New Stuff This Week… 7/2/18

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Jul 022018

Cosmic Pandemia – single
Metal Blade Records
First new stuff in a while, and this is awesome right off the bat, technical, brutal, heavy… great stuff.

White Noise and Black Metal
Season of Mist
A bit of a classic black metal sound, decent production, cold, dark, a good melodic base.

Bury Tomorrow
“The Age”
modern metalcore stuff, screamy growly vox going to clean uptempo clean vox in the chorus… heavier parts are decent, but probably the more emo-ish melodic parts aren’t really for the ‘pit.

Coheed and Cambria
“Unheavenly Creatures”
Another single, a bit more commercial alt-rock sounding on this one…

Bullet For My Valentine
Spinefarm Records
Great music, catchy, melodic, accessible too, but overall for a metal band, it is accessible, and can appeal to a wide audience

Northern Chaos Gods
Nuclear Blast USA
Well, this band has certainly been around for a while and had some changes… well this album is worth the wait. Classic catchy, yet brutal and melodic black metal. Great stuff.

We Steal Copper
We Steal Copper
Kind of a punk, but a little metal/hardcore attitude going on.

Various Artists
Hell Night / Sweat Shoppe – Split 7″
Encapsulated Records
Hell night is a bit more djenty punked up hardcore and Sweat Shoppe is more of a hardcore with a big punk thing going on

Quarter Hour of Power
Encapsulated Records
Most of this stuff is punked up hardcore type stuff. 14 artists/songs

Infectious Stench
Xtreem Music
A brutal, yet grooving and catchy death metal. melodic stuff,

Fear, Prey, Demise
Scarlet Records
Some catchy melodic but classic thrash. Great stuff.

Devin Townsend Project – Ocean Machine –
Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv
Three albums of Live Devin! After seeing the DTP do a full set last fall or whenever, this is a cool way to remember how great that show was and a good exclamation point on DTP since it’s now on hiatus.

Release title: Thirteen
Record label: Ultraje
Here we have a cool viking/folk metal melodic deathy type thing. A bit of that bouncy party metal but with that melodic death edge. Cool stuff.

Ancient Lights
Ancient Lights
Ritual Productions
Slow depressing doom, probably a post-metal categorization.

Okkult II
Massacre Records
Great meaty classic grooving death metal. these guys have been around a while, so they can crush. Great stuff!

Order of Vengeance LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Classic melodic black metal. A little doomy, mostly cold, dark and your typical black metal.

Visions of Doom 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Classic-ish black metal. A wall of cold shrieky black metal coldness in this 3 song EP.

Existencialista LP
Iron Bonehead
3 long tracks of classic old school cold, dark, evil black metal… but dig deeper and there are some good grooves going on.

Burial Invocation
Dark Descent Records
Brutal, meaty dark death metal. Big chugga chugga, cookie monster vox, getting a little bit of a melodic black sound… or technical death… good stuff!

Daño Colateral
Spanish language groove metal/thrashy hardcore, catchy and heavy, good stuff.

Not My Master
Rockshots Records / Extreme Metal Music
Kind of a groove metal, extreme… not quote thrashy, not quite death… just metal-ish…

Semmib?l, a semmin át
GarageLive Records
Melodic death with maybe a little bit of a viking metal feel too.

Iron Tyrant
Oh man… super lo-fi, something. Black metal… This is a compilation of some older demos and live tracks… Can’t get over the lofi… sorry.

Nihil Est
Self Released
I’d have to say we got some melodic blackened death metal… It’s mostly classic black metal, but a bit more brutal yet melodic. Some good technical and catchy stuff too.

Las Tripas y el Lodo
Godbox Records
Spanish alt-proggy rock. Cool tones, not quite metal, but a good solid sound.

Ez dugu aske izateko zuen baimenik behar
Godbox Records
Crusty punked up thrashy hardcore type stuff.

Last Bleeding Pain (Single)
Rockshots Records
A single of power metal… big vox, classic metal/power metal

Digital Dystopia
Self Released
Epic fast power metal just like it should be. Fast guitars/drums, over the top vox… classic euro power metal stuff.

Rockshots Records
Female fronted melodic death, going from harsh to operattic vox. To some folky stuff too. Not shabby

More Humanity Please…
Rockshots Records
More classic hard rock sounding stuff. catchy standard stuff.

Band: Avida Dollars
Album: Catarsis
Label: Godbox records
Straightforward rock/hard rock type stuff… from Spain and all in spanish language.

Band: Tamirel
Album: You And The World
Self Released
Well, it says that its “prog/art/psychedelic rock” I’d have to say yeah, it’s pretty much that, just some old school sounding proggish rock. Not Mosh Pit material.

The Night Flight Orchestra
Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
I’m a sucker for this band… it’s not really metal, but the attitude is there, metal members, and their now fourth album! Catchy and throwback just like the others… great stuff.

The Crucible of Sin
Classic metal, a bit of a megadeth thrash and groove style.

Band: Mutanter
Album: The Limit
Label: Kernkraftritter Records
Meaty grooving classic brutal death metal. Cookie monster vox, chugga chugga brutal sound. great stuff.

Nytt Land
Cold Spring
Viking chants.

Band: Rostres
Album: Les Corps Flottants
Label: Slow Burn Records
Post metal, with some doomy sludge and maybe when its tolerable to me, a bit of stoner metal.

Black Vatican
The Black Vatican
Self Released
Kind of an epic gothy black metal, some doomy grooves

Label: Sliptrick records
This is some russian hard rock/alt metal type stuff. Fairly commerical metal sounding, good catchy stuff, but probably a bit too “alt” for the Mosh Pit…

New Stuff This Week…6/25/18

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Jun 252018

Brides Of Lucifer
Brides Of Lucifer
Rhino Records
This is a metal band that does good metal covers, where all of the vox are a female choir backed by a full traditional metal band. “Painkiller,” “Walk,” “Burn in Hell” for some examples. Great heavy music and that full vocal sound just seems to work.

Radio Sampler
Djenty modern metalcore, good bouncy heavy thing with a little melodic feel, but a good chugga chugga heavy base.

Space Elevator

How to Shake Hands

Settle Your Scores
Metalville Records
Stoner metal meets a little bit of doom, classic hard rock and a little punky alt metal too.

