Mar 122017

Darkest Hour
Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
Southern Lord
Heavy melodic death type stuff.  You know that metalcore-ish sound, but heavier and more technical.

Metal Church
“Fake Healer” ft. Todd LaTorre
RatPak Records
A single from the forthcoming Live Album.  A newly recorded duet with Todd LaTorre of Queensryche.  Great stuff, both monster voices on one of the great classic metal songs.

Century Media
Brutal death metal.  Cookie monster, fast technical playing.  Great grooves too.

Black Map
In Droves
A little bit of a Tool (vocally?) feeling rock.  Just a good grooving hard rock thing.

The Bug vs. Earth
“Don’t Walk These Streets” [Single]
Ninja Tune
Doomy Electronic instrumental.

Metalville Records
Good old classic power metal.  Throw your fists up and scream along!  Good heaviness and catchy and just what something like classic Helloween or whatever would get you.

Morta Skuld
Wounds Deeper Than Time
Peaceville Records
Cool to have these guys still pputting stuff out and wow, this album crushes!  Death metal, great grooves, technicality and catchy… oh fucking brutal too!  Great stuff.

For The Fallen
Nucleat Blast USA
A bit of a doomy death metal. Cool riffs, meaty grooves and basic brutality.  Decent

The Charm The Fury
The Sinck, Dumb Happy (single)
Nuclear Blast USA
This is a Dutch metalcore band, female fronted, catchy and heavy and just some overall heavy catchy metalcore.  It’d be nice to hear some more…

Relapse Records
Well, this one is interesting!  It’s got like that classic Obituary groove and sound… but intermixed are some techy and cool solos.  They’re back!  oh wait, they never really left.  Anyway, great stuff.

Cut Up
Wherever They May Rot
Metal Blade Records
Great classic brutal death metal.  A couple of guys branched out after Vomitory broke up and made this band… so the pedigree is there and it’s just good solid death metal.

Apostate Viaticum
Before the Gates of Gomorrah
Invictus Productions
Old school brutal and evil death metal from Dublin! Maybe a little bit of a black metal evilness going on, but pretty much sticking to the catchy grooving death metal.

Ritual Severance
Invictus Productions
Two 10 minute songs of Blackened death metal, a slight doomy feeling… but it’s

Death Worship
Extermination Mass MLP/MCD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of classic death metal, more grind death metal but with a few grooves, production is a bit mushy, but listenable.

El Cuarto Jinete
Fighter Records
Classic metal / power metal all sung in Spanish!  Just your cool classic metal with guitars, great sounding vox (a nice raspy edge), and overall clean classic metal.

Harvest Gulgaltha
Altars of Devotion LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Dark and brutal blackened death metal.  Production is a bit raw, but it’s dark and evil, so who cares, right?

Discarded Existence
Xtreem Music
This is a bit of a classic thrash going more towards a speed metal heavier thrash type thing.  Great riffs and catchy too.   Great stuff.

Baptised into the Faith of Lust
Good old classic black metal.  Cold meedly guitars, pulsing blast beats and melodic grooves.

Onirik / Grimfaug
Iron Bonehead / Altare
Both of these bands are pretty much black metal, but with brutal death metal too. Grimfaug is a bit more of a classic traditional black metal thing.

Iron Magazine
Queen of Hell
This is a catchy almost 80’s rock, but stoner metal with some grooves… a bit like a Faith No More light.

Art of Propaganda
Dark and gloomy classic black metal.  A strong depressing doom feeling to go along with the pulsing black metal beats.

A Subtler Kind Of Light
I, Voidhanger Records
Not sure what to say about this one.  A bit of an experimental traditional metal thing with some prog, thrash, classic metal, vox are a bit clean in one track, death metal in another.   Four tracks with seemingly different themes on each.

Art of Propaganda
Melodic post-metal type stuff

CRIME (Chile)
First Crime (TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Blackened thrash metal.  Just 3 songs.  Sounds like a classic throwback on both fronts.

II: Morphosis
Dark Descent Records
Death metal, a bit grooving, maybe a little in the doom side of things in its mood.  But it’s fast brutal and has some black metal stuff going on too.

Ascended Dead
Abhorrent Manifestation
Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
Brutal blackened death metal… Fast intense playing, brutal barky growled vox.

Hello Black Hole
In No Good Hand
Svart Records
Doomy noise alternative rock… experiemental type stuff.

Svart Records
17 March 2017
Doomy psychedelic melodic rock with hypnotic female clean melodic vox.

Band: Killsorrow
Album: Little Something For You To Choke
Label: Art of the Nights Productions
Melodic thrash-ish / classic metal.  Vox are more shouty/growly, but some cool catchy melodic thrash type stuff.  It’s almost prog/power metal.

I Don’t Need Your Loving – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Classic hard rock.  Good catchy stuff.

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