Apr 292018

Candlelight Records
Ihsahn’s stuff has just been getting more and more proggy and this fits right in, first track leans more into black metal, but track 2 just full on prog metal right off the bat. Were leaning more into melodic and slowed down prog rock in parts too.

Dust Into Gold
SPV Records
Kind of an old school classic or “Accept” type metal. It has a bit of a Priest meets Accept type thing going on.

Bullet For My Valentine
Metal Radio EP
Spinefarm Records
An ep of a couple of their latest songs for their tour with Trivium and Toothgrinder. Decent modern metalcore from these veterans.

Burn the Priest
Epic Records
From the covers ep/album BtP Not too familiar with the original, but this song sound cool with some real Lamb of God standard sound going on.

“Country Heroes”
Napalm Reocrds
A little nervous about a real metal band doing an homage to some favorite country music… but, they stay true to Devildriver’s sound for the most part with an underlaying of a country feel. it’s alright.

Rats (single)
Loma Vista
Classic Ghost, heavy without being brutal, creepy without being cheesy, it’s the same formula, but it doesn’t get old with me for some reason.

Dimmu Borgir
Nuclear Blast USA
Some say it’s too symphonic, or polished, as i listen to the whole thing now, there some some bits where yeah overall this whole thing is polished and Epic… but there are those black metal parts that are just techy dark cold stuff that reminds you where this band came from and that they are always evolving… I like what I’m hearing.

Freak (Single)
Kind of a nu-metal modern metal type thing, reminds me a lot of Korn.

Artist: Orange Goblin
Single: “Sons of Salem”
Label: Candlelight
Good grooving stoner metal

Fen of Shadows (single)
Prosthetic Records
The album doesn’t come out til July, but we have this single and it has all that cool stuff we’ve always loved about this band, a vocal abrasiveness, melodic and catchy yet heavy music. This track is pretty long, so there’s a bit more doomy undertone to it.

Metal Blade Records
a heavy brutal-ish metal, IT has that Death Metal feel, while having a melodic thrashy death thing going on too

Eclipse Records
Female fronted hard rock, catchy and interesting, but more of an alt hard rock and not much metal.

End Times
Dry Cough Records / At War With False Noise / DGRecords / Medusa Crush Recordings.
Two tracks, 20+ minutes each, sludgy nowhere going noise. Sorry, not for me.

Death Monolith
Dunkelheit Produktionen
Not sure if my files were cooked, or the music/production was that bad. Lots of screechy noise, lo-fi black metal hammering. make it stop.

Raven Throne
I Miortvym Snicca Zolak
Non Serviam Records
Melodic and classic black metal. A good groove while maintaining that cold black metal evilness.

Professor Black
You Bastard!
Classic metal/hard rock, maybe a little early Motley Crue type sound.

Shadow Syndicate
Classic big grooving death metal with great melodic death stuff too.

Death. Void. Terror.
To the Great Monolith I LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
A couple of 17+ minute tracks of shrieky old school black metal. Lots of noise, lots post metal noise.

Scale and Probability
Eat Lead and Die Music
Kind of a slower just straight up doomy thing

Aion Sitra Ahra LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
More epic doomy black/death metal.

Die Sonne Satans
Post metal noise… sound effects, doomy post metal sounds, meh.

Stars Wept to the Sea
Avantgarde Music
Symphonic and atmospheric blackened dark type metal

Neige Et Noirceur
Vent Fantôme
Avantgarde Music
A couple of 22 minute tracks of post metal type noise.

Released to Chaos
Visionaire Records
A good catchy sort of technical classic death metal. good stuff.

The Sloths
Eternal Sound
Classic rock/Rockabilly type stuff… more for oldies than anything.

Band: Fallen Angels
Album: Even Priest Knows
Label: Sliptrick records
A little bit foa an 80’s glam sound, mixed with just some classic metal.

Orgullo Nativo
Entre el campo de batalla
Morbid Skull Records
A raw extreme thrash type thing

Album: Ozymandias
Label: Eclectic productions
Brutal grindy death metal with short tracks and no messing around.

The Slyde
Described as the “next Rush”… more because the singer has a Geddy-like voice and their genre is a big on the proggy hard rock side of things. No, theese guys won’t be the next rush, but they remind me a little of that proggy band “3” from a few years ago.

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