Aug 282017

Brendon Small
Galaktikon II: Become The Storm
We all know Brendon Small as the driving force behind Dethklok, and this is his 2nd album under this moniker, and with some drama around Dethklock being hung up by the Cartoon Network, this is effectively a new Dethklok album according to the band which is the same members…(gene hoglan, bryan beller, brendan small) So it’s a sort of extreme melodic death. Great stuff, and isn’t everything with Gene Hoglan on it good?

36 Crazyfists
“Death Eater” / “Better To Burn” [Single]
Of all of the metalcore bands, we’ll always have a soft spot for 36 Crazyfists… they have a good heavy groove, clean vox and we had some exploring of the inner bowels of the Rave with some band members back in the day. Great to see they’re still at it and this new stuff is pretty good! Melodic, heavy, catchy and good clean production

You Got Me Twisted – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Just a good solid hard rock power ballad type thing.

Fuck this Place – radio single
Metal Blade Records
First album since Oderus died… they’ve released some covers and some stuff here and there, but this is pretty good solid and catchy metal all with that Gwar attitude!

The Black Dahlia Murder
Nightbringers – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Another metal blade single hit the inbox… some great new stuff from TBDM. Melodic, brutal, pissed off and technical too. I’ve come to like these guys more and more over the years. Good stuff.

“De Tre Piker” / “Ulvinde”
Relapse Records
Atmospheric rock? Clean Female vox… not quite metal. I guess I’m on the Relapse mail list for everything… and they should have skipped me on this one.

Alter Bridge
Live At The O2 Arena
Napalm Records
I can’t say I’ve been a huge fan of this band as they are more on the commercial side of hard rock, but I caught some of their live set last year and it was pretty impressive… mostly because of Myles Kennedy’s voice. So this is a live show from the UK.

In Through The Out Door
This sounds like it could be along the vein of Steel Panther type stuff. Fun hard rockin’ stuff that is all funny and stuff.

Paradise Lost
Nuclear Blast USA
Doomy melodic stuff touching into maybe a deathy/black metal thing. They’ve had ups and downs and I think this is more of an Up and back to their good sounds (where there’s some heavy stuff)

The Quill
Botrn From Fire
Metalville Records
Good full sounding stoner metal type thing

Codex Omega
Prosthetic Records
Brutal, technical, catchy and melodic/symphonic too. Great stuff!

The Solace System EP
Nuclear Blast USA
Well, I often compare bands TO Epica, but nothing can compare to the original. They have that fe-metal vox, but they keep it heavy too… I think a lot of bands tend to just stay more power-metal and these guys/girl are full on Epic but keep it heavy and dark too.

Under Cover
Motorhead Music/Silver Lining Music
Stuff that Motorhead covered over the years from tribute albums and some new recordings

Mist Of Misery
Shackles of Life
Black Lion Records
An epic and symphonic black metal type thing. Melodic, proggish good grooves too.

Eihwaz Recordings
This one is interesting, it’s kind of grindy death metal, but gets into some melodic stuff too, big meaty grooves

From North
From North
Some cool melodic death with a little bit of a folk thing going on.

The Deathcantation
Inverse Records
This is kind of melodic death too, almost prog metal-ish. Kind of metalcore-ish a LITTLE bit, or maybe more of a Lamb of God meets melodic death? Cool stuff.

Princesse Terre (Three Studies of Silence and Death)
Avantgarde Music
28 August 2017

Speed Kill LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A basic kind of motorhead sounding thing

Red Mountains
Slow Wander
All Good Clean Records
Some doomy stoner metal that reminds me a little bit of Kyuss

Collective: The Shape of He to Come
Avantgarde Music
1 September 2017

Ossuary Insane
Demonize the Flesh LP
Blood Harvest
Kind of an extreme thrash / death metal type thing. production is a bit basic, giving it that kind of a “local band” feel, but the music and energy are there… cool stuff

Dutchguts / Chained To The Dead
Split CD
Horror Pain Gore Death
Dutchguts is kind an extreme stoner metal/hardcore type thing. Chained to the dead is more of a grindy grooving death metal.

Fighter Records
This is some power metal, a really high screamy over the top voice thing going on, maybe a bit of a speedier power metal like a Dragonforce

Manifest Rebellion
Caverna Abismal
Grooving and meaty and yes, melodic too… death metal! Good brutal stuff while also having those big hooks and melody

Argonauta Records
A sludgey doom metal, but like, heavier. Extreme doom? Harsh vox, but a good heavy fast groove.

Album: “Below Mediocrity”
Label: Witches Brew
The description says “Black thrash n roll” and yeah, it’s kind of that, a bit punk and thrashy rock with a black metal feel in its rawness.

Terrible Old Man
Fungi From Yuggoth
MDD Records
Solid just classic hard rock / metal. Maybe a power metal AOR type thing. Cool band name

Morbid Skull Records
Kind of raw blackened death metal. Quick 2 minute tracks, vox are a bit shouty/screamy… kind of decent stuff.

Trained When We’re Young
Rotten Records
Melodic hard rock, a bit on the prog-experimental side… I can only think of something like Faith No More to compare it to. Melodic, piano stuff, gets a little “metal” in parts too.

Album: Possessed By Steel
Label: Witches Brew
two songs of classic heavy Thrash metal from Paraguay

Release: Rough Grind
Four For The Road (EP)
Record label: Inverse Records
Just kind of some standard classic metal, maybe a melodic metal thing with vox that remind me a little of Motorhead.

Album: Underworld
Label: Witches Brew
Disorder is from Nepal and Distruptor is from Peru. Disorder is some actually cool catchy heavy thrash. Distruptor is a bit of a heavier speedy thrash thing bordering on some deathy thrash. Both are pretty good!

Album: “Tyrant’s Dictum”
Label: Witches Brew
Two songs of some classic sounding dark metal from Portugal, a little bit of a melodic thrash-ish sound. pretty cool.

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