Kissin’ Dynamite
Metal Blade Records
Hard rock band from Germany… I guess they’ve been around for some time, just new to Metal Blade. We have some just straightforward hard rock/AOR type stuff. Good n catchy though.

Satan My Master
The King Of Hell Arrives
Helldprod Records
Grindy blackened death metal, a bit of a raw production, but still very listenable and a decent catchy groove in there somewhere too.

A bit of a doomy melodic thing, a bit dark and depressing

Osmose Productions
Defintely doom. meaty riffs, melodic passages, vox go from a standard haunting clean melodic tone all the way up to some big time power metal type screams. WOrks great… some good doom here!

Osmose Productions
Melodic black metal, a little doomy, but a bit more of a melodic death with a pinch of doom to keep it dark.

Tormentium LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Dark/blackened deathy Doom metal, but more of a groove sound with a black metal attidude. A bit melodic, real harsh/brutal vox, but muscially some melodic grooves going on.

The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Blackened death metal, fast and furious

From the Depths of Flesh
Redefining Darkness Records
Blackened death metal, more of that blackened guitar tone, brutal death metal everything else. But you got some good melodic grooves too.

Fates Warning
Live Over Europe
The last live show by this band was so great, and this double live album seems to capture this greatness. Great to have this band back and really making the live shows sound great!

Transcending Records
The writeup with the album says: “Often referred to as Montreal’s answer to GWAR, progressive/technical Death Metal whirlwind BOOKAKEE” They have more of a death metal sound, almost like a Dethklok type style. Good stuff.

A Genetic Predisposition to Violence
Gore House Productions
Brutal death metal, catchy, grooving and a gory sense of humor in the song titles.

The Chapter
Angels and Demons
Self Released
Melodic death, more on the melodic, almost prog/technical and a bit doomy

Geisterasche Organisation
This is a bit of a metalcore-ish meets prog metal. Great stuff.

The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Kind of a rough black/death metal, a bit more brutal and dirty.

We have us some black metal here… a bit more on the melodic side of things, a bit of a groove and some more not so evil and more doomy side of black metal. decent stuff.

The Room
Self Released
It says it’s Symphonic Progressive Death Metal… which it is, but it’s also got a very middle-eastern thing going on too. The prog part is also very big. Brutal parts, melodic stuff, vocal and music changes back and forth, keyboards, all sorts of cool stuff going on.

Catalina Shortwave
Reel To Real
Self Released
Just a grooving hard rock, a little bit of a gritty stoner metal feel too.

Kill No Albatross
Speak True Evil
Modern melodic metalcore-ish type stuff. Maybe a little proggy more interesting stuff going on too. Fairly “accessible” as well.

Funeral Mist
Fast and furious black metal. A bit of dark cold evilness, but just full on heavy fast black metal.

Himalayan Demons
Argonauta Records
Stoner metal with a heavier edge, good melodic catchy stuff with a pinch of a doom

Studio Hundert
Kind of a blackened death metal.

Black Market Metal Label
A big epic symphonic black metal, like an older Dimmu Borgir, a full brutal Behemoth like sound with some symphonic/keyboard stylings to make it “epic” Great stuff.

Satori Junk
The Golden Dwarf
Endless Winter
Sludgey classic stoner rock. A bit of a psychedelic doom thing going on with some 10+ minute tracks.

Label: Sliptrick Records
Female fronted hard rock, good catchy grooves,

Astral Necromancy
Melodic blackened death metal, great catchy hooks, harsh vox, Cold, heavy and great stuff!

A Scar For The Wicked
The Unholy (EP)
Self-Release (asher)
Fast brutal technical death metal, like BLack Dahlia Murder/Whitechapel. No fucking around. Great stuff

Band: Funeral Sun
Album: The Dragging
Label: Godbox Records
Just a big 2 track doom metal. chugga chugga, some catchy riffs, clean vox, but slower classic doom.

Doomy death metal.

Gunpowder Gray
Lethal Rock and Roll
Midnight Cruiser Records
Classic hard rock with a catchy beat… maybe more of a classic rock…

Band: Doomed
Album: 6 Anti-Odes To Life
Label: Solitude Productions
Doomy melodic death metal. cookie monster vox, mixed with a classic dark depressing doom.

Within The Giant’s Reach
In The Beginning
A bit of a metalcore thing, some djent, pretty much brutal metalcore. Good stuff.

Eternal Darkness
Self Released
Classic death metal with some big monster catchy grooves, harsh cookie monster

New Stuff This Week… 6/18/18

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Jun 172018

Coheed And Cambria
“Dark Sentencer”
Melodic and modern prog-ish sounding. Similar to their last wekrs… pretty decent stuff, actually I like it a bit more than more recent stuff.

Impending Doom
The Sin And Doom Vol. II
Entertainment One
Djenty technical death metal, sick grooves, brutal heaviness.

Napalm Records
Technical/proggy melodic blackened death metal

Construct Of Lethe
Everlasting Spew Records
Good grooving blackened death metal.

Curse Upon a Prayer
The Three Woes
Classic brutal black metal on this 3 song EP.

Blood Oracle
Unspeakable Axe Records
Grooving death metal with a little bit of blackened doom.

Furious and Untamed 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
Seems to be the theme this week… good grooving blackened death metal. this is a 2 song ep. This is a bit more on the black metal side.

Formulas of Rotten Death 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
Brutal blackened death metal, this one’s production is a bit mushy and a wall of guitars… some melodic grooves too.

Axeslaughter / Cadaveric Incubator
Split 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
Axeslaughter is more of a brutal black metal, Cadaveric Incubator a bit more on the grindy death side.

After seeing this band/show live for the first time, it’s cool they now have a live album. Amazing prog metal show and band… this release is a good excuse to play them some more!

Drug Cult
Drug Cult
Ritual Production
DOomy atmospheric stoner metal, with female vox… very psychedelic too.

Embrace of Thorns
Scorn Aesthetics LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Following the theme this week… brutal blackened death metal, this has a good chugga chugga groove… with some great catchy stuff.

Ancient Moon / Prosternatur
Secretum Secretorum – split LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Ancient Moon is 1 track of this split, an 18 minute wall of post black metal noise, Prosternatur is a bit more listenable, still some post black metal to classic black metal.

