Jun 042017

The Grand Annihilation
Metal Blade Records
Heavy grooving blackened death metal.  A big proggy in that there’s lots of stuff going on, melodic grooves, extreme stuff, deathy riffs, black metal evilness too.

Savage Sinusoid
Metal Blade Records
Talk about the kitchen sink…. You got just about everything here.  Death/prog/folk/industrial.  I’ll paste something from the press release:  “On this record, electronic manipulations, accordion, saxophone, sitar, harpsichord, mandolin and strings sit comfortably alongside ruthless blastbeats, chunky riffs, death grunts and soaring operatic vocals ”  So yeah, it’s for an open mind, that’s for sure.

Of Dark Light
Nuclear Blast USA
Heavy, brutal, catchy and technical just like they’ve always done. Great stuff!

Curse The Son
Ripple Music
Down tempo, yet meaty doom metal with clean vox

Fix Our Enemy
Pavement Music
Kind of an industrial metal hard rock thing, maybe a bit of a power prog metal going on too… think like a power metal-ish Marilyn Manson

Held Hostage
“Show Me The Way Back Home” (2 songs)
Self Released
Classic rock/hard rock.  Not really for the mosh pit, but some decent catchy stuff.

The Future In Whose Eyes?
Millennium Night
Technical extreme melodic death type stuff.

Mutoid Man
War Moans
Sargent House
Kind of a punky thrash… fast and in your face, clean vox, so there’s a little stoner feeling (vocal style – kind of Mastodon-ish)

Eckman Dredge
Get Away Closer (single)
Modern metal with a phat low end… vocally, clean and kind of that moderm metalcore singy stuff.

Self Titled Demo
Label: Self-Released
Doomy, slowed down stoner metal with what sounds like someone trying cookie monster vox in a computer mic.  very simple and basic.

Thus Defiled
A Return To The Shadows
Label: Independent
A brutal blackened melodic death metal.  Fast and heavy, but still things of melodic catchiness goind on.

Ghost Toast
Out of This World
Inverse Records
Experimental proggy instrumental rock.  Definitely proggy, bordering on heavier metal stuff in parts.  cool stuff.

Marscherar & Förstör
Big Balls Productions
Hardcore/metalcore/metal, melodic stuff in parts, kind of a heavy modern death metal type thing, but with clean vox in a chorus, so melodic metacore I guess.

Cemetery Urn (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Brutal death metal.  Great stuff.

SunSpell / Saudade (Canada)
From the Mist…We are but Dust – split LP
Iron Bonehead
Both of these are kind of a post-metal, maybe a little doom on Sunspell and black metal in Saudade

Progenie Terrestre Pura
Avantgarde Music
Technical, proggy, experimental and overall, black metal.  Neat stuff.

Walpyrgus Nights
Cruz Del Sur Music
Melodic classic metal, clean vox, a bit of a modern metal sound, but maybe a gothy classic metal feel.

Logic of Denial
Comatose Music
This one is a freight train of relentless brutal death metal.  Cool stuff.

Hammer of Satan’s Vengeance
Dying Victims Productions
A bit of a stoner doom feeling, good grooves, but some extreme moments, like a bit of a basic black metal thing happening too.

A Flourishing Scourge
A Flourishing Scourge
Begotten Records
Brutal and technical death metal… longer songs a pinch of black metal.  good stuff.

Bury the Machines
Wicked Covenant
Midnite Collective
3 songs… a bit doom and post-metal-ish and a bit raw/grungy

On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire 7″ EP
Blood Harvest
Gurgly blackened death metal (2 songs)

Vehementer (Serbia)
Replenishment Circle (The Black Spectumfest) 7″ EP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
Blackened death metal, evil, brutal and kind of a speedy thrash thing going on.

Burned, Barren, Bloodstained
Record label: Inverse Records
Brutal death metal, a good meaty groove yet extreme too…. good balance

Trinity Site
After The Sun
Self Released
Kind of a melodic death metal, leaning more on the death metal side, kind of technical, all harsh vox.

Self Release
Proggy technical death metal, These guys aren’t messing around, being all brutal, but man, it’s reaaaally technical, kind of like a Allegaeon.  good stuff.

Black Royal
Dying Star
Self Released (Against PR)
Meldodic, black metal, a bit of a doom and prog thing too… Two songs and I’d say they crossinto like 10 genres. haha  good stuff though.

Requiem For Oblivion
Burning Nation
Genre: Prog/Tech Death Metal
Raw production, experimental proggy death metal, unfortunately the production wrecks it a little for me.  There’s a lot going on technically and it’s good and brutal too.

The Rock Years
Old School Metal Records
Old punked up stuff, kind of a re-issue/greatest hits type thing.

Season of Mist
A doomy post metal… kind of a background music sounding thing

Henry Metal
So It Hath Begun
Self Released
Basic standard metal type stuff.  melodic, clean vox.

Band: Xaon
Album: Wintersun
Label: Sliptrick records
Death metal, some crunchy raw metallic groove, melodic stuff, and clean vox too… So yeah, melodic death metal.  good stuff.

Band: BLUT
Album: Inside My Mind Part II
Label: Sliptrick records
Industrial kind of metal type stuff.

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