Mar 172017

Blood Divisions
Cardinal One
Metal Blade Records
A collaboration of many different metal artists with an album for charity.  Founded by Chris Jericho and Ed Aborn.  A lot of variety in artists here, but sticking mostly with a classic metal style.  A Scorpions and UFO Cover too.

Season of Mist
Blackened death metal, a bit more on the melodic black metal side of things… A little grindy evil type of stuff.

Do Not Deviate
Season of Mist
Tech death metal.  Good barking vox, lots of techy guitar and drum stuff going on.  I just had a single before and said the same thing… the rest of the album stays true.  Good stuff!

The Bug vs. Earth
Concrete Desert
Ninja Tune
Had the single for this a couple weeks ago and the same thing… Doomy Electronic instrumental.   meh.

Profound Lore
Melodic grungy doom rock.  Meaty riffs, but overall they’re doom and it’s a bit depressing.  Great riffs and overall tone.

Brother Firetribe
This is a sort of power metal, or kind of a classic AOR type sounding thing

Without Waves
Prosthetic Records
Technical proggy and experimental fusioney metal.  Cool stuff that has growls, clean vox, brutal metal stuff, classic prog metal, classic prog, gosh, there’s lots of stuff going on and it is not for the faint of heart.  So, yeah, all over the place prog.  You got your BTBAM type stuff and your Porcupine Tree and Cynic and everything inbetween.  Cool stuff.

Good meaty death metal. catchy grooves and all in finnish.  Fun.

Astral Doors
Black Eyed Children
Metalville Records
Classic metal, vox are a lot like Dio. Musically, it’s kind of like Dio’s stuff too.  Good solid classic hard rockin’ metal.

Sonar Lights
Almost a classic rock thing.  Grooving melodic rock.  Catchy, a little stoner metal feel.

Fit For An Autopsy
The Great Collapse
eOne Music / Good Fight Msic
Meaty grooving brutal core.  A little bit of a heavier Gojira feel going on here.

Per Aspera Ad Pestilentiam
Sepulchral Productions
Brutal melodic black metal.  GOod stuff, heavy, cold guitars, decent melodic stuff while being full on brutal too.

Apokrifna Realnost
Na Rekah Vavilonskih
Chanting and um, background bells and stuff.  Kinda creepy… Definitely not metal nor really music?

Dead Earth Politics
The Mobius Hammersmith
Pavement Music
Kind of a modern metal… a bit groove metal, thrash metal, traditional/classic metal.  Kind of cool catchy stuff all around.  Vox are a little abrasive but clean too.  So kind of a melodic death light metal.  Hah  good stuff.

Bury My Innocence
Argonauta Records
So when the little description says “File Under: Sludge / Post Metal / Noise”   I have to try and be objective, as I’m not really a fan of this kind of stuff.   But yup, it’s sludgey.  it’s depressing, but has some big meaty riffs.  It just says too depressing and repetetive for me.

My Silent Wake
Invitation To Imperfection
Kind of ambient post-rock noise.

Eleven Dragons
This is good classic black metal.  BLast beats, melodic meedly guitars and a bassline you can actually hear!  Harsh vox. and brutal/Behemoth-like in parts too.

Aima / Supremative
Blood Chalices From the Impure – split 7″ EP
Blood Harvest
Gurgly death metal from both bands featuring cassette tape sounding production.

Deviant Castigation Liturgy
Osmose Productions
This thing… the name… oh the name… despite the shocking name, this is blackened death metal, brutal, fast, and a freight train of death metal in your face.  GOod stuff.

Hisko Detria
Mal Du Siècle
Svart Records
A bit of a classic stoner prog fusiony type thing, almost a reggae thing going on too. Not really for the Mosh Pit, but interesting stuff.

Fed Up
Classic stoner metal.  Slow grooves with some clean vox, reminds me a tiny bit of Danzig meets Monster Magnet.

Sounds like something you hear on one of those Solid Rock stations… maybe a bit like a volbeat meets godsmack thing.  Catchy as hell, great grooves… maybe not for the Mosh Pit though.

Blood Moon
Through the Scarlet Veil (2LP)
Iron Bonehead
Doomy classic black metal, a little atmospheric (meaning it feels echoey).  Production is a little mushy, but not awful.

Ramsvarta Tankar
Carnal Records
Just two songs, but this is some pretty cool grooving blackened death metal. It’s got that classic black metal thing, but a good dark heavier death metal evilness feeling.

Elegy Records
Kind of a post black-metal type thing, oerattic chanting in the background and

Band: Immortal Shadow
Album: Horror Circus
Label: Independent
Melodic Death metal but with more of a death metal edge, maybe even some black metal.  Great brutal stuff but with some melodic hooks too.

Band: Lascar
Album: Absence
Label: A Sad Sadness Song
“Post black metal”  So it’s fast, yet drony and repetitive.

Decrepit Throne
Traitor’s Grave
Melodic blackened doom in some parts, and others it’s classic black metal.

A Mournful Path
From The Wreckage Of Humiliation
One song of classic black metal… maybe a bit on the post-black metal side.

Bad Heaven
Demo Anthology
Texas Metal Underground
Old demos… classic cheesey “speed metal” with big screamy voices and maybe some doomy thrash metal sounding stuff.

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