Oct 012017


Primitive Man
Grindy depressive death metal


Doomy and a bit sludgey and extreme vox.

The Oxford Coma
Everything Out Of Tune
Kind of a stoner prog. Good catchy stoner metal with a bit of a psychedelic feel and classic proggy hard rock.

The Rising Of The Lights
Rise Above
Punk-ish attitude meets stonerish metal, maybe a little on the proggy side of things getting into longer songs and stuff

Raised On Decay
A modern heavier take on classic thrash, great stuff, heavy, catchy and thrashtasic!

The Black Dahlia Murder
Metal Blade Records
The fucking around on this is near zero. Brutal, technical and intense. This band just gets better and better.

Lord Of The Lost
Swan Songs II
Napalm Records
Kind of an epic goth thing, can’t say it gets too heavy, but it’s interesting.

Pavement Music
This is some hard rockin’ type stuff that reminds me of bands like Disturbed… A heavy edge, catchy vox and anthemic accessible stadium metal… maybe a little mudvayne thing going on too.

Eyes Of The Living
War On Dead
Entertainment One
Similar to the Despyre above… hard rocking grooving type stuff. Some more catchy thrashy elements in this, but a bit of a more melodic heavy groove metal with that feeling of accessibility… like, heavier “solid rock” type stuff. (probably a little heavier than that though!)

No Warning
Torture Culture
Entertainment One
A big meaty grooving thrash/hardcore thing, but with some melodic stuff, which yeah, reminds me a little of a mudvayne… good stuff.

Epitome of Morbid
Independent / Diabolicurst
Classic brutal death metal, a la Cannibal Corpse. Barked out cookie monster, brutal drumming, guitars, good stuff.

Fourth 7
Consouling Sounds
Sludgey doom/stoner metal. Seems a bit grungy and dirty and all instrumental. Some atmospheric stuff too.

Galy Records
Heavy grooves on this classic death metal, some melodic stuff, some slower grooves, but then some fast quick thrashy double bass makes me get that head moving. Great circle pit music!

Badder Than Brooklyn
It’s a bit thrashy, mostly just classic standard “metal” with vox that are a bit abrasive, but not growled/gurgled/screamed. Melodic guitars and stuff.

Cosmic Void Ritual
The Excreted Remains of the Sabatier System TAPE
Blood Harvest
Grindy black/death metal, raw perhaps live production.

The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
This seems like some proggy blackened death metal. A bit raw, and death metal-ish, but there seems to be some like prog metal/technical stuff happening around it all. Production is a little mushy.

Nocturnal Rites
AFM Records
This is an old school power metal band… This is the first new album since 2007. Good ol power metal, this has some symphonic stuff with more of a heavier edge than a typical power metal thing. Good stuff.

Be No One. Be Nothing
Argonauta Records
Billed as “Prog Sludge Doom” and with a song title like “This Emergency Room Is Gonna Need A Fuckin Emergency Room”… you know you’re in for some fun. This is more like some grindy thrashy/hardcore stuff.

Plastic Head
This is some good grooving classic black metal. A little doomy feeling, good stuff.

Eadem Errata
Record label: Inverse Records
A little bit of a melodic death metal thing. Proggy gothy in parts, and just good classic metal too.

Iris Divine
The Static And The Noise
Iris Divine
I’d have to throw this in the Prog metal category. Lots of cool vocal stuff going on, great catchy grooves, all while having a little technicality going on.

A heavy thrash, melodic, maybe reminds me a little of Shadows Fall with its thrashy melodic sound, but a Testament thrashy sound too.

Release: Blood Region
The Veteran (Single)
Inverse Records
Kind of a melodic death metal with some grooves too, great guitar soloing

Album: S
Label: Solitude Production
classified as “Funeral Doom metal” yeah, already not my thing. and yup, 4 long tracks, 3 over 14 mins of gurlgly doomy depressing sound.

Grant The Sun
Grant The Sun
Mas-Kina Recordings
Melodic and proggy and crunchy stoner metal and instrumental.

Title: The Seventh Hex
Self Released
Thrashy death metal, good beats, grooves, catchy and brutal too

Sar Isatum
Sar Isatum (single)
One 8 minute track of good quality black metal.

Realm Of Dissociation
Sleaszy Rider
Death-Grind from Poland, good brutal stuff.

Feral Evolution
Sleaszy Rider
Thrash Metal from Italy, kind of on the melodic, like Megadeth side of thrash.

Lights & Dreams
Sleaszy Rider
(out on September 5, 2017) – Hard-Rock’roll from Italy, melodic and clean vox.

Suffer In Silence
Beautiful Lies
Sleaszy Rider
(out on September 15, 2017) – Melodic Death Metal from Italy, catchy and grooving stuff.

Alien Hazard
Sleaszy Rider
(out on September 15, 2017) – Sci-Fi Metal from Russia, more or less power / prog metal. A little melodic death feeling musically, clean female vox.

Stories Of The Green Fairy
Sleaszy Rider
(out on September 7, 2017) – Melodic Power metal from Russia

Buried And Gone
The Final Hour
Inverse Records
Finnish, um, just standard sort of metal, a little bit of a doomy stoner metal feel, or classic standard metallica/avenged sevenfold-ish type stuff. A little of all!

The Quest For New Horizons
Self Released
This is kind of standard/thrashy classic metal. clean vox, catchy riffage. Cool stuff


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