Dec 042017

For The Demented
Nerverland Music Inc.
So this has been out a bit, I reached out to the label for a copy for airplay and here it is! Classic thrashy annihilator, so many catchy riffs, heavy thrashy music too. Great stuff!

Diablo Swing Orchestra
Folky, bouncy, jazzy, kinda metal and fun. A heavy edge with violins, horns, different singers. Their last album was fun and cool… while probalby not a normal staple on the Mosh Pit, I think it’s worth checking out!

Public Enemies
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Classic hard rock… damn, plucked right out of the 90’s but with still relevant heavy hard rock sound! Good stuff.

The New Reality
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
The band and singer that everyone was hating on for so long… and well, after seeing Geoff Tate solo earlier this year, I was glad… to see that he can still sing and was a pretty cool cat on stage… then again, he was playing to a half full Back Bar while his old band was shoehorned in and overflowed in a bratfest stage earlier in the year… well, anyway, this album is actually pretty decent, he’s got an all-star lineup and it was revealed that he recorded all three of this trilogy’s albums at once to be spaced apart in release. It’s got a good grooving hard rock thing going on and of course the unmistakable Geoff Tate’s voice. So… not too bad.

PhSPHR Entropy
Clavis Secretorvm
Atmosheric black metal.

Xtreem Music
Brutual grooving death metal, good stuff.

Death Trip
Experimental, doomy post metal.

Blackened death metal, more on the side of heavy “brutal” black metal. Good meaty and heavy grooves while having that cold, dark black metal thing going on.

Apocalyptic Compendium – 10 Years in Chaos, Noise and Warfare (CD, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
A little thrash, some stoner, some crusty hardcore bordering punk type stuff

Lapin Helvetti
Lapin Helvetti
Svart Records
Kind of extreme thrashy, a bit hardcore and a little doom too

Watershed Between Firmament And The Realm Of Hyperborea
I, Voidhanger
This is an experimental post black metal type of thing

Iron Savior
Reforged – Riding On Fire
AFM Records
Ahh, the old, “we don’t have the rights to the old stuff that you can’t get anymore, we want to re-record these for the fans” release! It’s not a bad thing! But you got a good solid hard power metal band re-recording their old stuff. Good job.

Circus Of Power
Fast and Easy
Noize In The Attic Records
A single of grooving bluesy hard rock.

Band: Switchblade Jesus / Fuzz Evil
Album: Chapter 7 The Second Coming of Heavy
Label: Ripple Music
We got a couple of stoner metal bands, each with some decent grooves.

Jussi Lehtisalo
Ektro / Ruton Music
Video game bleep bloop sounds with industrial techno noise. wtf

Beyond The Rain
Scarlet Records
A sort of classic metal, big screamy female voice, a bit like old Geoff Tate in the big high parts, and just a good solid clean vox in others. Music is good classic metal with an edge.

Decay into Inferior Conditions
Grindy death metal for both bands, and both recorded live. Master was live… somewhere. Dehuman live in the studio.

Stoic Winds
Self Released
Classic black metal… with some grooves and a little doom, but overall, creepy and cold vox/sound.

Band: Disaffected
Album: The Trinity Threshold
Label: Chaosphere Recordings
Progressive Death Metal, female vox, and other male screams/growls. Good groove, melodic in parts, and brutal death metal opening up to proggy stuff too.

Grooving blackened thrash. Cool dark stuff!

Memento Mori
Extreme Metal Music
Classic Black metal, evil, brutal and dark.

Band: Bridge Of Diod
Album: Of Sinners And Madmen
Label: Sliptrick records
Melodic and thrashy power metal, maybe a little proggy, but definitely a thrashing groove with nice high screamy clean vox.

Band: Abhordium
Album: Omega Prayer
Label: Not on label
Blackened death metal along the lines of a Behemoth, heavy, brutal, dark yet still kind of clean and thrashy.

Over the Voids…
Over the Voids
Nordvis Produktion
Classic Black metal, but with a doomy groove.

Album: Headless Demon Angel
Label: Immortal Souls Productions
Brutal death metal, good classic stuff, with some grooves and good guitar solo work too.

Lucifer Gave The Faith
Black Sunset
Good meaty brutal death metal. A freight train and machine gun fire of drums and riffs.

Band: Stercore
Album: Eternal Sunlight
Label: Slovak Metal Army
Good grooving death metal brutalcore type stuff.

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