Medieval Necromancy
Hells Headbangers
Harsh and raw old school black metal

The Sea Within
The Sea Within
Supergroup with Roine Stolt from Flower Kings/Transatlanic, Daniel Gildelow from Pain of Salvation and drums by Marco Minneman. Not really getting into metal, but just classic prog rock/a little hard rock, a little jazzy fusion stuff going on too.

A Distant Reflection of the Void
Talheim Records
Melodic death/blackened melodic death metal. Good grooves, yet melodic and full sound

De Horae Leprae
Sepulchral Productions
Melodic black metal. A full cold black metal sound, but with a fuller melodic thing going on too.

Lavadome Productions
I’d have to throw this on the blackened death metal pile. It has a full brutal deathmetal thing going on, but with a cold dark evil feeling on top.

Big meaty grooving metal. Harsh vox, but a normal metal groove sound

Pure Eternal Hate
Satanath Records
Classic brutal death metal… no fucking around and just meaty grooves and brutality!

Dead Shape Figure
Inverse Records
Melodic death with a heavy brutal thrashy vibe. Good stuff

The Hypothesis
Welcome the Darkness
Kind of a grooving melodic death metal with some symphonic keyboardy type stuff too. (just a single)

Cosmic Church
Old school creepy black metal, echoey shreiky vox, wall of meeldy kind of symphonic cold black metal.

Wonderworld III
Sliptrick records
This is some pretty cool classic hard rock/AOR type stuff. Good driving hard rockin’ guitar stuff, catchy tunes, probably could have fit in the early 90’s AOR movement. Good stuff.

Rockshots Records
Melodic power metal-female fronted “fe-metal” Good grooves, a bit of a symphonic metal thing

Black Metal Warfare TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Band name of the month award. Harsh black metal, lo-fi, but brutal and heavy… I wish it weren’t so lo-fi, because I can tell there’s some great heavy evil stuff going on.

Already Dead
Self Released
Brutal, almost grindy death metal from Milwaukee… great stuff, fast tracks, no fucking around.

Mr. Bison
Holy Oak
Subsound Records
Melodic stoner metal, good grooves, catchy sound. A good classic rock/stoner rock thing.

Kingdom Come
Eat Metal Records
Some classic metal meets a little stoner rock, catchy riffs/drums/bass all working together… this has a bit more of a metal thing in parts… nothing brutal or too out there, just classic metal. clean vox.

Flood Peak
Plagued by Sufferers
Blackened doom… mostly dark, melodic, getting into some heavier riffage and stuff.

Walk With Vermin
Big Balls Productions
I’m always happy to get some good melodic death metal, this one keeps it a bit more heavy on the extreme thrash side of things… catchy, like The Haunted… Great stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 6/11/18

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Jun 092018

Orange Goblin
The Wolf Bites Back
Good meaty and catchy stoner metal, such big grooves. Some parts are nice and upbeat some are a bit more doomy. Good all around.

We got some good classic doom going on.

Our Raw Heart
Pioneers of the sludgey post-metal genre. You might guess how I feel about this already… I mean there are some cool big monster riffs going on, but the whole “post-metal” thing… it just doesn’t go anywhere.

Arise Extended Edition
Rhino Entertainment
Sepultura has been re-issuing their old stuff, and well any chance to get an excuse to play some older and maybe some previously unreleased stuff is always cool. The single from this is Arise live from Barcelona in 1991. wow.

Amerakin Overdose
The Great Amerakin Dream
A little bit Slipknot, a little nu-metal, some FFDP… so yeah, a modern elecronicized, yet still heavy and catchy bro metal type thing. Pretty decent and catchy.

For The Cause
Nuclear Blast USA
New stuff from an old friend… Classic NYC Hardcore and this follows that formula… good stuff!

A Dying Machine
Napalm Records
This is some good classic hard rock, catchy song, melodic good “solid rock” if you know what I mean, but there’s some decent heavier sound too… just a single so far.

Eclipse Records
Kind of a melodic death and death-core/modern metalcore. heavy, melodic and has some nu-metal elements, some mallcore… all sorts of stuff and it works.

Count Raven
High on Infinity
Metal Blade Records
Reissue from this doom band. Ozzy-like vox.

Count Raven
Messiah of Confusion
Metal Blade Records
Reissue from this doom band. Ozzy-like vox.

Shadows of Combat
Fighter Records
A fast thrashy metal album featuring great catchy anthems to metal, probably like Manowar, but better and heavier, and probably a bit more “power metal” This is a reissue from their 2013 release.

Band: Rockstar Frame + Kiara Laetitia
Album: Bulletproof
Label: Musicarchy Media
melodic hard rock type stuff with female vox.

Goat Disciple
Wolfcult Domination CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
Grindy and brutal blackened death metal. A bit of a raw feel (not bad production, just good and raw), 4 song EP. Brutal growly vox.

Codex Epicus
Cruz Del Sur Music
Some classic metal a little power metalish too.

Matterhorn (Switzerland)
Crass Cleansing CD
Iron Bonehead
A grooving death metal with a bit of a bluesy stoner metal vibe, but a chuggy low death metal thing going on.

Halcyon Days
Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass
Indie Recordings
I guess this would be a modern metal core type thing. A little similar to 36 Crazyfists to me.

Fog Light
2nd Impression
Inverse Records
Kind of some fusioney jazzy instrumental rock… proggy hard rock vituostic playing and stuff. cool stuff.

Black Market Metal Label
This is like an epic blackened death metal… picture like the speed and intensity of Behemoth meets the epicness of Dimmu Borgir, cool stuff

Closet Witch
Halo Of Flies
Screamy fast hardcore-ish frenetic fast kind of a blackened hardcore punky grind!

Unborn Generation
Kind of a hardcore screamy metalcore thing, extreme thrashy death metal too? did I just name every genre? It’s extreme metal… quick short tracks. yeah.

Crossing Eternity
The Rising World
Rockshots Records
Kind of a power metal prog metal classic metal type thing. Clean vox, some crunchy guitars, melodic parts… so yeah, classic metal.!

Sliptrick Records
Modern metal from Canada, female vox, probably more into a hard rock thing, until they hit a few tracks in with a bit more attitude.

Astray Valley
Female fronted modern metal, a gothy feel, clean vox.

