New Stuff This Week…6/5/17

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Jun 042017

The Grand Annihilation
Metal Blade Records
Heavy grooving blackened death metal.  A big proggy in that there’s lots of stuff going on, melodic grooves, extreme stuff, deathy riffs, black metal evilness too.

Savage Sinusoid
Metal Blade Records
Talk about the kitchen sink…. You got just about everything here.  Death/prog/folk/industrial.  I’ll paste something from the press release:  “On this record, electronic manipulations, accordion, saxophone, sitar, harpsichord, mandolin and strings sit comfortably alongside ruthless blastbeats, chunky riffs, death grunts and soaring operatic vocals ”  So yeah, it’s for an open mind, that’s for sure.

Of Dark Light
Nuclear Blast USA
Heavy, brutal, catchy and technical just like they’ve always done. Great stuff!

Curse The Son
Ripple Music
Down tempo, yet meaty doom metal with clean vox

Fix Our Enemy
Pavement Music
Kind of an industrial metal hard rock thing, maybe a bit of a power prog metal going on too… think like a power metal-ish Marilyn Manson

Held Hostage
“Show Me The Way Back Home” (2 songs)
Self Released
Classic rock/hard rock.  Not really for the mosh pit, but some decent catchy stuff.

The Future In Whose Eyes?
Millennium Night
Technical extreme melodic death type stuff.

Mutoid Man
War Moans
Sargent House
Kind of a punky thrash… fast and in your face, clean vox, so there’s a little stoner feeling (vocal style – kind of Mastodon-ish)

Eckman Dredge
Get Away Closer (single)
Modern metal with a phat low end… vocally, clean and kind of that moderm metalcore singy stuff.

Self Titled Demo
Label: Self-Released
Doomy, slowed down stoner metal with what sounds like someone trying cookie monster vox in a computer mic.  very simple and basic.

Thus Defiled
A Return To The Shadows
Label: Independent
A brutal blackened melodic death metal.  Fast and heavy, but still things of melodic catchiness goind on.

Ghost Toast
Out of This World
Inverse Records
Experimental proggy instrumental rock.  Definitely proggy, bordering on heavier metal stuff in parts.  cool stuff.

Marscherar & Förstör
Big Balls Productions
Hardcore/metalcore/metal, melodic stuff in parts, kind of a heavy modern death metal type thing, but with clean vox in a chorus, so melodic metacore I guess.

Cemetery Urn (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Brutal death metal.  Great stuff.

SunSpell / Saudade (Canada)
From the Mist…We are but Dust – split LP
Iron Bonehead
Both of these are kind of a post-metal, maybe a little doom on Sunspell and black metal in Saudade

Progenie Terrestre Pura
Avantgarde Music
Technical, proggy, experimental and overall, black metal.  Neat stuff.

Walpyrgus Nights
Cruz Del Sur Music
Melodic classic metal, clean vox, a bit of a modern metal sound, but maybe a gothy classic metal feel.

Logic of Denial
Comatose Music
This one is a freight train of relentless brutal death metal.  Cool stuff.

Hammer of Satan’s Vengeance
Dying Victims Productions
A bit of a stoner doom feeling, good grooves, but some extreme moments, like a bit of a basic black metal thing happening too.

A Flourishing Scourge
A Flourishing Scourge
Begotten Records
Brutal and technical death metal… longer songs a pinch of black metal.  good stuff.

Bury the Machines
Wicked Covenant
Midnite Collective
3 songs… a bit doom and post-metal-ish and a bit raw/grungy

On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire 7″ EP
Blood Harvest
Gurgly blackened death metal (2 songs)

Vehementer (Serbia)
Replenishment Circle (The Black Spectumfest) 7″ EP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
Blackened death metal, evil, brutal and kind of a speedy thrash thing going on.

Burned, Barren, Bloodstained
Record label: Inverse Records
Brutal death metal, a good meaty groove yet extreme too…. good balance

Trinity Site
After The Sun
Self Released
Kind of a melodic death metal, leaning more on the death metal side, kind of technical, all harsh vox.

Self Release
Proggy technical death metal, These guys aren’t messing around, being all brutal, but man, it’s reaaaally technical, kind of like a Allegaeon.  good stuff.

Black Royal
Dying Star
Self Released (Against PR)
Meldodic, black metal, a bit of a doom and prog thing too… Two songs and I’d say they crossinto like 10 genres. haha  good stuff though.

Requiem For Oblivion
Burning Nation
Genre: Prog/Tech Death Metal
Raw production, experimental proggy death metal, unfortunately the production wrecks it a little for me.  There’s a lot going on technically and it’s good and brutal too.

The Rock Years
Old School Metal Records
Old punked up stuff, kind of a re-issue/greatest hits type thing.

Season of Mist
A doomy post metal… kind of a background music sounding thing

Henry Metal
So It Hath Begun
Self Released
Basic standard metal type stuff.  melodic, clean vox.

Band: Xaon
Album: Wintersun
Label: Sliptrick records
Death metal, some crunchy raw metallic groove, melodic stuff, and clean vox too… So yeah, melodic death metal.  good stuff.

Band: BLUT
Album: Inside My Mind Part II
Label: Sliptrick records
Industrial kind of metal type stuff.

New Stuff This Week…5/29/17

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May 282017

As We Die
A good raw edge, with some good basic grooving hard rocking metal.  I’ve never really been a Misfits fan, for no other reason that I’m not that familiar!  haha… this isn’t much like what I remember from Misfits…  Like I said, just some good solid rockin’ groove metal ttype stuff.

Future Figment
Kind of a prog hard rock thing, maybe a little like a Tool meets Porcupine Tree. There’s a heavy feeling, but also atmospheric and laid back.  Kind of cool stuff, maybe just not for regular mosh pit rotation.

“Hell Yeah” [Single]
Typical techno-ish stuff, not much of a metal edge this time around on this single.  We’ll let Something Wonderful keep this one.

Return to the Void – radio single
Metal Blade Records
This is a bit of a blackened prog-ish metal.  Heavy, brutal, yet maybe a bit thrashy in parts, it feels raw, but yet keeps it heavy.

Entertainment One
Doomy death metal.  Brutal, sludgey but still heavy.  Brutal barked out growly vox.

Unleash The Archers
Napalm Records
Melodic death metal, female vox.  A bit on the power metal/Iron Maiden sound musically too.  High screamy female metal vox, and some good growls too… lots of great guitar work.

Tengger Cavalry
Sie On My Ride
M-Theory Audio
Kind of an atmospheric melodic rock.  Not really much on the metal side.

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Brutal Blackened Death Metal. Heavy, catchy, evil… great stuff.

Amarta (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II)
Kind of black metal, a bit more brutal and melodic than the old school classic black metal.  But there is that cold and evil guitars and overall

The Nacarat
Trill Or Be Trilled
Kind of a stoner metal, a doomy thing, a throwback thing, good groove and seemingly all instrumental

The Druid King
Self Released
A heavier power metal thing going on.  Clean vox, good crunch, but also a little bit of an epic thing too.

