Jun 172018

Coheed And Cambria
“Dark Sentencer”
Melodic and modern prog-ish sounding. Similar to their last wekrs… pretty decent stuff, actually I like it a bit more than more recent stuff.

Impending Doom
The Sin And Doom Vol. II
Entertainment One
Djenty technical death metal, sick grooves, brutal heaviness.

Napalm Records
Technical/proggy melodic blackened death metal

Construct Of Lethe
Everlasting Spew Records
Good grooving blackened death metal.

Curse Upon a Prayer
The Three Woes
Classic brutal black metal on this 3 song EP.

Blood Oracle
Unspeakable Axe Records
Grooving death metal with a little bit of blackened doom.

Furious and Untamed 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
Seems to be the theme this week… good grooving blackened death metal. this is a 2 song ep. This is a bit more on the black metal side.

Formulas of Rotten Death 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
Brutal blackened death metal, this one’s production is a bit mushy and a wall of guitars… some melodic grooves too.

Axeslaughter / Cadaveric Incubator
Split 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
Axeslaughter is more of a brutal black metal, Cadaveric Incubator a bit more on the grindy death side.

After seeing this band/show live for the first time, it’s cool they now have a live album. Amazing prog metal show and band… this release is a good excuse to play them some more!

Drug Cult
Drug Cult
Ritual Production
DOomy atmospheric stoner metal, with female vox… very psychedelic too.

Embrace of Thorns
Scorn Aesthetics LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Following the theme this week… brutal blackened death metal, this has a good chugga chugga groove… with some great catchy stuff.

Ancient Moon / Prosternatur
Secretum Secretorum – split LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Ancient Moon is 1 track of this split, an 18 minute wall of post black metal noise, Prosternatur is a bit more listenable, still some post black metal to classic black metal.

Medieval Necromancy
Hells Headbangers
Harsh and raw old school black metal

The Sea Within
The Sea Within
Supergroup with Roine Stolt from Flower Kings/Transatlanic, Daniel Gildelow from Pain of Salvation and drums by Marco Minneman. Not really getting into metal, but just classic prog rock/a little hard rock, a little jazzy fusion stuff going on too.

A Distant Reflection of the Void
Talheim Records
Melodic death/blackened melodic death metal. Good grooves, yet melodic and full sound

De Horae Leprae
Sepulchral Productions
Melodic black metal. A full cold black metal sound, but with a fuller melodic thing going on too.

Lavadome Productions
I’d have to throw this on the blackened death metal pile. It has a full brutal deathmetal thing going on, but with a cold dark evil feeling on top.

Big meaty grooving metal. Harsh vox, but a normal metal groove sound

Pure Eternal Hate
Satanath Records
Classic brutal death metal… no fucking around and just meaty grooves and brutality!

Dead Shape Figure
Inverse Records
Melodic death with a heavy brutal thrashy vibe. Good stuff

The Hypothesis
Welcome the Darkness
Kind of a grooving melodic death metal with some symphonic keyboardy type stuff too. (just a single)

Cosmic Church
Old school creepy black metal, echoey shreiky vox, wall of meeldy kind of symphonic cold black metal.

Wonderworld III
Sliptrick records
This is some pretty cool classic hard rock/AOR type stuff. Good driving hard rockin’ guitar stuff, catchy tunes, probably could have fit in the early 90’s AOR movement. Good stuff.

Rockshots Records
Melodic power metal-female fronted “fe-metal” Good grooves, a bit of a symphonic metal thing

Black Metal Warfare TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Band name of the month award. Harsh black metal, lo-fi, but brutal and heavy… I wish it weren’t so lo-fi, because I can tell there’s some great heavy evil stuff going on.

Already Dead
Self Released
Brutal, almost grindy death metal from Milwaukee… great stuff, fast tracks, no fucking around.

Mr. Bison
Holy Oak
Subsound Records
Melodic stoner metal, good grooves, catchy sound. A good classic rock/stoner rock thing.

Kingdom Come
Eat Metal Records
Some classic metal meets a little stoner rock, catchy riffs/drums/bass all working together… this has a bit more of a metal thing in parts… nothing brutal or too out there, just classic metal. clean vox.

Flood Peak
Plagued by Sufferers
Blackened doom… mostly dark, melodic, getting into some heavier riffage and stuff.

Walk With Vermin
Big Balls Productions
I’m always happy to get some good melodic death metal, this one keeps it a bit more heavy on the extreme thrash side of things… catchy, like The Haunted… Great stuff.

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