Self Released
Doomy black metal. Meedly guitars, a dark, cold feeling, melodic and maybe a little “opethy” in parts.

Greyhaze Records
A good old regular “extreme metal” Kind of thrashy, kind of death metal, lots of grooves

Pious Levus
Beast of the Foulest Depths
Warfare Noise Productions
Grindy noise brutality. Wall of sound, fast and brutal.

Progenie Terrestre Pura
Avantgarde Music
They call this Atmospheric Black Metal…which yeah, it is… but it certainly would be Progressive too… if there were such a thing as progressive atmospheric black metal. Lots of kind of differenet prog type things going on.

Release: Foredoomed
This came out last August, but it’s pretty good melodic death metal… has a symphonic thing going on, but a big soilwork catchiness/heaviness that I like. Great stuff.

New Stuff This Week…6/4/18

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Jun 042018

Lizzy Borden
My Midnight Things
Metal Blade Records
First album in 11 years! I can’t say I know much of the back catalog of this band. It’s melodic hard rockin’ type stuff, a little bit of that glam feel, but more of a melodic metal classic metal type thing.

Just the first single, a Priest cover by some actual former members of Judas Priest. It’s a Project by Paul Crook to get some names together. This track features KK Downing, Ripper Owens, Les Binks

Concord/Loma Vista
Finally have the full album… It’s got that same catchy ghost sound, the Sabbath/Blue Oyster Cult type mix, but a heavier and catchier feel. That’s what this album as… a bit more catchy chunk.

Dying To Exist
Combat/EMP Label Group
These guys are back with another great throwback to classic thrash, fast and furious, catchy and heavy… all that good stuff.

You got some just straight up rock, a catchy funky sound, but overall mostly a classic rock type thing.

Twisted Prayers
Oooh yeah, this is that band that sounds just like Death! Yup… a 2nd album now with a perfect homage to one of the greatest metal bands ever. Again, if you liked Death, you’ll love this band and this new album too.

Beast Mode (Single)
Kind of an industrialized catchy death metal. Just one track so far, but I like it.

Artist: Yob
Album: “Our Raw Heart”
Label: Relapse
Going to be a tough sell on me to like Yob. Just not in my genre of liking. But big sludgey riffs on one track, the other is some melodic post-rock type stuff that goes on for almost 15 mins.

Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum LP
Larval Productions
Big wall of sludgey noise, but there’s actually something dishinguishable in one of the layers… still to much noise and not my thing

Purodium Rekords
Good classic evil/cold black metal. Some catchy groove going on in parts

Woorms / A Hanging
Woorms / A Hanging 7″ Split
Woorms is a longer more instrumental with a little vox… bit sludgey doom and some screamy vox with a little groove to go with it. A Hanging is 3 punked up thrash fast and quick tracks all clocking in under 1:30 each… good stuff.

Caveman Cult
Supremacia Primordial 10″ EP
Larval Productions
Fast, brutal, furious, frenetic, heavy, a bit sludgey and a wall of brutal metal sound… and only 4 quick tracks!

Crurifragium (U.S.)
Black Seed of Bestiality LP
Larval Productions
Gurgly death metal. Not great production

Ossuary Insane
Decimation of the Flesh LP
Blood Harvest
A sort of black metal, thrash, exteme metal, death metal. just some heavy dark good stuff.

Towards Death
Invictus Productions
Fast and heavy extreme thrash poking into death metal, a little groove, good stuff!

Twin Earth Records
Doomy stoner metal, seems like female vox.

The Sound Of Steel
Prosthetic Records
8 June 2018
Hard to go wrong with this band’s formula of old school thrash turned modern and probably heavier and more technical and catchy as hell. Great stuff!!!

Come Ethereal Somberness CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Brutal blackended death metal, great grooves, a harsh black metal feel while keeping a brutal deathmetal groove.

A Judgement Divine
A pretty doomy black metal, vox are more of a growl than a death metal shriek, but the music is cold, dark, mostly depressing and doomy sometimes getting heavier and brutal.

Rockshots Music
This is some good melodic death with a bit of a Viking metal thing and a pinch of some folk metal.

With a band name like this, you expect something brutal and heavy, and well, this is what it is… fast, and brutal brutal brutal death metal! Great stuff!

Times Of Anger
Sliptrick Records
All girl hard rock from Italy. The first couple tracks were just some kind of punky just rock type stuff, getting to track three, some big growly stuff, more pissed off, then settling back into some more clean vox. This whole thing is a decent mix of all female rock/metal.

Band: Winterblut
Album: Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch
Label: Nihilistische KlangKunst
Doomy post-black metal. kind of a “far away” production

Band: The Last Seed
Album: Hellboy
Label: Nihilistische KlangKunst
More of a traditional black metal, good melodic stuff, typical cold guitars/harsh vox.

Album: Higher And Higher
Label: Sliptrick records
Some straight up proggy power metal, nothing new or special, but some good tracks, keyboards, great clean vox, a full wall of heavy metal too.

The Hirvi
Old School Killspree
Label: Inverse Records
We have some classic thrash/melodic death type stuff. It’s got that catchy grooving clasic thrash thing but the vox are a bit heavier. Cool stuff.

Journeys in Solitude
Kind of post-metal, ambient, atmoshpheric doom? melodic, dark, depressing.

Meka Nism
The War Inside (EP)
Female fronted melodic death, clean and harsh vox, good mix of chugga chugga death metal riffage and some gothy fe-metal.

Lost Division
Wish You Were Dead
Record label: Inverse Records
Some female fronted hard rock/metal. Kind of a crunchy guitar, clean female vox, but with a friendly attitude? Yeah, it’s nice good vox, then the heavier side has a bit more attitude. Pretty straightforward hard rock

Release: ATLAS (FIN)
The Catalyst
Record label: Inverse Records
A blackened metalcore type thing. Djenty, wall of sound, screamy, heavy, brutal-ish, but a colder feel.

Of Fire And Evil
Lusitanian Music
Blackened death/thrash… pretty standard, but decent/good stuff.

