Feb 032018

This band has been around for a long time and has been under the radar for a lot, and with some member changes and stuff, maybe more people have heard of them? well, anyway, this is their 2nd album with Fabio Lione on vox. Great sort of epic power metal going on here. Good stuff.

Various Artists
Mr. Pickles Thrashtacular Tour Sampler!
Adult Swim/Nuclear Blast
Exodus and Municipal Waste are touring together with a Mr Pickles (from Cartoon Network theme). This is just a few songs from a promotion company from their respective last albums to promote the tour.

Fight the Fight
Fight the Fight
Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records
This is a sort of metalcore, hardcore, but a bit of a modern accessible sound, there are clean vox parts, but they do’t get all whiny/singy… it’s close!, but still melodic and “lighter” in parts too.

Cloud Factory
Napalm Records
One of the better female fronted metal bands these days. Melodic thrashy stuff then getting into some more brutal thrashy stuff, clean and harsh vox. great well rounded metal going on here!

Nuclear Blast
Just one song from this so far… “Antifa” well, what’s this the 3rd album since retiring? Well, this song as that classic pissed off industrial-ish metal political thing going on. Good stuff.

The Triumph Of Piracy
Napalm Records
Folky pirate metal. Right off the bat with an “ahoy” and bouncy catchy pirate power metal.

My Enemies & I
The Beast Inside
Fearless/Concord Music Group
This is a metalcore almost nu-metal sounding band… has a Korn meets maybe Disturbed type thing going on? short catchy stongs… decent stuff

Death Comes With Silence
With a band name like this, you expect to get your head crushed, right? Well, yeah, that’s about right. Death metal, but with a blackened death feel, maybe some extreme thrash, a little raw crusty stuff… Just great and brutal too. Good stuff.

Rise to Supremacy
Xtreem Music
Catchy heavy metal with a little bit of a Sepultura feel. Big grooves, a little deathy thrash thing happening.

The Fallen King
Scarlet Records
Female fronted euro sounding power metal type stuff. There are also male vox too, all in power metal style. A decent edge too.

Harms Way
Metal Blade Records
Kind of a metalcore, extreme vox, big grooves, kind of an old death metal

Fu Manchu
Clone of the Universe
At The Dojo
As always, great catchy stoner metal.

Gutter Perdition
XENOKORP [Militia Series]
Here we have good old brutal as brutal can be death metal, a little bit grindy/gore, but really just brutal grooving death metal!

Grave Spirit
The Beast Unburdened By Flesh 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
2 songs of some classic black metal… blast beats, creepy vox, meedly cold guitars, dark, cold forest type stuff.

Band: Mind Enemies
Album: Revenge
Style: Progressive Metal
This is a proggy power metal band from Italy, good clean vox, a good guitar edge, some more power metal stuff, but cool proggy metal too.

New Ocean Media
Another new single, great classic metal song once again!

Hell’s Inc.
Self Released
A sort of proggy thrash. Vox have a bit of a Halford feel, music is mostly straightforward metal but with some more techy/prog type thrash-ish elements. Cool stuff.

Band: Teratoma
Album: In The Inside Reborn The Flesh
Label: Immortal Souls productions
Brutal grindy death metal.

Band: Voracious Scourge
Album: Our Demise
Label: Immortal Souls productions
Late last year release, good solid brutal death metal. A pinch of blackened death sound with some melodic/cold guitars

Spice Breather
Crawling Planetary Being
Bloody Mountain Records
Post metal noise

Band: Kantica
Album: Reborn in Aesthetics
Label: Revalve records
Symphonic metal, clean female vox, some typical standard “Metal” and power metal type stuff, but the heavier parts are cool with all of the symphonic epic stuff happening too.

Sâmb?ta Mor?ilor
Sâmb?ta Mor?ilor II
Sepulchral Silence
A bit of a classic metal but definitely black metal in vocal style. Production is a bit “old school”

Band: Under Siege
Album: Under Siege
Label: self-released
Melodic Death – Folk Metal, with a classic metal thing while you are pumping your fists

Band: Doomster Reich
Album: Drug Magick
Label: Aesthetic Death / Old Temple
They list the genre as “Pyschedelic satanic drugged up 70s rock doom” I couldn’t not copy/paste that! When the style description is that good, and then listening to it… it’s spot on!

Band: Monads
Album: IVIIV
Label: Aesthetic Death
Doomy blackened death metal

Band: Esoteric
Album: Esoteric Emotions – The Death of Ignorance
Label: Aesthetic Death
Depressive doomy dark death metal.

Album: Verses Of Vorarephilia
Label: Immortal Souls productions
With a band name like this, I’m expecting something brutal and more brutal and maybe grindy… well, I’m getting brutal and more brutal!! Good stuff with some monster grooves too.

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