New Stuff This Week… 9/25/17

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Sep 242017

Cannibal Corpse
Code of the Slashers – single
Metal Blade Records
What do you expect from this band at this point? Great meaty brutal grooves and corpsegrinder screaming his head off. No sign of letting up and maybe even being more techinical.

Inside / Outside – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
First single. good stuff, classic melodic hard rock. Can’t wait to hear his new Sons of Apollo stuff too.

36 Crazyfists
These guys have been doing this a long time, a good version of melodic metalcore type stuff with Brock Lindow’s distinctive vocals. Music is solid, the vox are a raspy clean-ish style

King Parrot
Ugly Produce
Hardcore-punky grindy death metal.

Jag Panzer
The Deviant Chord
Always a solid power metal with a pinch of prog metal thing going on, and this being their first album in 6 years… they still got it… especially being this type of band from not europe! (colorado)

The Bronx
Kind of hardcore, kind of punk, melodic hard rocking stuff.

Veil of Maya
Overthrow SIngle
Djenty technical brutalcore. (sumerian core?) Clean vox doing chorus stuff, like modern mall-ish metal core.

Spearheaderon (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
13 October 2017
A little grindy, death metal, instrumental. A little doom too.


Deep calleth upon Deep
Napalm Records
They’re back with more of their black n roll. I feel like they have this sound down, a good doomy blackened groove. It’s heavy, but just has such meaty grooves, so it’s definitely “Satyricon” but not as really heavy as older stuff.

Arisen From Nothing
Collective Wave Records
This is some modern metal type stuff, a good groove, heavy, but yet it seems accessible, like a five finger death punch

Doomsday (Single)
Epitaph Records
Proggish metalcore, chilled and laid back, and metalcore like in the heaver parts. Good technicality.

Rough Times
Nuclear Blast USA
Sludgey doom (on the one single I have so far) Good grooves, meaty old school vibes

Every Mother’s Nightmare
High Voltage Music
Remember this band? Yeah. They’re back. I guess now that I look things up, they had an EP out a couple years ago of this same name, and now a full length, prior to that, it was a 13 year break. So, yeah, a bit of a southern bluesy classic hard rock groove going on here.

Through Worlds of Stardust – DOWNLOAD
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Classic band with a new album doing their classic sound… with that voice!

Ghosts of Yet to Come – DOWNLOAD
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Same as most stuff on this label, good solid hard rock.

Heavy Living – DOWNLOAD
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Again, grooving blusey hard rock, good punchy sound

See You On The Dark Side – DOWNLOAD
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
I kind of wish I could just do a show to showcase some of this cool new modern classic hard rock type stuff. Another great catchy hard rock instant classic.

Lethal Injektion
Blinding Light
RuffLife Recordz
Modern metalcore stuff, with singy emo-ish vox.

Godhead Machinery
Inverse Records
Melodic death metal with a pinch of doom. Catchy aggressive stuff

The Pact (CD, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Doomy classic metal

Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria
Classic brutal black metal, technical, heavy, evil, cold, good stuff.

Unhallowed Blood Oath CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Classic old school black metal. Lo-fi.

Allure of the Fallen (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Melodic blackened doomy death metal. A creepy evil vox sound, meedly cold black metal feeling guitars, but some cool melodic stuff going on.

Breaking Samsara
Light Of A New Beginning
A classic metal/hard rock thing, almost sounds like something from Frontiers records, maybe a bit more modern/prog elements going on.

Worm (USA)
Evocation of the Black Marsh LP/TAPE
Iron Bonehead
Any time it says it’s released on TAPE in this day and age… I gotta think it’s going to not sound good. Yup. Loud, and in your face, sounds rough and raw… not my thing. Black Death metal type stuff.

Ice War (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Now this says “TAPE” too… but this one is more of a throwback classic stoner doom. Maybe a Thin Lizzy-ish type thing with more creepy doom vox.

Plains of Decay
Dark Descent Records
This is some good stuff, brutal blackened death metal. Yeah! It’s not just black metal, it’s not just death metal, but grooving death metal with a little black metal edge to it.

Cosmos Comedenti
Invictus Productions
Doomy sludge/noisy black metal. Long tracks.

Lust for Wonder
Pitch Black Records
Female fronted power metal, kind of a gothy symphonic feeling. Operattic clean female vocals.

Not from Here
Eclipse Records
This is some classic metal type stuff. Just a hard rock thing. Good grooves.

Potestas Magicum Diaboli
Melodic classic black metal. Good slower parts, full on brutal and dark/evil heavy parts.

Buried Realm
The Ichor Carcinoma
Thrashy melodic death metal. Cool technicality and an epic full feeling with the keyboards. Cool stuff, sort of a brutal prog metal.

Coven (Japan)
The Advent
Svart Records
Classic metal, they are inspired by the NWOBHM sound with female vox. Kinda neat!

Temporal Rifts
Argonauta Records
They say to “File Under: Doom Metal / Heavy Psych” and yeah, it’s right on, it’s got the doomy classic sound, but a bit of a psychedelic thing going on too.

Fights the Reds
Infamy PR
Raw and brutal death metal with a bit of a punk attitude. Mushy production.

Process Of Guilt
Black Earth
Bleak Recordings/Division Records
Doomy post metal.

Album: Wrong Desire
Label: Revalve records
Melodic metal with female vox. Vox are clean but with a bit of rasp, not all operattic… music is kind of proggy melodic death-ish.

Relentless Mutation
Season of Mist
Brutal fast machine gun drum death metal. Great stuff.

Stranger Times
Season of Mist
A bit of a melodic doom… a bit throwback, some maybe goth feel too.

Band: Woe Unto Me
Album: Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed
Label: Solitude Production
Doomy death metal. Melodic and a bit depressing a few bursts of brtual-ness… but not a lot… really long songs. (From Belarus!)

The Darkest Black (Single)
Melodic death- female fronted,

The Process Of Self-Becoming
I, Voidhanger Records
Old school melodic classic black metal, Heavy, dark and cold too

I, Voidhanger Records
Aww yeah. Brutal blackened death metal. Catchy grooves with a black metal evilness and feeling. good stuff.


New Stuff This Week… 9/18/17

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Sep 172017


Hard rocking sludgey stoner metal, maybe a bit of an Alice in Chains vibe going on mixed with some Trouble

If Looks Could Kill – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
From a forthcoming greatest hits type album compilation, this track is new, and kind of has a little bit of a Scorpions vibe to it…

Crash And Burn – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l
To be honest, I remember this band’s name and artwork and stuff from their release around 1990ish… but not their sound… This track has a feeling from that time though, maybe a little bit of a catchy bluesy hard rock. Makes me want to rock out with a cheap bear and air-guitar along!