Rotten Till Allt Ont
Xtreem Music
Good bruising grooving death metal

StarGazer (Australia)
A Merging to the Boundless: Void of Voyce LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A bit of a melodic black metal. The black metal just comes from a little bit of the guitar tone, but overall, it’s proggy melodic death metal… and instrumental

Horrid (Italy)
Beyond the Dark Border
Dunkelheit Produktionen
Brutal death metal, great stuff

Akerbeltz (Spain)
BlackSeed Productions
CLassic black metal, production is decent.  It’s evil and cold… a bit basic but decenet raw stuff.

Female fronted grooving hard rock, maybe a little doom/goth-like

Unaussprechlichen Kulten
Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X) CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Long name, good ol death metal.  Good grooves, a bit melodic but 100% brutal.

Wednesday 13
Genre: Other
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
The same horror metal type thing that they helped pioneer and hone from Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson/Alice Cooper type stuff.  They do have their own sound, but a variation on the others.  Decent stuff.

ooooh this is some technical brutal death metal stuff… maybe a littel bit of a blackened death sound.  great stuff!

Impassable Fears
Svart Records
Noisy post metal doom black metal type stuff.  Meh.

Beyond the Thresholds
BlackSeed Productions
Black metal, melodic, heavy, catchy, brutal too.  Good well rounded stuff.

Nordvis Produktion / Bindrune Recordings
Doomy, cold black metal, but then it’s got weird folksy interlude tracks.  It’s a bit more of a atmospheric post-metal overall.

“Split” Album
Horror Pain Gore Death
Birdflesh is some good quick brutal death metal, maybe a bit raw and punky too.  Organ Dealer is good brutal grind.

Dead Asylum
Death Always Wins
Kind of a melodic death/blackened death metal.  Great brutal and heavy groove

Artist: Apallic
Release: Of Fate And Sanity
Record Label: Boersma-Records
Proggy death metal, kind of a melodic death, heavy in parts, laid back and chilled out in others.  The brutal parts are sick and techy, the other laid back stuff is a good time to get the energy back to thrash out with the metal freight train coming for you.

Band: Antidote
Album: The Truth + Bonus (demos 1990-1992) [Remastered]
Label: Minotauro records
Old school thrash – remastered from 1992

Record Label: BUIL2KILL
A bit hardcore, a bit industrial, some groove metal, some raw heaviness going on.

The Second Big Bang
Self Released
Classic metal, with a little bit of a thrash edge.  SOme proggy power metal stuff with a big screamy powerful metal voice.

Band: Marche Funebre
Album: Into The Arms Of Darkness
Label: BadMoodManMusic
Doomy blackened death metal.  Decent grooves, long songs, kind of depressing, but then it gets going heavy in parts too.  INteresting.

Band: Calliophis
Album: Cor Serpentis
Label: Solitude productions
Doomy death metal.  Crunchy sloooow riffs

Band: Evoke Thy Lords
Album: Lifestories
Label: Solitude productions
Doom metal, death metal growly vox, music reminds me a bit of Trouble.

New Stuff This Week… 5/22/17

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May 222017

New Ways to Bear Witness – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Catchy melodic metalcore stuff.  can’t wait for more.

Stay Sick
Kind of a nu-metal thing, with a melodic modern commercial metal thing

The Letter Black
an electronic-ish industrial metal.  and a bit of a moderm commercial solid rock with female vox

Repaid In Blood
Terra Mourning
Self Released
Band out of CA, but the vocalist lives here in Madison.  A sort of metalcore, brutal core/death metal thing.  Big groove, melodic stuff and brutal as hell too.  ANd a cover of “Push It” (sorta) from Salt n Pepa.

Black Laden Crown
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Some kind of classic sounding Danzig.  A bluesy classic hard rock thing… kind of raw-ish production, but decent stuff. Definitely better than that last covers album.

Adrenaline Mob
We The people
Century Media Records
A lot of people slagging on the first single “Kind of the Ring”  cuz I think they’re trying too hard to be some tough guy bro metal, or WWE type intro music stuff.  Well, this band has great talent and while I’m a Russell Allen fanboy, I’m not a fan of the growly voice he puts on a lot of times in this band, but he does have good vocals chops and the songs are catchy and good overall.

No Grave But The Sea
Napalm Records
Fun Loving beer drinking folk metal.  Catchy, fun and bouncy… and melodic good ol metal.

Circus Of Steel
The Downfall (Single)
An edgy melodic classic grooving metal

Strike Mortal Soil
Prosthetic Records
Crunchy doomy blackened death metal.   Good grooves, but a bit black metal doom too.

Journey to Fade
Doomy melodic stuff, kind of like a porcupine tree’d up Opeth Damnation type thing.

Descent to Abaddon
Xtreem Music
Blackened death metal, good evil and melodic groove, catchy and brutal too.

Twelve Noon
Saints and Sinners
Eclipse Records
Melodic hard rock, kind of almost prog, but just

Release: Final Void
Sounds of Absence
Melodic metal, kind of a classic just every day metal.

Figure of Six
Welcome To The Freak Show
Label:  Bleeding Nose Records
A little nu-metal, almost reminds me of Coal Chamber in parts, but catchy, melodic and heavy… cool stuff.

Nothing is Safe
Comatose Music
Death metal with some grind.  Quick grooving heavy songs and yeah, brutal.

The Immortalist
Technical death metal, a bit like a Meshuggah/ Strapping Young Lad thing.  Cool stuff.

Instrumental Prog metal with violins, so it has a Kansas meets like maybe a Dream Theater vibe

Upon My Cremation Pyre CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Melodic blackened metal. A little post-metal, some doom, an interesting kind of noise/sludge thing going on too.

Chidlren of The Void
Melodic death metal,  a little epic feel, clean (female) and growled vox.

Suffering Hour
In Passing Ascension CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Brutal classic blackened death metal.

Rapheumets Well
Enders Door
Test Your Metal Records
A bit of a symphonic proggy blackened metal… or maybe melodic death type stuff.

Chasm of Rot TAPE
Blood Harvest
Brutal classic grooving death metal… great stuff.

Dawn of Genesis
Gates of Hell Records
Melodic metal, vox are a bit on the clean doom sung type thing.  Maybe a little doom feel musically too.

Toss a Coin
Bastardized Recordings
Hardcore metal stuff, pump your fist and get in the pit.

Asmodeus Rising LP + bonus 7″
A grooving doomy blackened death metal

Nocte Obducta
MDD Records
Classic melodic black metal

Song for the Dead (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Melodic blackened doom

Screaming From The Grave
Record label: Inverse Records
Classic death metal, good grooves

Return of the Spectral Rider
Self Released
Melodic thrash, classic metal, clean vox, a german metal feel

King Fucking Satan
Industrial metal… almost techno metal.

Maria ja Marsialaiset
Pysy hereillä
Throwback doomy stoner stuff with female vox.

Precision in the Face of Chaos
Bleeding Nose Records
Melodic hard rock / commercial metal type stuff. Kind of catchy, a little industrial stuff going on.

Hurricanes And Halos
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Throwback organ based female fronted doomy classic stuff.

The Great Tired Ones
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Blackened doomy metal.

