Aug 072017

Aether Realm
Primitive Ways
Their tagline is something like “were not from Finland!” and well, after hearing it… kind of a folky melodic death metal, maybe an Amorphis meets Children of Bodom… it’s surprising that they’re from North Carolina, but who cares where it’s from, it’s got heavy catchy sound, full of melodic hooks and headbanging fun!

Venom Inc.
Nuclear Blast USA
A subset of Venom with pretty much the Prime Evil lineup. Just this single so far, a bit of a doomy classic metal thing going on. Good grooves and some decent edginess too.

Exit Eden
Rhapsodies In Black
Napalm Records
All female symphonic epic metal type stuff. A typical fe-metal sound, with big powerful clean female vox with a power-metal-ish band. Members of Avantasia and Visions of Atlantis with some guest spots of Simone from Epica too. A lot of pop type covers from Adele, Katy Perry, Bonnie Tyler, Lady Gaga… not too bad if you like fe-metal! (or have little girl daughters and have heard all these pop songs a lot!)

Hundred Suns
The Prestaliis
New Damage Records
A bit noisecore, metalcore, a pinch industrial and modern metal. It’s edgy and heavy, has some catchy grooves, but just too much of a modern metal vibe for me to really get into too much.

Beyond The Pain Barrier
Cleopatra Records
A bit of a classic metal, but with some throwback, a little bit of a Manowar type vibe but not quite over the top and heavy. Just a decent hard rocking classic metal groove.

Death Mass Execution
Larval Productions
Brutal evil black metal. 3 songs of a wall of noisy mush.

Proggy melodic death metal. Really cool stuff, and yeah, really techy, almost like some opeth, but a bit more on the techy death side of the heavier things.

AFM Records
Classic hard rocking power metal. A bit of a classic metal feel in parts, but overall, just some cool heavier edgy power metal. These guys have been around for a while, so they still got it going on.

Horror Pain Gore Death
Sort of a grindy death metal, quick fast songs with fast playing and brutal attitude! All 71 tracks are no more than a minute each with a couple exceptions.

Band: Jesus Cröst
Album: Die Tonmeisterei Sessions
Label: Give Praise records
VERY quick short grindy punked up metal songs. All 71 tracks are no more than a minute each with a couple exceptions.

Jadd / Magnetic Eye
Raw doomy stoner metal but with a bit of a melodic old school thing. Vox remind me a bit of the guy from Pro-Pain, shouted with big meaty grooves to back it up.

From the Hellmouth | Mutilatred – Split EP
Title: Split EP
Labels: Redefining Darkness & Seeing Red Records
From the Hellmouth is wall of sound-ish brutal death metal.. cool stuff! And Mutilatred is a bit more grindy, but full on brutal death metal.

Various Artists (Against PR)
Against PR
This is a PR firm out of Portugal that sends us a lot of that “other stuff” in our weekly adds section, some hit, some miss, some just ok. This is a Compilation of stuff they’ve sent out, or maybe they just like. A wide variety of stuff.

Northern Plague
Scorn the Idle
Self Released
Melodic blackened death metal, great catchy grooves, heavy dark sound, pissed off, kind of technical too.

Grant The Sun
Grant The Sun
Mas-Kina Recordings
Seems like a techy prog stoner metal. Instrumtenal stuff, great riffs and feel

“The Sin And The Sentence” [Single]
Decent stuff from these guys, catchy, melodic and heavy too. They got that Metallica meats Dragonforce thing going on and it’s good for the 1st single!

Self Released
Kind of an alt hard rock type thing, maybe a bit electronic hip hip too

The Foreboding Impasse
Release date: Friday, August 4th 2017
Just a single from an EP that comes out next year, this is some good techy death metal. No fucking around, great grooves and production.

Aug 2016
Since they have a new single out, the PR company thought it’d be a good idea to send out their last release from a year ago… good stuff too, quality technical brutal death metal.


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