Jul 302017

Promised Land – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Good solid hard rock with Michael Sweet (Stryper) and George Lynch’s crunchy guitars… Rounded out with James Lomenzo on Bass and Brian Tichy on drums… a hard rock supergroup really. And this is a great classic metal/hard rock song. The album comes out in Nov.

Frontiers Music s.r.l.
New single… this has a throw back old school LA metal feel.

Got Me Runnin’ – RADIO SINGLE
frontiers Music s.r.l.
Again, good solid classic hard rockin’ stuff with Mille’s huge voice. Good stuff.

“Divide and Conquer”
Well, it’s new Prong. They have a formula, make catchy hard rocking metal songs… they aren’t straying from that formula and it’s good stuff man!

Dead Cross
Dead Cross
Dave Lombardo/Mike Patton’s punky metal experimental project. We had a single before, now the full… you got thrash/punk/hardcore all together with veteran musicians. it’s good

Night Spirit
Midnight Spark Media
Heavier and thrashy sounding power metal… Power metal with some grit!

The Shape
The World Away
DME/Monolithic Recordings
Sounds a bit like some modern thrash, heavy grooves, some parts are just more like classic metal too. neat stuff.

Dawn Of Disease
Ascension Gate
Napalm Records
Good grooving melodic death with well, mostly growly cookie monster vox… Heavy death metal stuff, but that good melodic meedly guitar stuff too.

Marty Friedman
Wall Of Sound
Prosthetic Records
Instrumental virtuostic metal… good melodic proggy stuff and some good crunchy metal too.

The Rise Of Chaos
Nuclear Blast USA
Classic Accept. Great riffs, a little edgy, melodic and anthemic and

The Plague
Black Lion Records
I guess this is a bit doomy, a bit death metaly and a bit melodic death-ish. A nice laid back sound, while doomy, there’s still a bit of a heavy groove going on .

Neverending Trail of Skulls
Xtreem Music
Here we have some brutal death metal, maybe a little bit gore/grindy, some nice riffage for some extreme metal. Decent stuff.

Söft Dov
Massacre Through Seduction
Horror Pain Gore Death
Kind of a punked up standard metal type thing. Short quick songs, just a, um, yeah… It’s not bad, just a bit too punky for me I think.

Sexual Panic Human Machine (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
I’d have to say this is kind of an extreme thrash… Basically some classic thrash music, but with some extreme vox, so yeah, it makes this a bit more on the extreme side, right?

Barbaric Horde
Tainted Impurity
War Arts Productions
Mostly black metal, pretty brutal heavy blast beats and raw production

Blooming Carrions
Sparkling Rotten Dreams TAPE
Iron Bonehead
Lo-fi gurgly black/death metal.

Centuries of Decay
Good heavy and catchy brutal melodic death metal. Technical, grooving and yeah, good melodic guitar stuff going on too. Great stuff.

Nuclear Warfare
Empowered By Hate
Self Released
This is some classic thrash, catchy grooves, heavy sound, vox sound pissed off. Good stuff.

Experimental noise… chanting, creepy satan noises, I dunno… is this really music? I want my time back.

Rope Sect
Personae Ingratae 12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
Kind of a gothy melodic doom rock

Planet Eater
Blackness From The Stars
I’m not sure what to call this stuff anymore… it’s a bit thrashy, a bit death metal, a bit hardcore and melodic too. I guess I’ll throw this in the melodic deathcore pile… not bad, heavy, catchy, grooving… kind of technical too.

Fight The Fight
Anitra’s Dance
Indie Recordings
One song… melodic and doomy, yet catchy too clean vox/extreme vox all in a 3 minute song. cool melodic death type stuff.

Not A Crime
Self Released
Foreign language exprimental metal/rock A bit gothy, maybe industrial too. A little too “out there” for me.

Self Released
From Iran! A sort of prog rock, mostly laid back, with female vox, but some heaver hard rockin’ bits.

Antinumerology (EP)
Label: Krucyator Productions (France)
BLack/death metal on a 3 song EP. A bit of melodic black metal with some full on death metal type stuff.

Rage n’ Fever
Label: Witches Brew
Metal from Argentina. A bit of a thrash/classic metal with maybe a pinch of a raw punk feel. Cool stuff.

Album: Mythogenesis
Self Released
Good classic meaty death metal or maybe deathy extreme thrash type stuff from Denmark. Great big grooves, fat low end and some guttural cookie monster vox.

The Throne and the Altar
Hidden Marly Productions
This is just some classic black metal. Good meedly stuff, maybe some groove too. Good stuff.

Album: Horrid Dominion
Self Released
You got your good ol classic death metal here, oh, but it’s like fast and extreme so it has a little black metal feel going on too.


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