Apr 222018

Artist: Deafheaven
Song: Honeycomb
Label: Anti-
An 11 minute single of blackened metalcore type stuff as they do well. This one, maybe a bit long, but halfway through it really lightens up to become more of acoustic atmospheric rock thing.

A Perfect Circle
Eat The Elephant
I’m not sure I can take this one for too long. A big slow, depressing but kind of straight rock type stuff, maybe again, like some depressing sad Porcupine Tree stuff.

Artist: Yob
Single: “The Screen”
Label: Relapse
9 minutes of doomy post metal… sludgey

Artist: TesseracT
Album: Sonder
Label: KScope
Mostly melodic and laid back prog type stuff, kind of more like a Porcupine Tree in pacing, maybe a bit more lower end to have a little heavier feel.

Angelical Tears
Once Upon A Time (Single)
Starts off as some kind of proggy modern metal, then the clean operattic type female vox kick in and it slows down a notch.

Big Tings
Napalm Records
We’ve always had a little spot for Skindred on the Mosh Pit with their mix of metal and world-ish music… this one seems a bit more raw mixing things up

Shrine of the Serpent
Entropic Disillusion
Memento Mori
Sludgey deathy doom.

Downfall of the Apostates
Dark Descent Records
Brutal grooving death metal. Classic heavy stuff with some techy things happening too.

Lucifer’s Factory
Metal Nation
Classic power metal type stuff. A bit of a thrash edge in some parts, so traditional/classic metal hitting a little heavier

Cardiac Arrest (U.S.)
A Parallel Dimension of Despair
Memento Mori
Classic brutal meaty death metal. Great stuff.

Husk CD
Blood Harvest
Blackened thrashy death metal. Great catchniess, brutality and technical too. Good stuff.

Wrath of the Wilds
Black Lion Records
Brutal melodic death metal… more on the heavier brutal side of things, but a black metal melody really keeping it interesting. cool stuff!

Osmose Productions
Dooomy long tracks, not quite all down tempo depressing, there’s some faster stuff, kind of a little melodic black metal feel, but overall a post-metal thing with lots of meedly

East of Sun
Cruz Del Sur Music
A little thrashy, classic metal, vox have a little bit of an Axl Rose meets metal singer feel.

A Funeral for the World
Cruz Del Sur Music
Classic metal, a bit of a Queensryche feel vocally in parts… music is a bit more melodic and not too heavy, just a good classic metal with a big voice.

A Call to Arms
Gates of Hell Records
This is some classic metal, but with a heavier edge to it. Really old school thrash feel… Production is a bit “old school” but not too awful to where it’s unlistenable. Vox are female, but you would probably never guess… the classic thrash and bit high notes are just metal and transcend any gender!

Widow’s Peak
Graceless (EP)
Brutal death metal but with some technicality in the music. cool stuff.

Gates of Hell Records
late 70’s ish throw back metal, catchy grooves and a cool stoner vibe

Atlantean Symphony
Minotauro Records
Symphonic music, rain falling… waiting for the metal to kick in…And no. No metal. move along..> NEXT!

Moribund Records
Brutal and technical blackened death metal. Heavy and brutal with really no fucking around.

NortherN (formally Cold Northern Vengeance)
Desolate Ways to Ultima Thule
Moribund Records
Classic black metal, a bit of a doomy feel

Carnal Records
Classic black metal but on the melodic side, maybe a little catchy groove too.

Pharaoh Overlord
Ektro / Hydra Head
This one is a bit out there, vox are a sort of shouty growl, music is a but fusion-ish or some sort of experimental prog.

Instrumental prog, mostly guitar based, kind of a Mastodon type thing

Society’s Plague
Call to the Void
Eclipse Records
Kind of a melodic death, good old metalcore… one track has Speed from Soilwork contributing some vox. Rest of the album has a good melodic death edge and catchiness too. Cool stuff.

Shore of the Dead
Xtreem Music
A good grindy extreme thrashy/death metal thing. There’s a cool raw, evilness happening too. Good stuff.

Aura Noir
Aura Noire
Indie Recordings
A grooving thrash with a little blackened death going on.

Bloody Falls
Inverse Records
I’d have to say this is a sort of proggy melodic death, keyboards, melodies, with some harsh vox and more light parts mixed in too… catchy good stuff.

Album: 26
Label: Ashen Dominion
They call it “Pestilent Black Metal Ritual” it’s mostly black metal with some post-metal stuff… I found myself not really in a hurry to turn it off like most post-metal, there’s some good more heavy stuff in one of the two epic tracks and one just had a good ambient feel.

Band: Hukutus
Album: Oksitosiini
Label: My Fate Music
A good heavy thrashy black metal

Substance Rêve
Sliptrick Records
A raw thrash, longer tracks, a bit melodic, technical too.

Loyal To The Soil
Prosthetic Records
Thrashy death metal, big grooves, aggressive and pissed off vox

Salems Lott
Mask of Morality
Red Moon
A bit of a classic metal, maybe sounding like a WASP.

Vile Caliber
A single of some sort of almost hair metal sounding stuff, but like, you know modern day.

Argento Records and Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Wall of sound post-black metal noise

Various Artists
Satan in Love
Svart Records
This is all synth pop stuff… Most stuff on this label is not for metal it seems, but this is kinda funny synth stuff all in Finnish. I passed it to Ryan and Something Wonderful…

Album: A Light In The Dark
Label: Sliptrick Records
Melodic hard rock/classic metal, decent catchy grooves

Demonic Obedience
Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation
Satanath Records/Sevared Records
Classic brutal death metal… good stuff.

Altar of Perversion
Intra Naos
The Ajna Offensive / Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Long songs (the shortest is 13 mins) Mostly atmospheric doomy black metal.

Band: Era Capricorn
Album: I Wander Alone
Atmospheric Melodic metal

Band: Heaving Earth
Album: “Diabolic Prophecies” + “Vision of the Vultures” demo
Label: Eclectic productions
Brtual death metal, good and meaty, barked out cookie monster vox and freight train of drums. Good stuff.

Ends of the Earth
Self Releaesed
Melodic death, but pretty much on the proggy side of this… a bit black metal, some great melodic proggy death metal too, you probably wouldn’t think it’s too extreme til you hear the black metal style vox.

Pure Steel Records
Classic metal, a bit like a Judas Priest, big voice, catchy riffs

Band: La Bottega del Tempo a Vapore
Album: Viaggi inVersi
Label: Revalve records
Some total full on proggy rock/metal, some pretty laid back parts, overall pretty cool.

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