Welcome Home
Another throwbacky doom female fronted thing.  This is a more of a pop rock feel

Band: For My Demons
Album: Close To The Shade
Label: Revalve records
A little bit of a doomy goth thing

Fuego Negro
Label: Morbid Skull Records
Heavy blackened thrash. Catchy, kind of brutal, fast and yeah, great stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 5/15/17

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May 152017

Apophatic Weaponry (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Brutal blackened death metal, great stuff.

Inside The Skull
Rise Above
Kind of a sabbath-like stoner metal, decent stuff

Hell Or Highwater
An alt-rock hard rock commercial hard rock sounding thing

John Frum
A Stirring in the Noos
Good grooving classic death metal.

All Hail The Yeti
Feed The Pigs (EP)
Minus Head Records
a grooving stoner metal feel with a little bit of an ozzy vox vibe

Fire to the Sun – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
One song… classic hard rockin metal type stuff with Jorn.  Not quite as cheesy as his recent cover’s album.  Guy can sing!

War For An Idea
Urban Yeti Records
A kind of melodic hardcore, maybe classic-ish deathcore.  It’s a bit of a classic metal in parts, but vox and some parts are more extreme… overall some decent grooving.

Beltfed Weapon
Raining Plague
A heavy power metal with a great metal edge… a bit thrashy with some good chunk but with a high screamy power metal voice.  Great stuff.

Mountains Crave
As We Were When We Were Not
Avantgarde Music
Kind of a doomy black metal.  A bit depressing and dark, but melodic and atmospheric too.

Avantgarde Music
Doomy post-metal.

Loyal to the Nightsky
Classic old school black metal, in your face and raw, cold and evil.  (Production is good too!)

Human Collapse Syndrome (EP)
Label: Discouraged Records
Grindy death metal, quick fast brutal songs..> Good stuff!

Carnagus – Emperor Of The Darkness
( Album, May 15th )
This sounded pretty good…. kind of an epic melodic death metal big vox, big epic symphonic stuff… and the version I got is plagued by voiceovers telling me what it is.  What is this 2002?  No thanks.

Era of Threnody
Inter Arma Productions
Melodic blackened death metal.  Decent groove while staying evil and “troo”  Some melodic parts seem a bit more proggy but still have that cold evil black metal feeling…

Full Moon in Scorpio
Fighter Records
Cool catchy stoner metal/hard rock. A bit of a throwback, but with a modern melodic hard rock sound too.

La Mort de l’Infidèle
Zanjeer Zani Productions
Three very long tracks of dark post metal.  Guitar noise and a guy shouting.

Rikard Sjoblom’s Gungfly
On Her Journey To The Sun
Proggy classic rock sounding stuff. A bit like old school Genesis or Jethro Tull type stuff.

Wine Of Heaven
Scarlet Records
Female fronted standard metal… a bit of a goth feel… otherwise just a classic hard rocking things

Fractal Generator
Everlasting Spew Records
Technical brutal death metal.  Thick and meaty, heavy and brutal

Thaurachs Of Borsu
I, Voidhanger Records
Melodic death with more of a death metal feel, a black metal feel in some guitar tone.  There’s a little bit of an epic feeling going on…maybe a pinch of an Amon Amarth thing

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Death metal, big grooves, Good heavy stuff, some technicality and cool guitar solos all while being brutal.

The Night Flight Orchestra
Amber Galactic
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
While not really all that metal, it features members of Soilwork and Arch Enemy… it’s their 3rd album… I’m a fan.  This has that throwback to true classic 70’s rock… catchy as hell, and it’s cool to hear Speed from Soilwork just rocking out with his clean vox.  A few songs get a little heavier and are probably good for a spin or two on the Mosh Pit.

Nordvis Produktion
Classic Black metal, it’s heavy and has a good melodic quality too…

Sirens & Slumber
A bit of an alt-metal.  Clean vox, guitars are a bit grungy.. a little doomy, a little stoner rock.   just not much for the Mosh Pit.

Unholy Baptism
…On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss
Classic black metal.  Cold guitars, shreiking vox and a dark evil quality.  Decent production

“What We Left Behind…”
Indie Recordings
Thrashing grooving extreme metal.  Melodic, catchy and brutal too

Self Released
A raw metalcore/hardcore thrashy type thing.

Band: F41.0
Album: Bürde
Label: Geisterasche Organisation
Atmospheric black metal A good melodic feel, a bit doomy, but then it gets a bit harsh all while staying dark and moody.

Self Released
Kind of a classic death metal.  Meaty grooves, just a little black metal feel, but also some big beefy doomy riffs too.

Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Classic hard rocking AOR-ish type stuff.  This is catchy cool stuff, but a bit of a stretch to be called Metal.

Second Skin
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Very similar to the Harem Scarem, and well most of the stuff on this label.  Good classic early 90’s sounding hard rock.

Vol. 1: Solar
Season of Mist
A sort of stoner/doomy metal throwback.  Catchy and psychedelic, maybe a little like Ghost.

Season of Mist
Kind of a brutal blackened doom metal

Louder Harder Faster
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
We all know about Warrant… and as long as they’ve been around, this is only their 10th album.  This is some decent hard rock stuff. Cool to see them with a refreshed steady lineup for almost 10 years now.

And with the other Frontiers releases above, this is along the same lines, a good classic hard rock/AOR type groove with some great clean powerful vox.

Deathcult Barbaric Hell
Greyhaze Records
Brutal death metal, old school vinyl reissue

New Stuff This Week… 5/8/17

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May 072017

Motionless In White
Graveyard Shift
I recall this band being a bit more heavy… this seems to be more along the lines of a modern hard rock/metal-core-ish-light with some electronic stuff going on all over… a bit Marilyn Manson-ish/Rob Zombie meets a StoneSour type band.

A hard rock/ prog hard rock thing with maybe little prog metal.  Decent melodies, nothing getting too fast or heavy, just leaning more towards straightforward hard rock.

“The Evil One” [Single]
Rise Above
Doomy metal, crunchy riffs, meedly solos and a stoner metal thing

Reaching into Infinity (Special Edition)
Metal Blade Records
They’re back!  A new album.  It has the same elements that you’d expect, over the top guitars, then some more.  Big powerful anthemic stuff, cool vocal harmonies.  fast heavy and catchy… but as with all albums from these guys… sometimes it’s too much.

Upon a Pale Horse
Metal Blade Records
Kind of a doomy power metal, like a Candlemass or dark epic stuff.  Clean power-metalish vox, big power doomy riffs too.

Vengeful Ascension – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Usually this band grabs you straight up… This track is a bit more doom and down tempo… big grooves, just not fast and heavy like I’m used to.  Great vox and riffs and all that though.

The Unit
I Won’t Die
Pavement Entertainment
Female fronted… crunchy guitars, a bit crusty and hard rock/stoner-like musically.

Twilight Force
Heroes Of Mighty Magic
Metalville Records
Big epic symphonic power metal along the lines of Rhapsody.  cool stuff.

Kobra And The Lotus
I Prevail
Napalm Records
A little goth, a little stoner metal, some power metal feels too.  Good catchy hard rocking stuff with some cool female vox.

