New Stuff This Week…3/12/18

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Mar 112018

Will Haven
Minus Head
One of the pioneering noise/metalcore bands… FIrst new album in 3 years, it has that screamo vox, sort of noisy metalcore sound. I’ve never really been a big fan, and this is ok and along with the rest of their work.

Screaming Beast
Our New Narrative Of Hate
Groove metal, a little hardcore/thrash/technical death/metalcore… lots of good stuff happening here.

Loaded (single)
Mad Love 70
Solid classic rock thing…a little bluesy southern rock feel too.

The Crown
Cobra Speed Venom
Metal Blade Records
This band can usually do no wrong. Melodic death/heavy thrash, aggressive, heavy and catchy as always. Great stuff!

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
a double album of remastered “greatest hits” sort of thing.

Rivers of Nihil
Where Owls Know My Name
Metal Blade Records
One of the more highly anticipated releases of the year so far, Rivers of Nihil hit it out of the park as a prog/technical death metal album goes. Heavy, brutal stuff, crazy prog stuff, some lighter melodic passages all while staying heavy and brutal too.

Green Druid
Ashen Blood
Earache Records
Some sludgey doom… decent stuff for this genre, then it gets into some post-doom metal noise in deep of some of the really long tracks. A bit too doomy/long for me.

Armored Dawn
Barbarbians In Black
AFM Records
Melodic proggy power metal. A little bit of an epic feel going on

Frontiers SRL
Kind of classic hard rock / metal type stuff. It’s another band with Jeff Scott Soto singing! Almost an early 90’s aor thing happening too.

Chaos Invocation
Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond
W.T.C. Productions
10 March 2018
A good dark blackened death metal thing going on. not full on brutal, but catchy with a hint of black metal evilness

Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground
Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Machine gun fast brutal death metal, great grooves, some technicality too

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Black metal, a bit atmospheric, mostly brutal and a bit of a death metal groove creeping in behind the cold meedly guitars

Crave for Killing
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Brutal death metal with a little bit of a grindy gore

Unholy Blades of the Devil
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Doomy and gloomy black metal. Slow tempo, but with shrieky black metal vox.

Ashes of the Heretic
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Kind of a blackened thrashy speedy death metal. Fast, catchy and a bit of a black metal thing too.

Naer Døden
Blut & Eisen Productions
A classic black metal thing going on, dark, evil, melodic.

Rites of Thy Degringolade
The Blade Philosophical LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Melodic doomy black metal.

Corona de Epidemia LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Grindy blackened death metal. Brutal wall of sound.

Toinen toista
Svart Records
Very laid back prog rock

Extreme Metal Attack Festival
ANNO XV 2018
Compilation for a festival this year, mostly black metal bands, some good some pretty raw.

Little Caesar
Golden Robot Records
Classic hard rock with a bluesy southern feel.

TROLL (Portland)
Troll (CD, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Doomy stoner metal with some nice grooves

The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane
Dark Descent Records
Melodic doomy death metal, catchy and brutal too.

A Grand Reclamation
Transcending Records
Doomy kind of epic feel along with an old school creepy throwback.

Inverse Records
Melodic Black Metal with piano, maybe a pinch of folk. Not full on black metal but good melody and grooves

North Hammer
Melodic blackened death metal. Good edginess with some kind of almost proggy melodic death stuff going on . Great stuff!

Black Celestial Orbs LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Classic wall of sound black metal.

Prosthetic Records
We go from brutal death metal to orchestral interludes, to doomy prog metal passages… we’re all over the place here and it’s great… down to the final 4 almost 10 minute epic tracks

Band: Saber Tiger
Album: Bystander Effect
Label: Sliptrick records
Classic metal, a bit power metal in the vocal style… otherwise it’s a little thrashy.

Banners Of Destruction
MEtal Message PR
Grooving melodic death metal, maybe a little on the classic metal side for the melodic parts, a bit Amon Amarth-ish for the heavy stuff.

Fragments of Silence
Chilled out post-rock or post prog rock. even more depressing than steven wilson solo stuff.

Band: Vox Lvciferi
Album: Ov Lacerated Soil
Self Released
The bio says: Ritualistic misanthropic black metal… yeah… old school sounding creepy basic black metal.

Sliptrick records
Femaled fronted sort of pop-ish electronic/gothy hard rock.

Children of the Reptile
The End
Self Released
A mostly stoner metal sound, clean vox, infused with some bluesy southern metal too.

Band: Hypnotheticall
Album: Synchreality
Label: Revalve Records
Prog metal getting into a little thrash sound on the heavier stuff, otherwise, a bit of a regular power metal-ish thing.

The Day I Left Apart
Clean female vox, growly male vox on a gothy hard rock/metal band from Italy… where have we heard this? Yes, they sound like Lacuna Coil… maybe not quite as “produced”. But good sound, maybe a little more “electronic”

Meka Nism
The War Inside (single)
Female fronted melodic death/modern metal. Growls and clean vox. The clean stuff makes it have a more femetal/commercial sound. Heavier stuff is a little more on the Arch Enemy side.

Rock Tattoo
Secret Entertainment
Kind of a crazy hard rock thing

Dead End Finland
Lifelong Tragedy
Inverse Records
Electronic-ish modern metal, a little bit of an epic/doom tempo. kinda meh.

The Shadowed Road
Avantgarde Music
Doomy melodic death… pretty decent stuff, sufficient heaviness, some grooves

Blood Of The Dragon
Label: Stygian Crypt prods / Possession prods
After just releasing a big double symphonic type album in Feb, this is a double album too… However, disk 1 is Therion doing some covers of other bands, and disk 2 is other bands doing covers of Therion tracks! Cool stuff!

New Stuff This Week… 3/5/18

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Mar 042018

Eyes of the Sun
Chapter I
Blacklight Media Records / Metal Blade Records
A little doom, a little hardcore/screamy, okay, a lot of doom.

Andrew W.K.
You’re Not Alone
I’m not sure what to call this other than Andrew WK Party rock… he’s got his own genre I think… with the kind of straightforward rock and keyboard/piano stuff too.

