Aug 122018

Album: Warmageddon (single)
This is good crunchy classic thrashy metal.

Repulsion For Humanity
We’ve had a few singles from this already… This 2nd album isn’t quite as brutal and black metal as the first. There are still heavy black metal elements. This is a bit more Grooving and brutal. Good stuff!

Mad Max
SPV / Steamhammer
As the single we had a couple weeks ago, we got some super classic metal. Good melodic riffage, Maybe a little MOtley Crue feel .

Malady X – single
Metal Blade Records
A new German melodic death band… This has the brutal and heavy edge along with that Iron Maiden-like melodic part… there’s even some epic symphonic stuff (low key), getting a bit tech/proggy in parts

Anaal Nathrakh
Forward! – single
Metal Blade Records
That I always liked to call “Kitchen sink” metal, as they throw everything metal in the mix… Big fat in your face wall of sound production. Usually it’s kind of black/death metal… this single has a bit more of a groove but staying heavy and brutal too.

Lisboa Under The Spell (Live)
Napalm Records
Big long live show with three albums performed live in their hometown, Extinct, Wolfheart and Irreligious. An epic undertaking. Sounds great, and they captured the live sound great too.

Images Of Eden
Pavement Music
Classic hard rockin’ power metal-ish type stuff. A good metal edge, melodic guitar work, decent overall stuff.

The Spirit
Sounds From The Vortex
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Melodic death metal with a heavy blackend death thing happening. Great catchy, yet heavy tracks. Ranges from having Opeth like moments to full on Behemoth. Great stuff.

Forever United / Forever Warriors
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Pretty straightforward Doro fronted hard rock. nothing too heavy, a power ballad or two.
The Forever Warriors album is a bit more heavy, some faster more Mosh Pit friendly tracks

Set Before Us
Eclipse Records
Here we have a modern metalcore thing…more on the lines of brutal-core… it doesn’t seem to get all “emo-y” every chorus. It does get pretty close and melodic…

????? ?? ??
Living Temple Records
Post metal or post something chanting or whatever. No thanks.

With a band name like “Kill Everything” I’m expecting some sick brutal death metal to just push me down and keep jumping on me… well I am happy with my expectations, because that’s exactly what this is, brutal, face smashing death metal!

Barbaric Retribution (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Here we have some blackened death metal. Kind of a wall of blackened noise, almost grindy in parts… but over all, harsh brutal death metal.

Panphage Mysticism (CD, LP)
Werewolf Records
Old school black metal feel, a little doomy and dark.

Mountain Tamer
Godfortune Dark Matters
Self Released
A sort of doomy stoner metal throwback. The production has an old school feel, musically it’s got sort of a stoner 70’s vibe…. cool grooves, somewhat catchy jammin’ songs.

Pa Vesh En / Temple Moon
Split LP
Iron Bonehead
Pa Vesh En is a wall of sound black metal with shrieky vox and lo-fi production. Temple Moon is old school black metal, a bit more of some groove, but raw and a bit lo-fi too.

Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response
Prosthetic Records
HEre you have some black metal, but it’s also just some melodic metal too with like, harsh ass black metal vox on top. It’s definitely different. They’re on a semi-big metal label, so they got something going on. it’s worth checking out.

The Eternal
Waiting for the Endless Dawn
Label: Inverse Records
HEre we have some really long tracks, a melodic doomy death metal, a bit proggy and actually I’d think it’d be post-metal… and it’s not, just some longer songs that do take time to develop and get going through ebbs and flows… Pretty decent stuff if you have the patience

Band: Profane Burial
Single: The Rosewater Park Legend
Label: Apathia Records
Symphonic black metal. You have that full epic orchestra thing happening, but then you have classic melodic black metal stuff going on too. good stuff!

From the bio: “New Single From The Worlds First Interactive Band
Featuring Steve Di Giorio (Testament), John Miceli (Blue Oyster Cult, Rainbow), Frank DiMini (Angel) & Paul Crook (Anthrax, Sebastian Bach, Meat Loaf)”
This track is a good jam, maybe a bit over produced, but cool to hear a cover version

Necrotic Wasteland SINGLE
One song of fast, in your face epic blackened death metal. More please!

Sliptrick Records
Female fronted modern commercial-ish metal.

Brood of Hatred
Identity Disorder
Crime Records
Blackened doom. A melodic doomy feel with some growly more death metal vox… a cold-ish guitar feeling

Henry Metal
The Essential Henry Metal, Vol. 1
Self REleased
A melodic classic metal, maybe a pinch of thrash, mostly classic metal with a cool crunchy guitar.

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