May 202018

Burn the Priest
Legion XX
Epic Records
We’ve heard a few of the singles out already, so we have an idea of how this one is gonna go… They’re staying true to the originals while adding a little bit of their own sound to it… which when you’re doing a similar genre is the right way to go… right?

Gimme the Keys (single)
Weathermaker Music
First taste of the new Clutch, big monster grooves, killer riffs, not super fast and heavy and not too slow, just right there, catchy as catchy can be!

From Beyond
The Band From Beyond
Candlelight Records
Big sound, big doomy classic hard rock. Maybe a little bit of an Alice in Chains thing going on too.

Owl Company
Pieces (single)
Eclipse Records
This is some kind of groove metal that reminds me of Godsmack or something a bit lighter, probably perfect for commercial radio though.

The Aftermath
Napalm Records
One of those euro fe-metal bands, but this one is most like Epica, as the music tends to be a bit heavier. This one is their first album in 7 years and the first with now two vocalists (Liv Christine is now a permanent member — the other singer, Carmen is her sister)

Nuclear Blast USA
Big meaty stoner metal, a bit like spiritual beggars but like, more full

Bleeding Through
Love Will Kill All
Sharptone Records
As with their previous stuff… it’s good heavy metalcore, a bit of technicality, and in this case, the melodic parts are decent too.

Downfall Of Mankind
Napalm Records
This is a cool extreme blackened death metal / melodic death metal thing. Catchy brutal grooves. All female!

Architects Of Chaoz
(R) Evolution
Metalville Records
Basic classic metal, maybe reminds me a litte bit of WASP. Big powerful voice, just normal cassic riffage

The Ocean
Rhyacian: Untimely Meditations (2017 Version)
Metal Blade Records
11 May 2018

Spock’s Beard
Noise Floor
More personnel changes… lost the drummer, but Nick D’Vriglio is back as a hired gun. This album doesn’t have too much epic old school prog on it… it has a lot of 80’s Kansas sound and then some old school Genesis as we dig deeper… I’ve always been a fan, so this is good for me!

AFM Records
Modern metal, fun, you know that band that was the Scandanavian “gwar”? Well, it’s more of a melodic classic metal with fun crazy lyrics. good stuff.

Kind of thrashy groove metal, a Motorhead loud feeling, but more groove and more extreme, like a blackened thrashy Motorhead? LOL good stuff, as it floats into some Melodic death too

Når Avgrunnen Åpnes
Good old extreme black metal, good melodies, harsh vox and cold cold cold!!

Netrayoni (2018)
Argonauta Records
Lots of post metal doomy noise.

Melan Selas
Reon LP
Iron Bonehead
An old school raw thrashy black metal mix up. Some grooves, some melodies and good old raw black metal.

Emptiness Fills The Void
Non Serviam Records
WOw, this is one of those… oh, gee, wonder what crap this will be… well, after a play, it’s a nice surprise, kind of a melodic death mixing great classic death metal and a little black metal darkness with just straight up catchy melodic death. Great stuff!

Skuggorna Kallar
A kind of dark, depressive doomy blackened death metal. More of a doomy black metal feel wiht the occastional death metal thing

Blackest Horizon
Everlasting Spew Records
This seemed like it’d just be death metal, but then kind of morphed into some technical melodic/blackend death metal, cool stuff.

Abhor (Italy)
Occulta religiO LP/CD/TAPE
Iron Bonehead
We have some raw blackened death metal. Production is a bit lo-fi.

Gnostic Holocaust (CD)
Hells Headbangers
We had this last October from Iron Bonehead… same thing I said then… “Brutal dark death metal with a bit of a black metal thing going on ”

Face Off
Transcending Records
Some laid back chilled out femaled fronted rock.

CARNIFEX (Finland)
Pathological Rites
Xtreem Music
The writeup with this release says:
“Finnish death metal band CARNIFEX – NOT the horrible, trendy US deathcore outfit – is going to see all their demo recordings from ’91 to ’93 officially reissued on CD through XTREEM MUSIC under the title of Pathological Rites.”
And it’s some good technical old school death metal. The production is a little rwaw, but not too bad.

Ritual Necromancy
Disinterred Horror
Dark Descent Records
Brutal and intense and dark death metal. Leaning a little into the black metal realm. We’ve got some long tracks that just follow a dark and evil path.

Osmose Productions
This has a thrashy brutal death and grindy black metal thing, yeah that’s right… all that and some classic metal on top of it to boot! This has it all in the same song even!

Rock Of Angels Records
Classic metal, a sort of Maiden/Priest-light. I’d say a lot more maiden feel.

Majesty of Silence
Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht
Rockshots Records/ Extreme Metal Music
Black metal with a modern symphonic/epic/atmospheric sound. It’s a Swiss black metal duo that makes this evil and dark sound. Good stuff.

Supreme Carnage
Morbid Ways to Die
Redefining Darkness Records (N. America) | Raw Skull Records (Europe)
With a band name like this, it’s just what you hope it would be. Grooving brutal death metal…. Great stuff.

Band: Gunjack
Album: Totally Insane
Label: Sliptrick Records
It’s been a little time now that we’ve been receiving stuff from Sliptrick records, and it’s become the norm for it to be good stuff! Good production, some variance of hard rock/metal that doesn’t suck. This is some more hard rock type stuff… This has a bit of a heavier Motorhead vibe.

Cult Of A Dying Sun
Classic heavy black metal, melodic parts, cold guitars, shrieky vox… more of a full wall of sound production though (rather than some old school echo chamber type stuff)

At the Gates of the Gods
Self Released
Sounds like something wasn’t mastered, just a very raw recording of something that could be promising classic metal. Vox seem to be more announced as voice over.

In the Air Tonight (single)
Self Released
Same as above… and yes this is the Phil Collins song. vox are quite weird as a narration style. Meh.

Mission from Hell
Pitch Black
Great catchy classic metal. Not much more to say, it’s metal, it’s catchy, it’s not brutal, or cold, or epic, or anything fancy, just good solid metal. Clean vox, good riffs and stuff.

Into The Dying of Time
This is some cool epic melodic death metal, a bit of a fast dragonforce thing but a bit blind guardian, and more brutal stuff too

Anthem For Resistance
Melodic death metal, with a bit of a proggy and Amorphis thing going on… Good stuff.

The Insane Slave
The Insane Slave
Raising Legends
Melodic hard rock, clean vox, a little bit of a stoner doomy feel

Band: Ancient Oak Consort
Album: Hate War Love
Label: Revalve records
Proggy hard rock, kind of an actual folk prog rock in parts, getting into some heavier metal stuff

Pink Cocoon
Jammy stoner metal, big meaty riffs with a pretty “live” sound.

Walk Through The Fire
Self REleased (online Metal promo)
Classic metal, good stuff, decent grooves, not too heavy, not too slow, just good ol metal.

Solid melodic death, poking a bit into some black metal, a bit technical, a full symphonic keyboard sound too. Pretty cool stuff.

Liquid Anatomy
Season of Mist
Progressive Death metal, brutal and meaty sound with huge grooves while amazingly being proggy and technical. While monster grooves are going on, you have some sick solos, just pretty cool stuff.

Suffer to Abuse
Season of Mist
Quick short tracks on this EP, Brutal grindcore… not super fast and in your face, but holding back a little in some parts for some grooves to get through.

Season of Mist
I guess you could throw this into the blackened death/thrash metal pile. It’s got pretty even elements of all three, doing all three good justice. Keeping the Evil Black metal style with meaty brutal hooks on a good catchy thrashy pace.

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