Aug 142017

Metal Blade Records
Epic proggy/power metal with primarily clean sung female vox, some cool death metal growls, kind of making it a little bit like Epica… Probably a bit more melodic and symphonic. Decent stuff.

Chronic Breed (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Brutal death metal, maybe a little bit grindy, just full on in your face death metal. great stuff, can’t wait for more.

Act of Defiance
M.I.A. – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Another new album! It’s been two years since the debut… good modern just good “metal” A bit melodic thrashy and melodic death-ish (growly vox) Can’t wait for more!

The Hirsch Effekt
Long Branch
This is some cool crazy proggy metalcore… maybe a bit like SOAD and Protest the Hero-ish, Faith No More… just a lot of crazy cool stuff going on… definitely crossing into experimental range.

Dead as Truth
Dark and doomy blackened gothy doom. Kind of scary and depressive.

Profane Nexus
Big meaty classic death metal. Great grooves, and a bit dark mood-wise. a Doomy feeling, but still full on death metal.

Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers
Cleopatra Records
Compilation of many different artists (Joel Hoekstra, Bumblefoot, Soto, Gary Hoey, Steve Morse) to benefit veterans. Some tracks are inspired by soldiers and a theme on that.

Thy Art Is Murder
Dear Desolation
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Heavy, technical and brutal metal. Melodic too? Yeah, with a good heavy thrash feel too.

End of Green
Void State
Napalm Records
A bit of a doomy melodic rock thing, at first listen, it sounded like David Bowie vocals.

Brick By Brick
Thin The Herd
Fastbreak Records
A thrashy hardcore thing, maybe a bit like a Pro-Pain… classic barking vox, catchy hardcore’d up thrash beats.

The Mortal Horizon
Xtreem Music
A bit of a blackened doomy death metal. Production is a bit raw, cookie monster vox, the blackened part comes from part attiude and part melodic noisy guitars.

Descent Into Hell (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Solid death metal, great grooves, catchy riffs and a good well rounded brutal sound. Great stuff.

Dr. Shrinker
Archive I DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Compilation of the Milwaukee Thrashy death metal band… fairly raw and lo-fi production… good stuff for a true fan I’d imagine!

La Voie Du Sang
Melancholia Records
Blackened doomy death metal, a bit raw and in your face, some melodic stuff and maybe a bit crusty too.

Evil (Japan)
Rites of Evil LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
This is kind of an extreme thrash, pretty cool stuff. Fast playing and growly screamed vox, all more in a heavy thrash style. cool stuff.

Bret Hart EP
Self Released
Crusty punky hardcore EP about pro wrestlers

Scarlet Records
This is some pretty cool power metal with heavier classic metal tendencies along with some cool proggy stuff. One of my favorites this week.

Total War
Scarlet Records
Whoa, heavy brutal thrash, or thrashy death metal, Great heavy dark sound, barked out growly vox, a big meaty groove

On Top
Top Dollar
Horror Pain Gore Death
Classic metal with a bit of a punky metal feel.

Necromancy Enthroned
Unspeakable Axe Records
Blackened death metal, mostly death metal with a harsh vox reminiscent of black metal. Short-ish songs under 4 minutes, decent quick and to point songs with a brutal thrash feel.

Plagues Upon Arda
Milwaukee’s own… great brutal classic death metal. This is the real deal… heavy, kind of catchy and headbanging and full on brutal. Great stuff!

Casket Robbery
The Ascension
Pretty much a new lineup, this 3 song ep doesn’t fuck around again… brutal and heavy, and great production too! We love these local guys (and now gal) and glad they keep pushing on!

Sons of Crom
The Black Tower
Nordvis Produktion / Bindrune Recordings
Some good classic melodic black/death metal. Kind of like some Opeth in the dynamics of going from laid back doomy chilled out hard rock to full on black metal in parts. It’s leaning more on the melodic stuff.

Your Worst Nightmare (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Basic death metal, with a little bit of a fun thrash vibe.

Steel Mammoth
Atomic Oblivion
A punky doomy stoner type thing

Tech death metal, but with some regular prog metal stuff going on too. 4 songs, and it’s good stuff!

El Calvario MCD/MLP
Iron Bonehead
Doomy post metal. Big meaty riffs, downtempo with guttural growly vox

May The Funeral Begin EP
Inverse Records
Melodic Death Metal, good brutal edge, with a great melodic guitar thing going on. Catchy and a bit proggy/technical too.

Self Released
From India, a bit hard rock, a bit folky sounding because of the Sitar.

Slice of Sorrow
Metal Carnival Records
This is some decent melodic death, some heavier stuff and melodic stuff, you know, melodic death metal! hah. With piano/keyboards, it adds a bit of a proggy element to it.

Power Theory
Something Old, Something New & Something LIVE?!?!?! From Europe
21 March 2017

This is some classic thrash sounding stuff, catchy grooves, a bit more heavy and raw than say a modern thrash type thing.

As I May
Self Released
Kind of a heavier metalcore, music is decent heavy stuff, vox are clean, and growly too…

A Life Lost (single)
A single of some kind of melodic death/modern technical metalcore type stuff. Great melodies, heavy hardcore stuff with harsh vox.


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