With The Dead
Love From With The Dead
Rise Above
sludgey doom with long songs, slow depressing, yet meaty riffs.

“The World Without Us” [Single]
A metalcore-ish djenty tech groove metal. A bit progg-ish and catchy too

Act of Defiance
Old Scars, New Wounds
Metal Blade Records
A super group of sorts on their 2nd album. Catchy heavy extreme thrashing stuff. Melodic death leaning towards some just plain death metal. Heavy and brutal… monster grooving riffs. Some clean vox.

You’re Not You Anymore
Pure Noise Entertainment
Screamy metalcore, all heavy, kind of technical, melodic and chaotic.

Cradle Of Filth
Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay
Nuclear Blast USA
Just a single so far… but pretty good stuff, classic wall of blackened epic metal with Dani Filth’s trademark vox. Great stuff.

Diabolo Blvd
Zero Hour
Metalville Records
A bit of a doomy stoner metal.

Necrophile (Japan)
Awakening Those Oppressed
Unholy Prophecies
A little bit grindy and grooving classic death metal. It’s a bit raw and old school, but brutal!

Chaotic Devotion
Boris Records
Kind of some grungy sludgey death metal. 2 songs, good grooves though.

Chugga chugga brutal death metal. huge meaty grooves

CANKER (Spain)
Xtreem Music
This is kind of a mix of some death metal, thrash, a little black metal and grooving death metal.

The I
Melodic death metal with a blackened thing going on. It’s got some clean and growly vox. A bit catchy and a bit proggish.

Children of the Sounds
Classic old school melodic prog rock. Female fronted, big long songs. (not metal)

Misleading Evil
World War Now Records
Great thrashed up classic metal. Lots of good guitar work, but a more raw and gritty production. Has an old Metallica meets Iron Maiden thing going on. ur

Svart Records
classic Black metal with creepy shouted/screamed vox

Angels & Demons
A bit of a metalcore, experimental, prog thing. A bit of a punky sludge thing going on with melodic and wierd stuff too.

Massacre Elite
Scarlet Records
Classic thrash… A bit like Exodus, because you’ll swear the vox are by Zetro! They’re not…and its great stuff.

Inverse Records
Kind of a melodic laid back Tool sounding thing. Dark-ish alt. hard rock/metal. Musically more like a depressing Porcupine Tree that doesn’t ever really get going. Vox sound like Maynard Keenan.

Qaal Babalon
Argonauta Records
When it says this: “File Under: Ritual Doom Sludge” There’s a 99% chance I’m not going to like it. This isn’t the 1%. 4 LONG songs of sludgey noise

Argonauta Records
This one says: “File Under: Desert Stoner Rock / Heavy Psych” And it must mean, VERY laid back stoner rock. Very chilled out.

Terror Empire
Obscurity Rising
Mosher Records
This is some gritty melodic thrashy death metal and right up the Mosh Pit’s alley.

Classic thrash / old school metal but maybe a little bit of a really old Motley Crue rawness. Clean vox

We Came From Wolves
Haunt Me EP
Heart Out
Kind of an alternative rock/metalcore-ish thing.


Album: Comedy Is Over (Re-issue)
Label: Deformeathing Production
Brutal death metal

Self Released
File this under WTF? Disjointed noise, voiceovers, sound clips, occasional black metal growls and screams. We then get into a little bit of a black metal thing in parts…

Relapse Records
A sort of gothy clean female vox rock thing, with some dark overtones

Signs (Of A Slumbering Beast)
Black and White
Nub Music
Alt-metal. You got some poppy metalcore with growls, otherwise, commercial-ish sounding hard rock.

Band: Turbocharged (Sweden)
Album: Apocalyptic
Label: Go Fuck Yourself Productions
They say it’s “Deathpunk Metal” and yeah, I can hear that, it’s got a bit of a distorted grungy distorted heavy doom/stoner metal sound, but a solid abrasive groove. Cool stuff!

Young Hunter
Magnetic Eye
Laid back sort of stoner metal… catchy, throw-back-ish. Maybe like a mastodon meets foo-fighters in parts.




New Stuff This Week… 9/11/17

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Sep 102017

New Damage
A bit of a doomy goth metal, a bit dark and depressing, but maybe a little metalcore

Enter The Arena
This is some extreme thrash, catchy, heavy, yet still light enough to not really be sooo brutal. There’s some good heavy parts, but lots of good melodic solos and classic thrash!

“The Shadow” (single)
A new wave of metalcore? It’s kind of heavy, yet laid back and chilled out/doomy. clean vox but more melodic and kind prog-vox. I’d say this is what is the new modern power ballad. It’s good and driving, but not all fast and heavy, great grooves and harsh vox along with the clean vox. interesting.

Left Hand Pass
Season of Mist
Very similar sound to the band that their name resembles! Yeah, it’s heavy death metal similar to Cannibal Corpse… but i dunno, there seems to be a bit more groove

Good Tiger
The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking – radio single
Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records
Alternative rock/prog rock. Melodic kind of catchy and classic prog rock type stuff.

Nuclear Blast USA
Brutal, blackened death. Just one song so far, but these guys are a force to be reckoned with. Solid brutality

The Contortionist
Entertainment One
Well, this one single was pretty laid back prog rock type stuff… kind of reminded me of Porcupine Tree… I sure hope the rest of this album is a bit heavier

Evil Invaders
Feed Me Violence
Napalm Records
Fast and furious heavy catchy thrash!!

Wage War
Fearless Records/Concord Music Group
A metalcore thing… growly vox making way for emo-ish choruses… decent stuff til the happy singy stuff.

Weapons Of Anew
The Collision Of Love And Hate
OK Good Records
Melodic “solid rock” type metal going on here. Decent grooves, melodies, vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars, just more hard rock-ish.

Go On Great Immortal
Msndrstd Music
Melodic, laid back hard rock / alternative rock type stuff pretty catchy and grooving, but but probably not quite metal-like for the Mosh Pit.


Paradox of Existence
Xtreem Music
Classic death metal with a little bit of dark blackened metal feeling

Two Paths
Metal Blade Records
Melodic death metal with a little bit of viking/folk thing going on… great stuff once again!

Army of One (Bonus Edition) Through the Storm (Bonus Edition)
Metal Blade Records
Some reissues and bonus stuff.

Follow Me: Kill!
Metal Blade Records
Kind of grooving, kind of thrashy, a bit metalcore… you know… and some good growly female vox!

Caligula’s Horse
In Contact
Prog metal. Mostly meloidic more on the prog rock side of things with a heavier sound (as opposed to like a Dream theater with lighter sound?) Cool stuff for any prog fan.

Across the Empty Plains
Black metal… cold, evil, dark, but good groove too

Endless Computer LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of a grindy thrash. Abrasive vox, maybe heavy fast sludge?

