Jun 092018

Orange Goblin
The Wolf Bites Back
Good meaty and catchy stoner metal, such big grooves. Some parts are nice and upbeat some are a bit more doomy. Good all around.

We got some good classic doom going on.

Our Raw Heart
Pioneers of the sludgey post-metal genre. You might guess how I feel about this already… I mean there are some cool big monster riffs going on, but the whole “post-metal” thing… it just doesn’t go anywhere.

Arise Extended Edition
Rhino Entertainment
Sepultura has been re-issuing their old stuff, and well any chance to get an excuse to play some older and maybe some previously unreleased stuff is always cool. The single from this is Arise live from Barcelona in 1991. wow.

Amerakin Overdose
The Great Amerakin Dream
A little bit Slipknot, a little nu-metal, some FFDP… so yeah, a modern elecronicized, yet still heavy and catchy bro metal type thing. Pretty decent and catchy.

For The Cause
Nuclear Blast USA
New stuff from an old friend… Classic NYC Hardcore and this follows that formula… good stuff!

A Dying Machine
Napalm Records
This is some good classic hard rock, catchy song, melodic good “solid rock” if you know what I mean, but there’s some decent heavier sound too… just a single so far.

Eclipse Records
Kind of a melodic death and death-core/modern metalcore. heavy, melodic and has some nu-metal elements, some mallcore… all sorts of stuff and it works.

Count Raven
High on Infinity
Metal Blade Records
Reissue from this doom band. Ozzy-like vox.

Count Raven
Messiah of Confusion
Metal Blade Records
Reissue from this doom band. Ozzy-like vox.

Shadows of Combat
Fighter Records
A fast thrashy metal album featuring great catchy anthems to metal, probably like Manowar, but better and heavier, and probably a bit more “power metal” This is a reissue from their 2013 release.

Band: Rockstar Frame + Kiara Laetitia
Album: Bulletproof
Label: Musicarchy Media
melodic hard rock type stuff with female vox.

Goat Disciple
Wolfcult Domination CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
Grindy and brutal blackened death metal. A bit of a raw feel (not bad production, just good and raw), 4 song EP. Brutal growly vox.

Codex Epicus
Cruz Del Sur Music
Some classic metal a little power metalish too.

Matterhorn (Switzerland)
Crass Cleansing CD
Iron Bonehead
A grooving death metal with a bit of a bluesy stoner metal vibe, but a chuggy low death metal thing going on.

Halcyon Days
Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass
Indie Recordings
I guess this would be a modern metal core type thing. A little similar to 36 Crazyfists to me.

Fog Light
2nd Impression
Inverse Records
Kind of some fusioney jazzy instrumental rock… proggy hard rock vituostic playing and stuff. cool stuff.

Black Market Metal Label
This is like an epic blackened death metal… picture like the speed and intensity of Behemoth meets the epicness of Dimmu Borgir, cool stuff

Closet Witch
Halo Of Flies
Screamy fast hardcore-ish frenetic fast kind of a blackened hardcore punky grind!

Unborn Generation
Kind of a hardcore screamy metalcore thing, extreme thrashy death metal too? did I just name every genre? It’s extreme metal… quick short tracks. yeah.

Crossing Eternity
The Rising World
Rockshots Records
Kind of a power metal prog metal classic metal type thing. Clean vox, some crunchy guitars, melodic parts… so yeah, classic metal.!

Sliptrick Records
Modern metal from Canada, female vox, probably more into a hard rock thing, until they hit a few tracks in with a bit more attitude.

Astray Valley
Female fronted modern metal, a gothy feel, clean vox.

Self Released
Doomy black metal. Meedly guitars, a dark, cold feeling, melodic and maybe a little “opethy” in parts.

Greyhaze Records
A good old regular “extreme metal” Kind of thrashy, kind of death metal, lots of grooves

Pious Levus
Beast of the Foulest Depths
Warfare Noise Productions
Grindy noise brutality. Wall of sound, fast and brutal.

Progenie Terrestre Pura
Avantgarde Music
They call this Atmospheric Black Metal…which yeah, it is… but it certainly would be Progressive too… if there were such a thing as progressive atmospheric black metal. Lots of kind of differenet prog type things going on.

Release: Foredoomed
This came out last August, but it’s pretty good melodic death metal… has a symphonic thing going on, but a big soilwork catchiness/heaviness that I like. Great stuff.

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