Cleopatra Records
I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce this band name.  Electronic metal, but a bit more gothy down temp

Black Dreams
My Hell (Single)
Grooving hard rock with a very Danzig-like sound.

Sacrificial Slaughter
Generation Of Terror
Horror Pain Gore Death
Brutal death metal, great fast and aggressive sound, maybe a bit on the brutal thrash thing… but grooving fast and catchy death metal.  Great stuff.

Twelve Bells
Angel Thorne Music
Kind of a thrashy thing, a bit of classic metal, clean vox, decent catchy music.  A mix of classic metal, a bit thrash, prog/power metal too.

Svart Records
Folky funky quirky art rock.

Album: Foreign Agenda
Label: Lost Apparitions Records
Crusty grindy classic death metal type stuff.

Argonauta Records
A little sludgey, with some monotone-ish vox, kinda like old Raw Nirvana type stuff…then you get some screamo going on… and an overall doom feel.

Caïna / Cara Neir
Broken Limbs
12 May 2017
Melodic, black metal, post-metal, decent stuff though, seems to have a good melodic death/black metal feel without getting too boring/post-metal-ish.

Sabbath Assembly
Rites of Passage
Svart Records
Some kind of old school sounding doomy classic metal, female vox …. a sound along the lines of alike a Ghost type thing.

Beyond the Realm of Light
Magnetic Eye
A little bit of a stoner metal meets like the guitar work of Iron Maiden.  A cool catchy sound, a bit doomy, but some quick solo work in parts… I guess there’s a bit of a Mastodon feeling too.

Dark Descent Records
Brutal blackened death metal.

Ensnared (Sweden)
Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
Heavy blackened death metal… great brutal and yeah, a little melodic in parts too.  Good stuff!

Peter Graigs
The Beginning of the End
Self Released
classic metal, clean vox, an ok groove… it’s just basic metal type stuff.

Band: Act Of Sin
Album: Casting the Second Stone
Self Released
Kind of a melodic death meets thrash thing.  A bit like a brutal thrash, but with some catchy melodic stuff too…

Real Me
A single of some proggy epic power metal, cool stuff!

Rithiya Henry Khiev
The Finite Cycle EP
Self Released
Melodic death, with production that sounds like a few layers of mp3s were compressed.  Cool music, great guitar work, crunchy riffs, and overall decent.

Miserist (EP)
Label: Krucyator Productions
Black-ish metal, doomy and atmospheric in parts too.  A lot of noodling around, then finally getting to some brutal good stuff then, just putzing around again.

With Or Without You
(Slant/PCM Live Entertainment)
Gothy emo-commercial hard rock/metal sounding stuff.

Corvus Noctis
Self Released
Spanish language power/classic metal.  Anthemic/driving guitars/vox and overall feel.  Catchy but nothing new.

Il Pasaro
Self Released
A dark grooving thrash sound.

Band: Nemesis Sopor
Album: MMXL
Label: Geisterasche Organisation
Clasic old school black metal… more on the melodic side…. meedly cold guitars and blast beats.

Lvx Hæresis
Descensu?s Spi?ri?tu?s
Label: Atavism Records (France)
classic black metal, a little on the doomier side of things.

Classic melodic black metal.  A bit of an atmospheric doomy black metal thing going on.

New Stuff This Week… 5/1/17

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May 012017

Dimmu Borgir
Forces Of The Northern Night
Genre: Black Metal
Live show(s) from their shows in Oslo and Wacken a few years ago… finally seeing the light of day.  Sounds great and to have a full orchestra and choir really brings out the epic-ness that this band can do… good clean production.  This will have to tide us over til their new stuff comes out!

Fall To Depravity (Radio Single)
Season of Mist
Brutal blackended death with a wall of atmospheric noise… a little post-metal going on.

Meditate. Mediate (Radio Single)
Season of Mist
Female fronted doomy stoner/grunge, a bit atmospheric, and good punchy production.

Never Say Never
Trust Fall
RuffLife Recordz LLC
Well, this is some kind of classic hard rock / nu metal.  Clean vox, driving guitar and even a little rap part.

Devotion Lost
Hard rock with a little bit of a stoner edge to it .  Good catchy and meaty riffs, clean vox, melodic hard rock stuff with maybe a little doom going on

The Unity
The Unity
Power/prog-ish metal.  Big solid voice, classic metal/hard rock type stuff, but yeah a bit in the power metal area with a little prog going on.  Fist pumping sing-along stuff with a big of head bobbing hard rockin edge.  (not quite thrashy head banging, just that good hard rock nodding along with the beat head banging)

Stone Sour
“Song #3” [Single]
These guys have kind of crossed more into the commercial hard rock area.  this is a good classic hard rock type song.  Nothing heavy… I’d just have to say, oh, it’s a good catchy rock song.

All That Remains
Razor And Tie
Good barking vox, chuggy metalcore sound, some big breakdown parts, heavy and kinda brutal… and melodic too.  Good stuff.

Life Of Agony
A Place Where There’s No More Pain
Napalm Records
Classic hard rockin’ stuff, not quite whiny type stuff like the old days, just good grungy melodic hard rock.

The Aftermath Of Lies
The Entertainment Company
A cool heavy metal…  classic metal good riffage, vox are gritty but mostly clean… cool dark yet melodic feel.

Four Trips Ahead
And The Fire Within
HiFi Records
This is sort of a solid rock… melodic hard rock thing.  Decent stuff, probably not for the Mosh Pit.

Seven Kingdoms
Napalm Records
Female fronted speedy power metal, getting a little heavy thrashy in parts… pretty cool stuff.

God Dethroned
The World Ablaze
Metal Blade Records
Blackened melodic death metal.  These guys don’t seem to put out anything bad.  Brutal, catchy, melodic, heavy and a good full sound while not going overboard nor too light.  Great stuff.

Album: Warrior Spirit
Self Released
Folk death metal from Canada.  Great heavy death metal thing with some banjo folk stuff, but the heavy stuff gets good and brutal, kind of a good brutal melodic death metal… I hear a little bit of Amorphis and Children of Bodom going on too.  good stuff!

Cloaks of Oblivion
Xtreem Music
Kind of an extreme thrash type thing / classic metal.  Just good heavy stuff, sometimes screamy and sometimes abrasive vox.  Great meaty beats/riffs all with a little thrash feel.

Humo Negro
Fighter Records
Classic metal all spanish language… A bit on the hard rock/AOR style from the early 90’s.

Old King’s Visions
Fighter Records
Heavy German sounding metal (from Spain!)  A good edge, catchy thrashy type stuff, but with some classic metal going on

Ether / Return to Earth
Argonauta Records
Post rock… ambient meh

Band: Forgotten Woods
Album: “As The Wolves Gather” + “Sjel Av Natten”
Label: ATMF
Dark scary black metal.  Old school.  shouty screams for vocals, classic lofi black metal sound

Nadir Music
Melodic doom, hitting into some death growly stuff here and there, but overall dark and depressing.

Hymns From Realms Yonder
Label: Black Lodge Records
BLack/death metal.  HEavy, evil and good stuff.  Brutal, and sort of melodic death-ish, but more of a heavy blackened death metal. Great stuff.

