaze Records
Pretty raw production on this kind of old school thrash/extreme metal type stuff.  Kinda like an old heavy raw slayer.

Label:  Nika Records
This is what the description says…  Metal – Industrial, Death, Black, Djent, Unplugged… and yeah, it’s all of that and more.  Maybe a bit goth and kinda ragtime, folk… neat stuff.

Ogopogo Punk
(Mint Records)
Kind of a punky ska /pop punk/surf rock thing

Maze Of Sothoth
Soul Demise
Everlasting Spew Records
Brutal blackened death metal.. first thing comes to mind… seems like Behemoth.  Heavy has hell, and even a bit of melodic stuff (more black metal type stuff)  great stuff!

Beyond Omega
Label: Independent
Melodic blackened death metal from Mobile Alabama!  Whoa!  This is some good stuff.  Catchy, brutal, grooving

Blood Region
For All the Fallen Heroes
Melodic doomy death metal..> But there’s a lot of classic metal type stuff going on with guitar work… but a doomy death metal overtone.

Devoured by Damnation
Label:  Grathila Records
Grindy fast and in your face black metal.  No fucking around here, fast and furious

The Wolf and the Hourglass
Label:  Self-released
Kind of some sci fi post rock type stuff.  It gets going into a little bit of melodic black metal type stuff here and there.

Immure EP
Label:  self-released
A little doom, a little goth… a little of an epic feel in parts too.  A little bit Lacuna Coil in style(without the female vox), maybe a little bit of an Epica thing too.

Hollow Earth
Dark Tunes
Kind of a new take on Marilyn Manson meets Rammstein.  Industrial/Electroni metal type stuff

New Stuff This Week…1/23/17

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Jan 212017

The Trigger Complex
Rise Records
Kind of a laid back thing with a little light punk feel

Cultural Warfare
Future Kill
M Theory
Classic thrashy type stuff, along with some good groove metal.  Just all in all great thrashy stuff… and yeah, they’re from the Bay Area, so they have a good base to work from!

We Are Islands, After All
At first with a good melodic keyboardy groove with a pinch of goth, it sounds like heavier Lacuna Coil musically… but vocally it’s more of a hardcore screaming… then we get to some melodic almost emo-core-ish singing too.

This band has been doing its thing for quite some time and great to have a new one!  This is how power metal should be… catchy, heavy, fast, a good edge and yeah a prog metal feel too.  Vox, music, production all top notch.

Unearthly Trance
Stalking the Ghost Radio Singles
meaty doom.  Depressing and slow, but still heavy

Me And That Man
“My Church Is Black”
(Cooking Vinyl)
What. Is. This.!?  Why send stuff like this to metal radio?   Johnny Cash type stuff.  ugh.  I get the “darkness” of the sing title and stuff, but this is basically a country song.

Protest The Hero
Pacific Myth
Razor and Tie
I haven’t heard new stuff from these guys in a while.  They are one of my favorite of this metalcore thing… They seem to prog it up and they have a guy that can really sing without being all emo, or even growly.  Just everything works in this band.

Season of Mist
Got the single of this a week or two ago… great technical instrumental melodic death type stuff.  A djenty almost Cynic feeling going on.  Great stuff.

Not for Music
Season of Mist
Kind of a depressing doom.  Something in the bio says that they “further their exploration of absolute sonic dread”  And yeah, sonic dread.

Surtr (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Blackened death metal… one song single so far… good melodic and cold black metal feeling, but a full on death metal feeling too

Gods Of Violence
God Of Violence
Can these guys do wrong?   A light instrumental intro going right into that classic brutal Kreator sound.  I want more!

Nothing To You (Single)
This Korn-like rap metal band is back… never quite made the cut on the Mosh Pit before… probably not quite our thing.

Theaters Of Demensions
Napalm Records
Epic symphonic female fronted (operatic) metal.  She gets a bit more of a standard clean female vocal in other parts too, so it’s not just full on opera singing… But it is pretty epic full classical/symphonic metal type stuff… and yeah the metal stuff does keep it kind of heavy in parts too, and other more power metal stuff too. A little folk stuff too.

Teenage Graveyard Party
Label:  Heavy Baby Records
Kind of a sludgey punk/alternative thing.  Meh.

Asphyxiating Devotion
Memento Mori
Good brutal death metal, Classic grooving stuff.

Under the Seals of Death
Memento Mori
Brutal blackened death metal.  Maybe a little grindy, full on growly gurgles, blast beasts, fast everything.

Argonauta Records
Some classic stoner rock/hard rock.  Good Groove, a vocal that reminds me a little bit of Spiritual Beggars.