Black Moth
Anatomical Venus
Female fronted old school rocking doom, a 70’s ish Sabbath-ish throwback with modern touches and grooves

The Weight
Pavement Music
Grungy melodic modern metal. Some good crunch with a little bit of an almost nu-metal modern metal sound

Twitching Tongues
Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred
Metal Blade Records
Kind of metalcore, mostly hardcore, a bit punk, some doom and stoner metal all thrown together

Parkway Drive –
“Wishing Wells” [Single]
Typically metalcore, this I guess could fit in that… it’s got a good groove and melody… not too heavy, not light…

Judas Priest
Epic Records
Seems like one thing on these two new singles (so far)… they aren’t back to fuck around, heavy, melodic catchy, classic Priest.

Between The Buried And Me
Automata I
Sumerian Records
I only have a single so far, but proggy, brutal, catchy, melodic… they only seem to be getting better and better over the years!

Angel Slaughter 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Grindy blackened death metal. Good grooves, cold, evilness lurks here.

Merciless Artillery (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
A little black metal, extreme thrash type stuff, some catchy fast stuf.

Antichrist (Peru)
Pax Moriendi LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Sludgey doomy death metal. Long songs, some post metal doom stuff, depressing and slow in parts. When it gets going it’s a wall of sludge.

Echoes from the Seven Caves of Blood LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Crazy blackened thrash, shrieky vox, meedly guitars, just kind of all around scary… but there’s a really cool underlying satryicon-like groove.

Vile Creature
Cast of Static and Smoke
Halo Of Flies
Doomy sludgey, grungy post metal. long songs.

Band: Balls Out
Album: Too Big To Handle
Label: M&O Music
Hard rockin’ classic metal with a fun attitude

Horn (Germany)
Retrograd 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Blackened melodic death. Great catchy grooves.

Omega Factor reissue
Xtreem Music
Good brutal classic grooving death metal. Growly, barked out vox. good meaty grooves

The Age Of Dead Christ
Scarlet Records
Melodic blackened death metal, good extreme stuff, also great grooves and a little bit of a Satyricon groove too

Classic metal, a little bit of a Rainbow/Deep Purple feeling. (hammond organ!) Big throwback classic rock feel.

Tax The Heat
Change Your Position
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
A little similar to the Wishing Well. A big meaty classic rock groove. Not quite as organy, but a little Led Zep/Thin Lizzy with a modern touch.

Paper Bag
Two artists teaming up for some electronic rock bordering in to heavier metal type stuff.

Album: Verses Of Vorarephilia
Label: Immortal Souls productions
Release date: December 28, 2017
One of these releases that just was sent to us… brutal death metal, good stuff with big grooves and such.

El Camino
Cursed Congregation
Night Tripper Records
from last July… stoner metal, melodic doomy laid back sound but with kind of harsh vox.

New Stuff This Week…2/26/18

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Feb 252018

For a Black Tomorrow
Season of Mist
This is some melodic metal, a little doomy feel, dark feel, like a Katatonia or Antethema type thing. Some decent grooves, but just sort of an even tone/tempo, not getting really heavy or too light. Good melodic stuff

Vol. 1
Season of Mist
Heavy stoner type stuff, along lines of a Mastodon or High on Fire. Not quite as catchy, but a good solid crunchy groove

We Sell The Dead
Heaven Doesn’t Want You And Hell Is Full
This has a guitarist from In Flames and Apollo (vox from Firewind/Spiritual Beggars) and a guy that used to be in HIM… A melodic grooving hard rock with the occasional chunckiness

Ignore The Sign
A Line To Cross
German multi instrumentalist… this is mostly an AOR/hard rock type thing. Melodic and just classic rock-ish

Interdimensional Summit
Nuclear Blast
decent song, a lot of keyboard/orchestral sounds…. still has the heaviness and stuff that makes Dimmu, Dimmu… however, I think they overuse the synthy orchestra/keyboard a bit toooo much. Let’s see when the full album comes out.

Iron Reagan & Gatecreeper
Iron Reagan is raw, in your face, kind of a thrashy punk with no messing around. (5 tracks). Gatecreeper finishes out the split ep with 3 tracks of brutal grindy death metal with huge meaty grooves too.

Melodic female fronted hard rock… Kind of a commercial-ish aor solid rock type thing. Good grooves and solid production… might just be a little too “accessible” for us

Michael Schenker Fest
Nuclear Blast USA
Mr Schenker has had quite the career and it’s far from over. He’s touring with three of his old solo project singers, and an album to go along with it..> Great classic metal shredding and a power metal/classic metal thing going on musically.

Napalm Records
A little Rammstein feel, with an industrial German thing… Good metal distortion, a bit of a doomy industrial thing too

Thobbe Engund
The Draining Of Vergelmer
Metalville Records
Classic metal from the former Sabaton guitarist. There’s a little bit of cheese here too, but overall, just good ol “metal”

Sanguine Vigil
Everlasting Spew Records
A grindy death metal. Production is a little raw, but you get the idea no problem about this brutal stuff.

Purest of Pain
Kind of a technical blackened death/thrashy thing. Abrasive vox, great stuff.

Disembowel (Chile)
Plagues and Ancient Rites LP
Iron Bonehead
Brutal blackened death metal, leaning more on the death metal side

Hordanes Land (re-issue)
Norse Music
Reissue of their 1993 debut! Old school black metal with some viking grooves

Visitation CD/12″ MLP
Blood Harvest
Old school black metal, production is echoey atmospheric, blast beats, black metal screaming… all that…

Ghosts of the Timeless Void
Melodic death in parts, and mostly screamy black metal, pretty good grooves too… while keeping it heavy good stuff.

Ziggurat (Israel)
Ritual Miasma CD
Blood Harvest
Here we have some melodic black metal. Good evil/cold sound, yet a little doomy and grooving. Brutal cookie monster vox.

Argonauta Records
A little noise, a little industrial, kind of a metalcore too

“AI Freaks Me Out”
Self Released (Asher)
Modern hard rock, classic rock type stuff with clean male vox

Brutal and catchy fast death metal. Like, extreme thrashy death metal with technicality too. Good stuff.