Nocturnes Mist
Diabolical Baptism
Seance Records
Really heavy old school melodic black metal. Nice and evil sounding, fast, brutal and laden with grooves too!

Sándor Vály
Young Dionysos
Noise. Background. Noise.

Midnite Hellion
Condemned to Hell
Witches Brew
Melodic thrash… a bit of a classic metal feel, but thrashier? Yeah. not too bad.

Oraculum (Chile)
Always Higher
Invictus Productions
Blackened death metal, maybe with a bit of grind thing happening.

Burning Torches (CD, 12″ MLP)
Hells Headbangers
this is blackened death / thrash. a gallopy thrash thing going on, but with that cold evilness of black metal

A Sad Sadness Song
Doomy black metal. 4 long songs, vox are pretty shrieky, no way one could make out ANY words.

Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns
Label: Non Serviam Records
Symphonic melodic death. Catchy, heavy, a cool metal edge… blackened death feeling too.

Moonlight Desires
Just The Hits: 1981-1985
Infamous Butcher Records
Not sure what the story with this band is, but they do hard rock/metal -ish versions of some catchy 80’s songs like Hungry like the Wolf, Sunglasses at Night, Bettie Davis Eyes, etc. Fun stuff (i’m a sucker for heavy covers of non metal songs!)

Lord of Pain
Self Released
This is different… kind of a proggy sludge metal. The grungy stoner metal thing going on, but quite the technical stuff goin on too. A bit doomy too

With Gangrene Edges / Voiidwarp
I, Voidhanger Records
Howls of Ebb is some dirty death metal, Khthonic Cerviiks is technical blackened death (a couple really long tracks with some interludes)

Seance Records
Classic black metal… blast beats, melodic stuff, cold guitars, good production

Blood Tyrant / Departure Chandelier
Split 7″ EP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Noisy black metal.

Kaos Krew
Record label: Inverse Records
Grooving industrial metal, a bit on the solid rock side…

The Cult of Astaroth
Argonauta Records
HEavy doomy sludge metal.

Grief & Bliss
Kind of a drony black metal, doomy, dark, depressing.

Album: Crush The Pious
Label: Barbarian Wrath
Blackeded deathy thrash metal.

Album: Intemperance
Label: Witches Brew
This is a melodic-ish thrash metal from Chile. A classic thrash with a bit of a Slayer vibe, maybe a bit more heavy yet melodic too.

Album: The Saw Is Family
Label: Witches Brew
German death metal, meaty grooving riffs, extreme vox and sound too. great stuff.

Album: Pale Distant Light
Label: Heathen Tribes
Described as “Melancholic Black metal” If they mean kind of doomy depressing black metal? (which they do) spot on!

Album: La fin de l’ère Sauvage
Label: Heathen Tribes
I so want this band to be sooo bad, so I can just say, it’s not Woest, it’s the Worst. Well, it’s NOT the worst, but it’s not my thing. described as “Black / Doom / Industrial” I can hear all three… it’s a bit boomy with weak classic lo-fi production. The doom has more of a gothy feel. overall a bit meh.

Band: DUN
Album: Hors du Gouffre
Label: Heathen Tribes
More or less, classic basic black metal.

We Won’t Get Out Of Here Alive
Brutal Panda Records
Basic hard rock, almost alt-rock

Neck Deep In Filth
Self-Titled EP
Label: Self-Released
Heavy and crusty hardcore punk from Nepal. fun to think about a band doing this where they’re from!

Solitary Ritual
Solitary Ritual
Maybe a gothy doom thing, vox are a bit, um, different. clean, and foreign… non-native english? I dunno.

Eastern High
Garden Of Heathens
Melodic death-ish, maybe some goth/doom type stuff thrown in. pretty cool… maybe some metalcore or technical stuff going on too.

New Stuff This Week… 9/4/17

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Sep 042017

Living Colour
This is some great stuff, they still have that sound they had from the first album, great grooves, crisp production. This sounds like it could have been released right after Time’s Up. Catchy and groovin’.

Travelin Jack
Commencing Countdown
Female fronted kind of throwback Hard rock… janis joplinesque vox. Good grooves.

As the World Burns (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
First single from this… creepy melodic doom

Involuntary Doppelganger (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Technical death metal. Fast and heavy, oh a jazzy interlude? ok cool. back to brutal. way cool. One song, we want more!

Dark Sky Choir
Dark Sky Choir
Good grooving hard rock.

Arch Enemy
Will To Power
Century Media Records
Hard to review this…as I’m an Arch Enemy fanboy… So, this is a little disappointing that in interviews about Jeff Loomis not having any writing input… I think most people were looking forward to that… that said… this is still good stuff, a bit more maybe watered down and now the 2nd album with Alyssa doing vox, a consistent lineup from a full tour, things seem to fit together pretty well.

Serious Black
AFM Records
Crunchy power metal, clean vox with some rasp, then getting into high screamy vox sometimes, pretty good stuff.

While She Waits
While She Waits
A grooving southern bluesy hard rock/metal

Brant Bjork
Europe 16
Napalm Records
Kind of a stoner metal with some grooving stuff. Melodic and chilled out and a bit bluesy too.

Legends Of The Shires
Metalville Records
Long time prog metal band are back with a new one. Good solid just Prog metal. Keyboards, clean vox, virtuosic playing. Good stuff.

Another Distraction
Kind of a melodic modern metalcore thing

Comeback Kid
Nuclear Blast USA
Kind of a thrashy metalcore. Just a single so far, but good stuff so far!

Dark Descent of Fallen Souls (LP)
8 September 2017
Vinyl reissue of this Michigan blackened death metal band’s first album. We’ve always been on board with this band and a bit sad when they decided to call it quits…. good excuse to play it again.

From Fields of Fire
Cruz Del Sur Music
A big more like the newer proggy Opeth musically, vox are a bit on the clean side with a stoner metal vibe. So a proggy classic metal, stoner metal, maybe a little bit of a Mercyful fate thing going on.

Maschere – A Night At The Theater
Scarlet Records
An epic proggy power metal thing. It’s got some heavy stuff, while having some typical epic power metal stuff too. I dunno, this seems to have a heavier edge with a few more layers than a typical like Nightwish or something. Cool stuff.

Nordvis Produktion
Dark folky doom type stuff.

Mausoleum Gate
Into a Dark Divinity
Cruz Del Sur Music
This is some classic bluesy metal with organ, clean vox, a 70’s deep purple type vibe going on. Good grooves, stoner metal feelings.

Total Extermination
Greyhaze Records [vinyl reissue]
Sludgey Blackened doom. Creepy, low-fi, meh.

Contempt, War and Damnation (CD)
Hells Headbangers
Blackened death, good grooves, evil feels, solid brutality and leaning more on the modern black metal side of things.