A Breach of Silence
Eclipse Records
Screamy metalcore.  melodic Hardcore feel, some screamy vox, and clean vox too.

Ghost Season
Like Stars in a Neon Sky
Pavement Entertainment
A little bit of a modern metal feel, some proggy metal stuff, some more just standard metal and yeah, a commercial hard rock/metal thing going on too.  catchy songs, melodic clean vox.

World Of Silence MMXVII
AFM Records
This is a power metal/prog type of thing

Mustan Kuun Lapset
Label: Inverse Records
Kind of a melodic death/black metal.  A little bit of an Amorphis feel, decent grooves and stuff.

Appaling Ascension
Osmose Productions
Good old grooving death metal with a little bit of a black metal vibe/evilness

Thy Horrendous Yearning (LP)
Hells Headbangers
Kind of a doomy blackened stoner thing… maybe a little raw punk thing too

Doomy post-rock/metal.  A bit slow and depressing, yet melodic and yeah sad…

Deserted Fear
Dead Shores Rising
Century Media
Great melodic death.  Huge grooves, big meaty riffs, catchy and heavy too.  A little bit of an Amon Amarth type of feeling

“The Longed-For Reckoning”
Label:  MDD Records
A little bit thrash, a bit on the just standard modern new metal thing.  Catchy chugga chugga riffage, not quite heavy thrash, but just a basic thrash-tinged just good old “metal”

Tenebrae in Perpetuum
La Genesi: 2001-2002
Ordo MCM
LoFi black metal.   next.

The Catalyst vol. 1: Control
Primitive Reaction
Melodic death metal from Finland.  A good edge, a bit of a little power/prog metal feel with heavy keyboards… vox are abrasive with a good heavy sound.  You know what, it reminds me a bit of Strapping Young Lad!

Horn (Germany)
Turm am Hang LP
Iron Bonehead
This is melodic death with a little bit of a viking metal feel…and since they’re from Germany, they have that little extra edge… and to make it even more edgy?  it’s all in German too!

Dance With Devils
Scarlet Records
This is some proggy female fronted metal.  Kind of a symphonic and epic feel… cool stuff that keeps it to the point and doesn’t mess around

Band: Axis Of Despair
Album: Mankind Crawls
Country: Sweden
Label: Give Praise records
Kind of a grindcore, but really a good grooving death metal too.

Country: USA
Label: Give Praise records | To Live A Lie | Here and Now Records | Riotous Outburst
Style: Grindcore
LOL  this whole EP is One minute, 44 seconds long and 8 tracks betwen two bands.  Fast, to the point punked up metal.  fun.

Band: Crossbones
Album: WWIII
Country: Albania
Label: Nadir Music
Kind of a groove metal, a little stoner metal, a big meaty riff factory.

Weapons of Thrash Destruction
Test Your Metal
Now this is frickin’ thrash, man!  Fast, heavy, raw, almost brutal too, but just keeping that fast catchy heavy thrash thing.  Great stuff.

Chapter I: Introspect
Imminence Records
This was pretty cool and brutal, with a bit of a djent feeling… brutalcore… then a total melodic/mallcore type of clean vox chorus.  I just don’t know man.

Evil Force
Banging On The Pentagram
Label: Witches Brew
This is some classic thrashy stuff.  A little raw, but a decent basic classic thrash thing.

The Night Is Young (single)
Just some modern hard rocking stuff, kind of like a Volbeat.

The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues
Napalm Records
Former Kyuss frontman… this is mostly acoustic, great vox, but just not really metal… cool laid back guitar/vox stuff

WARBRINGER – Radio Promo
Napalm Records
Just having a single from this band just isn’t fair.  Great heavy thrash… so much groove, headbanging and yeah… awesome.  Bring it on!

New Stuff This Week… 1/16/17

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Jan 152017

As Was
Kind of a classic black metal with modern production, a little pinch of a doom darkness, but overall a solid black metal groove going on.

Scatterbrain (Single)
RatPak Records
Ray Luzier, George Lynch, Doug Pinnick.  that should be enough to say right there.  This is the first single from their second album.  Cool stuff, proggy, catchy and grooving.

Code Orange
Female fronted deathcore.  Brutal and meaty.  Breakdowns, maybe a little bit of a punk feel too.

In Tensions
Almost a stoner metal type thing.  A little bit of a Tool feel… so a stoner tool type band.  Good stuff, good melodic hooks, solid hard rock stuff… just not really into the brutal metal thing ya know?  Yeah, and that’s ok.

Darkest Hour
“Knife In The Safe” / “Timeless Numbers” [Singles}
Southern Lord
Agressive abrasive and no fucking around.  brutal core type stuf with a little tech edge to it.