Nuclear Strike Warning
Good old brutal death metal. No fucking around

House Of Possession
Duplicate Records
a sort of technical thrash thing going on. Fast and grooving, vox are a bit more “extreme” but not shrieky or growly, just aggressive thrashy

Album: Ghoul Cult
Label: Duplicate Records
I like this… they call it “Skullbanging Deathrash” It’s got a raw thrashy extreme thing going on. Kind of a blackned grooving thrash metal.

Death on Arrival
Death is coming
Self Released
Kind of a raw thrashy death metal, basic production

Album: Maze Of Feelings
Label: Bad Mood Man Music
I guess this would fall into a doomy melodic death metal. Clean-ish vox mixed with growls, a mix of styles going from doom, black, death, prog metal… all thrown together working well…

The Osiris Club
The Wine-Dark Sea
Indie Recordings
An old doom sounding thing, a 70’s haunting vibe, sometimes getting into a really chilled out atmospheric melodic thing.

Abysmal Secrets of Unknown
Neverheard Distro
One woman progressive/technical death metal project with guest vocalists. Guitar work is a bit like old Death. cool stuff

Sgt. Beesus And The Lonely Ass Gangbang
Self Released
A raw kind of stoner punk, a bit doomy too

Black Dreams
Kiss The Gun (single)
Inverse Records
Bluesy doomy metal

Svart Records
A bit of a middle eastern atmospheric sound, post rock? Post something… not metal.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat – radio single
Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records
Fuzzy grungy stoner metal with a bit of a 70’s stoner vibe, and a bit of a The Cult sound vocally. Good catchy groove too.

Sleep In Heads
On The Air
Female fronted hard rock, a bit prog, a big goth, a lighter Lacuna Coil style (vox-wise). Music, it’s kind of a prog rock bordering on metal in parts.

Currents TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Lo-fi sludgey noise black metal. meh.

Corpse Fortress
Atmospheric and sludgey blackened metal, a bit of a stoner doomy crust going on too

Band: Xenoblight
Album: Procreation
Self Released
Female fronted extreme metal, a little thrashy and melodic death-ish, vox are a little in the black metal style… extreme and harsh, music gets into some brutal tech death too.

Band: Jarun
Album: Sporysz
Label: Arachnophobia Records
Kind of black metal, a little folk too. Melodic black metal with some harsh vox, longer songs, a kind of dark feeling

Season of Mist
Acoustic rock stuff, not sure what’s going on here! hah

New Stuff This Week…2/19/18

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Feb 192018

Grim 1
Horror themed metal, a bit classic heavier metal, grooves, thrash, melodic stuff..

Mark Of Rot
Long Branch
A sort of deathcore, djenty, technical, a little bit of a doomy dark feeling too

Chris Bay
Chasing The Sun
This is the singer from Freedom Call’s first solo album. Seems like a happy fluffy rock album. Some songs have a little bit more of a heavier guitar, but far from metal here.

Andrew W.K.
“Music Is Worth Living For” [Single]
Same as always, some keyboards, guitar and party!

Season of Mist
Sludgey doom, a little grindy and post-metal feel

Stoner metal, a bit sludgy and doomy

Thy Antichrist
Wrath of The Beast
Napalm Records
A melodic blackened deathmetal thing. Catchy, a bit of an evil/cold black metal sound while having a big catchy melodic death thrashy groove. great stuff

The New Mythology Vol. 1
An extreme thrash / melodic death type thing. Catchy grooves musically, more extreme/harsh vox, great heavy stuff.

Regret Beyond Death
Argonauta Records
Sludgey doom and noise metal.

The Keeper’s Curse
Fighter Records
A heavier power metal, great edge, with a prog metal thing happening, big voice

Armored Dawn
Barbarians In Black
AFM Records
Melodic proggy power metal. A little bit of an epic feel going on

Unholy Destruction (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Extreme thrash, kind of a blackened death metal speedy trash, pretty cool stuff.

Osmose Productions
We got us some modern black metal… a melodic death-ish thing, but full on brutal, good production black metal. Big brutal evil grooves too.

Old Mother Hell
Old Mother Hell
Cruz Del Sur Music
A bit of a classic metal, with a little bit of a WASP sound and a pinch of stoner metal.

Adrift in Remorse
Transcending Records
Melodic doomy metal, a little black metal parts here and there, but overall, melodic death/doom

Demonomancy (Italy)
Poisoned Atonement
Invictus Productions
Brutal blackened death metal, good grooves, a bit of a wall of grindy grooves

Apostle of Solitude
From Gold to Ash
Cruz Del Sur Music
Doomy stoner rock

Infernal Legion
Under The Cloven Hoof
Moribund Records
This is a blackened death thing with a doomy feel, there also seems to be a little bit of a technical/thrash thing underlying here too

Pandaemorthium (Forbidden Formulas To Awaken The Blind Sovereigns Of Nothingness)
I, Voidhanger Records
Technical blackened death metal.

Templeton Pek
Watching The World Come Undone
Drakkar Entertainment GmbH
A modern hard rock metal thing, a little bit like a volbeat melodically, clean vox, (not quite as Elvis-like) but a clean emotive style.

Sacred Leather
Ultimate Force
Cruz Del Sur Music
Classic metal, riffs, screamy-ish vox, gallopy guitars, decent stuff.

We Have The Moon
Till The Morning Comes
Rockshots Records
Kind of an extreme metal which goes right into some electro-synth-pop type metal too. confusing, as I want to like it cuz of the heavy stuff, and cuz of the out of place synth stuff, but the emo vox kind of kill it for me.

Nordvis Produktion
CLasic black metal with a doom feel.

American Scrap
Prosthetic Records
The writeup along with this album states “is recommended listening for fans of Heavy Americana….Sixteen Horsepower, Red Fang, High On Fire, Wovenhand, Neurosis, Black Tusk etc….” Well, yeah, I’d say it’s a little doomy post-metal in the heavy parts… other than that, some just sort of stoner rock type stuff

Ancient Shadows Of Saturn
Flowing Downward
Atmospheric doomy post metal. melodic, spacy, symphonic-ish, electronic-ish too. Long songs. meh.

He Who Lies Underneath
Brutal blackened death metal. Evil fast heavy and yeah, Brutal!