My Endless Immensity
A Sad Sadness Song
Melodic black metal, some more chilled out stuff, crossing into some crazy heavy black metal, but really being proggy in the light stuff and in the heavier stuff too.

Hands of Orlac / The Wandering Midget
Cruz Del Sur Music
Hands of Orlac is some throwback doom… meaty catchy riffs, creepy female clean vox. cool stuff. Wandering Midget, one 18+ minute track of crunchy doomy stoner metal. also cool stuff!

Album: “Burn Them To The Ground”
Label: Witches Brew
This is some heavier power metal type stuff. maybe a thrashy power metal? yeah.

Season of Mist
Grindy and grooving, almost thrashy, brutal, catchy and fast quick short songs.

Season of Mist
Black metal, but with some melodic proggy stuff going on, kind of like a more extreme Opeth

Wrath of the Tyrant Records
Not to be confused by the Milwaukee band of the same name but without the hyphen… this is some basic old school black metal.

Killing Suzy
Everybody dies, Darling!
Self Released
This is some pretty cool heavier goth metal with clean female vox. Good stuff, it has a heavier groove, kind of basic prog metal thing going on too.

The First Chapter
Self Released
This is some classic metal, nothing really swaying into any main genre… maybe a bit on the prog/power metal side of things. Cool stuff.

Glass Mind
Mexican instrumental prog. it is what it says! Kind of Animals as Leaders meets Liquid Tension Experiment

Mother Gray
Bleeding Music
This is some kind of extreme blackend prog? metal? It’s heavy, kind of brutal, but has a good catchy melody and probably fits in melodic death but with that technical prog thing… bonus, last track is a cover of Survivor’s Burning Heart

Band: I, Forlorn
Album: My Kingdom Eclipsed
Self Released
Doomy black metal. dark, depressing…

Deranged Pagan Sons
Nine Records
Doomy stoner metal

Gerechter Zorn
Kind of a grooving traditional metal thing. a little darker and close to thrashy stuff.

Forsaken One
Sleaszy Rider
A bit of a melodic thrash. Catchy cool stuff.

Shahyd Legacy
Self Released
Melodic guitar based instrumentals. Shahyd Legacy is a guitar god type guy… lots of shredding.

Binary Creed
A Battle Won
Hard rocking proggy power metal. But! Songs are all under 5 mins, so quick epic songs!

New Stuff This Week… 8/28/17

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Aug 282017

Brendon Small
Galaktikon II: Become The Storm
We all know Brendon Small as the driving force behind Dethklok, and this is his 2nd album under this moniker, and with some drama around Dethklock being hung up by the Cartoon Network, this is effectively a new Dethklok album according to the band which is the same members…(gene hoglan, bryan beller, brendan small) So it’s a sort of extreme melodic death. Great stuff, and isn’t everything with Gene Hoglan on it good?

36 Crazyfists
“Death Eater” / “Better To Burn” [Single]
Of all of the metalcore bands, we’ll always have a soft spot for 36 Crazyfists… they have a good heavy groove, clean vox and we had some exploring of the inner bowels of the Rave with some band members back in the day. Great to see they’re still at it and this new stuff is pretty good! Melodic, heavy, catchy and good clean production

You Got Me Twisted – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Just a good solid hard rock power ballad type thing.

Fuck this Place – radio single
Metal Blade Records
First album since Oderus died… they’ve released some covers and some stuff here and there, but this is pretty good solid and catchy metal all with that Gwar attitude!

The Black Dahlia Murder
Nightbringers – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Another metal blade single hit the inbox… some great new stuff from TBDM. Melodic, brutal, pissed off and technical too. I’ve come to like these guys more and more over the years. Good stuff.

“De Tre Piker” / “Ulvinde”
Relapse Records
Atmospheric rock? Clean Female vox… not quite metal. I guess I’m on the Relapse mail list for everything… and they should have skipped me on this one.

Alter Bridge
Live At The O2 Arena
Napalm Records
I can’t say I’ve been a huge fan of this band as they are more on the commercial side of hard rock, but I caught some of their live set last year and it was pretty impressive… mostly because of Myles Kennedy’s voice. So this is a live show from the UK.

In Through The Out Door
This sounds like it could be along the vein of Steel Panther type stuff. Fun hard rockin’ stuff that is all funny and stuff.

Paradise Lost
Nuclear Blast USA
Doomy melodic stuff touching into maybe a deathy/black metal thing. They’ve had ups and downs and I think this is more of an Up and back to their good sounds (where there’s some heavy stuff)

The Quill
Botrn From Fire
Metalville Records
Good full sounding stoner metal type thing

Codex Omega
Prosthetic Records
Brutal, technical, catchy and melodic/symphonic too. Great stuff!

The Solace System EP
Nuclear Blast USA
Well, I often compare bands TO Epica, but nothing can compare to the original. They have that fe-metal vox, but they keep it heavy too… I think a lot of bands tend to just stay more power-metal and these guys/girl are full on Epic but keep it heavy and dark too.

Under Cover
Motorhead Music/Silver Lining Music
Stuff that Motorhead covered over the years from tribute albums and some new recordings

Mist Of Misery
Shackles of Life
Black Lion Records
An epic and symphonic black metal type thing. Melodic, proggish good grooves too.

Eihwaz Recordings
This one is interesting, it’s kind of grindy death metal, but gets into some melodic stuff too, big meaty grooves

From North
From North
Some cool melodic death with a little bit of a folk thing going on.

The Deathcantation
Inverse Records
This is kind of melodic death too, almost prog metal-ish. Kind of metalcore-ish a LITTLE bit, or maybe more of a Lamb of God meets melodic death? Cool stuff.

Princesse Terre (Three Studies of Silence and Death)
Avantgarde Music
28 August 2017

Speed Kill LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A basic kind of motorhead sounding thing

Red Mountains
Slow Wander
All Good Clean Records
Some doomy stoner metal that reminds me a little bit of Kyuss

Collective: The Shape of He to Come
Avantgarde Music
1 September 2017

Ossuary Insane
Demonize the Flesh LP
Blood Harvest
Kind of an extreme thrash / death metal type thing. production is a bit basic, giving it that kind of a “local band” feel, but the music and energy are there… cool stuff

Dutchguts / Chained To The Dead
Split CD
Horror Pain Gore Death
Dutchguts is kind an extreme stoner metal/hardcore type thing. Chained to the dead is more of a grindy grooving death metal.

Fighter Records
This is some power metal, a really high screamy over the top voice thing going on, maybe a bit of a speedier power metal like a Dragonforce

Manifest Rebellion
Caverna Abismal
Grooving and meaty and yes, melodic too… death metal! Good brutal stuff while also having those big hooks and melody

Argonauta Records
A sludgey doom metal, but like, heavier. Extreme doom? Harsh vox, but a good heavy fast groove.