New Ocean Media
A little bit of a static X feeling, with a hard rocking metal type thing with some electronic stuff thrown in.  Heavy parts, catchy stuff, some more melodic parts too… Kind of a full package.  A bit on the commercial side of things though.

Six Feet Under
Sacrificial Kill – radio single
Metal Blade
Big meaty grooves, classic SFU here.  Great production and the new lineup is still crushing it.  Cant wait for more.

EX DEO – Radio Promo
The Rise Of Hannibal
Napalm Records
First single from the Kataklysm side project.  Symphonic death metal, a little on the doomier groove side of things for this track.  Looking forward to more.

Enemy Remains
No Faith In Humanity
Kind of starts off with a melodic death feel, but then really gets into more of a modern metalcore / Killswitch Engage type thing, clean and harsh vox alternating. Some cool catchy stuff and maybe a bit of a commercial metal feel too

A Tribute To Lemmy
Metalville Records
A true tribute to Lemmy… Lots of bands doing Motorhead covers in mostly their own style.   Good lineup from Destruction to Overkill to Ugly Kid Joe to Korpiklaani.

Footage Of A Yeti
Purging The Human Condition
Kind of a deathcore with a little bit of doomy sludge.  It is brutal and heavy a little grindy and melodic too.  neat stuff!

Band: Balfor
Album: Black Serpent Rising
Label: Drakkar productions
Kind of a melodic death similar to Amon Amarth.  A heavy catchy groove but a dark feeling too

Band: Frozen Sand
Album: Fractals: A Shadow out of Lights
Proggy power metal from Italy.  Clean vox, a basic prog metal music thing, with more of a power metal feel.  Decent stuff.

AFM Records
This band has been doing its thing for quite some time and great to have a new one!  This is how power metal should be… catchy, heavy, fast, a good edge and yeah a prog metal feel too.  Vox, music, production all top notch.

Band: Sunterra
Album: Reborn
Label: NRT records
Style: Industrial Metal
A little industrial, a bit goth, and melodic death.  female clean vox and growly vox too… and yeah, a bit prog metal too.

Burning Point
The Blaze
AFM Records
This is some uptempo melodic power metal.  Heavy on the keyboards and catchy grooves.  Vox are female, but with a great gritty edge.

Dead Sun
AFM Records
Similar to the Burning Point, it’s some proggy power metal with some strong edgy female vox.  Music gets a good heavy groove going and staying melodic too.  good stuff.

Úr Draumheimi Viðurstyggðar
Signal Rex
Some black metal with creepy echoey vox, atmospheric lo-fi type sound.

Clavis Secretorvm
This is some great stuff here, Blackened death metal, great groove, heavy, catchy, brutal, melodic too.

The Flight Of Sleipnir
Doomy black metal, long songs, melodic laid back stuff going on too.

Demo I – II
Signal Rex / Óreiða / Harvest Of Death
Decent classic brutal black metal.

I Saw The Light But Turned It Off
Svart Records
Kind of a techno pop hard rock/punk thing.

Band: Ketch
Album: Anthems of Dread (includes 4 bonus tracks from the 2014 Ketch EP)
Label: Aesthetic Death
Sludgey doomy black metal.

Breeding Ruin
Self Released
Raw old school black metal

Suna Kulto
Halo of Flies
Two 20 minute tracks of full on black metal going back and forth with doomy melodic atmospheric background type music.

“Implosive EP”
Label:  Self-Released
Some melodic death/viking metal.  A little pinch of folk with some solid grooving death metal type stuff.

Band: NeroArgento
Album: One Against All
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
I’m just going to go with their description here:  Style: NeroArgento is an explosive combination of grunge rock and electronic music, packed with orchestral influences mixed with acid, industrial and distorted sounds, without forgetting the metal edge that provides the sound with a more consistent impact

The Haunting Fear of Inevitability
Grindy and kind of thrashy-ish death metal.  B rutal, a little bit hardcore too.  Good stuff

“Ascendance EP”
Label:  Self-Released
Kind of a melodic death/catchy proggy death.  They call it sci-fi death.  But it’s more of a melodic blackend death type thing.  Cool stuff.

“Uncanny Valley”
Label:  Last Candle Productions
Atmospheric black metal… cold, depressing and echoey

Força Macabra
25 Anos
Svart Records
A hardcore/punked up kind of almost death metal, great grooves, quick songs…. maybe some thrashcore type stuff.

Napalm Records
Modern melodic death/metalcore type stuff.  The clean stuff is a bit more of the modern metalcore, but still not quite all like emo.  Just very clean going to the heavy abrasive stuff.  Kind of a good mix of things without going full mallcore.

