Apr 142017

Don Jamieson
Communication Breakdown
Metal Blade Records
New comedy album, rude, crude and of course funny!

Cold – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Catchy and grooving death metal.  Melodic and headbanging… can’t wait for more… brutal too!

Slaughter to Prevail
King (Single)
Brutal and extra brutal-core type stuff.  It’s Sumerian, so you kind of know about the “sumerian-core” sound… and this kind of has it, technical, brutal and heavy as shit.  Good stuff.

Fates Warning
Awaken the Guardian Live
Metal Blade
Two shows recorded live with John Arch and the original lineup.  and it sounds great

Between the Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic: Live
Metal Blade Records
The more I listen to this band the more I like them… I think it’s because they get more and more proggy… well, here’s a live album proving they can pull it all off live… sounds great!

ieuD – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Well, this was unique (a single).  some  electronic dubstep type stuff with operattic female vox, then combining it all into some metalcore type stuff… different and kind of cool

Shores Of Null
Black Drapes For Tomorrow
A bit melodic and doomy, a little blackened doom.  Clean vox, and

Uneven Structure
La Partition
Long Branch
Kind of a toned down prog metal type thing.  Similar to BTBAM actually, melodic clean stuff, growly stuff, and techy prog too.

Ancient Ascendant
Raise The Torch
Melodic death metal, more along the lines of the heavier style of opeth… good chilled out melodic passages and brutal heavy vox in the death metal parts.  Great stuff.

Ides of Gemini
“Heroine’s Descent” [Single]
Rise Above
Kind of a melodic blackened post metal-doom

Noctumes In Requiems
We first started playing this back in February when it came out… now is when the radio promoters are throwing it out there, so here’s the review again…
Last recorded release of our friend Adam Sagan.  The samples that were early released sounded great.  Technical proggy melodic death metal… but the vox I guess don’t really fit the death metal… so musically it’s “melodic death-ish” but really it’s something more along the lines of a Nevermore.  great stuff! Catchy, heavy and melodic too!

While She Sleeps
You Are We
SharpTone Records
Modern metalcore type stuff… maybe a little melodic death thing going on, but a little bit of that moderm metalcore clean stuff going on too.

Mammoth Mammoth
Mount The Mountain
Napalm Records
This name was always appropriate for their sound. a bit mammothy stoner metal thing… Big grooves, catchy riffs and all around cool stuff.  This is my kind of stoner metal, heavy, and fast paced with great energy.

Night Demon
Darkness Remains
Century Media Records
Classic old school sounding thrashy, or just classic “metal”  great riffs and a throwback feel

Inebriated Music
Female fronted standard metal type stuff. Good grooves and guitar solos a little bit more on the solid rock side of things.  Some abrasive vox in parts, but overall clean vox stuff.

Sangue 7″ EP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Scary doomy black metal.  Just a couple tracks with some “meh” production.

Moonlight Prophecy
TGhree songs, a little classic thrash, and a little prog metal feeling, or just a good classic metal.  Two of the three are instrumentals and are pretty cool as prog metal goes.

Band: Carnal Garden
Album: Where They Are Silent
Label: Eclectic prods
A little doomy a little grindy, but overall meaty grooving death metal.  A little bit of an old school Obituary feeling.

Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta
Dunkelheit Produktionen
This is some blackened death metal, with some classic death metal grooves but then going into some classic blast beaty black metal.

Band: Ulvegr
Album: Titahion Kaos Manifest
Label: Ashen Dominion
This is some good modern black metal.  Good cold meedly guitars, good production, melodic death metal parts, shrieky yet gritty vox.  Good stuff.

melodic groove metal type stuff.  Maybe a little gothy doom feel too.

Night of the Living Deathgenerations
Xtreem Music
Live album of this brutal death metal band.  Sounds decent.  Cookie monster gurgling and a grindy death metal sound.

I guess this is just good ol Brutal death metal.  Chuggy riffs, pissed off growly screams and a good meaty low end.