Album: “Below Mediocrity”
Label: Witches Brew
The description says “Black thrash n roll” and yeah, it’s kind of that, a bit punk and thrashy rock with a black metal feel in its rawness.

Terrible Old Man
Fungi From Yuggoth
MDD Records
Solid just classic hard rock / metal. Maybe a power metal AOR type thing. Cool band name

Morbid Skull Records
Kind of raw blackened death metal. Quick 2 minute tracks, vox are a bit shouty/screamy… kind of decent stuff.

Trained When We’re Young
Rotten Records
Melodic hard rock, a bit on the prog-experimental side… I can only think of something like Faith No More to compare it to. Melodic, piano stuff, gets a little “metal” in parts too.

Album: Possessed By Steel
Label: Witches Brew
two songs of classic heavy Thrash metal from Paraguay

Release: Rough Grind
Four For The Road (EP)
Record label: Inverse Records
Just kind of some standard classic metal, maybe a melodic metal thing with vox that remind me a little of Motorhead.

Album: Underworld
Label: Witches Brew
Disorder is from Nepal and Distruptor is from Peru. Disorder is some actually cool catchy heavy thrash. Distruptor is a bit of a heavier speedy thrash thing bordering on some deathy thrash. Both are pretty good!

Album: “Tyrant’s Dictum”
Label: Witches Brew
Two songs of some classic sounding dark metal from Portugal, a little bit of a melodic thrash-ish sound. pretty cool.

New Stuff This Week… 8/21/17

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Aug 212017


Alpha Tiger
Alpha Tiger
This is like a power metal, but with some hammond organ stuff going on, so there’s a bit of a throwback vibe. A neat groove and catchiness of just some classic metal, and giving modern feel too. So much of it sounds familiar but really it’s a unique mix of genres. Good stuff.

Heavy brutal blackened death metal, maybe a bit symphonic with a Cradle of Filth/Dimmu Borgir type thing

The New Roses
One More For The Road
Napalm Records
A kind of southern bluesy hard rock thing. Catchy fun hard rockin’ stuff.

Leaving eden
Out Of The Ashes
Dark Star Records
Female fronted modern metal/hard rock. Decent catchy hooks and guitar solos… but a bit on the commercial metal side of things.

American Wrecking Company
Everything and Nothing
Pavement Entertainment
A pretty straightforward thrashy modern metal with some hardcore stuff going on too.

Renaissance In Extremis
Peaceville Records
Good full on death metal and melodic death and going into some proggy melodic death. This is just one 7 min single so far, but great stuff a-la Opeth.

The Haunted
Strength In Numbers
Century Media Records
From the ashes of At the Gates came the Haunted to fly the flag of Swedish Melodic death metal…After just one stinker album in there, these guys are still back to form with catchy stuff, heavy stuff, melodic and still full on aggressive too.

Pagan Altar
The Room of Shadows
Temple of Mystery
A bit of a folk/doom classic metal. I guess this band was orginally a NWOBHM band with a bootlegged underground album… well, here they are with the first album in 11 years. Good grooves.

Burn the World
Metal Blade Records
This sounds like some really old school 80’s like pagan/black metal type stuff, maybe a bit like a Mercyful Fate… Great throwback heavy thrash type stuff, with a high screamy voice (maybe like John Arch), a dark and evil feeling.

“Of Erthe and Axen” Act I
Erthe and Axen Records
Melodic proggy hard rock, kind of like Porcupine tree, but it elevates into some symphonic melodic death too. Great dynamics, reminds me of some Opeth

Canyon of the Skull
The Desert Winter
One 37 Minute track of Doomy death metal.

Battle Raider
Fighter Records
Big screamy metal voice on top of classic metal, kind of a power metal/thrash/classic metal thing. Cool stuff. I’m a sucker for big high screamy metal.

BLOODLUST (Australia)
At the Devil’s Left Hand
Caverna Abismal
Heavy or maybe extreme thrash. Catchy riffs, powerful drumming and vox. Vox are growly and we’ve got a kind of thrashy death metal thing going on. Cool stuff with meaty grooves.

Skepsis Part II (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
A single of some full on brutal blackened death metal, Great stuff. more please!

Eden’s Curse
AFM Records
Power metal, decent stuff, nothing too techy, nothing too commercial or anything, just straightforward almost AOR type metal.

Gundog Allegiance (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
1:27 of brutal grindy death metal. Cool stuff.

From The Dead
High Roller Records
Some classic metal with some big high screamy vox. We’re probably getting into some 80’s or 90’s hard rock sounds here.

Howling Giant
Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2
Grooving throwback stoner-ish doom metal. Hammond Organ, meaty riffs, but a bit depressing too.

LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!
AFM Records
Udo under his last name… a live show of his old Accept stuff… music sounds almost studio quality… vocals are a little raw, but so is Udo, right? Good live album with some nice classic song with a new edge.

An Assfull Of Love
Monkey Madness
A bit of a hard rock, maybe a bit funky alternative metal with some fun lyrics.

Serious Black
AFM Records
Heavier power metal, crunchy riffs, nice big voice with some rasp and good melodic sutff too.

Elbow Deep
Sexually Offensive
Horror Pain Gore Death
This is some extreme thrash/death metal with some not so PC lyrics. So, yeah, take it with a grain of salt and go to hell if you laugh. (i’ll already be there waiting for you)

Obsessed with Death
Meaty grooving death metal. cool stuff.

Cosmic Reawakening
Quality classic black metal with good production, A good evil sound, it’s even catchy and of course, the good classic black metal is melodic too. Great stuff.

Prog rock that gets way way proggy, maybe getting a little heavy in parts, maybe a bit jazzy, vox hearken to Freddie Mercury. Good stuff, maybe not mosh pit material.

Past, Present…Torture
BRUTAL death metal! Maybe a bit grindy, but this is full on heavy as shit. And yeah! Grooves!!

Jack Starr’s Burning Star
Stand Your Ground
High Roller Records
Big voice classic metal, with maybe a bit of thrashy heaviness. Great guitar work

Guide My Fury
Inverse Records
Melodic Death Metal musically, vox are pretty cookie monster style… then some clean sung stuff too. Good mix of brutal and melodic

Fly With Me
A bit of an alternative hard rock thing.

Low Flying Hawks
Jadd / Magnetic Eye
Sludgey doom meets tool.

Burning Arrow
Three songs of classic black metal, heavy and evil… melodic and yeah, good production

Argonauta Records
No other words for this other than some Stoner Rock…/hard rock. Grooving catchy stuff.

Morbid Evils
Svart Records
25 August 2017
Dark and doomy… slow and sludgey… a bit of a black metal feel.

