Aug 242018

Fall Of Tyranny
We have a classic metal, power metal type thing going on, production is a bit muddy, but there’s some neat proggy stuff going on too.

One Way Out
Argonauta Records
This is a single of some kind of sludgey doom. Shouted vox, decent groovin’ riffs, a bit down tempo.

The Unity
“No Hero”
This is a single of a new band featuring some members of Gamma Ray… It’s a good edgy classic heavy power metal thing. I’d like to hear more!

Mob Rules
Beast Reborn
Seems to be power metal week! We have some basic classic hard rock/power metal type stuff… maybe a bit of an Iron Maiden vibe.

The Amity Affliction
This seems to be the go-to band for us to make fun of for being what is the modern metal thing that we just don’t really like. I’ll just leave it at that… It’s that modern metalcore/commercial metal stuff.

A bit of a standard heavy metal, but with harsh and clean vox, so this files under melodic death. Catchy riffs, the harsh vox are barked out with great abrasivieness , good mixe of harsh blackened death and iron maiden guitar galloping… cool stuff!

Cruel Magic
Metal Blade Records
Veterans of the NWOBHM in the 80’s they reunited in 2012 and have been crushing their doomy classic metal sound since. This album has a nice stoner metal-ish classic catchy doom sound with big meaty hooks and punchy drums. cool stuff.

North of South
New Latitudes
Rockshots Records
Melodic proggy metal, a little quirky but pretty good.

Beyond The Black
Heart Of THe Hurricane
Napalm Records
A standard classic metal type thing with some female vocals. Good catchy edge

Cast The Stone
Empyrean Atrophy EP
Agonia Records
A bit of a melodic death metal with some classic death metal grooves, barked out vox

Sunshine Dust
Agonia Records
Melodic hard rock with a progressive hard rock/metal feel too. great stuff

Omnium Gatherum
The Burning Cold
Century Media
TEchnical, proggy melodic death, great catchy melodies and riffs while keeping it all heavy and stuff too.

AFM Records
UDO is back to melt your face off with heavy fucking metal. Just awesome classic metal big heavy edge, amazing that this stuff is just “plain ol metal” but still is interesting to listen to, while still being heavy, but not all brutal and up in your business.

Svart Records
A doomy groove, a little bit of a Danzig type feel, maybe a bit into a heavier hardcore thing in parts

Attraction to Annihilation CD/LP
Blood Harvest
This is some technical death metal, I hear a lot of Death Symbolic here, maybe not THAT proggy, but a good brutal classic death metal with some big tech chops and maybe some heavy thrash going on too.

In the Shadow of Doom LP/CD/TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A bit classic black metal, a bit modern blackened doom. Dark, harsh and cold too.

Indie Recordings
Melodic black metal, a bit proggressive in some parts, decent melodies, not all cold and shriekey. there’s a bit of a groove and some nice melodic passages. Good stuff.

Commitment To Excellence
Extreme Metal Music / Rockshots Records
A cool take on some classic thrash, some classic melodic metal stuff going on, but mix that up with some classic thrash and you have some new catchy metal.

Helion Prime
Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster
AFM Records
This is a mix of classic metal and power metal, good heavy edge and a bit catchy too.

The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath
Dry Cough Records / Badlads
Mostly doomy sludgey sound, a little stoner metal peeking through. Vox are mostly shouted

Demo I
Purodium Rekords
Raw wall of black metal… cold and harsh.

Monte Pittman
Between the Space
Metal Blade Records
This album is a bit more heavy… a full hard rock/metal-ish classic metal featuring Monte on everything! Some songs are more laid back, the further in the album goes, the heavier. Cool stuff all around.

Monte Pittman
Better or Worse
Metal Blade Records
This one is more of an acoustic with vocals… just they kind of stuff you might hear in a coffee shop or something…

Towers of Grandiosity
Redefining Darkness Records
Raw sludgey brutal death metal. Heavy stuff… no fuckin’ around.

Everlasting Spew Records
Brutal old school death metal. Good stuff.

Fist of the Seven Stars Act 2 (Hokuto Brothers)
Rockshots Records
mostly power metal, but you got some pretty cool prog metal stuff going on too.

Kvlt Of Eblis
Templo de la Serpiente Negra
Morbid Skull Records
A classic black metal sound, cold, harsh, but yet brutal, good production, creepy chants, maybe some decent grooves too.

Melodic death with a bit of a viking/folk metal feel, a harsh yet catchy brutality with melodic hooks. cool stuff.

Aesthetics of a loss
Self Released
A dark, grindy melodic death. Has a doomy dark gloomy feel, but melodic with a pinch of black metal

This came out in July, just hit the inbox for us. I’d say this is some epic industrial metal type stuff. I know they’ve been around for a while, but I’m not too familiar. Cool stuff, almost has a black metal thing going on!

Artist: WILD
Title: Sin PIedad
Ref.: FIGHT 023 CD
Fitting with the power metal theme this week.. This is spanish language classic metal, a bit of a power metal feel, with more of a just “metal” thing going on. decent stuff!

Release date: Friday, October 26th 2018
Brutal brutal brutal death metal! I haven’t heard stuff this heavy and brutal in a long time actually. Extreme cookie monster vox, almost pig squealy in parts, but just chugga chugga fast groovin’ stuff. BROOOTAL!!

The Plague
Hammer of Damnation
Release date: Saturday, April 21st 2018
This band is from Chile, kind of a blackened extreme/speed/thrash metal… pretty evil yet melodic while staying heavy.

Band: Esoteric
Album: The Pernicious Enigma (2 CD re-issue)
Label: Aesthetic Death
Pretty long tracks of depressing doom with keyboard/electronic stuff and deathy growls.

I Am Your King [single]
A kind of metalcore / groove metal type thing with female guest vox and some kind of gothy male vox.

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