Twitching Tongues
“Kill for You” & “Harakiri” – singles
Metal Blade Records
A modern metal, grooving, a little melodic and on “kill for you” almost a modern day power ballad?

The Darkness Between Stars
Black Market Metal Label
melodic modern black metal, fast wall of sound black metal yet with an underlying melodic depressing doom

Towards The Void
World War Now Records
Mostly a bit of a doomy groove metal, some psychedelic type stuff happening… and some long tracks!

Catchy grooving metal, a little bit thrashy, a little bit of a pantera type style

Evil Spirit
The Imageless Mirror
Doomy and slow

Freedom Of Speech
Sliptrick Records
Classic metal, big voice, big sound, a bit power metal-ish

The Black Swamp
Meaty stoner metal with some cool sludgey grooves
Release date: Thursday, February 1st 2018

Tommy Stewart
Shadow in the Well (single)
A Single of doom. Just Drums/Bass/Vox. So you got some meaty low end. dark and slow
Release date: Friday, January 26th 2018

New Stuff This Week… 2/12/18

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Feb 112018

Opus II: The Annihilation
Epic symphonic power metal type stuff, with a bit of a classical metal feel too. Good melodic grooves.

A Perfect Circle
“TalkTalk” [Single]
A laid back chilled out kind of synthy rock…

Will Haven
“El Sol” (feat. Stephen Carpenter)” [Single]
Minus Head
This band has been around a while, and I’ve not been a huge fan. kind of a screamo melodic metalcore… this is a song of that.

The Strife of Love in a Dream
Well, right in the description it says synthpop, but it’s from Relapse, so I had to listen anyway… yup. Pass! (passing it on to the Something Wonderful gang)

Voodoo Circle
Raised On Rock
AFM Records
Big wall of sound classic hard rock/AOR/classic metal. Great catchy grooves, big voices

Visions Of Atlantis
The Deep & The Dark
Napalm Records
Your typical operattic female fronted classic power metal on this single.

Tengger Cavalry
Napalm Records
Folk metal, a catchy melodic death thing going on. They are “nomadic” with more of a mongolian feel than a more viking folk feel.

Letters From The Colony
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Is it metalcore? is it djent? Is it melodic death metal? A bit of all, and it’s all good.

Self Released
Kind of sludgy and doomy, but heavy and a bit grooving. Harsh vox, some melodic doom stuff going on

Lurker of Chalice
Lurker of Chalice DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Atmospheric post black metal

Chaos Echoes
Mouvement LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Seemingly instrumental, wall of sound… kind of black metal, kind of post-metal doom… atmospheric type stuff

Extinction A.D.
Decimation Treaty
Good Fight Music
I’d have to say this falls into the classic thrash category, good grooves, catchy and heavy

My Silent Wake
There Was Death
Minotauro Records
Kind of a melodic doomy death metal. Harsh vox, downtempo metal in parts, a bit faster and a bit of a melodic death/blackened death in others

AFM Records
Modern grooving thrash metal. A bit more on the heavy/brutal thrash side of things. First album since 2015 from this Hungarian band. Great stuff.

Foul Origins of Humanity CD/12″ MLP
Blood Harvest
Brutal blackened death with a pinch of melodic death going on. 3 songs of real brutal stuff happening!

Nate Bohnet
Therapeutic Destruction
One Man band doing up some melodic deathcore type stuff. Some parts have a Lamb of God thing, others more of a crazy Dillinger Escape plan thing too.

M-Theory Audio
One of those epic, fast power metal bands, you know, like Dragonforce? Catchy playing, fast, intense, technical and fist pumping metal! Sing a long!

Where All Hope Fades
Dark Descent Records
A sort of doomy black metal, melodic and dark, harsh in parts too… but mostly a bit depressing.

Reach for the Dragon’s Eye
Argonauta Records
A good grooving stoner metal, a big like Clutch but a bit more doomy.

Record label: Inverse Records
This is some cool folk metal, just good heavy catchy stuff with the accordian or whatever, makes you want to raise that goathorn full of beer and drink!

Calcified Trophies of Violence TAPE
Blood Harvest
Atmospheric-ish (echoey production) blackened death metal. “Tape” like production too… a little “experimental” musically, kind of sounds all over the place, yet still cohesive? yeah.

Obscene (U.S.)
Sermon to the Snake TAPE
Blood Harvest
Old school death metal with a little bit of a blackened edge to it. Great grooves

Unseen Divinity TAPE
Blood Harvest
Grindy brutal death metal, but with some slight melodic hooks in there too.

Harakiri For The Sky
AOP Records
Kind of a doomy stoner metal meets hints of melodic black/death metal. Good grooves

Sainted Sinners
Back With A Vengeance
El Puerto Records GbR
Classic hard rock, a more of an AOR type style.

AFM Records
Melodic death metal. Good and brutal, while also being a bit technical/prog and melodic death-ish. Great stuff. A little bit of a Amon Amarth feel.

Band: Global Scum
Album: Hell Is Home
Label: NRT Records
Kind of a grooving death metal, a little djent, melodic in parts, but brutal meaty grooves too

Argonauta Records
Heavy grungy stoner rock.

Plague Transmissions: Vol. I
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Grindy death metal

Throne of Agony (single)
Iron, Blood & Death Corp.
Kind of a blackened death, technical death thing

Band: Polynove Pole
Album: On The Edge Of The Abyss
Label: self-released
Ukrainian female fronted black/doom/death metal. A little atmospheric/epic feeling. Death growls and clean fe-metal vox too

The Nika Riots
Set Fire
Negative Vibe Records
Kind of a modern power-punk-ish type hard rock.

Ode In Black
Seeds of Chaos
Self Released
A sort of power metal / hard rock / classic metal thing

Classic metal, a little bit of a Rainbow/Deep Purple feeling. (hammond organ!)

Rivers of Nihil
The Silent Life – radio single (WAV)
Metal Blade Records
First single, technical, proggy metalcore type stuff. Cant wait for more!

Howling Sycamore
Prosthetic Records
It’s like prog metal, it’s like extreme metal (blast beat type stuff), with clean vox, a little like Protest the Hero (in clean vox and proggy style) but musically a bit of a black metal feel, kind of. You think you’ve heard just about every combo and well, you haven’t this has a new-ish sound. neat stuff.