Time EP
Self Released
This one… hmmm, extreme thrash. That catchy/gallopy thrash sound, while being faster and more growly vox.

Self Released
This is some decent melodic death

Luciferian Insectus
Title: Godless
Labels: Apollyon Entertainment
Blackened death metal… yup, meat and potatoes death metal, but faster with some faster guitars and blast beats. not too bad… good melodic stuff too while being all brutal.

Cranely Gardens
House of Decay
It’s melodic death/metalcore type stuff. Good stuff, staying heavy and heavy parts are brutal, some big fat breakdowns.

New Stuff This Week… 8/14/17

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Aug 142017

Metal Blade Records
Epic proggy/power metal with primarily clean sung female vox, some cool death metal growls, kind of making it a little bit like Epica… Probably a bit more melodic and symphonic. Decent stuff.

Chronic Breed (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Brutal death metal, maybe a little bit grindy, just full on in your face death metal. great stuff, can’t wait for more.

Act of Defiance
M.I.A. – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Another new album! It’s been two years since the debut… good modern just good “metal” A bit melodic thrashy and melodic death-ish (growly vox) Can’t wait for more!

The Hirsch Effekt
Long Branch
This is some cool crazy proggy metalcore… maybe a bit like SOAD and Protest the Hero-ish, Faith No More… just a lot of crazy cool stuff going on… definitely crossing into experimental range.

Dead as Truth
Dark and doomy blackened gothy doom. Kind of scary and depressive.

Profane Nexus
Big meaty classic death metal. Great grooves, and a bit dark mood-wise. a Doomy feeling, but still full on death metal.

Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers
Cleopatra Records
Compilation of many different artists (Joel Hoekstra, Bumblefoot, Soto, Gary Hoey, Steve Morse) to benefit veterans. Some tracks are inspired by soldiers and a theme on that.

Thy Art Is Murder
Dear Desolation
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Heavy, technical and brutal metal. Melodic too? Yeah, with a good heavy thrash feel too.

End of Green
Void State
Napalm Records
A bit of a doomy melodic rock thing, at first listen, it sounded like David Bowie vocals.

Brick By Brick
Thin The Herd
Fastbreak Records
A thrashy hardcore thing, maybe a bit like a Pro-Pain… classic barking vox, catchy hardcore’d up thrash beats.

The Mortal Horizon
Xtreem Music
A bit of a blackened doomy death metal. Production is a bit raw, cookie monster vox, the blackened part comes from part attiude and part melodic noisy guitars.

Descent Into Hell (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Solid death metal, great grooves, catchy riffs and a good well rounded brutal sound. Great stuff.

Dr. Shrinker
Archive I DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Compilation of the Milwaukee Thrashy death metal band… fairly raw and lo-fi production… good stuff for a true fan I’d imagine!

La Voie Du Sang
Melancholia Records
Blackened doomy death metal, a bit raw and in your face, some melodic stuff and maybe a bit crusty too.

Evil (Japan)
Rites of Evil LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
This is kind of an extreme thrash, pretty cool stuff. Fast playing and growly screamed vox, all more in a heavy thrash style. cool stuff.

Bret Hart EP
Self Released
Crusty punky hardcore EP about pro wrestlers

Scarlet Records
This is some pretty cool power metal with heavier classic metal tendencies along with some cool proggy stuff. One of my favorites this week.

Total War
Scarlet Records
Whoa, heavy brutal thrash, or thrashy death metal, Great heavy dark sound, barked out growly vox, a big meaty groove

On Top
Top Dollar
Horror Pain Gore Death
Classic metal with a bit of a punky metal feel.

Necromancy Enthroned
Unspeakable Axe Records
Blackened death metal, mostly death metal with a harsh vox reminiscent of black metal. Short-ish songs under 4 minutes, decent quick and to point songs with a brutal thrash feel.

Plagues Upon Arda
Milwaukee’s own… great brutal classic death metal. This is the real deal… heavy, kind of catchy and headbanging and full on brutal. Great stuff!

Casket Robbery
The Ascension
Pretty much a new lineup, this 3 song ep doesn’t fuck around again… brutal and heavy, and great production too! We love these local guys (and now gal) and glad they keep pushing on!

Sons of Crom
The Black Tower
Nordvis Produktion / Bindrune Recordings
Some good classic melodic black/death metal. Kind of like some Opeth in the dynamics of going from laid back doomy chilled out hard rock to full on black metal in parts. It’s leaning more on the melodic stuff.

Your Worst Nightmare (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Basic death metal, with a little bit of a fun thrash vibe.

Steel Mammoth
Atomic Oblivion
A punky doomy stoner type thing

Tech death metal, but with some regular prog metal stuff going on too. 4 songs, and it’s good stuff!

El Calvario MCD/MLP
Iron Bonehead
Doomy post metal. Big meaty riffs, downtempo with guttural growly vox

May The Funeral Begin EP
Inverse Records
Melodic Death Metal, good brutal edge, with a great melodic guitar thing going on. Catchy and a bit proggy/technical too.

Self Released
From India, a bit hard rock, a bit folky sounding because of the Sitar.

Slice of Sorrow
Metal Carnival Records
This is some decent melodic death, some heavier stuff and melodic stuff, you know, melodic death metal! hah. With piano/keyboards, it adds a bit of a proggy element to it.

Power Theory
Something Old, Something New & Something LIVE?!?!?! From Europe
21 March 2017

This is some classic thrash sounding stuff, catchy grooves, a bit more heavy and raw than say a modern thrash type thing.

As I May
Self Released
Kind of a heavier metalcore, music is decent heavy stuff, vox are clean, and growly too…

A Life Lost (single)
A single of some kind of melodic death/modern technical metalcore type stuff. Great melodies, heavy hardcore stuff with harsh vox.


New Stuff This Week…8/7/17

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Aug 072017

Aether Realm
Primitive Ways
Their tagline is something like “were not from Finland!” and well, after hearing it… kind of a folky melodic death metal, maybe an Amorphis meets Children of Bodom… it’s surprising that they’re from North Carolina, but who cares where it’s from, it’s got heavy catchy sound, full of melodic hooks and headbanging fun!

Venom Inc.
Nuclear Blast USA
A subset of Venom with pretty much the Prime Evil lineup. Just this single so far, a bit of a doomy classic metal thing going on. Good grooves and some decent edginess too.

Exit Eden
Rhapsodies In Black
Napalm Records
All female symphonic epic metal type stuff. A typical fe-metal sound, with big powerful clean female vox with a power-metal-ish band. Members of Avantasia and Visions of Atlantis with some guest spots of Simone from Epica too. A lot of pop type covers from Adele, Katy Perry, Bonnie Tyler, Lady Gaga… not too bad if you like fe-metal! (or have little girl daughters and have heard all these pop songs a lot!)