Self Released
Symphonic proggy melodic death. It’s got the epic prog stuff, brutal death metal… great stuff.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 5/28/18

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Jun 012018

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2018-05-28 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Kataklysm / Guilotine / Meditations / Nuclear Blast
Skinless / Skull Session / Savagery / Relapse Records
Micawber / King of Ash / Beyond The Reach Of Flame / Prosthetic
Adramelech / The Book of the Black Earth / Pure Blood Doom (2018 Reissue) / Nuclear Abominations
Nervosa / Enslave / Downfall Of Mankind / Napalm Records
Hate Theory / Old Dog / Hate Theory III / Independent
The Flesh / A Knife to the Conformist / Dweller / Anubi Press
Amorphis / The Golden Elk / Queen Of Time / Nuclear Blast
Insomnium / While We Sleep / Shadows of the Dying Sun / Century Media
Alkaloid / As Decreed by Laws Unwritten / Liquid Anatomy / Season of Mist
Dimmu Borgir / I Am Sovereign / Eonian / Nuclear Blast
Soliloquium / Unfulfilling Prophecy / Contemplations / Transcending Records
Callidice / More Than a Bond of Blood / Anthem For Resistance / Inverse Records
Ihsahn / Wake / Ámr / Candlelight
Nocturnal Graves / Roar of the Wild / Titan / Season of Mist Underground Activists
Raven Throne / Vosie? / Miortvym Snicca Zolak / Non Serviam
Lik / Left to Die / Carnage / Metal Blade Records
Disowning / Battle of Neverness / Battle Of Neverness / XenoKorp
At The Gates / The Chasm / To Drink From the Night Itself / Century Media
June 1974 / Arcadia / Nemesi / Visionaire
Society’s Plague / Abomination (feat. Michael Smith) / Call to the Void / Eclipse Records
Alien Weaponry / Holding my Breath / Tu / Napalm Records
Burn the Priest / Axis Rot / Legion Xx / Epic
Anthrax / Efilgnikcufecin (N.F.L.) (Live) / Kings Among Scotland (Live) / Nuclear Blast Records
Bad Wolves / Jesus Slaves / Disobey / Eleven Seven
BornBroken / Whiewashed / The Years Of Harsh Truths And Little Lies / Self Released
Bleeding Through / Fade Into The Ash / Love Will Kill All / Sharptone Records
Parkway Drive / I Hope You Rot / Reverence / Resist Records
TesseracT / Smile / Sonder / Kscope
Graveyard / It Ain’t Over Yet / Peace / Nuclear Blast
Vessel of Light / Son of Man / Son Of Man (Single) / Independent
Black Orchid Empire / Wires / Yugen / Long Branch Records
Angel Of Mercy / Metamorphosis / The Avatar / Shadow Kingdom
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New Stuff This Week… 5/28/18

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May 262018

Bad Wolves
Eleven Seven Records
A little modern djenty metal, big grooves, but a bit commercial/accessible too. I think there’s still room for this.

Black Orchid Empire
Long Branch Records
Melodic hard rock, maybe a little prog-ish, a pinch of Tool, lots of melodic stuff, maybe a little like Fair to Midland in some of its grooving melodies .

Space Elevator
Catchy female fronted rock, good rock album to listen to, but probably not mosh pit material

Beyond The Reach Of Flame
Prosthetic Records
Green Bay’s own brutal death metal band got signed! This album has brutal riffs, freight train drumming, harsh pissed off vox and yeah, even some good melodic stuff with monster grooves throughout.

Nuclear Blast USA
Fast, brutal, heavy, you know, it’s Kataklysm and sounds great like everything they do.

Hate Theory
Some kind of modern american metal, a bit melodic, a bit of a groove/metalcore thing going on.

Vessel of Light
Son Of Man (Single)
Grooving hard rock, maybe a bit stoner/doom-ish

Alien Weaponry
Napalm Records
I hate to use the word “groove” in every review I do, but I’m not a great writer and when I find my self bobbing my head to a good bass/drum line, that’s what is “grooving” to me. That being said, this has deep grooves, a catchier heavy sound while not getting all brutal or even wussy on the other end. Just some decent melodic stuff and grooving metal on the other side.

Turning Point
Eclipse Records
Catchy modern metal, with some electronic stuff, a bit of a modern mallcore type thing though.

The Black Sorcery
And The Beast Spake Death From Above
Krucyator Productions
Brutal gurgly death metal. Production is raw and sludgey.

Pneuma Hagion
Trinity LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of a brutal grindy dark blackend death metal. lots of wall of brutal sounds all mooshed together held together with blast beats

Pure Blood Doom
Nuclear Abominations
Reissue from 1999, This is some heavy and beefy classic death metal. Great stuff.

Shitty Person
Svart Records
1 June 2018
I can’t say anything better than the first paragraph of the words sent along with this download…
“Shitty Person is the latest solo-ish project from Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy (Lesbian, Fungal Abyss). Along with other members of Lesbian, Rose Windows, and Master Musicians of Bukkake, Shitty Person makes music about self-hatred and counterproductive self-reflection. It sounds like drugs, has lots of swears, and will probably make you feel terrible.”
And to add to that, it’s kind a slow depressing doom… not even metal.

Good classic metal meets a little classic thrash. Good production

The Avatar + bonus (2CD)
Shadow Kingdom
A kind of classic hard rock thing. A little atmospheric in parts, bluesy rock here, straight up rock there.

Transcending Records
A technical proggy death metal thing, a bit atmospheric when it’s not being all heavy and brutal and stuff, otherwise it’s got some prog metal elements too

Excalibur (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
25 May 2018 VINYL
Classic hard rockin’ doomy metal. Monster haunting riffs, a big stonery Black Sabbath sound

Svart Records
Definitely black metal, but there’s a certain groove and catchiness to the evil and cold sounding darkness… even some theatrical type stuff. Good stuff.

Pora Umiera?
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
They say the genre is “Blackened Punk Metal” and well three words are pretty accurate, has that simple punk attitude, with some heavier/dark/cold metal.

Coughing Blood
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Gritty blackened doom on a 4 song EP. Decent stuff.

Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Two 13 minute tracks of doomy slow black metal.

Unapproachable Laws of the Abyss
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Wargoat is more of a blackened death metal, decent production and brutal. BCK is more raw and more of a black metal.

Sons of Alpha Centauri
H42 Records
A laid back rock kind of a Tool-lite with its prominent bass-type sound. It doesn’t really get into anything too heavy, just hard rockin’ prog.

