Apr 242017

He Is Legend
Melodic hard rock, a bit of a prog thing.  Some cool melodic proggy stuff, not quite like, proper metal, but a good hard rocking thing.

Ides of Gemini
Rise Above
Melodic post metal doom type stuff… old school doom feeling with female vox.

“Nature Of The Damned” [Single]
Rise Above
A little bit of a sabbathy sounding doom

Cirith Ungol
King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)
Metal Blade Records
This is a reissue/packaging of their 1974 album.   Full remastering and some live tracks from their show last October.  This is one of those bands that’s under my radar and probably under a lot of radars… A good solid classic metal/doomy/stoner type sound… maybe a bit classic prog too.

Well this is something new… kind of a mix of folk metal, prog, death, thrash, symphonic and some good ol hard rock.  Lots of cool stuff all mixed together to really be under a flag of proggy death metal.  Great stuff!

Nine Shrines
Mascot Label Group
A sort of a modern metalcore solid rock

Napalm Records
Brutal melodic death metal.  Great stuff… they seem to always put out some heavy brutal stuff that’s also so catchy and dark.  About as close to Behemoth as you can get, right?

The Source
Mascot Label Group
I know a little of the history on this group… so I know that this album will probably take a lot to digest… a proggy metal opera type thing.  First album in 4 years, and features a whole slew of guest vocalists (James LaBrie, Tommy Karevik, Tommy Rogers, Simone Simons, Nils K. Rue, Tobias Sammet, Hansi Kürsch, Mike Mills, Russell Allen, Michael Eriksen, Floor Jansen) The whole thing is Arjen Lucassen’s brainchild and he plays most of the the instruments with a few guests.

Ungraved Apparition
Doomy melodic death.  Good dark evil feeling, but also some nice melodic and heavy Opeth-y type stuff.

Cry Excess
Label:  Bleeding Nose Records
Kind of a djenty metalcore… maybe a little industrial too.  Just a pinch of some techy/prog mathcore.

Ruin (US)
Drown in Blood
Memento Mori
A doomy chugga chugga blackened death metal.  Sludgy and maybe even a touch grindy.  Brutal if anything… and the production is a little raw.

Morbid Flesh
Rites of the Mangled
Unholy Prophecies
Some classic blackend death metal.  Dark and evil, real cookie monster growly stuff, a grindy death metal groove musically.  Great brutal stuff.

Morte Incandescente
Illum Adora
Remnants of a Flaming Past
War Arts
Doomy raw old school black metal. Not so great production…

Soulrot (Chile)
Nameless Hideous Manifestations
Memento Mori
Dark blackened death metal, kind of a good deep groove, guttural cookie monster growls.  Cool stuff!

Under Sort Sol
Black Market Metal Label
Mostly a melodic black metal, a bit cold/evil-ish, but some good ol melodic death metal passages.

Return To Void
Return To Void
Record label: Inverse Records
Classic hard rock leaning towards prog metal.  A solid hard rocking edge, maybe just some good ol classic metal.  good catchy guitar work, solid clean vox.

Seasons of Desolation
Avantgarde Music
Kind of a black metal with a doomy dark depressing feel.  It’s fast and classic black metal with cold guitars, blast beats and shrieky growly vox.  Production is good though.

Aborted Fetus
The Art of Violent Torture
Comatose Music
Brutal death metal, meaty riffs, brutal deep vox, a big catchy groove too…all while staying totally brutal.

Lonely Robot
The Big Dream
As with most stuff on this label, we’re going to some good old Prog Rock here…. along the lines of a Porcupine Tree

Square One
modern metal/metalcore.  Kind of catchy, a good heavy edge, but it’s got that mallcore-ish feeling…  clean vox aren’t whiney or autotuned, just very polished

From the Outer Space
Argonauta Records
Stoner metal, a bit of a goth feel, cool riffs.  clean vox

Blackened Death metal, maybe a little melodic. Brutal, driving evil dark sound, but some sort of catchy groove that has you headbanging.

Cult of Eibon
Lycan Twilight Sorcery CD/12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
Kind of classic black metal, but with a bit more polished production and more of a melodic thing… evil shrieky vox and some good growls.

Gates of Dawn
Argonauta Records
Yeah, it’s stoner rock… a good hard rocking classic rock feel too.  Catchy and cool stuff here.

Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds
Dark Descent Records
Melodic death metal, more on the doom side, some heavier stuff… maybe blackened death on the heavier side and doomy melodic death in parts.  Overall, a good full dark metal sound.  I’d have to compare a little to and older deathy Opeth?

“Grinder” [Single]
Good meaty melodic death metal, full heavy sound, maybe a little Amon Amarth-ish.

Halo of Flies
Doomy black metal.  shrieky vox, doomy black metal… a bit melodic and down tempo, depressing

Besetting the Altar
BLackened death metal, a good melodic evil yet catchy and brutal sound.  Reminded me of maybe like a Dimmu Borgir without all of the extra symphonic stuff. Just classic blackened metal.

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