Hundred Suns
The Prestaliis
New Damage Records
A bit noisecore, metalcore, a pinch industrial and modern metal. It’s edgy and heavy, has some catchy grooves, but just too much of a modern metal vibe for me to really get into too much.

Beyond The Pain Barrier
Cleopatra Records
A bit of a classic metal, but with some throwback, a little bit of a Manowar type vibe but not quite over the top and heavy. Just a decent hard rocking classic metal groove.

Death Mass Execution
Larval Productions
Brutal evil black metal. 3 songs of a wall of noisy mush.

Proggy melodic death metal. Really cool stuff, and yeah, really techy, almost like some opeth, but a bit more on the techy death side of the heavier things.

AFM Records
Classic hard rocking power metal. A bit of a classic metal feel in parts, but overall, just some cool heavier edgy power metal. These guys have been around for a while, so they still got it going on.

Horror Pain Gore Death
Sort of a grindy death metal, quick fast songs with fast playing and brutal attitude! All 71 tracks are no more than a minute each with a couple exceptions.

Band: Jesus Cröst
Album: Die Tonmeisterei Sessions
Label: Give Praise records
VERY quick short grindy punked up metal songs. All 71 tracks are no more than a minute each with a couple exceptions.

Jadd / Magnetic Eye
Raw doomy stoner metal but with a bit of a melodic old school thing. Vox remind me a bit of the guy from Pro-Pain, shouted with big meaty grooves to back it up.

From the Hellmouth | Mutilatred – Split EP
Title: Split EP
Labels: Redefining Darkness & Seeing Red Records
From the Hellmouth is wall of sound-ish brutal death metal.. cool stuff! And Mutilatred is a bit more grindy, but full on brutal death metal.

Various Artists (Against PR)
Against PR
This is a PR firm out of Portugal that sends us a lot of that “other stuff” in our weekly adds section, some hit, some miss, some just ok. This is a Compilation of stuff they’ve sent out, or maybe they just like. A wide variety of stuff.

Northern Plague
Scorn the Idle
Self Released
Melodic blackened death metal, great catchy grooves, heavy dark sound, pissed off, kind of technical too.

Grant The Sun
Grant The Sun
Mas-Kina Recordings
Seems like a techy prog stoner metal. Instrumtenal stuff, great riffs and feel

“The Sin And The Sentence” [Single]
Decent stuff from these guys, catchy, melodic and heavy too. They got that Metallica meats Dragonforce thing going on and it’s good for the 1st single!

Self Released
Kind of an alt hard rock type thing, maybe a bit electronic hip hip too

The Foreboding Impasse
Release date: Friday, August 4th 2017
Just a single from an EP that comes out next year, this is some good techy death metal. No fucking around, great grooves and production.

Aug 2016
Since they have a new single out, the PR company thought it’d be a good idea to send out their last release from a year ago… good stuff too, quality technical brutal death metal.


New Stuff This Week…7/31/17

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Jul 302017

Promised Land – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Good solid hard rock with Michael Sweet (Stryper) and George Lynch’s crunchy guitars… Rounded out with James Lomenzo on Bass and Brian Tichy on drums… a hard rock supergroup really. And this is a great classic metal/hard rock song. The album comes out in Nov.

Frontiers Music s.r.l.
New single… this has a throw back old school LA metal feel.

Got Me Runnin’ – RADIO SINGLE
frontiers Music s.r.l.
Again, good solid classic hard rockin’ stuff with Mille’s huge voice. Good stuff.

“Divide and Conquer”
Well, it’s new Prong. They have a formula, make catchy hard rocking metal songs… they aren’t straying from that formula and it’s good stuff man!

Dead Cross
Dead Cross
Dave Lombardo/Mike Patton’s punky metal experimental project. We had a single before, now the full… you got thrash/punk/hardcore all together with veteran musicians. it’s good

Night Spirit
Midnight Spark Media
Heavier and thrashy sounding power metal… Power metal with some grit!

The Shape
The World Away
DME/Monolithic Recordings
Sounds a bit like some modern thrash, heavy grooves, some parts are just more like classic metal too. neat stuff.

Dawn Of Disease
Ascension Gate
Napalm Records
Good grooving melodic death with well, mostly growly cookie monster vox… Heavy death metal stuff, but that good melodic meedly guitar stuff too.

Marty Friedman
Wall Of Sound
Prosthetic Records
Instrumental virtuostic metal… good melodic proggy stuff and some good crunchy metal too.

The Rise Of Chaos
Nuclear Blast USA
Classic Accept. Great riffs, a little edgy, melodic and anthemic and

The Plague
Black Lion Records
I guess this is a bit doomy, a bit death metaly and a bit melodic death-ish. A nice laid back sound, while doomy, there’s still a bit of a heavy groove going on .

Neverending Trail of Skulls
Xtreem Music
Here we have some brutal death metal, maybe a little bit gore/grindy, some nice riffage for some extreme metal. Decent stuff.

Söft Dov
Massacre Through Seduction
Horror Pain Gore Death
Kind of a punked up standard metal type thing. Short quick songs, just a, um, yeah… It’s not bad, just a bit too punky for me I think.

Sexual Panic Human Machine (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
I’d have to say this is kind of an extreme thrash… Basically some classic thrash music, but with some extreme vox, so yeah, it makes this a bit more on the extreme side, right?

Barbaric Horde
Tainted Impurity
War Arts Productions
Mostly black metal, pretty brutal heavy blast beats and raw production

Blooming Carrions
Sparkling Rotten Dreams TAPE
Iron Bonehead
Lo-fi gurgly black/death metal.

Centuries of Decay
Good heavy and catchy brutal melodic death metal. Technical, grooving and yeah, good melodic guitar stuff going on too. Great stuff.

Nuclear Warfare
Empowered By Hate
Self Released
This is some classic thrash, catchy grooves, heavy sound, vox sound pissed off. Good stuff.

Experimental noise… chanting, creepy satan noises, I dunno… is this really music? I want my time back.

Rope Sect
Personae Ingratae 12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
Kind of a gothy melodic doom rock

Planet Eater
Blackness From The Stars
I’m not sure what to call this stuff anymore… it’s a bit thrashy, a bit death metal, a bit hardcore and melodic too. I guess I’ll throw this in the melodic deathcore pile… not bad, heavy, catchy, grooving… kind of technical too.

Fight The Fight
Anitra’s Dance
Indie Recordings
One song… melodic and doomy, yet catchy too clean vox/extreme vox all in a 3 minute song. cool melodic death type stuff.

Not A Crime
Self Released
Foreign language exprimental metal/rock A bit gothy, maybe industrial too. A little too “out there” for me.

Self Released
From Iran! A sort of prog rock, mostly laid back, with female vox, but some heaver hard rockin’ bits.

