Feb 112018

Opus II: The Annihilation
Epic symphonic power metal type stuff, with a bit of a classical metal feel too. Good melodic grooves.

A Perfect Circle
“TalkTalk” [Single]
A laid back chilled out kind of synthy rock…

Will Haven
“El Sol” (feat. Stephen Carpenter)” [Single]
Minus Head
This band has been around a while, and I’ve not been a huge fan. kind of a screamo melodic metalcore… this is a song of that.

The Strife of Love in a Dream
Well, right in the description it says synthpop, but it’s from Relapse, so I had to listen anyway… yup. Pass! (passing it on to the Something Wonderful gang)

Voodoo Circle
Raised On Rock
AFM Records
Big wall of sound classic hard rock/AOR/classic metal. Great catchy grooves, big voices

Visions Of Atlantis
The Deep & The Dark
Napalm Records
Your typical operattic female fronted classic power metal on this single.

Tengger Cavalry
Napalm Records
Folk metal, a catchy melodic death thing going on. They are “nomadic” with more of a mongolian feel than a more viking folk feel.

Letters From The Colony
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Is it metalcore? is it djent? Is it melodic death metal? A bit of all, and it’s all good.

Self Released
Kind of sludgy and doomy, but heavy and a bit grooving. Harsh vox, some melodic doom stuff going on

Lurker of Chalice
Lurker of Chalice DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Atmospheric post black metal

Chaos Echoes
Mouvement LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Seemingly instrumental, wall of sound… kind of black metal, kind of post-metal doom… atmospheric type stuff

Extinction A.D.
Decimation Treaty
Good Fight Music
I’d have to say this falls into the classic thrash category, good grooves, catchy and heavy

My Silent Wake
There Was Death
Minotauro Records
Kind of a melodic doomy death metal. Harsh vox, downtempo metal in parts, a bit faster and a bit of a melodic death/blackened death in others

AFM Records
Modern grooving thrash metal. A bit more on the heavy/brutal thrash side of things. First album since 2015 from this Hungarian band. Great stuff.

Foul Origins of Humanity CD/12″ MLP
Blood Harvest
Brutal blackened death with a pinch of melodic death going on. 3 songs of real brutal stuff happening!

Nate Bohnet
Therapeutic Destruction
One Man band doing up some melodic deathcore type stuff. Some parts have a Lamb of God thing, others more of a crazy Dillinger Escape plan thing too.

M-Theory Audio
One of those epic, fast power metal bands, you know, like Dragonforce? Catchy playing, fast, intense, technical and fist pumping metal! Sing a long!

Where All Hope Fades
Dark Descent Records
A sort of doomy black metal, melodic and dark, harsh in parts too… but mostly a bit depressing.

Reach for the Dragon’s Eye
Argonauta Records
A good grooving stoner metal, a big like Clutch but a bit more doomy.

Record label: Inverse Records
This is some cool folk metal, just good heavy catchy stuff with the accordian or whatever, makes you want to raise that goathorn full of beer and drink!

Calcified Trophies of Violence TAPE
Blood Harvest
Atmospheric-ish (echoey production) blackened death metal. “Tape” like production too… a little “experimental” musically, kind of sounds all over the place, yet still cohesive? yeah.

Obscene (U.S.)
Sermon to the Snake TAPE
Blood Harvest
Old school death metal with a little bit of a blackened edge to it. Great grooves

Unseen Divinity TAPE
Blood Harvest
Grindy brutal death metal, but with some slight melodic hooks in there too.

Harakiri For The Sky
AOP Records
Kind of a doomy stoner metal meets hints of melodic black/death metal. Good grooves

Sainted Sinners
Back With A Vengeance
El Puerto Records GbR
Classic hard rock, a more of an AOR type style.

AFM Records
Melodic death metal. Good and brutal, while also being a bit technical/prog and melodic death-ish. Great stuff. A little bit of a Amon Amarth feel.

Band: Global Scum
Album: Hell Is Home
Label: NRT Records
Kind of a grooving death metal, a little djent, melodic in parts, but brutal meaty grooves too

Argonauta Records
Heavy grungy stoner rock.

Plague Transmissions: Vol. I
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Grindy death metal

Throne of Agony (single)
Iron, Blood & Death Corp.
Kind of a blackened death, technical death thing

Band: Polynove Pole
Album: On The Edge Of The Abyss
Label: self-released
Ukrainian female fronted black/doom/death metal. A little atmospheric/epic feeling. Death growls and clean fe-metal vox too

The Nika Riots
Set Fire
Negative Vibe Records
Kind of a modern power-punk-ish type hard rock.

Ode In Black
Seeds of Chaos
Self Released
A sort of power metal / hard rock / classic metal thing

Classic metal, a little bit of a Rainbow/Deep Purple feeling. (hammond organ!)

Rivers of Nihil
The Silent Life – radio single (WAV)
Metal Blade Records
First single, technical, proggy metalcore type stuff. Cant wait for more!

Howling Sycamore
Prosthetic Records
It’s like prog metal, it’s like extreme metal (blast beat type stuff), with clean vox, a little like Protest the Hero (in clean vox and proggy style) but musically a bit of a black metal feel, kind of. You think you’ve heard just about every combo and well, you haven’t this has a new-ish sound. neat stuff.

Coma Noir
Prosthetic Records
Kind of a metal/extreme metal core type thing, but tech and prog metal ish. Good melodies, screamy vox, heavy kind of touching in brutal more good stuff and from Chicago!

The Unlawful Assembly
Prosthetic Records
It seems like Prosthetic records unloaded on us this week! This is a release from last November. Kind of a classic black metal going on here.

Zero Dawn
Self Released – Inverse
A grooving sort of stoner metal / classic metal 3 song thing

Dark Archive
Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon
Record label: Inverse Records
This is more of a modern black metal, with some more melodic stuff, good production

“Luminary” [Single]
Kind of a laid back chilled out track, actually a bit commercial-ish… meaning, some other big station should probably play this!

Band: Torture Squad
Album: Far Beyond Existence
Label: Secret Service records
Brutal thrashy death metal from Brazil. Big meaty riffs, huge grooves, and catchy thrash too.

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