Mar 242017

Me And That Man
Songs Of Love And Death
Cooking Vinyl
Nergal (from Behemoth) has a side project, it’s a country type band… so yeah, I guess normally we’d just cast this aside, but since it’s from the frontman of Behemoth, it’s worth a little bit of checking out.  It’s kind of a Johnny Cash style of country.

The Royal
Long Branch
Kind of a melodic metalcore type thing.  Catchy hooks, melodies, hardcore feeling, but some cool melodic death type stuff too.

Serpent Sun (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
A single… kind of a wall of epic black metal.  Classic shrieking and meedly guitars, but a full atmospheric feel too.

Woe To The Vanished
Napalm Records
It’s almost a given that this band would do great things on this album… and they did.  Heavy classic thrash but modern and brutal in parts.  Just makes you want to thrash, bang your head, circle pit, stage dive and all that cool metal stuff…. (but no karate moves!)

DareDevil Squadron
Last Resort (Single)
Modern grooving metal.  Sounds a bit like some classic 90’s metal too.   They call themselves “NWOBIAHM (New Wave Of British Inspired American Heavy Metal)”  Great!  I like it.

Fingers Burned (EP)
Metalville Records
Classic hard rockin’ stuff.  Maybe a little southern fried tinge to it.

Metalville Records
Kind of an epic folk/viking metal type thing… symphonic stuff, but melodic death-ish too. These guys have been around a while. Cool sound, a bit like an Amon Amarth, but more of a proggy symphonic epic feel.

Thiago Bianchi
Metalville Records
Classic metal/prog/power-ish metal.  Big metal voice, production is a bit raw, but a little dragonforce/rhapsody type style.  Neoclassical guitars and yeah, great vox!

Eckman Dredge
Eckman Dredge
Carruthers Bros
Stoner metal guitar sound, clean melodic sung vox.  A kind of a groove classic hard rock thing.  I kind of like this, but maybe not for the Mosh Pit.

Everlasting Spew Records
Noisy Blackened Doom… slow and a bit sludgy

Bright Wide Colder
Shoegazy atmospheric rock type stuff.  Clean vox, kind of a poppy doom rock.

Medico Peste
Herzogian Darkness
Melodic black metal, just 4 tracks, but two are pretty long, a kind of a black and roll feeling, but keeping it dark and evil.

Beast Modulus
Kind of a groove metal, a bit of a math metal, just you know, heavy extreme modern stuff.  Abrasive vox, melodic parts, tech metal stuff.  Cool stuff.

Storming Bestial Legions LIVE ’96 (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Live show from 1996.  Very raw production.  Kind of a grindy blackened death metal sound.  But if you aren’t a fan of this band already, this live album probably won’t turn you on to them… at least from a production (bootleg?) standpoint.

I Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My Awakening
Classic-ish black metal.  Melodic stuff, harsh screamy vox, meedly cold guitars and well, long songs.  4 10+ minute evil brutal songs.

Thill Smitts Terror
Osmose Productions
Seemingly symphonic (by the 1st track intro)… then it just gets into some sludge-noise black metal.  There’s a bit of a melodic feel but to me the wall of sludgy noise distracts from what could be some cool melodic blackened death metal.

Towards Eternity
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on March 31st 2017)
Black metal with a bit of a hardcore feeling.  Meedly cold guitars, harsh blackened death metal at its core.  The “lighter” parts just feel a little a bit grooving to me.

Band: Keitzer
Album: Ascension
Label: Give Praise records
Brutal death metal with a good groove and maybe a little bit of a grind edge to it.

Scumripper (7″ EP)
Hells Headbangers
A punked up old school extreme blackened thrash… screamy vox, music is more of a heavy thrashy punk with a little black metal feel.

Split 7″ EP
Hells Headbangers
Mentors is more of a raunchy punky humor-core and Nekro Drunkz is the same, but death metal.

This Gun Fore Hire
Good Eveing Deacon (single), Infection (single)
This is kind of a melodic metalcore type thing.  Clean vox, harsh vox, melodies and stuff.  (just 2 songs)

Collapse of the Human Race CD/LP
Iron Bonehead / Amor Fati
Classic meaty grooving death metal.  Brutal, catchy, and just makes you want to march around in a cirle pit.

Falls of Rauros
Vigilance Perennial
Bindrune Recordings / Nordvis Produktion
Melodic and laid back… then classic black metal.  But… mostly a decent melodic proggy feel and classic meedly black metal

Lost Memories
Signal Rex
Classic black metal.  Brutal, meedly cold guitars, brutal in parts, and production isn’t necessarily lo-fi as it is muddy.

Porta Daemonium
Serpent of Chaos LP
Blood Harvest
Brutal death metal with a cold dark evil feeling.  Great stuff

Tequila Suicide
AFM Records
Kind of a clasic metal thing.  This one to me has like a Steel Panther feeling… classic melodic metal, vox are clean and seem a bit of a story telling thing going on.

Green Tea or Die (7″ EP)
Hells Headbangers
Old school raw hardcore/punky/thrash stuff, singing about fun stuff like “Raw sex til sperm”  or “stanik metal punks” or “green tea or dies”  yeah.

Aversio Humanitatis
Longing for the Untold
BlackSeed Productions
Blackened death metal with a little bit of a groove, but the black metal stuff is good, fast, brutal and evil.  It’s a bit doomy when it slows down.

Seal Of Phobos
Everlasting Spew Records
ooooh yeah.  Classic brutal black metal.  Frieght train beats, fast guitars, loud solos and cookie monster vox.

Band: Siniestro
Album: Revelations In Mayhem
Label: Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions
Release from late last year, this is some blackened thrash type stuff.  Great edge, catchy

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