Coma Noir
Prosthetic Records
Kind of a metal/extreme metal core type thing, but tech and prog metal ish. Good melodies, screamy vox, heavy kind of touching in brutal more good stuff and from Chicago!

The Unlawful Assembly
Prosthetic Records
It seems like Prosthetic records unloaded on us this week! This is a release from last November. Kind of a classic black metal going on here.

Zero Dawn
Self Released – Inverse
A grooving sort of stoner metal / classic metal 3 song thing

Dark Archive
Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon
Record label: Inverse Records
This is more of a modern black metal, with some more melodic stuff, good production

“Luminary” [Single]
Kind of a laid back chilled out track, actually a bit commercial-ish… meaning, some other big station should probably play this!

Band: Torture Squad
Album: Far Beyond Existence
Label: Secret Service records
Brutal thrashy death metal from Brazil. Big meaty riffs, huge grooves, and catchy thrash too.

New Stuff This Week…2/5/18

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Feb 032018

This band has been around for a long time and has been under the radar for a lot, and with some member changes and stuff, maybe more people have heard of them? well, anyway, this is their 2nd album with Fabio Lione on vox. Great sort of epic power metal going on here. Good stuff.

Various Artists
Mr. Pickles Thrashtacular Tour Sampler!
Adult Swim/Nuclear Blast
Exodus and Municipal Waste are touring together with a Mr Pickles (from Cartoon Network theme). This is just a few songs from a promotion company from their respective last albums to promote the tour.

Fight the Fight
Fight the Fight
Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records
This is a sort of metalcore, hardcore, but a bit of a modern accessible sound, there are clean vox parts, but they do’t get all whiny/singy… it’s close!, but still melodic and “lighter” in parts too.

Cloud Factory
Napalm Records
One of the better female fronted metal bands these days. Melodic thrashy stuff then getting into some more brutal thrashy stuff, clean and harsh vox. great well rounded metal going on here!

Nuclear Blast
Just one song from this so far… “Antifa” well, what’s this the 3rd album since retiring? Well, this song as that classic pissed off industrial-ish metal political thing going on. Good stuff.

The Triumph Of Piracy
Napalm Records
Folky pirate metal. Right off the bat with an “ahoy” and bouncy catchy pirate power metal.

My Enemies & I
The Beast Inside
Fearless/Concord Music Group
This is a metalcore almost nu-metal sounding band… has a Korn meets maybe Disturbed type thing going on? short catchy stongs… decent stuff

Death Comes With Silence
With a band name like this, you expect to get your head crushed, right? Well, yeah, that’s about right. Death metal, but with a blackened death feel, maybe some extreme thrash, a little raw crusty stuff… Just great and brutal too. Good stuff.

Rise to Supremacy
Xtreem Music
Catchy heavy metal with a little bit of a Sepultura feel. Big grooves, a little deathy thrash thing happening.

The Fallen King
Scarlet Records
Female fronted euro sounding power metal type stuff. There are also male vox too, all in power metal style. A decent edge too.

Harms Way
Metal Blade Records
Kind of a metalcore, extreme vox, big grooves, kind of an old death metal

Fu Manchu
Clone of the Universe
At The Dojo
As always, great catchy stoner metal.

Gutter Perdition
XENOKORP [Militia Series]
Here we have good old brutal as brutal can be death metal, a little bit grindy/gore, but really just brutal grooving death metal!

Grave Spirit
The Beast Unburdened By Flesh 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
2 songs of some classic black metal… blast beats, creepy vox, meedly cold guitars, dark, cold forest type stuff.

Band: Mind Enemies
Album: Revenge
Style: Progressive Metal
This is a proggy power metal band from Italy, good clean vox, a good guitar edge, some more power metal stuff, but cool proggy metal too.

New Ocean Media
Another new single, great classic metal song once again!

Hell’s Inc.
Self Released
A sort of proggy thrash. Vox have a bit of a Halford feel, music is mostly straightforward metal but with some more techy/prog type thrash-ish elements. Cool stuff.

Band: Teratoma
Album: In The Inside Reborn The Flesh
Label: Immortal Souls productions
Brutal grindy death metal.

Band: Voracious Scourge
Album: Our Demise
Label: Immortal Souls productions
Late last year release, good solid brutal death metal. A pinch of blackened death sound with some melodic/cold guitars

Spice Breather
Crawling Planetary Being
Bloody Mountain Records
Post metal noise

Band: Kantica
Album: Reborn in Aesthetics
Label: Revalve records
Symphonic metal, clean female vox, some typical standard “Metal” and power metal type stuff, but the heavier parts are cool with all of the symphonic epic stuff happening too.

Sâmb?ta Mor?ilor
Sâmb?ta Mor?ilor II
Sepulchral Silence
A bit of a classic metal but definitely black metal in vocal style. Production is a bit “old school”

Band: Under Siege
Album: Under Siege
Label: self-released
Melodic Death – Folk Metal, with a classic metal thing while you are pumping your fists

Band: Doomster Reich
Album: Drug Magick
Label: Aesthetic Death / Old Temple
They list the genre as “Pyschedelic satanic drugged up 70s rock doom” I couldn’t not copy/paste that! When the style description is that good, and then listening to it… it’s spot on!

Band: Monads
Album: IVIIV
Label: Aesthetic Death
Doomy blackened death metal

Band: Esoteric
Album: Esoteric Emotions – The Death of Ignorance
Label: Aesthetic Death
Depressive doomy dark death metal.

Album: Verses Of Vorarephilia
Label: Immortal Souls productions
With a band name like this, I’m expecting something brutal and more brutal and maybe grindy… well, I’m getting brutal and more brutal!! Good stuff with some monster grooves too.

New Stuff This Week… 1/29/18

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Jan 282018

Pawn and Prophecy – DOWNLOAD
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
We got us some catchy proggy power metal. Big time vox and just good solid metal.

Black Veil Brides
Modern hard rockin’ “accessible” metal. Catchy songs, good driving beats, melodic guitars, but more of a commercial sound/feel.

Madam X
Classic metal with a thrashy edge and big powerful clean sung vox.

Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed
Season of Mist
A doomy death metal, dark sound, melodic in parts… longer songs.