Antinumerology (EP)
Label: Krucyator Productions (France)
BLack/death metal on a 3 song EP. A bit of melodic black metal with some full on death metal type stuff.

Rage n’ Fever
Label: Witches Brew
Metal from Argentina. A bit of a thrash/classic metal with maybe a pinch of a raw punk feel. Cool stuff.

Album: Mythogenesis
Self Released
Good classic meaty death metal or maybe deathy extreme thrash type stuff from Denmark. Great big grooves, fat low end and some guttural cookie monster vox.

The Throne and the Altar
Hidden Marly Productions
This is just some classic black metal. Good meedly stuff, maybe some groove too. Good stuff.

Album: Horrid Dominion
Self Released
You got your good ol classic death metal here, oh, but it’s like fast and extreme so it has a little black metal feel going on too.


New Stuff This Week… 7/24/17

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Jul 232017

Lynch Mob
Main Offender (single)
RatPak Records
This is some good classic hard rocking stuff. melodic and catchy and yeah, might even be worth a spin, as Lynch Mob has always been a little bit more heavy/gritty than a lot of the bands they get lumped in with. (And Oni Logan is singing — so you can’t go wrong)

Defying Gravity
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
While this might not be Mosh Pit material, it’s great catchy rock that should get more attention. This band has been around a long time known for one cheesy ballad, but really have some great hard rock stuff.

Tau Cross
Pillar of Fire
A little bit of a Voivod meets Motorhead type thing. The drummer is Away from Voivod. Melodic too

Orden Ogan
Kind of an epic wall of sound melodic thrashy power metal. A bit of a Dragonforce/Blind Guardian/Rhapsody thing going on, but maybe with more of a crunch to it. Cool stuff!

For Those About to Fight for Metal – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Extreme folk metal? Yeah, no one beats these guys…. generically… Melodic death metal, but this is more epic and symphonic too. Great stuff and me want more!

Alice Cooper
Just 2 songs so far, but good classic sounding Alice Cooper. HE’s got a solid band, and these two tracks are just good hard rockin stuff

Rex Brown
Smoke On This
Entertainment One
Grooving catchy southern fried hard rock. Doesn’t sound too bad, a good bottom end (it better have one coming on a solo album from a bass player!)

Rings Of Saturn
Ultu Ulla
Nuclear Blast USA
Brutal core type stuff. Death meatl growls, melodic piano parts, black metal shrieking, full on brutal death metal stuff, meedly guitars, cool stuff!

Pavement Music
Maybe a tiny little bit industrial, more of a metalcore with some more deathcore stuff, a bit melodic and djenty too

Seasons Of The Black
Metalville Records
Classic metal from these veterans that probably had a hand in inventing this kind of music, right? Catchy, a bit thrashy, and just good ol “Metal”

The Cicada Tree
Metal Blade Records
ALways been fans of this band… and still glad they decided to come back… now they’re on Metal Blade… melodic / proggyish metalcore type stuff. Gritty, heavy, catchy and melodic.

Band: Kreyskull
Album: The Bird Of Bad Weather
Label: Sliptrick records
Experimental Doom / Psychedelic Doom Rock, a bit of a groove, some straightforward stuff

Band: Mexican Chili Funeral Party
Album: Mexican Warrior’s Revenge
Label: Sliptrick records
Grungy stoner metal.

Band: Obscura Amentia
Album: The Art Of The Human Decadence
Label: Sliptrick records
Doomy black metal…a bit depressing and down tempo, but extreme vox

Band: HoneyBombs
Album: Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Kind of a hard rock/light power metal type thing

Band: Gravestone
Album: Proud To Be Dead
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Death metal, kind of a melodic viking metal feeling with some big grooves

Band: Scars Of Tears
Album: Just Dust
Country: Greece
Label: Sliptrick records
Female fronted gothy hard rock/melodic metal. A little bit of an atmospheric feeling too.

Band: Fate Unburied
Album: Logos
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Proggy melodic death metal. A cool thrashy/prog metal thing with extreme vox and catchy heavy stuff too.

Band: Crohm
Album: Humanity
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
A bit plain old just “metal” with maybe a little thrash thing happening. Vox are kind of a stoner low tone clean sung

Album: Back To The Roots
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Big meaty hard rock… classic stoner/doomy metal.

Album: Painful Shadow
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
A good groove, some doomy/stoner stuff. clean vox, some parts get a little blackened doom/death metal too.

Band: Althea
Album: Memories Have No Name
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Some hard rock/prog rock type stuff… a lot of keyboards, a bit of an atmospheric and experimental thing going on too.

Album: Five Eyes
Country: Sweden
Label: Sliptrick records
A good classic metal/hard rock thing… nice grooves, standard catchy stuff.

Methods to Delusion
Death metal, but a bit more extreme, technical, big grooves, brutal, fast and heavy

Death Comes with Silence
With a band name like this, you expect to get your head crushed, right? Well, yeah, that’s about right. Death metal, but with a blackened death feel, maybe some extreme thrash, a little raw crusty stuff… Just great and brutal too. Good stuff.

Beyond Omega
Camp Yeti
We got this in January, but now I guess they have a label and are re-issuing as “new”… here’s what I said in Jan : Melodic blackened death metal from Mobile Alabama! Whoa! This is some good stuff. Catchy, brutal, grooving

Urn (Finland)
The Burning CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Catchy black metal, a bit of a modern black metal, still cold, dark, evil, but clean production, a bit more thrashy.

Lords of Death (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom / Hells Headbangers
Doomy death metal, a little sludgey full low end stomping grooves

Paradigm of Chaos (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Grindy old school black metal.

No Warning (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
A heavier doom / stoner metal, maybe a bit of a goth metal feel too

Pan’s Emissaries / Nick Noro
Pan’s Emissaries / Nick Noro [Split Release]
Nick Noro is kind of just edgy punk rock. Pan’s Emissaries is a bit of a melodic stoner metal with a little punk feel.

I, Voidhanger Records
Slugey blackened doom

Fight or Flight
Straightforward hard rock. Clean vox, good catchy melodic stuff.

Rexius Records
Cool catchy grooving hard rock.


Ghastly Music
Extreme blackened death metal. Melodic and brutal too. why not throw in technical? Yeah! lots of good stuff going on in here and did I mention it’s heavy?

Anubi’s Servants
Self Released
A cool thrashy extreme melodic death metal thing with some big grooves. Cool catchy stuff

Tower Of Babel
Lake of Fire
Lion Music (Finland).
Classic metal/thrashy power metal. Nothing groundbreaking, just cool hard rockin’ and catchy stuff.

Parallel Kingdom – single
Indie Recordings
Technical blackened death/melodic death. One song of extreme techy prog goodness.