Mar 112018

Will Haven
Minus Head
One of the pioneering noise/metalcore bands… FIrst new album in 3 years, it has that screamo vox, sort of noisy metalcore sound. I’ve never really been a big fan, and this is ok and along with the rest of their work.

Screaming Beast
Our New Narrative Of Hate
Groove metal, a little hardcore/thrash/technical death/metalcore… lots of good stuff happening here.

Loaded (single)
Mad Love 70
Solid classic rock thing…a little bluesy southern rock feel too.

The Crown
Cobra Speed Venom
Metal Blade Records
This band can usually do no wrong. Melodic death/heavy thrash, aggressive, heavy and catchy as always. Great stuff!

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
a double album of remastered “greatest hits” sort of thing.

Rivers of Nihil
Where Owls Know My Name
Metal Blade Records
One of the more highly anticipated releases of the year so far, Rivers of Nihil hit it out of the park as a prog/technical death metal album goes. Heavy, brutal stuff, crazy prog stuff, some lighter melodic passages all while staying heavy and brutal too.

Green Druid
Ashen Blood
Earache Records
Some sludgey doom… decent stuff for this genre, then it gets into some post-doom metal noise in deep of some of the really long tracks. A bit too doomy/long for me.

Armored Dawn
Barbarbians In Black
AFM Records
Melodic proggy power metal. A little bit of an epic feel going on

Frontiers SRL
Kind of classic hard rock / metal type stuff. It’s another band with Jeff Scott Soto singing! Almost an early 90’s aor thing happening too.

Chaos Invocation
Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond
W.T.C. Productions
10 March 2018
A good dark blackened death metal thing going on. not full on brutal, but catchy with a hint of black metal evilness

Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground
Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Machine gun fast brutal death metal, great grooves, some technicality too

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Black metal, a bit atmospheric, mostly brutal and a bit of a death metal groove creeping in behind the cold meedly guitars

Crave for Killing
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Brutal death metal with a little bit of a grindy gore

Unholy Blades of the Devil
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Doomy and gloomy black metal. Slow tempo, but with shrieky black metal vox.

Ashes of the Heretic
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: 12 March 2018
Kind of a blackened thrashy speedy death metal. Fast, catchy and a bit of a black metal thing too.

Naer Døden
Blut & Eisen Productions
A classic black metal thing going on, dark, evil, melodic.

Rites of Thy Degringolade
The Blade Philosophical LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Melodic doomy black metal.

Corona de Epidemia LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Grindy blackened death metal. Brutal wall of sound.

Toinen toista
Svart Records
Very laid back prog rock

Extreme Metal Attack Festival
ANNO XV 2018
Compilation for a festival this year, mostly black metal bands, some good some pretty raw.

Little Caesar
Golden Robot Records
Classic hard rock with a bluesy southern feel.

TROLL (Portland)
Troll (CD, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Doomy stoner metal with some nice grooves

The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane
Dark Descent Records
Melodic doomy death metal, catchy and brutal too.

A Grand Reclamation
Transcending Records
Doomy kind of epic feel along with an old school creepy throwback.

Inverse Records
Melodic Black Metal with piano, maybe a pinch of folk. Not full on black metal but good melody and grooves

North Hammer
Melodic blackened death metal. Good edginess with some kind of almost proggy melodic death stuff going on . Great stuff!

Black Celestial Orbs LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Classic wall of sound black metal.

Prosthetic Records
We go from brutal death metal to orchestral interludes, to doomy prog metal passages… we’re all over the place here and it’s great… down to the final 4 almost 10 minute epic tracks

Band: Saber Tiger
Album: Bystander Effect
Label: Sliptrick records
Classic metal, a bit power metal in the vocal style… otherwise it’s a little thrashy.

Banners Of Destruction
MEtal Message PR
Grooving melodic death metal, maybe a little on the classic metal side for the melodic parts, a bit Amon Amarth-ish for the heavy stuff.

Fragments of Silence
Chilled out post-rock or post prog rock. even more depressing than steven wilson solo stuff.

Band: Vox Lvciferi
Album: Ov Lacerated Soil
Self Released
The bio says: Ritualistic misanthropic black metal… yeah… old school sounding creepy basic black metal.

Sliptrick records
Femaled fronted sort of pop-ish electronic/gothy hard rock.

Children of the Reptile
The End
Self Released
A mostly stoner metal sound, clean vox, infused with some bluesy southern metal too.

Band: Hypnotheticall
Album: Synchreality
Label: Revalve Records
Prog metal getting into a little thrash sound on the heavier stuff, otherwise, a bit of a regular power metal-ish thing.

The Day I Left Apart
Clean female vox, growly male vox on a gothy hard rock/metal band from Italy… where have we heard this? Yes, they sound like Lacuna Coil… maybe not quite as “produced”. But good sound, maybe a little more “electronic”

Meka Nism
The War Inside (single)
Female fronted melodic death/modern metal. Growls and clean vox. The clean stuff makes it have a more femetal/commercial sound. Heavier stuff is a little more on the Arch Enemy side.

Rock Tattoo
Secret Entertainment
Kind of a crazy hard rock thing

Dead End Finland
Lifelong Tragedy
Inverse Records
Electronic-ish modern metal, a little bit of an epic/doom tempo. kinda meh.

The Shadowed Road
Avantgarde Music
Doomy melodic death… pretty decent stuff, sufficient heaviness, some grooves

Blood Of The Dragon
Label: Stygian Crypt prods / Possession prods
After just releasing a big double symphonic type album in Feb, this is a double album too… However, disk 1 is Therion doing some covers of other bands, and disk 2 is other bands doing covers of Therion tracks! Cool stuff!

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