The Flesh
Anubi Press
There are members from Herder, Verwoed in this band. Now that’d be cool if I knew who those bands were… anyway, this is some grindy doomy death metal, quick songs and no messing around!

The Chapter
Angels and Demons
Self Released
I’d have to throw this into a melodic death category, it’s got some great melodic hooks, deathy vox, a dark doom thing going on too.

The Inoculated Canaries
Trying Times
iView Artist
The description says: “Tastes of Alternative and Classic Rock mixed with splashes of prog, punk and satire, their music reeks of diversity (and fun!).” And yeah, it is fun, has a great energy. While not metal, it does just have a neat quality to it. This is the type of music I wish we had another show for, all this not metal, but metal attitude type stuff.

Sleaszy Rider
Just fucking brutal death metal, Great stuff.

Sleaszy Rider
This is grooving death metal, maybe a little technical, definitely barked out growly vox.

Sleaszy Rider
Female fronted melodic symphonic metal. Some heavier stuff, but overall that fe-metal operattic vox with chunky symphonic grooves.

This was described as nu-metal, while there’s a bit of nu-metal sound, the vox are more harsh, music more riffy… but the clean vox sometimes and breakdown stuff make it more nu-metal. Good stuff though!

Raven Throne
Biaskoncy snieh ?asu / Niazhasnaje
Possession Productions
Brutal blackened death metal, a good raw evil wall of guitars and cold grooves.

Hornwood Fell
Inferus (EP)
Self Released
Classic black metal, a bit atmospheric and old school.

All is Phantom
A Sad Sadness Song
A dark doomy melodic metal? Yeah not so metal, but reminded me of the Damnation type of Opeth stuff, dark yet melodic and stuff.

Soldat Hans
Es Taut
Wolves And Vibrancy Records
Really long tracks of doomy post-metal.

Dying Awkward Angel
Absence of Light
Rockshots Records
Melodic death, a good groove, brutal cookie monster vox, maybe a little bit of an Amon Amarth thing going on.

Garden of Hesperides
Forest Journey Pt.III -Final Moments
Bloody Mountain Records
Kind of a post-metal black metal doomy thing. Dark, cold, melodic, yet with that kind dark far away thunderstorm growl for a vocal style. Meh.

Battle of Neverness
brutal meaty grooving death metal.

June 1974
Visionaire Records
Atmospheric proggish type stuff, symphonic, project by an Italian composer with different metal guests on each track. Definitely for the open music mind.

New Stuff This Week… 5/21/18

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May 202018

Burn the Priest
Legion XX
Epic Records
We’ve heard a few of the singles out already, so we have an idea of how this one is gonna go… They’re staying true to the originals while adding a little bit of their own sound to it… which when you’re doing a similar genre is the right way to go… right?

Gimme the Keys (single)
Weathermaker Music
First taste of the new Clutch, big monster grooves, killer riffs, not super fast and heavy and not too slow, just right there, catchy as catchy can be!

From Beyond
The Band From Beyond
Candlelight Records
Big sound, big doomy classic hard rock. Maybe a little bit of an Alice in Chains thing going on too.

Owl Company
Pieces (single)
Eclipse Records
This is some kind of groove metal that reminds me of Godsmack or something a bit lighter, probably perfect for commercial radio though.

The Aftermath
Napalm Records
One of those euro fe-metal bands, but this one is most like Epica, as the music tends to be a bit heavier. This one is their first album in 7 years and the first with now two vocalists (Liv Christine is now a permanent member — the other singer, Carmen is her sister)

Nuclear Blast USA
Big meaty stoner metal, a bit like spiritual beggars but like, more full

Bleeding Through
Love Will Kill All
Sharptone Records
As with their previous stuff… it’s good heavy metalcore, a bit of technicality, and in this case, the melodic parts are decent too.

Downfall Of Mankind
Napalm Records
This is a cool extreme blackened death metal / melodic death metal thing. Catchy brutal grooves. All female!

Architects Of Chaoz
(R) Evolution
Metalville Records
Basic classic metal, maybe reminds me a litte bit of WASP. Big powerful voice, just normal cassic riffage

The Ocean
Rhyacian: Untimely Meditations (2017 Version)
Metal Blade Records
11 May 2018

Spock’s Beard
Noise Floor
More personnel changes… lost the drummer, but Nick D’Vriglio is back as a hired gun. This album doesn’t have too much epic old school prog on it… it has a lot of 80’s Kansas sound and then some old school Genesis as we dig deeper… I’ve always been a fan, so this is good for me!

AFM Records
Modern metal, fun, you know that band that was the Scandanavian “gwar”? Well, it’s more of a melodic classic metal with fun crazy lyrics. good stuff.

Kind of thrashy groove metal, a Motorhead loud feeling, but more groove and more extreme, like a blackened thrashy Motorhead? LOL good stuff, as it floats into some Melodic death too

Når Avgrunnen Åpnes
Good old extreme black metal, good melodies, harsh vox and cold cold cold!!

Netrayoni (2018)
Argonauta Records
Lots of post metal doomy noise.

Melan Selas
Reon LP
Iron Bonehead
An old school raw thrashy black metal mix up. Some grooves, some melodies and good old raw black metal.

Emptiness Fills The Void
Non Serviam Records
WOw, this is one of those… oh, gee, wonder what crap this will be… well, after a play, it’s a nice surprise, kind of a melodic death mixing great classic death metal and a little black metal darkness with just straight up catchy melodic death. Great stuff!

Skuggorna Kallar
A kind of dark, depressive doomy blackened death metal. More of a doomy black metal feel wiht the occastional death metal thing

Blackest Horizon
Everlasting Spew Records
This seemed like it’d just be death metal, but then kind of morphed into some technical melodic/blackend death metal, cool stuff.

Abhor (Italy)
Occulta religiO LP/CD/TAPE
Iron Bonehead
We have some raw blackened death metal. Production is a bit lo-fi.

Gnostic Holocaust (CD)
Hells Headbangers
We had this last October from Iron Bonehead… same thing I said then… “Brutal dark death metal with a bit of a black metal thing going on “

Face Off
Transcending Records
Some laid back chilled out femaled fronted rock.

