Apr 082017

A Killer’s Confession
This is a former vocalist for Mushroomhead’s project, kind of an american new wave of metalcore type thing.  Agressive growly barked vox, great groovin’ mid tempo type metal with some clean vox in there too… A little industrial and nu-metal ish too.

Blackened doomy post metal.  Mostly long tracks, a little sludgy, and big meaty riffs, but never really getting too um, fast.

Raven Black
Seven Sins
WURM Group
Female fronted alternative type metal.  A bit gothy/arty, good mix of creepy sung/growly vox, some decent grooves… kind of reminds me of otep.

Melodic death metal, sounds a little like Amorphis but maybe with more growly cookie monster vox.

He Is Legend
“Air Raid” [Single]
Some good solid melodic hard rockin’ metal.  Guitar solos, kind of an anthemic prog metal/hard rock thing.

“Det Nya Svarta”
Indie Recordings
Sort of a gothy melodic death type thing, a bit more on the alternative metal/rock side of things.

God Dethroned
On the Wrong Side of the Wire – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Ooooo!  Good stuff here… new album in a month or two, but here’s some heavy melodic death metal. Gritty and blackened death, with some melodic heavy stuff too.

LIFE OF AGONY – Radio Promo
World Gone Mad
Napalm Records
Catchy and actually kind of commercial-ish sounding.  A bit heavier and less “Volbeaty” as their older stuff.

Ecstatic Vision
Raw Rock Fury
raw fuzzy psychedelic stoner type stuff. Here’s  the “RIYL” the bio says… “Hawkwind, Fuzz, Fela Kuti, Goat, Boris, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Monster Magnet ”  I can hear a little bit of a Monster Magnet, but pull that back and get more stoner/psychedelic

The Obsessed
First album in 20 years.  Can’t say I know a lot about them… this is got some great catchy doomy stoner metal going on.  Great grooves and smooth vox… all while pounding sabbath-like riffs are going on.

Breathe (single)
Eclipse Records
Hard rocking modern metal.  Seems like maybe a lighter track, slightly djenty riffs, a bit modern metalcore… but kind of prog/melodic death metal stuff too.  I’d like to hear more.

Novembers Doom
The End Records
Some of their stuff got pretty slow and doomy in the past… Not this one.  starts off heavy and grooving. A good heavy melodic death feeling… digging deeper, the clean vox kick in and it’s a bit more doomy… and towards the end we work to a slower more melodic doom thing.  Overall pretty solid effort.

Final Drive
Dig Deeper
Great riffs, catchy grooves, sort of thrash, just good heavy METAL going on here.  Throw up the horns and get in the pit.

SA Adams
A Murder Of Crows
NIR America
Hard rockin stuff kind of along the lines of a Motorhead/AcDc type thing, maybe a little southern hard rock type stuff too.

Beyond The Horizon
Label: Satanath Records (Rus) & Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA)
Slow depressing funeral doom.  I guess that’s what Funeral doom is right?  Just slow melodic depressing dark stuff.  Growly vox.

Infernal Majesty
No God
High Roller Records
14 April 2017
This is kind of a blackened thrash, or just a heavy catchy proggy “metal” Great stuff.  It has a little Kreator raw heaviness, but a melodic proggy undertone..

Malformed Conscience
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Kind of hardcore, kind of thrash, kind of punk… and 100% raw.  Good riffs and old school thrash feels.

Wulfasa Kunja CD/LP
Classic brutal black metal.  Evil, dark, heavy and grooving too. Great stuff.

Pyriphlegethon (Netherlands)
The Murky Black of Eternal Night LP
Iron Bonehead
BLack metal with some raw extreme stuff… Production is a little raw, but vox are pissed off, music is a bit melodic maybe a little atmospheric in parts too. Drumming is frenetic and raw.

Remnant Light
Three tracks each clocking in at 13:00… this is old school black metal.  Raw production, fast and evil and cold playing… a bit doomy in the slow parts.

Craven Idol
The Shackles Of Mammon
Dark Descent Records
A bit thrashy, a bit standard “metal”… maybe a little bit prog metal too… but mostly blackened thrash.  Great catchy riffs and evil extreme thrash… Good stuff@Q

The Future State of Wicked (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Classic thrash feeling, but heavier… really heavy extreme classic thrash, but not “brutal” if you know what I mean.  Great stuff!

Dreaming Awake
Friction Lives
Imminence Records
Seemingly a prog/metalcore type thing.  Sort of brutalcore in parts and djenty, but then you get into those emo-ish singy vox.

Chained to a Wolf TAPE
Iron Bonehead
A spacy atmospheric black metal.  Extreme and heavy, production is kind of weird.

Big meaty doom then it gets into some extreme blackened doom type stuff. (vox are screamy)

a proggy extreme thing… maybe System of a Down-ish.  A bit quirky, catchy full on metal, a little almost jazzy in parts, then full on Lamb of God type stuff too.  Really cool stuff.

Accept (Platinum Edition)
Breaker (Platinum Edition)
I’m a Rebel (Platinum Edition)
Restless and Wild (Platinum Edition)
AFM Records
The first four classic Accept albums reissued with new stuff.  This was all before my time in “heavier” music, so this is a good excuse to go back and check these things out.

Of Fire
Album: Death Do Us All
Self Released (Grand Sounds PR)
Good meaty classic swedish death metal Huge grooves

Stench to Stench
Xtreem Music [XM 235 CD]
Some grindy death metal demo reissues from their 90/91 times. Pretty raw!

J.T. Lehtonen
Land of Dust
Concorde Music Company
Great crunchy riffs, and great grooves, a bit along the lines of classic metal, maybe a bit prog metal, mostly clean vox a few growls, but great for a guitar fan for sure!

Tando Ashanti
Halo of Flies
Noisy blackened death metal.  Wall of sound, lots of grindy guitars and an overall grindy sound.

Argonauta Records
Doomy Post metal.  A bit atmospheric and stoner-y, but slow, depressing and down tempo.

Devil Dancer – Radio Single
Frontiers Music s.r.l.s
Good catchy solid hard rock tune from this old school band… catchy and decent stuff.. maybe not so much for the Mosh Pit though… :/

Band: Secure
Album: Awake
Self Released
Kind of an alternative metal, a little of a modern solid rock type metal thing too.

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