Genocide Pact
Order of Torment
A good meaty old school death metal

Hustlin’ Hate (Single)
Kind of a melodic death meets say a more extreme Rob Zombie

Rise To Glory
New album of solid gritty classic thrash metal from one of Japan’s most famous thrash metal bands

Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To THe Crimson Idol)
Napalm Records
A fully re-recorded version of The Crimson Idol. while I just have a single right now, it sounds great!

Beloved Antichrist
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
An epic 3 album symphonic rock opera, mostly rock opera-like, operattic vox, not a whole lot of real metal going on.

Good Tiger
We Will All Be Gone
Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records
These guys just got announced on the tour opening for Protest the Hero… and there’s a little bit of a similarity in their sound… it’s kind of a modern metalcore, but this is a bit more prog, with high octave male vox. Not quite as heavy as Protest the Hero, but a similar vein

Conqueror’s Oath
Metal Blade Records
A power metal with a little tiny bit of a goth and doom. Good stuff.

Funeral Winds
Sinister Creed
Avantgarde Music
Full on old school black metal. Brutal, cold, evil and with good production!

Band: Ulvegr
Album: Vargkult
Label: Ashen Dominion
Old school brutal blast beatin’ black metal. Dark, cold, evil… and yeah! good production.

Title: Daimono Philia
Some black metal here, a bit more melodic groove going on than a typical black metal thing

Altered Beast
Caverna Abismal
I’ll say this is heavy thrash, almost blackened… but still “normal” and catchy enough to be “just thrash” good technicality and fast n heavy

Spite (US)
Invictus Productions
Grooving brutal blackened death metal.

Long Distance Calling
Some of the best classic prog rock/hard rock instrumetal stuff you’ll get. Not all on fire metal here, but great grooves and ticking all the prog rock boxes on this one.

“The Awakening” Album Sampler
Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group
Female fronted “Femetal” Clean vox, basic classic “metal”

Iron Will
Life is Your Labyrinth
Self Released
Classic metal with a pinch of thrash…

Matkalla Kohti Hautaa
Record label: Inverse Records
Most of the time you’re not sure what you’ll get with these Finnish bands… in this case, it’s like brutal monster thrash! Coookie monster vox with super fast thrash going on. COol stuff.

Twitching Tongues
Harakiri – single (WAV)
Metal Blade Records
Album out in March… this is some kind of melodic extreme groove… a tiny grind, a little crust, thrash, metalcore too.

New Stuff This Week… 1/22/18

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Jan 212018

Mammoth Grinder
Cosmic Crypt
Classic death metal, a bit grindy, a little atmospheric (in the vox effects) Other than that, just full on old school death metal.

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals
Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue
A sort of extreme metal, a little death/blackened grind sound musically, with classic Phil’s vox

The Mastery
Metal Blade
Gritty German deathy thrash metal. Catchy, brutal, heavy thrash. great stuff.

Pounding The Pavement
Solid classic metal as they always do… a little Motorhead feeling… decent stuff.

Between The Buried And Me
Condemned To The Gallows (Single)
New record deal, new album/single… this is more proggy than older stuff, it seems like they are getting a big more prog metal and less metalcore-ish. There’s extreme vox, clean vox. a lot of laid back stuff too.

Orphaned Land
Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Century Media Records
Usually this is Folky melodic death metal. There are some heavier parts, but mostly laid back melodic stuff with a middle eastern vibe… as I listen more, the symphonic and middle eastern stuff usually morph into some more heavier proggy melodic death type stuff too.

Argonauta Records
A solid stoner metal grungy groove happening here.

Machine Head
Nuclear Blast USA
A lot of press about this… well, I have to say, Machine Head is great and all, but I think the last few albums were getting a bit to almost power ballad-y… and songs were too long. From what I’ve heard so far, (a couple singles), theres still a bit clean vox, down tempo power ballad-parts, but not staying too long. Maybe almost going to a Supercharter/Burning Red sound, but not all ‘rappy” we’ll see.

Lady Death
Century Media Records
I just have a single, but this is some doomy proggy melodic metal, maybe a little blackened doom feel too. Would be nice to hear more.

Captain Morgan’s Revenge (10th Anniversary)
Napalm Records
Always entertaining fast, folky drinking metal. Catchy and fun!

Napalm Records
Blackened doom. Extreme vox, mostly a melodic blackened sound, but there’s a bit of a post-metal doomy feel, some tracks get going in more of a death metal direction. Seems a bit more straightforward and not as folky as their previous releases

Fallen Utopia
Cursed Records
Full on brutal classic death metal, chugga chugga grooves with coookie monster vox, a little peekaboo into black metal here and there too.

Cavern of Foul Unbeings
Memento Mori
Good solid brutal death metal, with some great grooves and riffage

Somali Yacht Club
The Sea
Robustfellow Prods
Normally on an atmospheric post metal, it’d be thumbs down and “NEXT” this seems to have a little prog going on… a bit of a stoner metal vibe while all instrumental and mostly background music, it’s got enough interesting to keep listening.

Sewer Fiends
Memento Mori
This is some brutal death metal, old school feel with big grooves, a little bit of a low budget production feel, maybe a little blackened death thing going on too.

Rock This World
Fighter Records
CLassic metal / power metal. GOod riffs, catchy tunes, just good old big voice hard rockin’ metal.

Netherstorm (CD, LP)
Werewolf Records
Some classic atmospheric, fast old school black metal..

Black Space Riders
Amoretum Vol. 1
Black Space Records
A bit of a stoner metal, a bit of a doomy thing too, maybe a little bit of a rock prog thing.

Abrasive Pulmonic Speak
Self Released
Kind of a thrashy/heavy groove metal. Abrasive screamed vox, great catchy grooves and a little bit of hardcore thing too.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Sludgey blackened doom

The Communion (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
26 January 2018

At the Announcement (CD, LP, TAPE)
The Sinister Flame / Hells Headbangers
26 January 2018

Osmose Productions
Blackened death metal, some melodic death, some technicality, some evil dark type stuff too.

The Dead Centuries
Race Against Time
Seems to be all instrumental, and just a classic metal… a bit proggy which will happen with any sort of metal instrumental, good drumming, guitar work, etc.

