Aug 062018

God = Dog (Single)
Metal Blade Records
Starts off melodic and kind of just hard rock ish for about 20 seconds, then you get a feel for the real Behemoth! Wall of fucking evil blackend thrashy deathy behemoth-core! yeah! Like clutch below, they kind of have their own genre. This is full on metal but there are some melodic bits in here to keep it grounded and maybe a bit more evil? Yeah good stuff.

“The Black”
Cornelius Chapel Records
Kind of a bluesy almost country rock song. Not really mosh Pit material.

“Hot Bottom Feeder”
ANother single, another catchy as hell clutch-core song. Yeah, they are their own genre, classic hard rockin’ stoner metal.

“Grey Garden” (single)
Melodic, doomy throwback feel

Integrity & Krieg
Integrity has been around a long time, this ep is kind of an extreme/heavy hardcore… good stuff actually. Krieg has a sludgey extreme doom thing going on.

Van Canto
Trust In Rust
Napalm Records
You might remeber this band as being the a capella metal band, where they pretty much just have a drummer and a bunch of voices… While it is a bit cheesy, it is all metal and cool how they can use all of their voices to basically do a power metal type sound.

Dropout Kings
Napalm Records
Been a while since i’ve heard something like this sent to metal radio. Defintely rap-metal/nu-metal. Keyboards, lots of rapping, some clean vox singing.

Epidemic (EP)
This is a sort of melodic death/groove metal type thing… growly shouted vox, some cool melodic grooving music… good sutff.

Enuff Z’Nuff
Diamond Boy
Frontiers SRL
Classic old school “hair metal” when really it’s just some classic hard rock… this has that kind of psychedelic feel like this band has had… a little KingsX/Beatles melodic catchiness.

Primal Fear
Frontiers SRL
This band has always been at the forefront of the heavier power metal type stuff. Waving the flag of just good solid metal… This single keeps that going. Great riffs, catchy vox, all that.

Far East Black Metal Onslaught
Helldprod Records
Classic doomy black metal, a bit raw, music is dark, evil sounding, but more of a basic doomy black metal.

Grimorium Verum
Fighter Records
Clean screamy vox, thrashy/classic metal/dual guitar attack!

DROID (Canada)
Terrestrial Mutations (LP)
Shadow Kingdom
This has a little melodic thrashy sound with a bit of a groove. Decent stuff.

ill Omen
The Grande Usurper 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Old school lo-fi-ish black metal. Cold, evil, dark, depressing.

Phantasmal Trinunity (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
A kind of melodic death/black metal. Good solid melodies, still having a doomy cold black metal groove going on too.

Zero Down
Larger Than Death
Minotauro Records
A classic metal, light thrashy thing, vox remind me of Sacred Reich… music is pretty straightforward metal yet catchy and melodic

Divine Ecstasy
Strange Passions 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Old school black metal, a wall of black metal sound, so it’s a bit lo-fi, but you can hear the melodic meedly guitars and whatnot going on, just not a lot of dynamic range.

Gloam / Obscure Evil
Split 10″ EP
Blood Harvest
One sone from each band..> Gloam is some decent classic black metal with some decent production and Obscure Evil is also some classic black metal but with more of a melodic doomy sound.

Release: Imperial Domain
The Deluge
Record label: Inverse Records
This is some fairly straightforward Melodic Death Metal. Good barked out vox, the heavier melodic music, maybe a bit more on the Amorphis side of stuff.

Burst Into Flame (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Music is a bit Iron Maiden-like, decent classic melodic metal, vox are more of a classic old school power metal. Overall, really some classic just “metal”.

Album: Death Parade
Label: Iron, Blood & Death Corp
I guess this is a re-issue… first time I got it… we’re talking about some melodic thrash metal here, crunchy metal riffs, over the top screamy/singy vox. Great stuff.

Argento Records
Brutal crazy blackened death metal. good and evil!

Spirit of the Stone
CDN Records
This would be melodic death, but toes more of a blackened folk metal. It’s a little easy on the folkie part, but definitely has a melodic black metal vibe leaning more on some melodic death stuff. Maybe a bit Opeth-y in parts too.

Band: Woebegone Obscured
Album: The Forestroamer
Label: Aesthetic Death
SOme pretty long doomy post-metal type songs, a bit sludgey, melodic, depressing. (cookie monster vox)

Moribund Records
Melodic black metal, classic doomy meedly black metal sound with shrieky vox, a good melodic underlayment, and also some stuff with classic cold guitars and blast beats… overall, pretty good stuff! I think there’s even some violins wailing away here too!

Where Ice Meets Ocean
Self Release
A little bit of a Motorhead meets stoner metal with doomy stuff going on

Mad Max
“The Beat Of The Heart”
Classic metal/hard rock… actually a bit of a 90’s AOR type sound.

Up From The Ashes
Rockshots Records
This is pretty straightforward classic metal/power metal. Good catchy riffage, higher signy vox. Decent stuff.

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