Jul 062017

Return to the Void
Metal Blade Records
Blackened death metal with a bit more on the black metal side. Good heavy edge, maybe a bit heavy slayer and melodic death stuff too.

Up in Arms
Metal Blade Records
Kind of a heavy punked up thrashing hardcore type stuff. Features former Danzig/QOTSA and CroMags members. cool stuff.

Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Heavier thrashy hardcore, they’ve been around a long long time and still have a good raw yet cohesive sound.

River Black
Season of Mist
A bit of a downtempo doomy death-ishmetal. Big meaty grooves, shouting/growly vox.

Season of Mist
Doomy melodic metal with a bit of a meedly black metal guitar, clean vox.

In The Presence of Wolves
Of Two Minds, Stages 1-2: The Ape And The Cage
Melodic prog rock/metal. Takes a little while to get going but once it does, you don’t want to stop listening to hear what they’re going to do next, it has a little Fair to Midland thing going, but then maybe hits into full Dream Theater type stuff (without the cheese)

Stone Sour
Well, Stone Sour hasn’t really been the Mosh Pit’s thing… maybe a song here or there.. this has some catchy fun tracks on it, seems to be more laid back. Some songs seem heavier and cool too… I’m digging a lot of the stuff on here

Next To None
Well, this one doesn’t mess around much, a bit slipknot, a bit prog… some like, beautiful piano passages all mixed in with a proggier heavier (good) Slipknot type stuff. Heavy, and catchy and complex… and kind of amazing that they’re almost all still teenagers. The only knock on it, is the clean vox get a little emo-mall-core ish in parts.

Brutal yet catchy grooving death metal. They came through town last year the year before opening for some 5 band bill… and I missed them… this is good stuff, it’s not just death metal/death core… there’s some neat almost proggy stuff going on.

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Never anything bad from these guys… serving up some of the best metal… and yeah with melody too, however, the vox are usually just all on harsh, so yeah, techy melodic deathy thrash stuff… great stuff…

Fragile Mortals
The Dark Project
Bumblefoot Music
A little bit of a rap-metal, nu-metal, but kind of a solid rock catchy commercial metal type thing too… and maybe a tiny bit industrial. . not too bad.

12 Stones
Picture Perfect
Cleopatra Records
Grooving stoner-ish metal, more along the lines of a band that sounds like Tool

Bloody Hammers
The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers
Napalm Records
A little goth and hard rock… a bit like a hard rocked up Volbeat.

Dead Label
Throne Of Bones
Nuerra Records
Grooving thrashy kind of metalcore, but more or less death-ish too. Kind of a heaver grooving Lamb of God. Great stuff.

Fun Burst
Self Released
Indie rockabilly rock type stuff… Maybe a bit punk/country? either way… pass.

God Root
Salt And Rot
Horror Pain Gore Death
Kind of doom/post metal

Xtreem Music / Burning World
This is a bit of a “Black n roll” but doomy post metal too. Some moments of good grooves and deathy stoner metal… but mostly long depressing songs.

Cosmic Man
Svart Records
A little bit of a doom and stoner metal thing going on… Decent energy, so it’s not all depressing.

“Hulluuden Muuri” LP (July release)
Self Relased
A wall of sludgey post metal doom noise and maybe a pinch of blackened doomy noise.

Band: Odium
Title: As The World Turns Black
Label: Black Sunset / MDD
A bit of a thrashy metal, maybe a bit of a classic metal with a heavier vibe… or maybe a Machine Head-light type thing. Pretty cool stuff.

Vesicant (New Zealand)
Shadows of Cleansing Iron CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Blackened death… a bit sludgey and grindy… and a wall of creepy evil noise too.

Band: KROH
Album: Altars
Female fronted sludgey doom.

Album: Supreme Machine
Heavy stoner metal, a little doom feeling, but this has some good meaty hooks and catchy stuff too.

Album: Last Day Of Light
classic metal, with maybe a little thrashing groove.

Self Released
It’s funny, two weeks ago, the majority of new reviews were like a blackened death metal, this week it’s mostly doomy

Album: Self titled
Self Released
This is kind of some classic black metal, dark, cold, evil, yet a good melodic groove going on. it’s just a pinch low-fi, but very listenable.

Band: Ominous Shrine
Release Title: ? ?????? ??? ??????????
Goathorned Productions
Black metal, a bit of a doomy gloomy dark feeling

Band: Novae Militiae
Release Title: Gash’khalah
Goathorned Productions
Full on wall of sound black metal.

Album: Na Puti K Zabveniyu
Label: Endless Desperation Productions
Melodic doomy death metal from Russia (and in russian)… there’s a tiny bit of a goth feeling going on too… not too bad.

Devil Creations
Hell’s Exit
642706 Records
This is some traditional just “metal” a little bit thrashy/modern metal-ish with some meaty grooves.

The Sachem’s Tales
Avantgarde Music
Melodic and ambient folky type stuff going into full on evil black metal.

Bludy Gyres
Echoes of a Distant Scream
SoMan Records
A bit doom/stoner… kind of like a sabbath/trouble sort of thing. Decent grooves


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