AFM Records
Classic metal, clean vox, just your meat and potatoes standard melodic hard rockin’ metal.

Excess All Areas
Sounds like femaled fronted blues rock.  uh… prob. not for the mosh pit.

The Somme
Inverse Records
Kind of a gothy symphonic blackened metalcore.  Clean female vox, harsh male vox in a sort of melodic death metal thing too.

Fading Azalea
Maze Of Melancholy
Self Released
Symphonic-ish black/death metal…. leaning towards a metalcore/melodic death with female vox.

The Noctambulant
Advocatus Diaboli
Domestic Genocide Records
Melodic blackend death metal… but not too over the top. A good groove, heavy, kind of catchy.  It’s got a great evil edge without being too brutal or heavy… good well rounded stuff.

Zenden San
Daily Garbage
Karma Conspiracy Records
Slappin’ bass instrumental stuff.  A bit fusion-ish, a little Primus feel as it’s very Bass centered.  Cool funky stuff.

Nothing To Do With Hell
Classic metal that has a bit of a WASP sound (vocally)

Consumed In Flames
Katoptron IX Records
Blackened death metal, kind of that fast brutality you get from Behemoth/Melechesh.  Heavy and catchy.  Great stuff

Sprider Sporer
Self Released
2 songs of extreme “metal”  kind of a blackened grooving death metal.

Parasitic Twin
Crown & Throne Ltd
Blackened doom and grindy death metal.  it kind of hits both

Album: Momentum
Label: Sliptrick records
Melodic modern metal.  Maybe a little edge going on here and there, screamy vox, clean vox, a kind of extreme commercial metal type thing.

A bit of a sludge sound, but not too down tempo, just a classic doomy death metal that seems to be a little groove/stoner metal feel too.

White Winter Tale
Self Released
Classic metal/power metal.  Catchy maybe along the lines of a european Queensryche.  Melodic hard rock/metal-ish

Black Paisley
Late Bloomer
Kind of a southern rock/maybe throwback blues metal with a good dose of hammond organ, maaaabye a pinch of a hard rock/country?  Probably not really for the ‘pit.

The Butterfly Raiser
Blackdown Music
Female fronted gothy melodic folk metal.  Good heavy edge, kind of melodic death but with the clean fe-metal vox.

New Stuff This Week… 4/24/17

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Apr 242017

He Is Legend
Melodic hard rock, a bit of a prog thing.  Some cool melodic proggy stuff, not quite like, proper metal, but a good hard rocking thing.

Ides of Gemini
Rise Above
Melodic post metal doom type stuff… old school doom feeling with female vox.

“Nature Of The Damned” [Single]
Rise Above
A little bit of a sabbathy sounding doom

Cirith Ungol
King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)
Metal Blade Records
This is a reissue/packaging of their 1974 album.   Full remastering and some live tracks from their show last October.  This is one of those bands that’s under my radar and probably under a lot of radars… A good solid classic metal/doomy/stoner type sound… maybe a bit classic prog too.

Well this is something new… kind of a mix of folk metal, prog, death, thrash, symphonic and some good ol hard rock.  Lots of cool stuff all mixed together to really be under a flag of proggy death metal.  Great stuff!

Nine Shrines
Mascot Label Group
A sort of a modern metalcore solid rock

Napalm Records
Brutal melodic death metal.  Great stuff… they seem to always put out some heavy brutal stuff that’s also so catchy and dark.  About as close to Behemoth as you can get, right?

The Source
Mascot Label Group
I know a little of the history on this group… so I know that this album will probably take a lot to digest… a proggy metal opera type thing.  First album in 4 years, and features a whole slew of guest vocalists (James LaBrie, Tommy Karevik, Tommy Rogers, Simone Simons, Nils K. Rue, Tobias Sammet, Hansi Kürsch, Mike Mills, Russell Allen, Michael Eriksen, Floor Jansen) The whole thing is Arjen Lucassen’s brainchild and he plays most of the the instruments with a few guests.

Ungraved Apparition
Doomy melodic death.  Good dark evil feeling, but also some nice melodic and heavy Opeth-y type stuff.

Cry Excess
Label:  Bleeding Nose Records
Kind of a djenty metalcore… maybe a little industrial too.  Just a pinch of some techy/prog mathcore.

Ruin (US)
Drown in Blood
Memento Mori
A doomy chugga chugga blackened death metal.  Sludgy and maybe even a touch grindy.  Brutal if anything… and the production is a little raw.

Morbid Flesh
Rites of the Mangled
Unholy Prophecies
Some classic blackend death metal.  Dark and evil, real cookie monster growly stuff, a grindy death metal groove musically.  Great brutal stuff.

Morte Incandescente
Illum Adora
Remnants of a Flaming Past
War Arts
Doomy raw old school black metal. Not so great production…

Soulrot (Chile)
Nameless Hideous Manifestations
Memento Mori
Dark blackened death metal, kind of a good deep groove, guttural cookie monster growls.  Cool stuff!

Under Sort Sol
Black Market Metal Label
Mostly a melodic black metal, a bit cold/evil-ish, but some good ol melodic death metal passages.

Return To Void
Return To Void
Record label: Inverse Records
Classic hard rock leaning towards prog metal.  A solid hard rocking edge, maybe just some good ol classic metal.  good catchy guitar work, solid clean vox.

Seasons of Desolation
Avantgarde Music
Kind of a black metal with a doomy dark depressing feel.  It’s fast and classic black metal with cold guitars, blast beats and shrieky growly vox.  Production is good though.

Aborted Fetus
The Art of Violent Torture
Comatose Music
Brutal death metal, meaty riffs, brutal deep vox, a big catchy groove too…all while staying totally brutal.

Lonely Robot
The Big Dream
As with most stuff on this label, we’re going to some good old Prog Rock here…. along the lines of a Porcupine Tree

Square One
modern metal/metalcore.  Kind of catchy, a good heavy edge, but it’s got that mallcore-ish feeling…  clean vox aren’t whiney or autotuned, just very polished

From the Outer Space
Argonauta Records
Stoner metal, a bit of a goth feel, cool riffs.  clean vox

Blackened Death metal, maybe a little melodic. Brutal, driving evil dark sound, but some sort of catchy groove that has you headbanging.

Cult of Eibon
Lycan Twilight Sorcery CD/12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
Kind of classic black metal, but with a bit more polished production and more of a melodic thing… evil shrieky vox and some good growls.

Gates of Dawn
Argonauta Records
Yeah, it’s stoner rock… a good hard rocking classic rock feel too.  Catchy and cool stuff here.

Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds
Dark Descent Records
Melodic death metal, more on the doom side, some heavier stuff… maybe blackened death on the heavier side and doomy melodic death in parts.  Overall, a good full dark metal sound.  I’d have to compare a little to and older deathy Opeth?

“Grinder” [Single]
Good meaty melodic death metal, full heavy sound, maybe a little Amon Amarth-ish.

Halo of Flies
Doomy black metal.  shrieky vox, doomy black metal… a bit melodic and down tempo, depressing

Besetting the Altar
BLackened death metal, a good melodic evil yet catchy and brutal sound.  Reminded me of maybe like a Dimmu Borgir without all of the extra symphonic stuff. Just classic blackened metal.

