May 262018

Bad Wolves
Eleven Seven Records
A little modern djenty metal, big grooves, but a bit commercial/accessible too. I think there’s still room for this.

Black Orchid Empire
Long Branch Records
Melodic hard rock, maybe a little prog-ish, a pinch of Tool, lots of melodic stuff, maybe a little like Fair to Midland in some of its grooving melodies .

Space Elevator
Catchy female fronted rock, good rock album to listen to, but probably not mosh pit material

Beyond The Reach Of Flame
Prosthetic Records
Green Bay’s own brutal death metal band got signed! This album has brutal riffs, freight train drumming, harsh pissed off vox and yeah, even some good melodic stuff with monster grooves throughout.

Nuclear Blast USA
Fast, brutal, heavy, you know, it’s Kataklysm and sounds great like everything they do.

Hate Theory
Some kind of modern american metal, a bit melodic, a bit of a groove/metalcore thing going on.

Vessel of Light
Son Of Man (Single)
Grooving hard rock, maybe a bit stoner/doom-ish

Alien Weaponry
Napalm Records
I hate to use the word “groove” in every review I do, but I’m not a great writer and when I find my self bobbing my head to a good bass/drum line, that’s what is “grooving” to me. That being said, this has deep grooves, a catchier heavy sound while not getting all brutal or even wussy on the other end. Just some decent melodic stuff and grooving metal on the other side.

Turning Point
Eclipse Records
Catchy modern metal, with some electronic stuff, a bit of a modern mallcore type thing though.

The Black Sorcery
And The Beast Spake Death From Above
Krucyator Productions
Brutal gurgly death metal. Production is raw and sludgey.

Pneuma Hagion
Trinity LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of a brutal grindy dark blackend death metal. lots of wall of brutal sounds all mooshed together held together with blast beats

Pure Blood Doom
Nuclear Abominations
Reissue from 1999, This is some heavy and beefy classic death metal. Great stuff.

Shitty Person
Svart Records
1 June 2018
I can’t say anything better than the first paragraph of the words sent along with this download…
“Shitty Person is the latest solo-ish project from Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy (Lesbian, Fungal Abyss). Along with other members of Lesbian, Rose Windows, and Master Musicians of Bukkake, Shitty Person makes music about self-hatred and counterproductive self-reflection. It sounds like drugs, has lots of swears, and will probably make you feel terrible.”
And to add to that, it’s kind a slow depressing doom… not even metal.

Good classic metal meets a little classic thrash. Good production

The Avatar + bonus (2CD)
Shadow Kingdom
A kind of classic hard rock thing. A little atmospheric in parts, bluesy rock here, straight up rock there.

Transcending Records
A technical proggy death metal thing, a bit atmospheric when it’s not being all heavy and brutal and stuff, otherwise it’s got some prog metal elements too

Excalibur (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
25 May 2018 VINYL
Classic hard rockin’ doomy metal. Monster haunting riffs, a big stonery Black Sabbath sound

Svart Records
Definitely black metal, but there’s a certain groove and catchiness to the evil and cold sounding darkness… even some theatrical type stuff. Good stuff.

Pora Umiera?
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
They say the genre is “Blackened Punk Metal” and well three words are pretty accurate, has that simple punk attitude, with some heavier/dark/cold metal.

Coughing Blood
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Gritty blackened doom on a 4 song EP. Decent stuff.

Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Two 13 minute tracks of doomy slow black metal.

Unapproachable Laws of the Abyss
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Wargoat is more of a blackened death metal, decent production and brutal. BCK is more raw and more of a black metal.

Sons of Alpha Centauri
H42 Records
A laid back rock kind of a Tool-lite with its prominent bass-type sound. It doesn’t really get into anything too heavy, just hard rockin’ prog.

The Flesh
Anubi Press
There are members from Herder, Verwoed in this band. Now that’d be cool if I knew who those bands were… anyway, this is some grindy doomy death metal, quick songs and no messing around!

The Chapter
Angels and Demons
Self Released
I’d have to throw this into a melodic death category, it’s got some great melodic hooks, deathy vox, a dark doom thing going on too.

The Inoculated Canaries
Trying Times
iView Artist
The description says: “Tastes of Alternative and Classic Rock mixed with splashes of prog, punk and satire, their music reeks of diversity (and fun!).” And yeah, it is fun, has a great energy. While not metal, it does just have a neat quality to it. This is the type of music I wish we had another show for, all this not metal, but metal attitude type stuff.

Sleaszy Rider
Just fucking brutal death metal, Great stuff.

Sleaszy Rider
This is grooving death metal, maybe a little technical, definitely barked out growly vox.

Sleaszy Rider
Female fronted melodic symphonic metal. Some heavier stuff, but overall that fe-metal operattic vox with chunky symphonic grooves.

This was described as nu-metal, while there’s a bit of nu-metal sound, the vox are more harsh, music more riffy… but the clean vox sometimes and breakdown stuff make it more nu-metal. Good stuff though!

Raven Throne
Biaskoncy snieh ?asu / Niazhasnaje
Possession Productions
Brutal blackened death metal, a good raw evil wall of guitars and cold grooves.

Hornwood Fell
Inferus (EP)
Self Released
Classic black metal, a bit atmospheric and old school.

All is Phantom
A Sad Sadness Song
A dark doomy melodic metal? Yeah not so metal, but reminded me of the Damnation type of Opeth stuff, dark yet melodic and stuff.

Soldat Hans
Es Taut
Wolves And Vibrancy Records
Really long tracks of doomy post-metal.

Dying Awkward Angel
Absence of Light
Rockshots Records
Melodic death, a good groove, brutal cookie monster vox, maybe a little bit of an Amon Amarth thing going on.

Garden of Hesperides
Forest Journey Pt.III -Final Moments
Bloody Mountain Records
Kind of a post-metal black metal doomy thing. Dark, cold, melodic, yet with that kind dark far away thunderstorm growl for a vocal style. Meh.

Battle of Neverness
brutal meaty grooving death metal.

June 1974
Visionaire Records
Atmospheric proggish type stuff, symphonic, project by an Italian composer with different metal guests on each track. Definitely for the open music mind.

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