Aug 212017


Alpha Tiger
Alpha Tiger
This is like a power metal, but with some hammond organ stuff going on, so there’s a bit of a throwback vibe. A neat groove and catchiness of just some classic metal, and giving modern feel too. So much of it sounds familiar but really it’s a unique mix of genres. Good stuff.

Heavy brutal blackened death metal, maybe a bit symphonic with a Cradle of Filth/Dimmu Borgir type thing

The New Roses
One More For The Road
Napalm Records
A kind of southern bluesy hard rock thing. Catchy fun hard rockin’ stuff.

Leaving eden
Out Of The Ashes
Dark Star Records
Female fronted modern metal/hard rock. Decent catchy hooks and guitar solos… but a bit on the commercial metal side of things.

American Wrecking Company
Everything and Nothing
Pavement Entertainment
A pretty straightforward thrashy modern metal with some hardcore stuff going on too.

Renaissance In Extremis
Peaceville Records
Good full on death metal and melodic death and going into some proggy melodic death. This is just one 7 min single so far, but great stuff a-la Opeth.

The Haunted
Strength In Numbers
Century Media Records
From the ashes of At the Gates came the Haunted to fly the flag of Swedish Melodic death metal…After just one stinker album in there, these guys are still back to form with catchy stuff, heavy stuff, melodic and still full on aggressive too.

Pagan Altar
The Room of Shadows
Temple of Mystery
A bit of a folk/doom classic metal. I guess this band was orginally a NWOBHM band with a bootlegged underground album… well, here they are with the first album in 11 years. Good grooves.

Burn the World
Metal Blade Records
This sounds like some really old school 80’s like pagan/black metal type stuff, maybe a bit like a Mercyful Fate… Great throwback heavy thrash type stuff, with a high screamy voice (maybe like John Arch), a dark and evil feeling.

“Of Erthe and Axen” Act I
Erthe and Axen Records
Melodic proggy hard rock, kind of like Porcupine tree, but it elevates into some symphonic melodic death too. Great dynamics, reminds me of some Opeth

Canyon of the Skull
The Desert Winter
One 37 Minute track of Doomy death metal.

Battle Raider
Fighter Records
Big screamy metal voice on top of classic metal, kind of a power metal/thrash/classic metal thing. Cool stuff. I’m a sucker for big high screamy metal.

BLOODLUST (Australia)
At the Devil’s Left Hand
Caverna Abismal
Heavy or maybe extreme thrash. Catchy riffs, powerful drumming and vox. Vox are growly and we’ve got a kind of thrashy death metal thing going on. Cool stuff with meaty grooves.

Skepsis Part II (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
A single of some full on brutal blackened death metal, Great stuff. more please!

Eden’s Curse
AFM Records
Power metal, decent stuff, nothing too techy, nothing too commercial or anything, just straightforward almost AOR type metal.

Gundog Allegiance (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
1:27 of brutal grindy death metal. Cool stuff.

From The Dead
High Roller Records
Some classic metal with some big high screamy vox. We’re probably getting into some 80’s or 90’s hard rock sounds here.

Howling Giant
Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2
Grooving throwback stoner-ish doom metal. Hammond Organ, meaty riffs, but a bit depressing too.

LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!
AFM Records
Udo under his last name… a live show of his old Accept stuff… music sounds almost studio quality… vocals are a little raw, but so is Udo, right? Good live album with some nice classic song with a new edge.

An Assfull Of Love
Monkey Madness
A bit of a hard rock, maybe a bit funky alternative metal with some fun lyrics.

Serious Black
AFM Records
Heavier power metal, crunchy riffs, nice big voice with some rasp and good melodic sutff too.

Elbow Deep
Sexually Offensive
Horror Pain Gore Death
This is some extreme thrash/death metal with some not so PC lyrics. So, yeah, take it with a grain of salt and go to hell if you laugh. (i’ll already be there waiting for you)

Obsessed with Death
Meaty grooving death metal. cool stuff.

Cosmic Reawakening
Quality classic black metal with good production, A good evil sound, it’s even catchy and of course, the good classic black metal is melodic too. Great stuff.

Prog rock that gets way way proggy, maybe getting a little heavy in parts, maybe a bit jazzy, vox hearken to Freddie Mercury. Good stuff, maybe not mosh pit material.

Past, Present…Torture
BRUTAL death metal! Maybe a bit grindy, but this is full on heavy as shit. And yeah! Grooves!!

Jack Starr’s Burning Star
Stand Your Ground
High Roller Records
Big voice classic metal, with maybe a bit of thrashy heaviness. Great guitar work

Guide My Fury
Inverse Records
Melodic Death Metal musically, vox are pretty cookie monster style… then some clean sung stuff too. Good mix of brutal and melodic

Fly With Me
A bit of an alternative hard rock thing.

Low Flying Hawks
Jadd / Magnetic Eye
Sludgey doom meets tool.

Burning Arrow
Three songs of classic black metal, heavy and evil… melodic and yeah, good production

Argonauta Records
No other words for this other than some Stoner Rock…/hard rock. Grooving catchy stuff.

Morbid Evils
Svart Records
25 August 2017
Dark and doomy… slow and sludgey… a bit of a black metal feel.

Time EP
Self Released
This one… hmmm, extreme thrash. That catchy/gallopy thrash sound, while being faster and more growly vox.

Self Released
This is some decent melodic death

Luciferian Insectus
Title: Godless
Labels: Apollyon Entertainment
Blackened death metal… yup, meat and potatoes death metal, but faster with some faster guitars and blast beats. not too bad… good melodic stuff too while being all brutal.

Cranely Gardens
House of Decay
It’s melodic death/metalcore type stuff. Good stuff, staying heavy and heavy parts are brutal, some big fat breakdowns.

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