In Eminent Disgrace
Signal Rex
PRetty much the same as above, meaty brutal death metal.  Maybe a little more dooomy and down tempo.

The Projectionist
Exalted Solitude
Label: Appalachian Noise Records & The True Plague Records
Classic cold sounding black metal with reaallly creepy shrieky screamy evil vox.  Production is a bit raw and vocal production is even more raw.

Record label: Inverse Records
A little classic metal, maybe a tiny prog metal, and just some decent grooves, clean-ish vox.

Blood of Angels
Rise of the Fallen Gods (EP)
Label: Hollywood Collective
Melodic death metal, heavy brutal stuff, but maybe a little melodic stuff more like Amon Amarth.  Vox are cookie monster throughout and brutal!

Band: Craving Angel
Album: Redemption
Label: Minotauro records
Classic metal, guitar work sounds decent, vocal production doesn’t seem to match the rest of the music.  it’s a little raw and just I don’t know, doesn’t really match.

In Death…
The Devil Speaks
Plastic Head
Now we’re talking thrashed up death metal, brutal, heavy, catchy, chugga chugga freight train but with a good groove and little melodic stuff too.  Great stuff.

Band: My Silent Wake (re-issue with 3 bonus tracks!)
Album: Damnatio Memoriae
Label: Minotauro records
Reissue from their 2015 album.  Little soon for a reissue?  Maybe a label change or whatever… anyway, doomy melodic death metal, reminds me a little bit of some of the newer Opeth, decent grooves, a bit of a death metal edge too.

Kill For Eden
Petty Crimes
Horus Music
Classic throwback metal with female vox.  Good groove

Blessed Are The Heretics
Scarlet Records
This is some classic gritty metal type stuff… a little thrashy and hardcore-ish.  A Cover of “You Spin Me Round” too!

Tehom (Sweden)
The Merciless Light CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Classic death metal, big grooves, a bit of that Swedish death metal melody and edge too.

Rising From The Ashes
Svart Records
Kind of a 70’s doomy classic stoner metal… organ, catchy stoner riffs, maybe some 70’s prog stuff too.

Into The Glorious Battle
Scarlet Records
Here we have classic metal with power metal tendencies.  decent stuff.

Band: Where The Sun Comes Down
Album: Welcome
Label: Minotauro records
Stoner metal with big experimental doom type sound too.  A little sludge/noise stoner metal with sabbath-like main riffs, and some more shouty vox… kind of megaphone-like.

Band: Agresiva
Album: Decibel Ritual
Label: Minotauro records
A little classic metal with a thrashy vibe… vox are clean/sung… music has a good gallop-y metal… reminds me of annihilator in some parts.

Band: Resurrect The Machine
Album: Uncover The Truth
Label: Minotauro records
Another with a classi metal and a thrashy feeling.  Decent grooves, clean vox, guitar work, all that.  Just good ol “metal”.

Cry My Name
Bastardized Recordings
Melodic death/ Deathcore stuff.  Catchy and brutal in parts, shouty growled vox, some melodic metalcore-ish guitars… The clean parts are ok, still has that metal/new metalcore feel, but not whiney emo-enough to hate on it.

Celestial Grave
Pvtrefactio 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
Two songs of Old school black metal, a bit of a wall of sound.

Emptybrook EP
Kind of noisy post-metal/hardcore-ish stuff.  A bit of a “blackened punk” feeling.

Spasms of Rebirth
Self Released (Against PR)
Post metal / melodic blackened post-metal.  Growly vox, a bit of a cold black metal tone, but slow doomy tempo.

Band: Pereplut
Album: V Starodavnie Goda
Label: Stygian Crypt productions
Folk metal, a good heavy base and the flutey folky instruments with that bouncy yet heavy thrashy metal sound.  Great stuff.

Album: Under The Wings Of The Aquila
Label: Stygian Crypt productions
Melodic death/folk metal.  Good meaty straightforward melodic death metal with some of the keyboardy folk stuff going on too.  solid for “folk metal”

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