Sep 042017

Living Colour
This is some great stuff, they still have that sound they had from the first album, great grooves, crisp production. This sounds like it could have been released right after Time’s Up. Catchy and groovin’.

Travelin Jack
Commencing Countdown
Female fronted kind of throwback Hard rock… janis joplinesque vox. Good grooves.

As the World Burns (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
First single from this… creepy melodic doom

Involuntary Doppelganger (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Technical death metal. Fast and heavy, oh a jazzy interlude? ok cool. back to brutal. way cool. One song, we want more!

Dark Sky Choir
Dark Sky Choir
Good grooving hard rock.

Arch Enemy
Will To Power
Century Media Records
Hard to review this…as I’m an Arch Enemy fanboy… So, this is a little disappointing that in interviews about Jeff Loomis not having any writing input… I think most people were looking forward to that… that said… this is still good stuff, a bit more maybe watered down and now the 2nd album with Alyssa doing vox, a consistent lineup from a full tour, things seem to fit together pretty well.

Serious Black
AFM Records
Crunchy power metal, clean vox with some rasp, then getting into high screamy vox sometimes, pretty good stuff.

While She Waits
While She Waits
A grooving southern bluesy hard rock/metal

Brant Bjork
Europe 16
Napalm Records
Kind of a stoner metal with some grooving stuff. Melodic and chilled out and a bit bluesy too.

Legends Of The Shires
Metalville Records
Long time prog metal band are back with a new one. Good solid just Prog metal. Keyboards, clean vox, virtuosic playing. Good stuff.

Another Distraction
Kind of a melodic modern metalcore thing

Comeback Kid
Nuclear Blast USA
Kind of a thrashy metalcore. Just a single so far, but good stuff so far!

Dark Descent of Fallen Souls (LP)
8 September 2017
Vinyl reissue of this Michigan blackened death metal band’s first album. We’ve always been on board with this band and a bit sad when they decided to call it quits…. good excuse to play it again.

From Fields of Fire
Cruz Del Sur Music
A big more like the newer proggy Opeth musically, vox are a bit on the clean side with a stoner metal vibe. So a proggy classic metal, stoner metal, maybe a little bit of a Mercyful fate thing going on.

Maschere – A Night At The Theater
Scarlet Records
An epic proggy power metal thing. It’s got some heavy stuff, while having some typical epic power metal stuff too. I dunno, this seems to have a heavier edge with a few more layers than a typical like Nightwish or something. Cool stuff.

Nordvis Produktion
Dark folky doom type stuff.

Mausoleum Gate
Into a Dark Divinity
Cruz Del Sur Music
This is some classic bluesy metal with organ, clean vox, a 70’s deep purple type vibe going on. Good grooves, stoner metal feelings.

Total Extermination
Greyhaze Records [vinyl reissue]
Sludgey Blackened doom. Creepy, low-fi, meh.

Contempt, War and Damnation (CD)
Hells Headbangers
Blackened death, good grooves, evil feels, solid brutality and leaning more on the modern black metal side of things.

My Endless Immensity
A Sad Sadness Song
Melodic black metal, some more chilled out stuff, crossing into some crazy heavy black metal, but really being proggy in the light stuff and in the heavier stuff too.

Hands of Orlac / The Wandering Midget
Cruz Del Sur Music
Hands of Orlac is some throwback doom… meaty catchy riffs, creepy female clean vox. cool stuff. Wandering Midget, one 18+ minute track of crunchy doomy stoner metal. also cool stuff!

Album: “Burn Them To The Ground”
Label: Witches Brew
This is some heavier power metal type stuff. maybe a thrashy power metal? yeah.

Season of Mist
Grindy and grooving, almost thrashy, brutal, catchy and fast quick short songs.

Season of Mist
Black metal, but with some melodic proggy stuff going on, kind of like a more extreme Opeth

Wrath of the Tyrant Records
Not to be confused by the Milwaukee band of the same name but without the hyphen… this is some basic old school black metal.

Killing Suzy
Everybody dies, Darling!
Self Released
This is some pretty cool heavier goth metal with clean female vox. Good stuff, it has a heavier groove, kind of basic prog metal thing going on too.

The First Chapter
Self Released
This is some classic metal, nothing really swaying into any main genre… maybe a bit on the prog/power metal side of things. Cool stuff.

Glass Mind
Mexican instrumental prog. it is what it says! Kind of Animals as Leaders meets Liquid Tension Experiment

Mother Gray
Bleeding Music
This is some kind of extreme blackend prog? metal? It’s heavy, kind of brutal, but has a good catchy melody and probably fits in melodic death but with that technical prog thing… bonus, last track is a cover of Survivor’s Burning Heart

Band: I, Forlorn
Album: My Kingdom Eclipsed
Self Released
Doomy black metal. dark, depressing…

Deranged Pagan Sons
Nine Records
Doomy stoner metal

Gerechter Zorn
Kind of a grooving traditional metal thing. a little darker and close to thrashy stuff.

Forsaken One
Sleaszy Rider
A bit of a melodic thrash. Catchy cool stuff.

Shahyd Legacy
Self Released
Melodic guitar based instrumentals. Shahyd Legacy is a guitar god type guy… lots of shredding.

Binary Creed
A Battle Won
Hard rocking proggy power metal. But! Songs are all under 5 mins, so quick epic songs!

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