Oct 302017


Laute Helden/SPV
This is some industrial metal type stuff, maybe a bit like a Rammstein. cool catchy and a bit thrashy. Cool stuff!

Napalm Records
Word has it that this was going to be heavier… and word is right! The heavier Moonspell that we all know and love. Melodic, a little bit gothy, but catchy and heavy.

Sons Of Apollo
Psychotic Symphony
Inside Out Music
Hard to be objective on this one, as I’m a self proclaimed Mike Portnoy fanboy, and a fan of the heavier stuff… well, here we go… this is the heaver prog metal stuff we’ve been waiting for… and it’s not really full on prog metal, it’s got classic rock, modern metal and all that going on. It does have a little Adrenaline Mob feel in parts. With Derek Sherinian’s keyboards, it does also have a feel like this could have been the Dream Theater album after Falling into Ifinity if he didn’t get kicked out for Jordan Rudess. So yeah, i’m digging it.

The Dusk In Us
Epitaph Records
Just two songs so far… I can’t say I’ve been a huge fan of this band over the years, kind of like Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s heavy, a little groove, metalcore, maybe a little disjointed.

Different Animals
Fearless/Concord Music Group
Melodic metalcore, djenty, technical, clean vox are decent (not all emoish, just good clean vox) and the harsh stuff is sufficiently brutal. Decent stuff.

Metal Blade Records
We actually got this as an indie release at the end of 2015 and they’re now on metal blade releasing the same album to the masses… here’s what I wrote then: Band: Batushka
Starts of with some chanting… but then gets black and brutal real fast. The chanting stays in there with the brutal blackened death to just keep it creepy and evil sounding. pretty cool stuff.

Cannibal Corpse
Red Before Black
Metal Blade Records
This band… I tell you… keeping it brutal, technical, catchy, and relevant. Good stuff once again!

Arrayan Path
Dawn of Aquarius
Pitch Black
Kind of power metal, or maybe just classic metal with a big powerful voice. Decent stuff

Drugs & Death
Unholy Prophecies
Good grooving blackend death metal. Not in your face brutal, just a big solid meaty groove with a very blackened metal sound, while not getting all super tr00 and black metal-ish.

Invictus Productions / The Ajna Offensive
A sort of black metal, dark, but maybe a little doomy and death metal. Vox are not in english and are a bit echoey, giving it a more creepy vibe. Musically, it’s kind of a blackened death with grooves.

Blood Freak
Total Destruction Of The Human Form
Horror Pain Gore Death
Death metal, and more on the grindy gore side of things. brutal, grooving and raw.

The Crowning Quietus
I, Voidhanger Records
This has a classic black metal feel, but really gets its groove on, maybe like a heavier Satyricon.

Nox Maledictvs
Harvest Of Death / Signal Rex
raw and scary black metal. basic beats, scary shrieking with no music in parts, sounds like maybe recorded in a basement.

Doom Decimation
High Roller Records
CLean vox, a bit doomy, a bit goth-ish and a bit AOR/classic metal.

“Et Liber Eris”
Indie Recordings
Kind of a melodic death/prog with some Porcupine Tree-like prog rock type stuff, and then progressing into some growls and melodic death stuff. Kind of cool.

Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix CD/LP/TAPE
Iron Bonehead
We’re talking about some heavy death metal, maybe a little bit of a wall of sound and blackened feel.

Exilasmos CD/LP/TAPE
Iron Bonehead
Mostly a black metal feel, with some death metal grooves and technicality. / heavy melodic death

Poison Pill
Poison Pill
Big screamy voice classic metal. Good stuff. ( a little thrashy)

Album: Remnants of a Future Past
Label: Heathen Tribes
Kind of atmospheric black metal, a bit electronic-ish and production is a bit raw

Album: Warwolf
Label: Heathen Tribes
Raw blackened thrash.

Album: Death to All
Label: Heathen Tribes
Another raw production release on this label, this is black metal with some more Slayer-like vibes going on. Decent grooves, sufficiently cold and evil.

Album: Come, Holy Death
Label: Heathen Tribes
More sludgey production, for this doomy blackened death doom / post metal thing.

Album: Triptolemus
Label: Heathen Tribes
Finally something with listenable production! Clean, classic melodic black metal.

Death is Proof of Satan’s Power (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Here we go…brutal thrashed up death metal with a little creepy atmospheric black metal feeling. Cool stuff

Entering a Timeless Winter
A Sad Sadness Song
Post-black metal atmospheric noise.

Private Suite
Doomy blackened death metal.

Forever Resonating In Blood
Horror Pain Gore Death
Black metal, maybe a little thrashy, melodic stuff happening too.

Opium Warlords
Svart Records
3 almost 20 minute tracks of droney noise

The Druid King
Pitch Black Records
Melodic power metal with some thrashy heavier stuff going on too.

Still Innocence
Nordvis Produktion
Atmospheric music, not getting into metal, more ambient symphonic/electronic type stuff, maybe “metal” because it gets into noise.

The Enemy of Virtue (2CD, 2LP)
Hells Headbangers
Dirty black metal, quick short songs, fast and cold

Argonauta Records
Doom metal but with some grooves, a bit of a Trouble vibe.

Evil Sound Screamers (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Sludgey death metal with monster grooves and a good halloween theme.

You Should Be
Self Released
Grungy and sludgey stoner death, some grooving stuff, doomy in parts

“Suffocate All Light” (single)
Indie Recordings
Fast blackened death metal, some maybe thrashy picking, but fast and furious catchy tune. (just one track!) Great stuff.

Spreading the Rock N Roll Disease
Self Released (Online Metal Promo)
Classic AOR-ish hard rock

Season of Mist
Fast and grindy thrashy speed metal. A bit hardcore and screamy, yet kind of brutal and heavy in parts.

The Crimson Screen Vol. 1
Classic black metal with some good death metal grooves

Band: Haema
Album: Insurrection
Label: Sliptrick records
The included genre description is oddly specific, so you know that means it’s kinda right on: “Style: Industrial-influenced experimental groove metal” I’d throw in a “nu-metal” element as well.

Band: Ypnos
Album: Beholder
Label: Sliptrick records
Keyboard heavy proggy hard rock/metal. A bit on the rock side, but some heavier stuff will make the prog metal fan happy too.

Band: Eternal Silence
Album: Mastermind Tyranny
Label: Sliptrick records
This is some more epic symphonic power metal with some female vox, a good catchy kind of proggy thing

Album: Vas Hermeticum
Label: Sliptrick records
Oh, here we go, proggy melodic death metal, Heavy typical melodic death, but then you get some stuff with saxophones and strings and keyboards…. overall though, melodic death with good prog stuff going on. Great stuff.

British Bangla Testament
Genre: Thrash Metal
As I typed this, the band name rang a bell and I thought, isn’t that the sign for Sulfuric Acid? (googles it) yup! wow. So yeah, great catchy classic heavy thrash!

Album: Strike Master
Self Released
This is some classic thrash, good catchy, heavy, no messing around

Blinda Dödens Barn
Self Released
This would have to be blackened death metal , as it’s not real tr00 black metal, and not tr00 death metal, but a good half and half, heavy, and fast with some monster blast beats while having a good groove too.


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