Jul 152017

The Nerve Machine
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A bit of a Disturbed sound, a modern metal with a little prog metal thing going on too.

Busted, Broke, And American
Following the tradition of most MOD albums, thrashy hardcore with lyrics saying like it is (according to Billy Milano) which of course make people laugh too. LOL yeah! First album in 10 years and billy says it’ll be the last. wahhh.

Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising
Kind of an alt-metal metalcore type thing, some heavier stuff, melodic stuff and clean, um, almost emo sounding vox.

Limbonic Art
Spectre Abysm
Classic black metal, melodic and doomy

Raven Black
Seven Sins
WURM Group
This was sent and reviewed in April and now again in July… until I get to the bottom of it, here’s my review from before….
Female fronted alternative type metal. A bit gothy/arty, good mix of creepy sung/growly vox, some decent grooves… kind of reminds me of otep.

Soul Remnants
Entertainment One
Heavy and grooving melodic-ish death metal. Kind of a brutal feel, but not like full on wall of sound, this is just good heavy grooving death metal.

The Forest Seasons
Nuclear Blast USA
4 tracks, each named for a season of blackened prog metal goodness. Kind of a blackened death with maybe some folk/prog and power metal stuff all going on. cool stuff!

The Midnight Ghost Train
Cypress Avenue
Napalm Records
A kind of grooving stoner metal/rock… decent stuff, just doesn’t get too heavy.

Batized By Fire
Dark Star Records
Traditional classic metal type stuff, decent groove, occasional heavier moment… but overall, some decent anthemic hard rockin’ stuff.

Decrepit Birth
Anis Mundi
Nuclear Blast USA
Crazy fast technical death metal. They’ve always been brutal yet technical and maybe a notch above typical death… great stuff once again!

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
5 new tracks, 22 old ones, and a previously unreleased track… Classic german power metal!

Blind Guardian
Live Beyond The Spheres
Nuclear Blast
3 CD Live album recorded on various Euro tour dates from 2015. First live album in 14 years! After seeing them recently, it’s kind of cool to hear this and remember how good this band is live.

Barbarian (7″ EP)
Hells Headbangers
2 song ep of some kind of extreme thrash type stuff.

As Paradise Falls
Digital Ritual
Eclipse Records
This is kind of a brutal metalcore type thing. Solid heavy and a bit technical-ish, a little meshuggah like precsion sound.

Crack House
Still Alive!
Horror Pain Gore Death
seemingly a live album of some grindy thrash metal with some humor. Great heavy and catchy and fun too!

This is some cool blackened epic metal, maybe like a behemoth meets rhapsody meets dragonforce and dimmu borgir. Enough of an evil black metal feel with a proggy melodic death thing going on.

Extinguish The Light
Black Market Metal Label
Blackend death metal… kind of text book… big meaty death metal with the cookie monster growls accented by some blast beats and cold black metal guitars… Mostly brutal death metal…

Bloody Times
Destructive Singles
Self Released
Kind of a raw (production) classic “metal” a little thrashy, with some grooves… maybe along the lines of a WASP or Accept type of sound.

The Tangent
The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery
A little jazzy and laid back prog rock leaning towards some hard rocking stuff here and there. Probably not for the mosh pit, but decent stuff for a prog fan.

Ingurgitating Oblivion
Vision Wallows In Symphonies Of Light
Self Released
Long songs, death metal, but, like prog death metal. melodic and quirky and brutal… 4 tracks interesting stuff! A little doomy, black metal too.

We Can’t Win
Self Released
Kind of industrial, melodic death, alt-metal, metalcore and a little djent.

Band: SamadhiSitaram
Album: KaliYuga BABALON
Label: Sliptrick records
A grooving heavy death metal – metalcore/deathcore type thing.

A New Future
Brutal death metal, but maybe with a thrashy groove going on. Production is a bit raw… something tells me the guitar player did the mastering.

Sable Beldam
Cryptic Void EP
Self Released
This is sort of a melodic death, maybe blackened thrash… Good catchy hooks, extreme screamy vox, fast yet melodic-ish too.

De Profundis
Decayed 2007 – 2017 Compilation
Zero Tolerance Magazine
10 years of this band, so here’s a compilation! Great progressive black metal.

Self Released
Gothy alternative rock.

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