Sep 222018

Great Escape
Season of Mist
Chilled out doomy post metal with a bit of black metal when it gets goin.

The Clay People
Demon Hero (& other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies & Fables)
Magnetic Eye Records
These guys ahve been around for a while but making a comeback now… they have a good driving hard rockin’ metal thing with a bit of an Industral vibe, without really being industrial if that makes any sense. hah. a good catchy metal thing going on. Okay, the more I listen, I guess you can say yeah, it would fall in some industrial stuff, but a bit more melodic and metal-ish too.

Kill The Flame (single)
Indie Recordings
A grooving black n roll type thing, maybe close to a Satyricon? good stuff.

Reap The Storm
El Puerto Records GbR
A little bit thrash, some melodic metal/deathcore type stuff more of a melodic thrash, cool stuff.

“Draw Blood”
Combat / EMP
Thrashy funky and a little bit of death metal… a cool like, 90’s throw back thing too from these chicago guys… more to come, this is just a single.

The Brew
The Art Of Persuation
Napalm Records
Cool solid hard rockin’ thing. Just no nonsense catchy hard rock. pretty cool stuff for being just shy of metal.

The O’Reilly’s And The Paddyhats
Green Blood
Metalville Records
Irish folky punky metal kind of like the Dropkick Murphy type stuff.

Brent Barker
Brent Barker
Guitar virtuoso type stuff, cool grooves, instrumental, a bit of a bluesy feel.

Leader Of Down
Cascade Into Chaos
Cleopatra Records
last recordings of Wurzel (formerly of Motorhead) Lead track has Lemmy’s guest vocals, other tracks feature Fast Eddy Clarke too. The rest of the album has a little bit of a Motorhead feel of course, but a bit more of a classic guitar metal thing. Cool stuff.

Lana Black
Pick Your Poison (Radio Edit)
Cataclysm Records
Female fronted grungy metal. A little like a Joan Jett / Alice in Chains thing going on.

Anaal Nathrakh
A New Kind of Horror
Metal Blade Records
These guys used to just be crazy intense throw everything heavy at you metal… they seem to honed the metal into a more concise wall of blackened brutal metal sound managing to add some catchiness and grooves into the fold…

Inner Axis
We Live By The Steel
A faster more balsy kind of power metal. Good edge and a bit borderline thrashy in some parts

All My Sins
Pra Sila – Vukov Totem
Classic black metal, good, fast, heavy, brutal too… Good stuff.

Burial Shrine
Labyrinth of Bridges
This is a bit more of a noisy black metal/extreme metal thing mostly a wall of heavy noise

Blood of Serpents
Sulphur Sovereign
Non Serviam Records
Blackened death metal, heavy, brutal, catchy… great production, good stuff.

Holy Blasphemition
Xtreem Music
Brutal death metal with a bit of an old Six Feet Under Groove.

Midnight Ghost
AFM Records
This band has been doing their heavier power metal thing for a long time, and guess what, they still do and do it well… good gritty edge while still having that melodic power metal thing going on. Good stuff.

Everlasting Spew Records
Mostly classic death metal, cookie monster vox, good grooves too with a pinch of doom.

Total Retaliation
Pure Noise Records
Hardcore, thrash, classic NYCHC type stuff (except they’re from California) Great stuff.

Osmose Productions
HEre we have a brutal death metal with a sludgey overtone… some grooves too.

Pagan Storm
De Tenebrarum Principio
Classic melodic black metal. A little bit of a doomy gloom to it.

Immortal Guardian
Age of Revolution
M-Theory Audio
An epic speedy power metal, maybe a little like a Dragonforce, maybe not quite as speedy fast and a bit more of an extreme metal edge…. and maybe a bit more proggy. good stuff. BIG voice!

Terror Decree + Bonus
Moribund Records
Melodic black metal, with a fair share of tradition black metal (esp. in vocals)… musically there’s some great catchy more melodic death grooves.

Moribund Records
This is a more in your face (production-wise), blackened death… melodic and a bit even thrashy in some parts

In Lands Thought Lost
Bindrune Recordings
Seems to be black metal week… more melodic black metal, this has some cool more traditional thrash/death, even technical metal going on inbetween the black beats and cold, meedly guitars. good stuff.

Dakhma (Switzerland)
Hamkar Atonement LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
sludgey death metal, a wall of sound, kind of brutal, a bit experimental in other parts.

Two Carrion Talismans CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Blackened death metal. This one has some monster grooves, a nice dark evil catchy feel too.

Long time prog metal/prog hard rock veterans are back… a more of a laid back Porcupine Tree style of prog metal, a more hard rock thing, cool technicality, overall great stuff…

Morte Incandescente
Somos o Fogo do teu Inferno
War Arts Productions
More classic black metal. 4 song EP.

Unleashed Bastards
El Puerto Records GbR
We have some extreme trash here. classic thrash riffage, vox are a bit more screamy than old school thrash… but this is some great heavy stuff!

EMPTY (Spain)
Osmose Productions
Black metal week continues with this band from Spain… Classic black metal vox (lower in the mix). some melodic kind of proggy stuff going on when it’s not full on black metal.

Onward to Nothingness
Seeing Red Records
Sludgy doom, some long songs with a little post metal going on too.

AFM Records
A slickly produced classic metal with a bit of a techno-industrial thing going on too… it’s classic metal with big clean power metal type vox…

ASYLUM (Maryland)
3-3-88 (CD)
Shadow Kingdom
This has a throwback 70’s doomy feel, like a black sabbath with ozzy-like vox.

Children of the Atom (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
What’s this? You guessed it, some more black metal… this one is probably in the blackened thrash thing. Catchy riffs, yet brutal, heavy drumming and extreme vox all with a black metal flair. Good stuff.

Black Funeral (U.S.)
The Dust and Darkness 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Classic old school black metal.

Spirit Crusher
Prosthetic Records
Classic black metal, cool doomy vibe, some good melodies while still being harsh and dark.

Black Paisley
We have mostly a classic rock/rock thing going on here

HiFi Music For LoFi Kids
Sliptrick Records
Punky hard rock, pretty straightforward.

Lost Tribes of the Moon
Lost Tribes of the Moon
some laid back post rock doom type stuff… a little sludgey grunge with female vox… some decent stoner metal grooves thrown in the mix too.

Cemetery Lights
Lemuralia TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A basic, sort of low-fi blackened metal… it’s reelased on “tape” but do they have to record and master it as if it were recorded on cassette too? I don’t get it.

Grit Pt,2: Drift
Self Released
A little doom/black metal kind of a drony post metal too.

Sun & Moon
This has a bit of a doomy melodic thing… maybe a bit of a damnation type Opeth meets a little post-metal.

Secular Compendium
Sun & Moon
Old school melodic black metal. meedly guitars, harsh brutal vox, decent melodic stuff too… but mostly staying harsh and evil sounding too.

Mach IV
All Good Clean Records
Bluesey classic doomy metal. A bit upbeat and a pinch of stoner metal too. a cool throwback sound.

Lethal Injury
A grooving extreme thrash… a bit of a blackened sound vocal-wise, otherwise the metal is heavy and groovin’ with hints of black metal.

Eclipse Records
Brutal, djenty technical metalcore…some melodic stuff thrown in along with brutal vox, techy riffs and heavy drums… good stuff.

The Blurry Horizon
Self Released
A hard rock prog metal thing, varied vox (male and female) technical, catchy, standard type of cool prog metal, melodic, and cool stuff.

Technical Damage
The Introspect
I guess I’d throw this into melodic death. it’s got some extreme more grooving death metal stuff, but going into that more melodic chorus and instrumental breaks… good stuff.

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