CARNIFEX (Finland)
Pathological Rites
Xtreem Music
The writeup with this release says:
“Finnish death metal band CARNIFEX – NOT the horrible, trendy US deathcore outfit – is going to see all their demo recordings from ’91 to ’93 officially reissued on CD through XTREEM MUSIC under the title of Pathological Rites.”
And it’s some good technical old school death metal. The production is a little rwaw, but not too bad.

Ritual Necromancy
Disinterred Horror
Dark Descent Records
Brutal and intense and dark death metal. Leaning a little into the black metal realm. We’ve got some long tracks that just follow a dark and evil path.

Osmose Productions
This has a thrashy brutal death and grindy black metal thing, yeah that’s right… all that and some classic metal on top of it to boot! This has it all in the same song even!

Rock Of Angels Records
Classic metal, a sort of Maiden/Priest-light. I’d say a lot more maiden feel.

Majesty of Silence
Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht
Rockshots Records/ Extreme Metal Music
Black metal with a modern symphonic/epic/atmospheric sound. It’s a Swiss black metal duo that makes this evil and dark sound. Good stuff.

Supreme Carnage
Morbid Ways to Die
Redefining Darkness Records (N. America) | Raw Skull Records (Europe)
With a band name like this, it’s just what you hope it would be. Grooving brutal death metal…. Great stuff.

Band: Gunjack
Album: Totally Insane
Label: Sliptrick Records
It’s been a little time now that we’ve been receiving stuff from Sliptrick records, and it’s become the norm for it to be good stuff! Good production, some variance of hard rock/metal that doesn’t suck. This is some more hard rock type stuff… This has a bit of a heavier Motorhead vibe.

Cult Of A Dying Sun
Classic heavy black metal, melodic parts, cold guitars, shrieky vox… more of a full wall of sound production though (rather than some old school echo chamber type stuff)

At the Gates of the Gods
Self Released
Sounds like something wasn’t mastered, just a very raw recording of something that could be promising classic metal. Vox seem to be more announced as voice over.

In the Air Tonight (single)
Self Released
Same as above… and yes this is the Phil Collins song. vox are quite weird as a narration style. Meh.

Mission from Hell
Pitch Black
Great catchy classic metal. Not much more to say, it’s metal, it’s catchy, it’s not brutal, or cold, or epic, or anything fancy, just good solid metal. Clean vox, good riffs and stuff.

Into The Dying of Time
This is some cool epic melodic death metal, a bit of a fast dragonforce thing but a bit blind guardian, and more brutal stuff too

Anthem For Resistance
Melodic death metal, with a bit of a proggy and Amorphis thing going on… Good stuff.

The Insane Slave
The Insane Slave
Raising Legends
Melodic hard rock, clean vox, a little bit of a stoner doomy feel

Band: Ancient Oak Consort
Album: Hate War Love
Label: Revalve records
Proggy hard rock, kind of an actual folk prog rock in parts, getting into some heavier metal stuff

Pink Cocoon
Jammy stoner metal, big meaty riffs with a pretty “live” sound.

Walk Through The Fire
Self REleased (online Metal promo)
Classic metal, good stuff, decent grooves, not too heavy, not too slow, just good ol metal.

Solid melodic death, poking a bit into some black metal, a bit technical, a full symphonic keyboard sound too. Pretty cool stuff.

Liquid Anatomy
Season of Mist
Progressive Death metal, brutal and meaty sound with huge grooves while amazingly being proggy and technical. While monster grooves are going on, you have some sick solos, just pretty cool stuff.

Suffer to Abuse
Season of Mist
Quick short tracks on this EP, Brutal grindcore… not super fast and in your face, but holding back a little in some parts for some grooves to get through.

Season of Mist
I guess you could throw this into the blackened death/thrash metal pile. It’s got pretty even elements of all three, doing all three good justice. Keeping the Evil Black metal style with meaty brutal hooks on a good catchy thrashy pace.

New Stuff This Week… 5/14/18

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May 132018

Artist: Babymetal
Album: “Distortion”
Label: Babymetal Records/Cooking Vinyl
A new single from these girls/guys… great music, heavy, brutal, modern with the “Baby” (now women) vox in the Japanese Kpop style… unmistakeably Baby Metal.S

One of those bands that helped lay the original death metal groundwork is back with their first album in 3 years. It’s brutal, fast, technical and grooving too. Great stuff!

Nils Partik Johansson
Evil Deluxe
Metalville Records
This is the singer from Astral Doors doing a solo thing. He’s got a great power metal voice with some raspy edge. This album is a prog/power metal thing with the big voice happening.

At The Gates
To Drink From The Night Itself
Century Media Records
Just the three singles so far, the newest, “Dggers of black haze” is a bit more down tempo and melodic, but still heavy, dark and harsh

House Of Doom (EP)
Napalm Records
In the one single I have here, it’s big meaty doom but with melodic metal-ness… it is the HOUSE OF DOOM!!

One track in, I was ready to say it was just a cool groove metal type thing, but as you go deeper, it’s a bit less heavy and more melodic and just a hard rock thing… good n catchy though!

Parkway Drive
Epitaph Records
A bit metalcore, a bit more of a mainstream hard rock/metal feel, and actually some proggy metal feeling too

Knelt Rote
Alterity LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Big wall of sound brutal death metal… to the point of almost too much wall of sound… but, really just fast and brutal stuff.

Sepulchral Chants DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of a raw blackened death metal, dark and evil.

Sect Pig
Crooked Backs MLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Pretty much one track of grindy atmospheric post metal with pig squeal sounding vox…

Flame Acausal
Contra Mundum in Aeternum CD
Blood Harvest
Raw blackened thrashy death metal. Four tracks of fast and furious

The Years of Harsh Truths And Little Lies… (2018)
Brutal, kind of blackened death/thrash, a little Sepultura stuff happening, otherwise, just great brutal and catchy death metal

Spiral Skies
Blues For A Dying Planet
AOP Records
A classic old school doom, almost like a doomy Jefferson Airplane, female vox, but with a cool atmospheric catchy rock thing with some sabbath thrown in.

Nihil Eyes
Black Path
Brutal catchy death metal, a little bit of a “blackened” edge going on too.

Transcending Records
Brutal death metal with some black metal feels. Technical/frenetic musically… cool stuff

Band: Khasm
Album: Trinity
Label: Sliptrick records
Death metal with a thrashy thing going on, or is it a thrash metal with a death metal thing going on? Either way it’s heavy

Born in the Streets 1983/1984
F.O.A.D. Records
Old school and raw demos from their first recordings and even before that as their original name LA Kaos. Very old/raw recordings.

