Jul 152013

Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals
Walk Through Exits Only
Not sure how to describe this.  You have Phil, he’s back with his pissed off, screaming late Pantera-like vocals.  Music is heavy, not quite as cohesive as say, Pantera, but it’s heavy, raw, in your face and maybe a little punk too…

Unsaid Fate
“Our Addiction”
Female fronted, fairly commercial. Just a single, so tough to judge, but I’d say this is more suited for a solid rockin’ station.

The Distortion Field
FRW Records
I’ve always liked Trouble, they’ve been around for a while in some way shape or form.  This new studio album really brings back some of their old sound musically.  Their singer (Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul) left in 2012, they got Kyle Thomas (1997-2000) back (he’s also from Exhorder, Floodgate and Alabama Thunderpussy).  Well, anyway, with all of these bands now trying to get that 70’s prog/hard rock thing going, why not just go to one of the metal bands that were doing this stuff first?  Great new album, same trademark Trouble riffs and vibe.  \m/

this is some sort of a brutal-core type metal thing, bordering into a metalcore thing.  Music is a bit experimental/proggy, with different vocal styles from growling, shouting, singing, etc.  Mostly growls with shouts.

The Forth And Final Horseman
Napalm Records
This is some classic sounding metal, with a power metal flavor and German metal influences too (they’re from France)  Some cool solos, typical power metal type stuff in that regard, otherwise, it’s just in that “heavy metal” genre.  decent stuff.

I Killed Everyone
Pavement Music
Classic high speed, death metal.  Big meaty riffs, machine gun drumming, guttural growls for cookies… you got it!  And even a bit catchy in parts too.

Church of Void
Dead Rising
Svart Records
A doomy hard rock thing.  vocals are creepy and mixed out front.  Other than that… it’s your typical doomy stoner metal band.  Grab a beer and turn it up!

Lords of the Trident
Plan of Attack EP
Junko Johnson (Local)
While these local Madison guys have a lot about image and their stage shows, the music is really what it’s all about, and this 4 song EP delivers.  Melodic, catchy, thrashy, and well produced.  The sound is crisp, riffs are catchy and it’s an all around great metal EP.  The only thing that’s wrong… it’s only 4 songs!

W.T.C. Productions
Kind of a classic black metal band.  Long songs, dark, evil and ambient/creepy in parts.

Surrealist Satanist
W.T.C. Productions
You want your Satanic blackened death metal?  Yeah, you got it right here.  Traditional Black Metal from Germany.  Kind of a no-frills, meat and potatoes black metal… cold, dark and scary sounding, and it’s nice to have bands like this still carrying the torch!

The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence
W.T.C. Productions
Compilation of stuff that was previously avalable only on vinyl, tape or compliations.  So, yeah, it’s not just crappy leftovers.  Some quality, traditional, old school black metal.

Svart Records
A traditional metal/thrashy thing going on with a little bit of a classic hard rock/metal vibe.  Catchy riffs and guitar work, clean, raspy-ish sung vocals, Kind of neat to have a band of this more shreddy Maiden/Priest style of metal from Finland.  Normally we’re getting some folk or black, depressed metal.

Void Meditation Cult
Sulfurous Prayers of Blight and Darkness
Hells Headbangers
Dark sludgey black/death metal.

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