Sep 162018

The Unity
Mostly a hard rock / classic metal thing with vocals a bit like Russell Allen, decent stuff.

The Outer Ones
Metal Blade Records
This is the one we’ve been waiting for… typically some just really good technical death metal, these guys upped the ante! More heavy, more technical… better and better! Great stuff and fuckin’ brutal!

Constellation Of The Black Light
Napalm Records
We got a melodic death thing here, a tiny big folk metal, but mostly more of an epic heavier melodic death. Cool stuff.

Century Media Records
Ohhh yeah, we got us new Aborted, no nonsense, brutality, technical, heavy, and headbanging goodness

10 Years of Rock
Metalville Records
This under appeciated label has been chugging around 10 years now! A compilation of bands across their lineup, Astral Doors, Chris Caffery, Perzonal War… some metal, some more hard rock. Neat stuff.

Entertain Your Force of Habit
Metalville Records
Straightforward hard rockin’ groove metal. Vox are kinda growly/sung. Good catchy stuff.

The Wake
Century Media
Thse guys keep churnin’ out their style of metal… crazy catchy, well, Voivod! They really have their own sound and style and not much is like it. This follows it well. Good stuff.

Facing Transcendence
Avantgarde Music
A doomy classic black metal

Barren Canyon
World Of Wounds
Avantgarde Music
Two 17+ minute tracks of atmospheric black metal

As Rats Devour Lions
Godz of War Productions
Here’s some cool stuff… blackened thrashy metal. Extreme fast, but a cool thrashy element to keep it from just being all meedly full on black metal… yes it is mostly black metal, but pulled back a bit to add a more catchy thrash thing

Invocation (Chile)
The Mastery of the Unseen 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
An old school black metal thing, dark doomy grooves, maybe a bit of a death metal groove with a more echoey black metal vocal.

All Will Be Golden
Spacey rock, a bit of a proggy fusion thing, pretty cool, but probably not too metal.

Impossible Orbits
7 Degrees
This has a little bit of a grindy doomy black metal thing, yeah, three pretty distinct genres, i can hear them all going on… vox are a bit shouty dark black metal-ish to me. Mostly grindy fast stuff going on, but a dark low end groove that is more doomy.

Where’s My Bible
M ‘N’ R
Inverse Records
They call it Mosh ‘n’ Roll… and yeah, I can hear that, it’s not quite thrashy, but heavy enough with some heavier extreme vox… a bit growly and/or shouted, with a straightforward heavy groove musically … Cool stuff!

Armed for Apocalypse
Palm Reader
Self Released
A grooving kind of stoner extreme metal. A little sludgey, but kicking into thrash mode where a breakdown or something might be… cool stuff.

Cosmic Void Ritual
Grotesque Infections Of Interplanetary Divide 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Here we have some more lo-fi blackened death metal…

Anno Domini 1573
Rockshots Records
Traditional power metal… a little bit of a classic metal sound with a definite singalong power metal thing going on.

Slaves and Snakes
Heavy brutal, catchy, thrashy blackened death metal. Loud, great balance of sub genres and brutal as hell. Great stuff!

Chapitre II
Gates of Hell Records
A sort of extreme thrash… Vox are like a clean screamy style, but the music is more of a melodic blackend thrash… haven’t really heard anything too much like this. SOunds good!

Deep Memories
Rebuilding the Future
Self Released
This is melodic death / melodic black metal going on… extreme vox, a slower tempo, yet melodic and heavy feel musically. pretty cool stuff.

Duhul Belicos
Redefining Darkness Records
Blackened ummm, grooving thrash? Yeah, sure… Cool stuff, a traditional black metal feel but getting into some more catchy grooves too. Production is a little raw, but not too bad. Good stuff.

Owl (Germany)
Nights In Distortion
Temple of Torturous
A bit doomy, a little sludgey, vox remind me a little of Zakk Wylde…

Temple of Torturous
Melodic doomy stuff with a bit of sludgey noise happening a bit too, it’s actually bit of a proggy doom, maybe a bit post-metal…

Infamous Butcher Records
This has a prog metal thing going on, a bit of a porcupine tree, some more extreme vox, violins, folk metal stuff… heavy riffs, clean vox, growly vox… really cool stuff

Fils de Dieu
EAL Productions
First track at 10 min. long, tribal drumming and chanting… track 2 is almost 34 min… a haunting doomy post metal.

The Moor
Jupiter’s Immigrants
Self Released
I like this, it has a blackened melodic death metal thing happening… maybe even a bit proggy… a bit like an older Opeth where it’s got heavy brutal stuff and cool melodic proggy stuff. Going from full on melodic black metal, to a more laid back rockin’ thing. I like this one!

Album: The Spirit Lives On
Label: Sliptrick records
This is some good just good ol classic metal, a bit like a judas priest with a bit of a manowar intensity going on.

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