New Stuff This Week… 4/17/17

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Apr 142017

Don Jamieson
Communication Breakdown
Metal Blade Records
New comedy album, rude, crude and of course funny!

Cold – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Catchy and grooving death metal.  Melodic and headbanging… can’t wait for more… brutal too!

Slaughter to Prevail
King (Single)
Brutal and extra brutal-core type stuff.  It’s Sumerian, so you kind of know about the “sumerian-core” sound… and this kind of has it, technical, brutal and heavy as shit.  Good stuff.

Fates Warning
Awaken the Guardian Live
Metal Blade
Two shows recorded live with John Arch and the original lineup.  and it sounds great

Between the Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic: Live
Metal Blade Records
The more I listen to this band the more I like them… I think it’s because they get more and more proggy… well, here’s a live album proving they can pull it all off live… sounds great!

ieuD – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Well, this was unique (a single).  some  electronic dubstep type stuff with operattic female vox, then combining it all into some metalcore type stuff… different and kind of cool

Shores Of Null
Black Drapes For Tomorrow
A bit melodic and doomy, a little blackened doom.  Clean vox, and

Uneven Structure
La Partition
Long Branch
Kind of a toned down prog metal type thing.  Similar to BTBAM actually, melodic clean stuff, growly stuff, and techy prog too.

Ancient Ascendant
Raise The Torch
Melodic death metal, more along the lines of the heavier style of opeth… good chilled out melodic passages and brutal heavy vox in the death metal parts.  Great stuff.

Ides of Gemini
“Heroine’s Descent” [Single]
Rise Above
Kind of a melodic blackened post metal-doom

Noctumes In Requiems
We first started playing this back in February when it came out… now is when the radio promoters are throwing it out there, so here’s the review again…
Last recorded release of our friend Adam Sagan.  The samples that were early released sounded great.  Technical proggy melodic death metal… but the vox I guess don’t really fit the death metal… so musically it’s “melodic death-ish” but really it’s something more along the lines of a Nevermore.  great stuff! Catchy, heavy and melodic too!

While She Sleeps
You Are We
SharpTone Records
Modern metalcore type stuff… maybe a little melodic death thing going on, but a little bit of that moderm metalcore clean stuff going on too.

Mammoth Mammoth
Mount The Mountain
Napalm Records
This name was always appropriate for their sound. a bit mammothy stoner metal thing… Big grooves, catchy riffs and all around cool stuff.  This is my kind of stoner metal, heavy, and fast paced with great energy.

Night Demon
Darkness Remains
Century Media Records
Classic old school sounding thrashy, or just classic “metal”  great riffs and a throwback feel

Inebriated Music
Female fronted standard metal type stuff. Good grooves and guitar solos a little bit more on the solid rock side of things.  Some abrasive vox in parts, but overall clean vox stuff.

Sangue 7″ EP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Scary doomy black metal.  Just a couple tracks with some “meh” production.

Moonlight Prophecy
TGhree songs, a little classic thrash, and a little prog metal feeling, or just a good classic metal.  Two of the three are instrumentals and are pretty cool as prog metal goes.

Band: Carnal Garden
Album: Where They Are Silent
Label: Eclectic prods
A little doomy a little grindy, but overall meaty grooving death metal.  A little bit of an old school Obituary feeling.

Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta
Dunkelheit Produktionen
This is some blackened death metal, with some classic death metal grooves but then going into some classic blast beaty black metal.

Band: Ulvegr
Album: Titahion Kaos Manifest
Label: Ashen Dominion
This is some good modern black metal.  Good cold meedly guitars, good production, melodic death metal parts, shrieky yet gritty vox.  Good stuff.

melodic groove metal type stuff.  Maybe a little gothy doom feel too.

Night of the Living Deathgenerations
Xtreem Music
Live album of this brutal death metal band.  Sounds decent.  Cookie monster gurgling and a grindy death metal sound.

I guess this is just good ol Brutal death metal.  Chuggy riffs, pissed off growly screams and a good meaty low end.

In Eminent Disgrace
Signal Rex
PRetty much the same as above, meaty brutal death metal.  Maybe a little more dooomy and down tempo.

The Projectionist
Exalted Solitude
Label: Appalachian Noise Records & The True Plague Records
Classic cold sounding black metal with reaallly creepy shrieky screamy evil vox.  Production is a bit raw and vocal production is even more raw.

Record label: Inverse Records
A little classic metal, maybe a tiny prog metal, and just some decent grooves, clean-ish vox.

Blood of Angels
Rise of the Fallen Gods (EP)
Label: Hollywood Collective
Melodic death metal, heavy brutal stuff, but maybe a little melodic stuff more like Amon Amarth.  Vox are cookie monster throughout and brutal!

Band: Craving Angel
Album: Redemption
Label: Minotauro records
Classic metal, guitar work sounds decent, vocal production doesn’t seem to match the rest of the music.  it’s a little raw and just I don’t know, doesn’t really match.

In Death…
The Devil Speaks
Plastic Head
Now we’re talking thrashed up death metal, brutal, heavy, catchy, chugga chugga freight train but with a good groove and little melodic stuff too.  Great stuff.

Band: My Silent Wake (re-issue with 3 bonus tracks!)
Album: Damnatio Memoriae
Label: Minotauro records
Reissue from their 2015 album.  Little soon for a reissue?  Maybe a label change or whatever… anyway, doomy melodic death metal, reminds me a little bit of some of the newer Opeth, decent grooves, a bit of a death metal edge too.

Kill For Eden
Petty Crimes
Horus Music
Classic throwback metal with female vox.  Good groove

Blessed Are The Heretics
Scarlet Records
This is some classic gritty metal type stuff… a little thrashy and hardcore-ish.  A Cover of “You Spin Me Round” too!

Tehom (Sweden)
The Merciless Light CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Classic death metal, big grooves, a bit of that Swedish death metal melody and edge too.

Rising From The Ashes
Svart Records
Kind of a 70’s doomy classic stoner metal… organ, catchy stoner riffs, maybe some 70’s prog stuff too.

Into The Glorious Battle
Scarlet Records
Here we have classic metal with power metal tendencies.  decent stuff.

Band: Where The Sun Comes Down
Album: Welcome
Label: Minotauro records
Stoner metal with big experimental doom type sound too.  A little sludge/noise stoner metal with sabbath-like main riffs, and some more shouty vox… kind of megaphone-like.

Band: Agresiva
Album: Decibel Ritual
Label: Minotauro records
A little classic metal with a thrashy vibe… vox are clean/sung… music has a good gallop-y metal… reminds me of annihilator in some parts.

Band: Resurrect The Machine
Album: Uncover The Truth
Label: Minotauro records
Another with a classi metal and a thrashy feeling.  Decent grooves, clean vox, guitar work, all that.  Just good ol “metal”.

Cry My Name
Bastardized Recordings
Melodic death/ Deathcore stuff.  Catchy and brutal in parts, shouty growled vox, some melodic metalcore-ish guitars… The clean parts are ok, still has that metal/new metalcore feel, but not whiney emo-enough to hate on it.

