Sep 022018

The Last One
Season of Mist
Here we have a gritty proggy hard rockin’ thing. Clean vox, a pinch of djent maybe a Coheed and Cambria vibe Cool stuff!

Season of Mist
We got some kind of noise core, screamy stuff… this band has been around a while, there’s a raw grungy feel

Pig Destroyer
Head Cage
Brutal, dark, sludgy, then grindy and in your face. Good stuff.

Siege Of Power
Warning Blast
Metal Blade Records
Made up of some Asphyx and Autopsy members, these guys threw together a catchy brutal death metal project with grooves and no fuckin’ around.

Alabama Calling
Cornelius Chapel Records
A southern laid back stoner rock thing… not too metal… but decent hard rock/rock.

Stoned Jesus
Napalm Records
Whew. I was worried for a sec that this might NOT be stoner metal… it is stoner metal! A bit more of a laid back chilled out type stoner metal…

Suicidal Tendencies
Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
Suicidal Records
Doing a bit more of the old school punk type stuff… their style makes it a bit more metal and full on ST style. Can’t wait for more. (just have a single so far)

New Gods
The End Records
A bit of a throwback doom, maybe a little bit Ghost-like with a classic heavy metal feel.

Nashville Pussy
Pleased To Eat You
Must be stoner metal week! While these guys/gals have more of that psychobilly/southern metal thing going on…almost an AC/DC thing going on. Good catchy stuff.

Nuclear Blast USA
One of the more folkie of the folk metal bands… they still have a good share of metal, but with the catchy fun folk metal bounce.

Metal Allegiance
Vol. II Power Drunk Majesty
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Some great stuff here. The band stayed a bit more cohesive to the core four with just guest vox on each track. All pretty thrashy or a bit leaning towards the vocalist of each track.

They Grieve
I Made My Sacrifice Accordingly
Transcending Records
Doomy post metal

The Vintage Caravan
Genre: Rock
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Catchy stoner metal, a bit of a cool throwback with cowbell and big meaty jams.

Rithiya Henry Khiev
Eviscerated Realm
Instrumental, I’d like to say it’s proggy, neo-classical, brutal, djent full feel, but not djenty if that makes any sense. (good low end?) SOme heavier kind of chugga metal parts, and melodic classic metal stuff too. A good well rounded mix of genres mixed in here. Good stuff!

The Passage of Existence
Metal Blade Records
We’ve had a single for a while, now it’s time for the rest, and it’s not disappointing. The single was a grab you and love it right away thing, and so is the rest of the album, technical, brutal, heavy, grooving and catchy, all those good words I overuse, it’s all here and it’s a great death metal album!

Grooving stoner metal with a pinch of sludge.

Scourge of the Enthroned
Century Media
Technical death metal with a pinch of south american flavor… these guys have been consistently at it and doing some of the best death metal out there… this album is no different. Brutal, kind of thrashy, technical, grooving and catchy. Great stuff!

Sept 7
Portugal seems to be famous for one big metal band, Moonspell. Listen to this Cronaxia, the pure brutality, technicality… great death metal and you’ll want to hear more from Portugal!

Prosthetic Records
Kind of a melodic death, maybe a deathy blackened doom too. Definitely a black metal vibe, but a bit down on the tempo with some melodic stuff going on… maybe a little Opeth-like with more of a black metal vox.

Across Deaths
Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
A bit sludgey, and dark doomy, but still a bit of a full on classic black metal thing with shrieking and dark riffs

Solarworks pt. 1
A hard rock/power metal thing. Pretty straightforward

Sept 7
Supergroup featuring Brian from SHadows Fall, former Cannae and Unearth members. IT’s a pretty solid modern metalcore/heavycore metal type thing. There’s some really heavy stuff, and a few chilled out laid back songs too.

End of the Circle
Non Serviam Records
3 super long songs of doomy death metal… mostly post metal type stuff with slow slow doomy tempo and death metal growls.

AFM Records
This is some classic metal, along the lines of a Judas Priest, really solid hard rockin’ metal stuff.

Goat Sperm
Voice in the Womb
Inferna Profundus Records
Crazy fast brutal blackened death metal, then you get some choir chanting stuff to give it a neat dark yet creepy feel. OTherwise, it even gets kind of a fast grindy melodic blackened death. Actually not too bad when you give it a chance!

Tierra Hostil
Fighter Records
This is a heavier proggy power metal type thing. All in Spanish, music is heavy and a lot going on (proggy)…

Release: Tyrant Disciple
Weight Of Oblivion
Release Date: September 7th 2018
Record label: Inverse Records
This is a slayer-esque death metal… brutal, catchy, thrashy and in your face.

Sum Of Forces
Indie Recordings
A bit thrash, some power metal, good crunch and catchy classic metal feel too.

Band: Insidious One
Album: The Natural Selection
Self Released
Catchy extreme thrashy metal with a pinch of prog… vox are more of a black metal style… maybe like a skeletonwitch.

My Hollow
And Now We Fall (single) (2018)
Thrashy modern metalcore=ish, melodic, brutal, a bit

Discolocauste: 2005-2018 – The Full Sh*t So Far
27 August 2018
This is a compilation of basically this band’s full discography… A grindy brutalcore pig squeal thrashy death metal

Dead Now
Dead Now
Brutal Panda
This has a stoner metal feel, cool clean vox, a neat catchy edge

The Cruel Intentions
“Weekend Suffering” (single)
Indie Recordings
A single with some stoner metal guitar sound, a bit of a modern metal sound once you get in to the vox.

Sad Theory
Entropia Humana Final
Self Released
Release date: Wednesday, December 27th 2017
Released late last year, fresh in the inbox now… we got us some melodic leaning brutal death metal… more on the straightforward brutal death metal with some technical stuff too.

Flowing Downward
WIth a band name like Sadness, I don’t think you’re going to get anyting that’s gonna get you up in a circle bit… but it’s not just shoegaze… more of some black-post metal with some ambient experimental stuff too.

Flowing Downward
Here we also have some atmospheric black metal…

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