Jun 112017

Iced Earth
Century Media Records
It’s been a while! and yeah, right away, it’s classic Iced Earth! Nice and polished vox, catchy riffage… good stuff.

Doll Skin
Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Femaled fronted hard rock, a little punky catchy hard rock thing going on.

Iron Maiden
2017 Reissues Radio Sampler
A little sampler of some reissues that came out this year to promote their new US tour.

Eighteen Visions
Rise Records
Heavy metalcore kind of leaning more on the screamo side of things but a good groove

Miss May I
Shadows Inside
Sharptone Records
Starts off pretty brutal and a bit melodic too, but then making more of a modern metalcore type thing. Clean vox aren’t singy/whiny, just a bit more melodic-ish. Decent stuff for this genre

Barb Wire Dolls
Rub My Mind
Motorhead Music/UDR
Female fronted classic hard rock, maybe a tiny punk stuff in parts, otherwise, just melodic hard rock

Brutal and heavy blackened death metal. The single was good, this is the full and it’s good stuff. A maybe little Behemoth type thing going on where it’s not full on death metal and not full on black metal, just a good mix of the two.

Les Irreals Visions
Season of Mist
Doomy melodic metal, kind of like a Katatonia type thing.

Low (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Good grooving meaty death metal with a little pinch of black metal sound

Great Falls Beyond Death (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Doomy melodic metal with a bit of a meedly black metal guitar, clean vox.

Pavement Music
Kind of thrash, kind of classic melodic metal and abrasive vox. Kind of a neat mix of stuff to make it just good metal with an extreme edge

Legacy of Emptiness
Over The Past
Black Lion Records
Extreme and epic symphonic black metal. Good stuff, heavy, melodic and dark too.

Bleed to Death
Xtreem Music
Classic death metal with vox that sound like classic Chris Barnes… great brutal stuff.

Band: Confessions Of A Traitor
Album: Illuminate
Label: Sliptrick records
Cool grooving metalcore. Just a kind of a Pantera like groove.

Dawning of the Black
Self Released
Brutal and dark death metal and with all of this black and blackest? A little black metl

Circle of Time
Fighter Records
Classic metal, a good groove, clean vox with a little bit of an edge, a bit like power metal, but a it heavier.

Self Released
Good classic black metal, cold guitars, decent melodies and maybe a little grooves… also a bit doomy and atmospheric too.


Artist: Sharzall
Release: Black Sun
Record Label: NRT-Records
A gothy and synthy metal, vox are distorted but a gothy sound, melodic and almost folk sounding, a bit over produced too.

Caverna Abismal Records
Old School black metal, not so great production, heavy dark and evil sounding.

Boonsdale Records
A bit of a classic thrash with a funky groove. Quick songs without fucking around maybe a little punky in parts. Cool stuff though!

The Summoned
Back in the day, this would be death metal, nowadays this has some melodic stuff, some technical stuff maybe a little “core” going on… it’s brutal, and a pinch of a Meshuggah thing going on… also some proggy all over the place stuff. So yeah, cool stuff.

Perpetual Rage
Empress Of The Cold Stars
Record label: Inverse Records
Big screamy voice classic metal… a bit more of a heavier groove than just plain old classic metal.

Lock Howl
Self Released
Doomy, atmospheric and gothy black metal with an interesting groove.

Coagulating Darkness
Self Released
Heavy thrash… vox are a bit on the extreme side and well, so is the thrash. Great stuff.

Album: The Dawn of Steel
Label: Nuclearmageddon Records
This is a year old… but it’s some raw heavy thrash.

Everybody Needs a Little Trouble – CLEAN RADIO EDIT
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Probably not for the Mosh Pit, but this is one catchy hard rockin’ track! Good stuff from these veterans.

Self Released
Black metal, good production, melodic, heavy, really abrasive vocals.

I Sileni
Karma Conspiracy Records
Gothy doom-ish rock… meh.

Smoke Mountain
Smoke Mountain
Self Released
An atmospheric doomy stoner metal… 3 songs.

Life on Death Road
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
New album, new band and two years in the making. You know you’re going to have one of the best voices in metal. This is all just some good melodic classic metal… good stuff, nothing really heavy, but not all power ballads either.

Cut Your Losses
Self Released (Online Metal Promo)
Classic metal, a little bit of thrash… mostly just some early 90’s sounding thrash with a high singy voice, maybe a little bit like the band Sanctuary!

Visiones Caóticas
Morbid Skull
Extreme blackened thrash. Good, evil and brutal

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