Celestial Grave
Pvtrefactio 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
Two songs of Old school black metal, a bit of a wall of sound.

Emptybrook EP
Kind of noisy post-metal/hardcore-ish stuff.  A bit of a “blackened punk” feeling.

Spasms of Rebirth
Self Released (Against PR)
Post metal / melodic blackened post-metal.  Growly vox, a bit of a cold black metal tone, but slow doomy tempo.

Band: Pereplut
Album: V Starodavnie Goda
Label: Stygian Crypt productions
Folk metal, a good heavy base and the flutey folky instruments with that bouncy yet heavy thrashy metal sound.  Great stuff.

Album: Under The Wings Of The Aquila
Label: Stygian Crypt productions
Melodic death/folk metal.  Good meaty straightforward melodic death metal with some of the keyboardy folk stuff going on too.  solid for “folk metal”

New Stuff This Week… 4/10/17

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Apr 082017

A Killer’s Confession
This is a former vocalist for Mushroomhead’s project, kind of an american new wave of metalcore type thing.  Agressive growly barked vox, great groovin’ mid tempo type metal with some clean vox in there too… A little industrial and nu-metal ish too.

Blackened doomy post metal.  Mostly long tracks, a little sludgy, and big meaty riffs, but never really getting too um, fast.

Raven Black
Seven Sins
WURM Group
Female fronted alternative type metal.  A bit gothy/arty, good mix of creepy sung/growly vox, some decent grooves… kind of reminds me of otep.

Melodic death metal, sounds a little like Amorphis but maybe with more growly cookie monster vox.

He Is Legend
“Air Raid” [Single]
Some good solid melodic hard rockin’ metal.  Guitar solos, kind of an anthemic prog metal/hard rock thing.

“Det Nya Svarta”
Indie Recordings
Sort of a gothy melodic death type thing, a bit more on the alternative metal/rock side of things.

God Dethroned
On the Wrong Side of the Wire – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Ooooo!  Good stuff here… new album in a month or two, but here’s some heavy melodic death metal. Gritty and blackened death, with some melodic heavy stuff too.

LIFE OF AGONY – Radio Promo
World Gone Mad
Napalm Records
Catchy and actually kind of commercial-ish sounding.  A bit heavier and less “Volbeaty” as their older stuff.

Ecstatic Vision
Raw Rock Fury
raw fuzzy psychedelic stoner type stuff. Here’s  the “RIYL” the bio says… “Hawkwind, Fuzz, Fela Kuti, Goat, Boris, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Monster Magnet ”  I can hear a little bit of a Monster Magnet, but pull that back and get more stoner/psychedelic

The Obsessed
First album in 20 years.  Can’t say I know a lot about them… this is got some great catchy doomy stoner metal going on.  Great grooves and smooth vox… all while pounding sabbath-like riffs are going on.

Breathe (single)
Eclipse Records
Hard rocking modern metal.  Seems like maybe a lighter track, slightly djenty riffs, a bit modern metalcore… but kind of prog/melodic death metal stuff too.  I’d like to hear more.

Novembers Doom
The End Records
Some of their stuff got pretty slow and doomy in the past… Not this one.  starts off heavy and grooving. A good heavy melodic death feeling… digging deeper, the clean vox kick in and it’s a bit more doomy… and towards the end we work to a slower more melodic doom thing.  Overall pretty solid effort.

Final Drive
Dig Deeper
Great riffs, catchy grooves, sort of thrash, just good heavy METAL going on here.  Throw up the horns and get in the pit.

SA Adams
A Murder Of Crows
NIR America
Hard rockin stuff kind of along the lines of a Motorhead/AcDc type thing, maybe a little southern hard rock type stuff too.

Beyond The Horizon
Label: Satanath Records (Rus) & Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA)
Slow depressing funeral doom.  I guess that’s what Funeral doom is right?  Just slow melodic depressing dark stuff.  Growly vox.

Infernal Majesty
No God
High Roller Records
14 April 2017
This is kind of a blackened thrash, or just a heavy catchy proggy “metal” Great stuff.  It has a little Kreator raw heaviness, but a melodic proggy undertone..

Malformed Conscience
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Kind of hardcore, kind of thrash, kind of punk… and 100% raw.  Good riffs and old school thrash feels.

Wulfasa Kunja CD/LP
Classic brutal black metal.  Evil, dark, heavy and grooving too. Great stuff.

Pyriphlegethon (Netherlands)
The Murky Black of Eternal Night LP
Iron Bonehead
BLack metal with some raw extreme stuff… Production is a little raw, but vox are pissed off, music is a bit melodic maybe a little atmospheric in parts too. Drumming is frenetic and raw.

Remnant Light
Three tracks each clocking in at 13:00… this is old school black metal.  Raw production, fast and evil and cold playing… a bit doomy in the slow parts.

Craven Idol
The Shackles Of Mammon
Dark Descent Records
A bit thrashy, a bit standard “metal”… maybe a little bit prog metal too… but mostly blackened thrash.  Great catchy riffs and evil extreme thrash… Good stuff@Q

The Future State of Wicked (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Classic thrash feeling, but heavier… really heavy extreme classic thrash, but not “brutal” if you know what I mean.  Great stuff!

Dreaming Awake
Friction Lives
Imminence Records
Seemingly a prog/metalcore type thing.  Sort of brutalcore in parts and djenty, but then you get into those emo-ish singy vox.

Chained to a Wolf TAPE
Iron Bonehead
A spacy atmospheric black metal.  Extreme and heavy, production is kind of weird.

Big meaty doom then it gets into some extreme blackened doom type stuff. (vox are screamy)

a proggy extreme thing… maybe System of a Down-ish.  A bit quirky, catchy full on metal, a little almost jazzy in parts, then full on Lamb of God type stuff too.  Really cool stuff.

Accept (Platinum Edition)
Breaker (Platinum Edition)
I’m a Rebel (Platinum Edition)
Restless and Wild (Platinum Edition)
AFM Records
The first four classic Accept albums reissued with new stuff.  This was all before my time in “heavier” music, so this is a good excuse to go back and check these things out.

Of Fire
Album: Death Do Us All
Self Released (Grand Sounds PR)
Good meaty classic swedish death metal Huge grooves

Stench to Stench
Xtreem Music [XM 235 CD]
Some grindy death metal demo reissues from their 90/91 times. Pretty raw!

J.T. Lehtonen
Land of Dust
Concorde Music Company
Great crunchy riffs, and great grooves, a bit along the lines of classic metal, maybe a bit prog metal, mostly clean vox a few growls, but great for a guitar fan for sure!

Tando Ashanti
Halo of Flies
Noisy blackened death metal.  Wall of sound, lots of grindy guitars and an overall grindy sound.

Argonauta Records
Doomy Post metal.  A bit atmospheric and stoner-y, but slow, depressing and down tempo.

Devil Dancer – Radio Single
Frontiers Music s.r.l.s
Good catchy solid hard rock tune from this old school band… catchy and decent stuff.. maybe not so much for the Mosh Pit though… :/

Band: Secure
Album: Awake
Self Released
Kind of an alternative metal, a little of a modern solid rock type metal thing too.