Record label: Inverse Records
Symphonic/Epic power/prog metal. Stays pretty heavy with that epic feel but also does get into some power ballad type stuff too.

This One Goes To 11
High Roller Records
A hard rockin’ stoner metal thing with a little bit of a punk and classic rock thing

Earth Made Flesh
Record label: Inverse Records
Atmospheric Black Metal, fast and creepy

Seas of Oblivion
black metal and maybe a bit of a more modern black metal with a classic feel. A bit technical and brutal too.

Painted Black
Raging Light
Self Released
Kind of a gothy hard rock, a bit laid back, chilled out (older middle-times) Moonspell type thing.

Escaping Amenti
Self Released
This is a bit metalcore, a bit modern groove metal, it’s catchy, gets a little sing-a-long-ish

New Stuff This Week… 1/15/18

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Jan 152018

Tricounty Terror
Southern fried bluesy hard rockin’ metal type stuff from a 5 piece all female with attitude band. Decent stuff.

The Crown
Iron Crown – radio single
Metal Blade Records
One thing over the years that we’ve learned… The Crown doesn’t fuck around. This single is no different, fast, catchy, heavy and leaves me wanting the rest of the album dammit.

Black Label Society
Grimmest Hits
Entertainment One
A new album with some big doomy bluesy hard rockin stuff. Lots of grooves, a more Sabbath-like sound happening. A lot of BLS’s stuff lately, as been a bit “samey” and I find myself really digging this so far!

earth caller
This kind of reminds me a little bit of a Burning Red era of Machine Head, some good metal stuff, some decent hardcore stuff, but some more like, catchy melodic almost nu-metal stuff. So yeah, by modern standards, this would be a sort of metal core. But it’s a pretty good hardcore base too.

Leaves Eyes
Sign Of THe Dragonhead
AFM Records
I’ve always kind of written this band off as mostly a typical fe-metal thing, operratic female vox, some power metal-ish music. This one seems to get a bit heavier, a bit of a folk metal thing too, also with death metal growls, kind of more into an Epica sound.

Audrey Horne
Napalm Records
Kind of a blusey hard rockin’ stoner metal type thing… This is their 6th album as what started as a side project for some black metal band guy’s side project. Melodic and almost classic rock ish.

Vuur Van Verzet
Napalm Records
Folk metal, but a sort of melodic death thing with Folk… or is it folk with melodic death? whatever, it’s both and it’s catchy, fun and heavy in parts. This band has been around a while and have a good thing going.

Terror Universal
Make Them Bleed
Minus Head Records
This has a guy from Ill Nino, Ahrue from Machine Head. A horror grooving metal thing. A bit of a Slipknot style of metal, kind of heavy, yet accessible and yet heavy too.

Cemetery Preston
Pink Lemonade Records (CD) (asher)
Kind of grindy doom, some sludge, but some grooves too.

The Rapturous Unraveling
Boris Records
Two tracks of good ol Grooving death metal.

Sermon to the Snake
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
A little doom, some hardcore, death metal and grooves. Vox are a little black metal screamy, but overall, this could just be old school death metal, maybe with an Obituary vibe.
18 January 2018

Grotesque Offerings (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Doomy death metal, good slow groove and a dark evil feel.
19 January 2018

I, Voidhanger Records
A split EP of some out there post metal/atmospheric black metal type stuff.
19 January 2018

Frost Giant
The Harlot Star
Transcending Records
I hear some black metal, I hear technical death, I hear melodic death, extreme thrash, even a tiny bit of folk metal. It’s fast and not messing around. good stuff.

We Are All Born Evil
Bleeding Music Records
This is some classic metal/power metal stuff. Good solid standard good ol classic metal.

Dark Hound
A metal band from Nashville… what!? Yeah. Kind of a classic metal/hard rock with some grooves and melodic hooks.

Sonic Prophecy
Savage Gods
Rockshots Records
Kind of a classic metal, good screamy high vox, a bit of a prog/power metal thing going on a little too.

Invocation of Moribund Spirits CD/LP
Blood Harvest
A grooving doomy death metal, heavy, with a bit of a grungy tone. Decent stuff.

Faceless Burial
Grotesque Miscreation CD
Blood Harvest
Death metal… maybe a little gore/grindy.

Rituals Of Black Magic
Scarlet Records
Female fronted prog metal, a bit of a melodic power prog thing happening.

Dustin Behm
The Beyond
Rockshots Records
This is some instrumental prog metal, a little bit like Jeff Loomis’ solo stuff, good grooves and shredding and heavy enough to keep it interesting.

Rockshots Records
Prog metal! A bit melodic death-ish, heavier music, vox are growly and singy, good melodic prog keyboard stuff… Great release for a prog metal fan.

Perfect Beings
We got some prog rock! Not pushing into metal, just good old rock type stuff, Porcupine Tree/ Steven Wilson type stuff.

Band: Concrete Eden
Album: Left
Label: NRT Records
Hardcore/Nu Metal from Austria. Kind of a neat throwback thing, production is vocal centered. A fun listen.

Luciferian Insectus
Zal van Beherit
Label: Apollyon Entertainment
Blackened death metal, a bit more on the black metal side of things with some evil happenings.

Crimson Devils
A Taste For Blood
Good bluesy stoner metal with some monster grooves. Short catchy songs.

Haunted by Rock & Roll
EMP Label Group
A classic metal here also poking into a little thrash in parts, some bluesy metal in parts, and vox getting screamy in parts, regular singing, and growling here and there too. Cool stuff.

Band: Mile
Album: The World In Focus
Label: Rambo Music
This band has a classic metal feel, but also maybe a little thrash and melodic metal, catchy grooves are going on good too.

I’d have to throw this on the Melodic death pile. Maybe a bit of a thrashy feel working into more melodic death

Restus Corpus
Self Released
Some South American thrash music with death metal vox from April of 2017. Production is a little raw.

Bleeding Gods
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
A Dutch band that has a bit of an epic blackened death metal thing going on. Think Behemoth with a tiny bit of Dimmu Borgir.

