Nov 182017

Charcoal Tongue
24 Hours: My Deterioration
Sounds like some modern commercial solid rock type metal, big wall of sound, maybe a little metalcore, a bit melodic.

Season of Mist
Technical, and brutal progressive melodic death metal, great stuff.

Hail To The Hordes (Single)
Nuclear Blast USA
This track is for the exclusive limited edition vinyl & picture disc for Redord Store Day. This song is from their latest album, but any excuse to play some Kreator!

Epitaph Records
Raw old school crusty rock, a little punk feel.

We debuted a single from this a couple months ago, fast and frenetic brutal tech death metal. On drums is local skinsman/studio guy Erik Schultek and this is a project mostly from Jon Vesano formerly of Nile, so you have a little bit of a Nile feeling going on. Great stuff.

Melodic hard rocking standard metal, kind of accessible, one track is a bit melodic death/metalcore, another is a power ballad type thing…

Band: Putrescence
Album: Voiding Upon the Pulverized
Label: Eclectic productions
Grindy cookie monster death metal.

Band: Rabid Dogs
Album: Italian Mysteries
Label: Eclectic productions
Grooving crusty stoner metal, but a bit of a heavier kind of extreme thrash thing going on too. So harsh vox, grooving riffs, but a faster tempo with some big grooves. Cool stuff.

Horror God – Techne
Lavadome Productions
Horror God is a kind of death metal with a little doomy downtempo thing while still being heavy thing… Techne is a more creepy blackened doomy death metal.

Castles of Sand
Metalism Records
Gothy and folky melodic metal, maybe a little bit prog, as there’s a lot going on, more rock-like. So, proggy goth/doom with a little folk metal.

Dangerous Days
Classic metal going on here, a bit like Iron Maiden, great guitar attack, big powerful clean vox

Snow Wave Records
Mostly black metal, a melodic death thing and doom thing also going on.

Anguis Dei
Ad Portas Serpentium
Svart Records
Symphonic and epic blackened death metal, Cool to hear fast and brutal blackened death with some chruch organ and an epic keyboard/strings sound too.

Invictus Productions
Fast and heavy black metal

The Untamed Wilderness
Kind of a melodic death metal, like Amon Amarth, has that epic viking catchiness and feeling. Great stuff

Record label: Inverse Records
Melodic metal, a bit like heavier power metal, almost like Dragonforce, but overall, it settles in and is some regular power/prog metal. male and female vox.

War Is Coming
El Puerto Records GbR
A good meaty thrashing groove, and settling into some classic metal/hard rock some nice clean powerful vox.

Non Omnis Moriar
Osmose Productions
A bit doomy and atmospheric on the black metal side.

Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire
AFM Records
Folky melodic proggy power metal, catchy and cool, while the folk metal keeps it sounding not too serious. Great strings

Genus Ordinis Dei
Great Olden Dynasty
Eclipse Records
alright, we got something here, picture Randy Blythe barking out words over heavy symphonic death metal. it all works, catchy almost thrashy power metal music, but the extreme vox and heavy orchestral stuff all are pretty cool.

The Modern Age Slavery
Innerstrength Records
This is some blackened death metal, a bit of a deathcore type thing too. Grooves, heavy, brutal, all with a little black metal coldness.

Melodic blackened death metal. Good stuff, full on heavy stuff, with some harsh vox going with some clean harmonies, a nice evil dark feeling too.

Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures – Part I
Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures – Part II
Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures – Part III
Moribund Records
24 November 2017
All pretty lo-fi and long drony black metal songs through 3 releases.

Of Death and Delirium
Invictus Productions
Old school black metal… kind of lo-fi.

Carry on, Carrion
Blackened thrashy metal band from Lebanon. A bit melodic and fun too. They seem to mess around a bit which makes it a bit more fun.

Void Masquerading as Matter
Dark Descent Records
Doomy post black metal, 4 long tracks.

Slow Nerve
Karma Conspiracy Records
Rock, maybe alternative jazzy art rock type stuff. Prog? I dunno. Not metal.

Band: Millennium
Album: Awakening
Label: Not on label
Some classic sounding NWOBHM from the UK. Good catchy melodic grooves

Album: Shadows Of October
Label: Solitude productions
Gothy doomy death mtal.

Beyond Forgiveness
The Great Wall
Self Released
Female fronted symphonic / meloidic death. A bit like Epica, with clean operattic female fox and death metal growl male vox.

Band: Antipope
Album: Denial/Survival
Label: Antipope/TCM Entertainment
I’d have to say this is a progressive melodic death metal thing, clean vox, and harsh vox, melodic music pushing into some death/black-ish metal too.

Funeral Chant
Funeral Chant
Duplicate Records
Kind of a classic doomy death metal, maybe a bit grindy

Demo 1: Fire Whiplash (TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Raw, lo-fi punky thrash.

Reflections in Darkness
Dying Victims
Dark doomy death metal, but with a good punchy blackened death metal groove

Barshasketh / Outre
Sein Zeit
Blut&Eisen Prod. / Third Eye Temple
Barshasketh is one track of good classic brutal black metal. Outre is more of a blackened death metal.

Band: Morvigor
Album: Tyrant
Label: Not on label
Black metal with a bit of a death metal thing happening too. Good kind of groove going on too.

Band: Unto The Wolves
Album: Year One
Label: Not on label
Hard rock

Enzo And The Glory Ensemble
In The Name Of The Son
Rockshots Records
Christian-Gospel Metal opera! (pretty much prog metal though) It’s a project of ENzo Donnafumma and has all sorts of guests… featuring Marty Friedman, Ralf Scheepers, Kobi Farhi, Mark Zonder, Gary Wehrkamp

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