Sep 102017

New Damage
A bit of a doomy goth metal, a bit dark and depressing, but maybe a little metalcore

Enter The Arena
This is some extreme thrash, catchy, heavy, yet still light enough to not really be sooo brutal. There’s some good heavy parts, but lots of good melodic solos and classic thrash!

“The Shadow” (single)
A new wave of metalcore? It’s kind of heavy, yet laid back and chilled out/doomy. clean vox but more melodic and kind prog-vox. I’d say this is what is the new modern power ballad. It’s good and driving, but not all fast and heavy, great grooves and harsh vox along with the clean vox. interesting.

Left Hand Pass
Season of Mist
Very similar sound to the band that their name resembles! Yeah, it’s heavy death metal similar to Cannibal Corpse… but i dunno, there seems to be a bit more groove

Good Tiger
The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking – radio single
Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records
Alternative rock/prog rock. Melodic kind of catchy and classic prog rock type stuff.

Nuclear Blast USA
Brutal, blackened death. Just one song so far, but these guys are a force to be reckoned with. Solid brutality

The Contortionist
Entertainment One
Well, this one single was pretty laid back prog rock type stuff… kind of reminded me of Porcupine Tree… I sure hope the rest of this album is a bit heavier

Evil Invaders
Feed Me Violence
Napalm Records
Fast and furious heavy catchy thrash!!

Wage War
Fearless Records/Concord Music Group
A metalcore thing… growly vox making way for emo-ish choruses… decent stuff til the happy singy stuff.

Weapons Of Anew
The Collision Of Love And Hate
OK Good Records
Melodic “solid rock” type metal going on here. Decent grooves, melodies, vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars, just more hard rock-ish.

Go On Great Immortal
Msndrstd Music
Melodic, laid back hard rock / alternative rock type stuff pretty catchy and grooving, but but probably not quite metal-like for the Mosh Pit.


Paradox of Existence
Xtreem Music
Classic death metal with a little bit of dark blackened metal feeling

Two Paths
Metal Blade Records
Melodic death metal with a little bit of viking/folk thing going on… great stuff once again!

Army of One (Bonus Edition) Through the Storm (Bonus Edition)
Metal Blade Records
Some reissues and bonus stuff.

Follow Me: Kill!
Metal Blade Records
Kind of grooving, kind of thrashy, a bit metalcore… you know… and some good growly female vox!

Caligula’s Horse
In Contact
Prog metal. Mostly meloidic more on the prog rock side of things with a heavier sound (as opposed to like a Dream theater with lighter sound?) Cool stuff for any prog fan.

Across the Empty Plains
Black metal… cold, evil, dark, but good groove too

Endless Computer LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of a grindy thrash. Abrasive vox, maybe heavy fast sludge?

Nocturnes Mist
Diabolical Baptism
Seance Records
Really heavy old school melodic black metal. Nice and evil sounding, fast, brutal and laden with grooves too!

Sándor Vály
Young Dionysos
Noise. Background. Noise.

Midnite Hellion
Condemned to Hell
Witches Brew
Melodic thrash… a bit of a classic metal feel, but thrashier? Yeah. not too bad.

Oraculum (Chile)
Always Higher
Invictus Productions
Blackened death metal, maybe with a bit of grind thing happening.

Burning Torches (CD, 12″ MLP)
Hells Headbangers
this is blackened death / thrash. a gallopy thrash thing going on, but with that cold evilness of black metal

A Sad Sadness Song
Doomy black metal. 4 long songs, vox are pretty shrieky, no way one could make out ANY words.

Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns
Label: Non Serviam Records
Symphonic melodic death. Catchy, heavy, a cool metal edge… blackened death feeling too.

Moonlight Desires
Just The Hits: 1981-1985
Infamous Butcher Records
Not sure what the story with this band is, but they do hard rock/metal -ish versions of some catchy 80’s songs like Hungry like the Wolf, Sunglasses at Night, Bettie Davis Eyes, etc. Fun stuff (i’m a sucker for heavy covers of non metal songs!)

Lord of Pain
Self Released
This is different… kind of a proggy sludge metal. The grungy stoner metal thing going on, but quite the technical stuff goin on too. A bit doomy too

With Gangrene Edges / Voiidwarp
I, Voidhanger Records
Howls of Ebb is some dirty death metal, Khthonic Cerviiks is technical blackened death (a couple really long tracks with some interludes)

Seance Records
Classic black metal… blast beats, melodic stuff, cold guitars, good production

Blood Tyrant / Departure Chandelier
Split 7″ EP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Noisy black metal.

Kaos Krew
Record label: Inverse Records
Grooving industrial metal, a bit on the solid rock side…

The Cult of Astaroth
Argonauta Records
HEavy doomy sludge metal.

Grief & Bliss
Kind of a drony black metal, doomy, dark, depressing.

Album: Crush The Pious
Label: Barbarian Wrath
Blackeded deathy thrash metal.

Album: Intemperance
Label: Witches Brew
This is a melodic-ish thrash metal from Chile. A classic thrash with a bit of a Slayer vibe, maybe a bit more heavy yet melodic too.

Album: The Saw Is Family
Label: Witches Brew
German death metal, meaty grooving riffs, extreme vox and sound too. great stuff.

Album: Pale Distant Light
Label: Heathen Tribes
Described as “Melancholic Black metal” If they mean kind of doomy depressing black metal? (which they do) spot on!

Album: La fin de l’ère Sauvage
Label: Heathen Tribes
I so want this band to be sooo bad, so I can just say, it’s not Woest, it’s the Worst. Well, it’s NOT the worst, but it’s not my thing. described as “Black / Doom / Industrial” I can hear all three… it’s a bit boomy with weak classic lo-fi production. The doom has more of a gothy feel. overall a bit meh.

Band: DUN
Album: Hors du Gouffre
Label: Heathen Tribes
More or less, classic basic black metal.

We Won’t Get Out Of Here Alive
Brutal Panda Records
Basic hard rock, almost alt-rock

Neck Deep In Filth
Self-Titled EP
Label: Self-Released
Heavy and crusty hardcore punk from Nepal. fun to think about a band doing this where they’re from!

Solitary Ritual
Solitary Ritual
Maybe a gothy doom thing, vox are a bit, um, different. clean, and foreign… non-native english? I dunno.

Eastern High
Garden Of Heathens
Melodic death-ish, maybe some goth/doom type stuff thrown in. pretty cool… maybe some metalcore or technical stuff going on too.

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