Nadir Music
This Albanian band is a little bit thrash, some groove metal, some little doom things going on, as it’s a little downtempo in parts… Overall, it’s kind of a melodic groove metal that’s kind of accessible.

Buck Tow Truck
Death Wields A Six String
Self Released
A sort of classic metal, heavy hard rock, production is ok, a bit of a horror/doom feel too.

Storm of Particles
Gaea Hypothesis
Self Released
I’d have to say this one falls into Melodic death, a good set of meedly melodic guitars with some death growls all on metal that’s not brutal, not just power metal, a good center of melodic death.

Thunderbolt [Single]
Silver Lining Music
Solid classic metal. These guys stand the test of time, and another good effort here on this single.

Blood and Brutality
Decor Macabre
Self Released
As the band name suggests, this could be brutal and maybe gory… and well, these guys have the perfect name, because it’s a bit gore metal with brutal death metal and monster grooves, even melodic in some parts. But mostly brutal classic death metal.

“The Great Homage Night” Single
A classic metal, maybe a NYOBHM type sound.

New Stuff This Week… 1/8/18

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Jan 062018


THRIF – The Human Race Is Filth
Title: Human Exposed (EP)
Label: Independent
Kind of a sludgy crusty death metal
Release Date: December 06 (Digital), January 01, 2018 (CD)

Law of the Burning
Symbol of Domination and Cimmerian Shade Recordings
Grooving sort of thrash with a little death metal style vox. (not quite cookie monster, but growly shouts)
1 January 2018

Magick Touch
Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire
Edged Circle Productions
Blassic hard rock, just good grooving stuff, maybe with a little bit of a Thin Lizzy vibe

Anima Sola
Akslen Black Art Records
January 2nd, 2018
Old school doomy black metal

W?drówk? Haniebnie Zako?czy?
Godz Ov War Productions
More old school black metal, with maybe some darker doomy stuff

Rotting Kingdom
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Doomy death metal, some cool grooves

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Doomy black metal.

Laws of Perversion & Filth
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Warfist is some raw (meh production) blackened thrash, kind of decent. Excidium has an old school blackened death/thrash thing going on.

Abeloth EP
Self Released (Qabar)
Black Metal, a bit post-metal and the production is muddy

Damnation’s Hammer
Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres
Self Released (via email)
A good thrashy classic metal with some decent grooves.

This is some good classic melodic metal, almost Judas Priest-ish, lots of good guitar work… The production is good, maybe a little punchy

Animate (single)
Metal Blade Records
A leftover track from their 2016 album, they are releasing it as a single now… and it’s great, just as everything else on that album. They keep true to the original while making it heavier.

Lost On The Road To Eternity
Classic British rock band, since they’ve been around since the 70’s they do have a throwback sound and a bit of a modern production and feel too. This is more of a classic rock type thing, so I’m not sure about where to put this on the Mosh Pit…

Trident Wolf Eclipse
Century Media Records
Wow, it’s been 5 years since the last Watain album, and as much as I’d like to say it’s worth the wait… it’s also like, hey, you guys are too good to be waiting 5 years between albums! This could be up there for best of 2018 when we recap the best of the year… about a year from now. This is what a black metal album should be, solid production, brutal yet catchy and evil melodic heaviness.

Unholy Divine
Ice Warrior Records
Classic power metal, big voice, I’d say musically, it’s a little faster and heavier than a typical power metal band. Good stuff.

With Doom We Come
Napalm Records
Kind of a folky doom metal.

Corrosion Of Conformity
No Cross No Clown
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Just a single so far, but right off the bat, and old school groove right out, like, Deliverance. First album with the Pepper Keenan lineup reunited. This is good stuff.

Avatar Country
Entertainment One
Just a single here too, but a good catchy groove going to a more experimental clean vox thing. These guys are kind of a modern day Polkadot Cadaver quirky with some heavy catchy metal.

Nether Darkness 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
I guess this would be a blackened death metal, vox seem a bit “atmospheric” in the black metal realm, whereas the music seems to be more of a blackened tech death
5 January 2018

Hellfire Records
A classic type thrash, but with some melodic stuff too, kind of comparable to Trivium, maybe a bit heavier on the heavy parts, and more singy melodic on the melodic parts? make sense?
January 5th, 2018

Hymns For The Drunk
AFM Records
Fun classic thrash sound with a modern full sound and fun lyrics, mostly having to do with partying and drinking! This is a “best of” for stuff up to like, 2010
12 January 2018

Violent Opposition
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Fast kind of grindy brutal technical death, neat stuff

Hellish God
The Evil Emanations
Everlasting Spew Records
Blackened death, fast and brutal, catchy… good stuff

Támsins likam
Metal Blade Records
Kind of a doomy dark death metal, a bit of a katatona/ less proggy opeth
9 January 2018

Ain’t War Hell?
Xtreem Music
This is kind of a thrashy metal along the lines of a Kreator. Cool stuff! Heavy with no letting up.
10 January 2018

Inside Out
Melodic classic prog rock. Nothing metal here, but as a prog fan, this has some longer tracks and might be for a fan of some older Spock’s Beard and Porcupine tree.
Release date: Friday, January 12, 2018

Black Clouds of War
De Tenebrarum Principio
Kind of a doomy black metal. Classic black metal going on, but maybe a little more slow in some parts.
12 January 2018

Argonauta Records
Doomy atmospheric metal, occasionally getting into a little stoner groove… but mostly really just kind of depressing.
Release Date: January 12th, 2018

Infected Syren
Infected Syren
Self Released
A sort of classic metal, but a horror/ fun type feel to it. Very prominent guitars, but a good catchy groove hard rockin’ metal.

Unutterable Horrors
Horror Pain Gore Death
Grooving death metal, a little bit thrashy in parts, but really just a great catchy brutal-ish grooving death metal.
(set for release on January 12th 2018)

Denial of Creation
Blackened um, metal. It’s not black metal, it’s not death metal, Ok, I guess it’d fit into some death metal category… probably a melodic blackened death thing. It’s not full on BRUTAL, but it’s fast and heavy, almost extreme thrash… Good stuff.

X – Varg Utan Flock
Season of Mist
A bit doom, and some black metal elements, a more melodic death

Sangue Cassia
Season of Mist
Female fronted blackened doom…