Aug 192018

Chapel of Abhorrence
Season of Mist
Meaty grooving death metal with some melodic stuff going on too. Great stuff.

Season of Mist
Kind of a stoner metal, little sludgey, a little punky

Gateways Vol III
Old school hardcore metal, a pinch of thrash, lots of just classic NYHC.

Mob Rules
“Ghost Of A Chance”
A good solid classic metal thing. A gallopy melodic thing like a Priest or Maiden going on, but steering into a more tradional power metal type thing. Decent stuff.

No One Should Read This
Band famous for having Mike Portnoy’s kid and a singer with a pink sweater or something. This is some all over the place technical experimental metalcore type stuff. A part Slipknot, a part Dillinger Escape Plan, some Mr. Bungle, some BTBAM. Fast and heavy, a bit disjointed in parts, but it’s what the kids like these days, right?

Ancient Brewing Tactics
Mostly hardcore, with lots of punky attitude. Decent heavier edge, some nice short tracks (there’s 21 total!)

Crawl (single)
This is a proggy power metal with female vox. Getting heavier in some parts, otherwise, some straightforward melodic metal1

Bamboo Star
“It’s Just Business”
A “solid rock” single, great catchy hard rock thing you should probably hear on more commercial radio.

Rising Five
No Death Reborn
Hard rock grooving near metal. A pretty decent catchy, yet accessible metal/hard rock thing.

Black Mirrors
Look Into The Black Mirror
Napalm Records
This is a grooving metal thing with a bit of a stoner metal thing… female vox, and a bluesy metal thing happening too.

Divebomb Records
Leather Leone from Chastain fame is back with her second solo album. Great solid classic metal with a good hard rockin’ edge

Lords of The Trident
Shadows From The Past
Junko Johnson
Not sure what I can say about our local favorites here… This album tops their others! It’s the first with Brian Koenig as part of the band, as he joined right after the last album came out… From what I understand is he had lots of writings built up and contributed lots to the music on this one and it shows. It has a great melodic metal feel. I have to say there’s a little familiarity/similar style in parts to his old Luna Mortis stuff, which is a great thing. He’s a riff-master and this band is perfect to go along with the other musicians, especially the vox… Over the top and spot on. The track with Brittney of Unleash the Archers really shines too.

Purge & Reset
Kind of thrashy, a bit melodic and extreme too. Big grooves, cool stuff.

The Worst
Greyhaze Records
Doomy grooves. A bit of a 6′ Feet Under type of death metal groove, but more on the doomy side of things

After the Fire
Cruz Del Sur Music [vinyl reissue]
Vinyl reissue of their 2003 album. however, this is the first I’m hearing it. Pretty cool proggy power metal. Decent stuff, not too crazy, catchy, good grooves and tech enough to keep it interesting all with a cool metal edge.

Subtype Zero
The Astral Awakening
Seeing Red Records
So, this band has an old school Slayer sound through and through. Maybe a bit more catchy, but great classic Slayer influenced thrash.

You Took The Sun When You Left
Prosthetic Records
A bit of a doomy grind. Some really kind of catchy grooving thrash stuff too, an overall sludgey tone too

Ethereal Sepulchre
Seance Records
I’d have to call this some blackened doom. Some cold, harsh black metal stuff going on, all while kind of being dark and depressing… maybe some cool heavy grooves too.

Band: Pando
Album: Hiraeth
Label: Aesthetic Death
Experimental “music” some background music, some black metal noise, some shrieking, definitely “post” something. Meh.

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