Mar 042018

Eyes of the Sun
Chapter I
Blacklight Media Records / Metal Blade Records
A little doom, a little hardcore/screamy, okay, a lot of doom.

Andrew W.K.
You’re Not Alone
I’m not sure what to call this other than Andrew WK Party rock… he’s got his own genre I think… with the kind of straightforward rock and keyboard/piano stuff too.

Black Moth
Anatomical Venus
Female fronted old school rocking doom, a 70’s ish Sabbath-ish throwback with modern touches and grooves

The Weight
Pavement Music
Grungy melodic modern metal. Some good crunch with a little bit of an almost nu-metal modern metal sound

Twitching Tongues
Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred
Metal Blade Records
Kind of metalcore, mostly hardcore, a bit punk, some doom and stoner metal all thrown together

Parkway Drive –
“Wishing Wells” [Single]
Typically metalcore, this I guess could fit in that… it’s got a good groove and melody… not too heavy, not light…

Judas Priest
Epic Records
Seems like one thing on these two new singles (so far)… they aren’t back to fuck around, heavy, melodic catchy, classic Priest.

Between The Buried And Me
Automata I
Sumerian Records
I only have a single so far, but proggy, brutal, catchy, melodic… they only seem to be getting better and better over the years!

Angel Slaughter 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Grindy blackened death metal. Good grooves, cold, evilness lurks here.

Merciless Artillery (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
A little black metal, extreme thrash type stuff, some catchy fast stuf.

Antichrist (Peru)
Pax Moriendi LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Sludgey doomy death metal. Long songs, some post metal doom stuff, depressing and slow in parts. When it gets going it’s a wall of sludge.

Echoes from the Seven Caves of Blood LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Crazy blackened thrash, shrieky vox, meedly guitars, just kind of all around scary… but there’s a really cool underlying satryicon-like groove.

Vile Creature
Cast of Static and Smoke
Halo Of Flies
Doomy sludgey, grungy post metal. long songs.

Band: Balls Out
Album: Too Big To Handle
Label: M&O Music
Hard rockin’ classic metal with a fun attitude

Horn (Germany)
Retrograd 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Blackened melodic death. Great catchy grooves.

Omega Factor reissue
Xtreem Music
Good brutal classic grooving death metal. Growly, barked out vox. good meaty grooves

The Age Of Dead Christ
Scarlet Records
Melodic blackened death metal, good extreme stuff, also great grooves and a little bit of a Satyricon groove too

Classic metal, a little bit of a Rainbow/Deep Purple feeling. (hammond organ!) Big throwback classic rock feel.

Tax The Heat
Change Your Position
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
A little similar to the Wishing Well. A big meaty classic rock groove. Not quite as organy, but a little Led Zep/Thin Lizzy with a modern touch.

Paper Bag
Two artists teaming up for some electronic rock bordering in to heavier metal type stuff.

Album: Verses Of Vorarephilia
Label: Immortal Souls productions
Release date: December 28, 2017
One of these releases that just was sent to us… brutal death metal, good stuff with big grooves and such.

El Camino
Cursed Congregation
Night Tripper Records
from last July… stoner metal, melodic doomy laid back sound but with kind of harsh vox.

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