Heroes Don’t Ask Why
Sound of a broken heart
Self Released
Kind of a modern standard “metal” thing, A little grooving, a little AOR, a little melodic modern hard rock type stuff.

Serene Dark (formerly Endemise)
Dualitatem (single)
Symphonic extreme black metal, screamy and growly vox, melodic and brutal

Massive Scar Era
Color Blind (single)
Female fronted melodic proggy hard rock, clean vox, then oooo some harsh vox too!

High Council
Held In Contempt
Via Nocturna
A sort of classic metal meets modern grooving hard rock. Melodic vox, a catchy basic metal base.

The Shiva Hypothesis
Ouroboros Stirs
Blackened Death Metal… great grooves, catchy brutal riffs. Some of this gets a bit more um, melodic and folkie

Season of Mist
Ambient electronic type stuff with chanty type vox.

Season of Mist
The first live album of the same as above….

Anubi Press
A little metalcore, a bit screamy… some just a little doomy in parts too… overall though, it’s some modern metalcore

In Vain
Self Released
Released: Friday, September 29th 2017
This would be in a heavy thrash category to me…. There’s a bit of a euro heavy power metal influence in the sound, but just heavier!

The Room
Universal Music MENA
Prog metal with a bit of an industrial/symphonic thing going on too. Virtuostic guitar work, great vox, self described as a “modern fusion of Film-score, industrial metal, and progressive metal.”

Release: Circenses
Tightrope Walk on the Ground
Record label: Inverse Records
Proggy death metal, meedly good guitar guitar work, barked out vox, a melodic/symphonic undertone, so, technical melodic death type stuff. Good stuff!

Season of Mist
An experimental/prog metal thing happening here, a bit chilled out, female vox, some growly vox, some straight up metal, some darker goth metal, usually all pretty proggy though. Very dynamic, lots of differnt metal stuff going on. Great stuff.

Artist: Burn the Priest
Single: “I Against I”
Label: Epic Records
bad brains cover, this one was a little tougher to pick out as “oh, listen, it’s Lamb of God doing a cover” Had its own feel and sound to me.

New Stuff This Week… 5/7/18

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May 052018

Kings Among Scotland
Live album recorded from Scotland… Great sound, you can feel the live-ness with great production. Good setlist mix of old Joey stuff and new Joey stuff… still a shame that Joey doesn’t do more Bush era songs

“Honeycomb” (single)
An 11 minute single of blackened metalcore type stuff as they do well. This one, maybe a bit long, but halfway through it really lightens up to become more of acoustic atmospheric rock thing.

As The World Dies
Rivet Records
Classic metal with a thrashy feel, big screamy metal voice

Luca Princiotta Band
Rough Blue
Metalville Records
A good solid classic guitar based hard rock metal thing. A few tracks have that guitar god instrumental thing going on. Oones with vox seem to have more of a bluesy rock vibe.

Tales From Lake Bodom
Nuclear Blast USA
Back to where they belong… they had a few albums in the middle there that were shaky, but these guys know what works for them and they got it going on again for this album! Can’t wait to see them live.

Long Claw
Pavement Music
This has a doomy Sabbath/Clutch/Zakk Wylde thing going on. Vox sound just like Zakk. (not as many pinch harmonics). Good catchy hard rockin’ songs

Dead Season
Dissonances Music
A cool melodic death album, some good deep heavy grooves while mixing in lots of classic metal stuff, going brutal heavy and classic metal light

Classic brutal cookie monster death metal. big grooves, but brutal too.

Beneath Ancient Portals CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
A good meaty melodic classic grooving death metal band/album.

Hades Rising
Black Lion Records
Classic thrash with a big heavy edge. Great stuff.

We’re talking some great brutal grooving death metal here.

Kolme Toista LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Mostly post metal and death metal/black metal noise. meh.

Lizard Secrets
Fighter Records
Classic metal leaning towards power metal.

Sealed Shut
Boris Records
Classic old school death metal with a black metal thing going on too

Reverorum ib Malacht
Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble
Chaotic and atmospheric and just plain out there style black metal.

Band: Katari
Album: Ave, Rex Ivdaeorvm!
Genre: Black Metal
Label: From Deepest Records
Good old school raw black metal. Some dark grooves, it’s not just all low-fi and cold. Just raw, dark and evil.

Melancholia Records
A sort of metalcore thrash-ish type thing. It’s got proggy technical stuff going on, has that melody sound of a modern metalcore, but a little bit of a Dillinger Escaple Plan craziness (not quite as crazy)… decent stuff.

Lo Sabbat
Sliptrick records
This is some pretty cool folk metal, it’s really just simply that, Folk Metal. It’s got all that bouncy accordion folkie flute stuff, but a great driving catchy metal thing going on. Great stuff.

Ruach Raah
Under the Insignia of Baphomet
War Arts Productions
A brutal black metal type thing. Dark, cold, evil and some good riffage/grooves/brutality

Demon Head
The Resistance
The Sign Records
Kind of an alternative/stoner rock. meh.

Band: Kroda
Album: Selbstwelt
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Pagan Folk Black Metal
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: April 30, 2018

Band: Autarcie
Album: Seqvania
Label: Purity Through Fire
This is some basic black metal, but not quite all fast and blast beats… a bit more doomy and dark with some black n roll grooves.

Gus G.
AFM Records
Solid hard rockin’ classic metal. now that he’s released from the Ozzy band, he’s got free time to do “stuff” again!

Can’t be Seen by Looking: Blurring the Lines, Clouding the Truth
Stonefellowship Recordings
Not to be confused with a bunch of other bands with the same name, this is the prog metal version based in Colorado. They’ve got Mark Zonder playing drums, and have a good mix of classic prog metal type stuff with more of a solid hard rockin’ prog type thing

Through Fire… In The Sun
Sliptrick records
blackened melodic death metal, great mix of all three. A heavy thrashy brutal edge, then keeping it heavier with harsh black metal-ish vox and a good underlying overall melodic feel.

Immortal Sÿnn
Machine Men
Self Released
Thrashy, fun classic metal great catchy grooves and just good metal.