May 132018

Artist: Babymetal
Album: “Distortion”
Label: Babymetal Records/Cooking Vinyl
A new single from these girls/guys… great music, heavy, brutal, modern with the “Baby” (now women) vox in the Japanese Kpop style… unmistakeably Baby Metal.S

One of those bands that helped lay the original death metal groundwork is back with their first album in 3 years. It’s brutal, fast, technical and grooving too. Great stuff!

Nils Partik Johansson
Evil Deluxe
Metalville Records
This is the singer from Astral Doors doing a solo thing. He’s got a great power metal voice with some raspy edge. This album is a prog/power metal thing with the big voice happening.

At The Gates
To Drink From The Night Itself
Century Media Records
Just the three singles so far, the newest, “Dggers of black haze” is a bit more down tempo and melodic, but still heavy, dark and harsh

House Of Doom (EP)
Napalm Records
In the one single I have here, it’s big meaty doom but with melodic metal-ness… it is the HOUSE OF DOOM!!

One track in, I was ready to say it was just a cool groove metal type thing, but as you go deeper, it’s a bit less heavy and more melodic and just a hard rock thing… good n catchy though!

Parkway Drive
Epitaph Records
A bit metalcore, a bit more of a mainstream hard rock/metal feel, and actually some proggy metal feeling too

Knelt Rote
Alterity LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Big wall of sound brutal death metal… to the point of almost too much wall of sound… but, really just fast and brutal stuff.

Sepulchral Chants DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of a raw blackened death metal, dark and evil.

Sect Pig
Crooked Backs MLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Pretty much one track of grindy atmospheric post metal with pig squeal sounding vox…

Flame Acausal
Contra Mundum in Aeternum CD
Blood Harvest
Raw blackened thrashy death metal. Four tracks of fast and furious

The Years of Harsh Truths And Little Lies… (2018)
Brutal, kind of blackened death/thrash, a little Sepultura stuff happening, otherwise, just great brutal and catchy death metal

Spiral Skies
Blues For A Dying Planet
AOP Records
A classic old school doom, almost like a doomy Jefferson Airplane, female vox, but with a cool atmospheric catchy rock thing with some sabbath thrown in.

Nihil Eyes
Black Path
Brutal catchy death metal, a little bit of a “blackened” edge going on too.

Transcending Records
Brutal death metal with some black metal feels. Technical/frenetic musically… cool stuff

Band: Khasm
Album: Trinity
Label: Sliptrick records
Death metal with a thrashy thing going on, or is it a thrash metal with a death metal thing going on? Either way it’s heavy

Born in the Streets 1983/1984
F.O.A.D. Records
Old school and raw demos from their first recordings and even before that as their original name LA Kaos. Very old/raw recordings.

Heroes Don’t Ask Why
Sound of a broken heart
Self Released
Kind of a modern standard “metal” thing, A little grooving, a little AOR, a little melodic modern hard rock type stuff.

Serene Dark (formerly Endemise)
Dualitatem (single)
Symphonic extreme black metal, screamy and growly vox, melodic and brutal

Massive Scar Era
Color Blind (single)
Female fronted melodic proggy hard rock, clean vox, then oooo some harsh vox too!

High Council
Held In Contempt
Via Nocturna
A sort of classic metal meets modern grooving hard rock. Melodic vox, a catchy basic metal base.

The Shiva Hypothesis
Ouroboros Stirs
Blackened Death Metal… great grooves, catchy brutal riffs. Some of this gets a bit more um, melodic and folkie

Season of Mist
Ambient electronic type stuff with chanty type vox.

Season of Mist
The first live album of the same as above….

Anubi Press
A little metalcore, a bit screamy… some just a little doomy in parts too… overall though, it’s some modern metalcore

In Vain
Self Released
Released: Friday, September 29th 2017
This would be in a heavy thrash category to me…. There’s a bit of a euro heavy power metal influence in the sound, but just heavier!

The Room
Universal Music MENA
Prog metal with a bit of an industrial/symphonic thing going on too. Virtuostic guitar work, great vox, self described as a “modern fusion of Film-score, industrial metal, and progressive metal.”

Release: Circenses
Tightrope Walk on the Ground
Record label: Inverse Records
Proggy death metal, meedly good guitar guitar work, barked out vox, a melodic/symphonic undertone, so, technical melodic death type stuff. Good stuff!

Season of Mist
An experimental/prog metal thing happening here, a bit chilled out, female vox, some growly vox, some straight up metal, some darker goth metal, usually all pretty proggy though. Very dynamic, lots of differnt metal stuff going on. Great stuff.

Artist: Burn the Priest
Single: “I Against I”
Label: Epic Records
bad brains cover, this one was a little tougher to pick out as “oh, listen, it’s Lamb of God doing a cover” Had its own feel and sound to me.

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