Jul 022017

First Night Back In Port
Napalm Records
Beer Drinking folk music…maybe rock? not metal… aahhh no.

Of Forsworn Vows
De Tenebrarum Principio
Black metal.. classic old school stuff. cold guitars, fast and well, yeah. decent stuff.

Xtreem Music
I’m not sure what language this is in, but this is heavy deathed up thrash metal. Great crisp production, catchy, kind of brutal-ish… great stuff.

Charming Timur
Focused Rage
Self Released
Industrial/noise/alt-rock. meh.

Dream Alive
Scarlet Records
Kind of power metal, but more leaning towards a prog metal

Contaminated (Australia)
Final Man CD/LP
Blood Harvest
CLassic death metal… cookie monster, big grooves… brutal.

Death Ordinance
Dark Descent Records
Brutal blackened death metal. Heavy heavy heavy… and evil… good stuff.

The Flame of Hate (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
basically black metal, kind of raw, a bit of groove… but basically raw black metal maybe a pinch of thrash and grind

Seer (Canada)
Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void
Art of Propaganda
Kind of a grooving stoner metal, then it gets kind of more extreme, gets a little death/doomy… but overall, yeah, grooving stoner metal.

Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll
AFM Records
I’d compare this to AC/DC. Just some grooving classic hard rock.

Grieve + No Gods
Horror Pain Gore Death
Grieve is 3 songs of punked up grindy extreme blackened metal… maybe 3 minutes total? No Gods is some brutal thrash…. cool stuff actually….like a more brutal Slayer.

Storms Arise
Inverse Records
A bit prog, a bit doom, a bit death/melodic death… maybe comparable to an Opeth or Amorphis. Great stuff

Moon Haven
Monochrome Reflections
Self Released
a bit classic prog/porcupine tree type stuff, maybe a little more distorted guitars in parts, but over all pretty chill.

Deathcult Barbaric Hell
Greyhaze Records [vinyl reissue]
Brutal blackened death metal.. a bit raw and old school… probably because this a vinyl reissue of this 2007 album.

Still In Search
Label: Discouraged Records
A compilation album… kind of basic Swedish death metal, maybe touching into some melodic death.

Memoria Sylvarum
This is some classic black metal sounding stuff, a good groove and melodic stuff, kind of proggy too.

Last Bullet
80-69-64 (EP)
Classic hard rock, a bit cock rock sounding, maybe a southern hard rock thing too.

Suns Of Sorath
Flowers of the Lily
Self Released
Melodic blackened death metal. I’d have to say it’s a bit proggy too with some of the stuff going on. Heavy and classic black metal in parts, then some tech death in others… cool stuff.

Junkyard Jesus
Argonauta Records
Some hard rockin’ stoner metal. Actually a little bit like Clutch vocally and maybe a bit more grungy. Cool stuff.

Kill Your Captor
Self Released
This band is from St. Paul, a bit thrashy and a bit classic metal with some big grooves. Ok stuff.

Band: Leider
Release title: Alloys
Record Label: self-released
Classic metal, big voice, gallopy guitars, good melodic stuff.

Album: The Lecherous Liturgies
Label: Solitude Productions
well, with this band name it was either going to be some sort of grindy death metal, or doom. Aannnnd it’s Doom. Not too bad, just 3 songs… just your normal doom type stuff.

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