New Stuff This Week… 4/3/17

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Mar 312017

Emperor Of Sand
Mostly sounds like classic Mastodon, maybe a little toned down and more accessible.  More catchy rockin’ songs.  I guess not quite as “proggy” as some past work.

Royal Thunder
Laid back down tempo-ish stoner rock.

“Vivid” [Single]
Milennium Night
Full album comes out in June.  First taste here, catchy, a bit proggy, clean vox and some harshy stuff too.  Kind of a band that is a good gateway to more prog metal as it has some commercial solid rock type elements but more technical complex stuff too.

“Carry On” [Single]
I am a sucker for metal bands doing covers of classic rock or non-metal songs…. This has all the potential to be a classic… but… they kind of just went and did the song straight up and didn’t add a signature Anthrax sound.

The Great Cold Steppe
Season of Mist
A brutal grooving black metal.  A little bit of a classic black metal sound, but some melodic death/viking-ish death metal grooves going on too.

I want to call this brutal thrash… musically it’s kind of a classic thrash, vox are a bit more growly… so heavier thrash.  Or just straight up thrash but with harsher than normal vox?  LOL  good stuff.

Fragments of Psyche EP
So, a band that sounds just like Death… a new EP with a new track (with Sean Reinhart drumming – who drummed on Death’s Human!), a Death cover and some demos.   Can’t go wrong!  The Demos even sound good!

The Flatliners
Invinting Light
Rise Records
A sort of alternative rock thing, a little bit of a stoner rock thing.  yeaaahh.

Body Count
Century Media Records
Oh yeah!  Heavy, pissed off and just what you want from these guys.  Great grooves, riffs and hardcore rappy metal like only Body Count can do. (even if IceT is in Geico commercials and playing a cop on TV LOL)

Metal Blade Records
Slayer sounding thrash, but then getting into maybe a Grip Inc feel too. Great classic old school thrash feel with modern touches too.  heavy and catchy!!

Wounded Giant
Vae Victis
Magnetic Eye
Kind of a hard rocking post metal stoner fuzz/noise type thing

Perverted Ceremony
Sabbat of Behezaël LP/TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Sludgey death metal with some lo-fi production.

Bindrune Recordings/Eihwaz Recordings
Blackened post-metal.  Classic black metal stuff along with a doomy drone feeling too.

Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)
Big wall of blackened death metal sound.  Evil, brutal, and a bit creepy melodic black-ish grind.

A Lie Nation
Begin Hate
Inverse Records
Melodic death metal, leaning more on the heavier blackened death metal side of things.  Brutal, heavy and catchy.  good stuff!

Waterlow Audio Records
Musically, it started off as some catchy and grooving prog metal.  Vox started, they’re a bit growly, but pretty cool technical proggy metal probably for fans of like, Gojira, BTBAM, Meshuggah.  Cool stuff!

Atra Lumen
You got your melodic stuff, some big doomy parts, some hints of some black metal, but then some full on black metal, brutal death metal stuff too.  Pretty brutal stuff and good too.

Life-Related Symptoms
Scarlet Records
Djenty modern hard rock, or maybe a little proggy along the lines of a Fair To Midland or Karnivool type thing.

Black Magic Six
Choose Death
Svart Records
Not quite metal, but a fun lovin’ bluesy garage band-ish heavier stoner rockabilly type thing.

Bleed Babylon Bleed
Pitch Black Records
Epic proggy power metal.  Big fun heavy sound with a good gritty edge to it too.

Grindy brutal blackened melodic death metal. Yeah!  All that.  Heavy, and in your face but with grooves, brutality and heavy!!

Possession (Belgium)
Invictus Productions / Iron Bonehead
Kind of a classic black metal but with some atmospheric grooves.  Brutal and evil sounding… edging into Death Metal too.

Greyhaze Records
Big fat meaty grooving death metal that doesn’t waste any time.  First note, right into the brutality.  cookie monster barking and headbanging classics.

Scarlet Records
Male/female vox melodic metal.  Keyboards, heavier guitar edge, a bit of a commercial feel.

Jesters of Destiny
The Sorrows That Refuse To Drown
Kind of a throwback spacey stoner rock thing.

Album: Illusion of Transparency
Label: Revalve records
When the genre says “melodic progressive metal” I kind of get a little excited because that’s the kind of stuff I like… and this is decent stuff… Follows the genre, keyboard base, good driving guitar, clean vox and maybe a little bit of a metalcore feel

My Own Ghost
Life On Standby
Secret Entertainment
Female fronted hard rock, melodic clean vox.

Scarlet Records
A wall of sound catchy kind of commercial-ish metal.  Has a full grooving metal sound.  There’s a little electronic metal feel, but hard to really pinpoint… maybe it’s just in the guitar tone.  Decent stuff.

Kingdom of The Grave
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Classic death metal.  Big Grooves, chuggy riffs, not all fast and brutal, just catchy heavy stuff.

“St Matthieu (Remastered & Reborn)”
Label:  Bristol Archive Records
Kind of a gothy female fronted metal thing.  Symphonic/keyboardy stuff going on.  Decent proggish metal stuff going on too.

Band: Atonement Theory
Album: Illumination
Label: I Defy records
Downtempo sludgy doom type stuff. Growly vox, some groove and melody though.

Tyranny of the Sea
Self Released (Online MEtal PRomo)
From chicago…Some standard classic heavier metal.  Grooving kind of thrashy stuff with some good screamy vox and an edge

Monumentum – DOWNLOAD
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
As with most stuff on this label, this is melodic hard rock type stuff.  This leans a little more into power metal, but good hooky classic hard rock.

Sons Of Famine
Alcohol And Razorblades
Horror Pain Gore Death
This is some grindy extreme stoner metal sounding stuff to me.  Yeah, death metal, fast and heavy, but there’s just some tone or feel that has a little subtle stoner groove too.

Culture Shock
Imminence Records
Big grooving djenty tech death metalcore.

She Screams Of Royalty
Lucid Dreams A Relationship
Imminence Records
A melodic metalcore type thing… with mostly clean vox, a little djent and some growls… kind of the opposite of most melodic screamo emo core… usually it’s growly verses and singy choruses, this seems to be singy verses and growly choruses… I dunno.

Techy grooving melodic death metal.  Keyboard stuff, cool guitars, growly vox. Catchy and proggy too.

Band: Sarkrista
Album: Summoners of the Serpents Wrath
Label: Purity Through Fire
Classic cold black metal sound, shrieking vox, blast beats, good grooves and melodic stuff that you expect from extreme black metal… and good production too.

Beyond The Sun
I know I use the word grooving too much… but this is some good grooving catchy stoner metal, gets the head bobbin’ and has a cool energy about it without being too heavy.  Good stuff.

Trial (swe)
Metal Blade Records
This was supposed to add last week, but I somehow missed the download.  Metal Blade is on a good streak lately, just so much good solid stuff.  This is some kind of classic metal, maybe reminds me a bit of the heavier Mastodon or more of the grooving King Diamond stuff.  There’s a little bit of a throwback vibe too.