Fifty Ton Nug
Horror Pain Gore Death
Good brutal classic death metal

New Stuff This Week… 1/9/17

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Jan 082017

Benzaiten (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
This single is some cool prog metal that reminds me a bit of Cynic with the prominent bass riffage, kind of a melodic death feel and most definitely prog.

Meat Heart (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
20 January 2017
Kind of a doomy dark death metal.

Speed and Violence
Classic old school thrash, great stuff, fast, heavy, catchy and melodic too.

Legion Within
This is more or less alt-rock type stuff.

Gone Is Gone
Rise Records
Kind of a grooving doom, maybe a little prog.  Not real heavy, just chilled out hard rocking stuff.

Machinae Supremacy
Into The Night World
BD Pop
Sounds a little bit like In Flames meets a hard prog type thing like Fair to Midland.

Grave Digger
Healed By Metal
Napalm Records
Good ol german classic thrashy metal.  This band has been around forever and they still know how to put out the great metal

Machine Messiah
Nuclear Blast USA
First track (title track) starts off kind of slow… the 2nd track which is the lead single… now we’re talking.  Heavy raw metal!  Not much real signature tribal Sepultura stuff, just the full heavier old school death metal style.  The next track has more of a classic Sepultura feel… a bit more melodic and catchy.  Cool stuff.

Voodoo Terror Tribe
The Sun Shining Cold
VTT Music
Heavier hard rock maybe a little bit of a groove metal Static X type thing with mostly clean vox.

Grimoire Records
Classic death metal.  Good groove, yet a bit raw and a little bit of a hardcore vibe.

Ignis Gehenna
Baleful Scarlet Star
Seance Records
Black metal, wall of cold dark blast beat metal.  Nothing awful, nothing new.

Ons vrije fatum
Dunkelheit Produktionen
Mostly black metal, melodic stuff, kinda doomy prog… some atmospheric doom stuff too.

Mangog Awakens
Argonauta Records
A little doom, some big meaty grooving stoner metal type stuff.

The Tree of Death
Shadow Kingdom
Overall doom feel, clean vox kind of like an old school black sabbath thing.

The Underdog
Label:  Headstone Records
Classic hard rock. A good punchy and catchy sound, clean vox, but not too much on the true metal side.

Fides Inversa
Rite Of Inverse Incarnation
Two long tracks of ritualistic black metal type stuff.

Damage Limit
Secret Entertainment
Kind of a grungy hard rock with a litttttttle bit of a doomy groove.

Arctic Sunrise
Label:  Boersma – Records
Great catchy melodic death.  Abrasive vox, good growls, black metal tones, thrashy metal tones, death metal and melodic death all in here.  Great stuff!

A bit sludgey, down tempo slow depressing doom with black metal screamy growls… over this realllly slow shoegazey doom. yeah.

Good meaty black metal, great grooves, melody and evil coldness

Jupiter Hollow
Odyssey (EP)
Melodic prog metal, some tracks get into melodic death, some are more just melodic hard rock prog.  Great all around prog metal here.

Pain Of Salvation
In the Passing Light of Day
I’ve been a fan of this band in the past, then kind of lost interest, well, this one has me back.  Darker, heavier, but still going back to that melodic proggy metal too.  Lots of emotion coming through on this one too.

Temple of the Adversarial Fire
Kind of doom, ok, it’s doom.  melodic stuff, depressing stuff, a little black metal, and kind of death mnetal too.

Rajalla –
I guess all I can say about this… it’s some good grooving metal, maybe a little like Sepultura musically, and presumably all sung in finnish.

Label:  No Colours Records
Black metal… four almost 10 minute or more songs.  Classic cold melodic black metal sound.

Skallbank: The Singles
Label:  Big Balls Productions
A heavier hard rock… kinda almost-metal.  Good groove, growly vox, melodic grooving hard rock music.

Eastland Tales- Part II
Label:  No Colours Records
This is some good modern-ish black metal.  A full wall of sound, not symphonic, but just a full almost Dimmu Borgir feeling.  Melodic, yet still heavy and good tones.  Good stuff!

Black Light
Name of the One
Label:  Support Underground
Thrashy death metal from Slovakia.  Some good catchy stuff with some growly vox.  Kind of a big groove going on.

Killing Addiction
Shores of Oblivion
Xtreem Music
Brutal death metal.  Four tracks of good classic brutality

Steelballs (EP)
Label: Witches Brew
Heavy classic metal… kind of like a speed/power/thrash type thing.  Good stuff (4 tracks)

Subconscious Endeavor EP
Online Metal Promo
Classic metal, sounds kind of like a live recording.  ok stuff, decenet melody