Sep 302018

Red Bull
Almost nu-metal, but more of a hard rockin’ party metal. Catchy, fun and melodic too.

Eternal Return
A doomy old school stoner metal… getting pretty laid back in parts.

I Loved You at Your Darkest
Metal Blade Records
Heavy and brutal as a normal Behemoth album, but this one takes it down a notch and adds a bit more atmosphere and melodies, but still having a dark evil feel.

Raven Black
Break The Box (Single Radio Edit)
DB Entertainment
A bit of a blackened metal in parts, then going into melodic more gothy female clean vox… back to more shrieky black metal stuff too. Good grooves

Caustic Attack
The End Records
Well, this isn’t fucking around. brutal, fast, heavy, you got it. Brutal death metal. great stuff!

Napalm Records
Folky viking/melodic death from Iceland, cool song, melodic hooks, harsh vox, a pinch of that folky sound with that viking grooving heaviness

Konstelacja Dziur
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Brutal blackened death metal, heavy grooves with black metal tones… good stuff.

Chants To Irkalla
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Doomy death metal from Alaska!

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Poland seems to have a good thing going… Behemoth, Vader… Angrrsth… Right? one vowel, but brutal blackened death metal. A dark, cold feel, while having a full meaty brutal death metal thing too.

Don’t Disturb My Circles
Lower Canopy EP
Self Released
Crusty metalcore, screaming vox, kind of blast beaty in parts, a little punky grooves too.

Album: Beyond The Black Wave
Genre: Black Metal
This has some classic black metal stuff going on, there’s also an epic/melodic thing going on, like a more raw, old school Dimmu Borgir.

Album: Pathogenesis
Label: Ashen Dominion
Guess what? More black metal! This is more of a full on epic wall of sound type stuff, still dark and evil, but with that full production feel.

Foaming At The Mouth
A bit of a technical death metal, great brutality, catchy thrashy grooves too.

The Projectionist
Visits from the NightHag Part 1
Appalachian Noise Records
classic black metal with shrieky vox.

Chained to Hell (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Here we have an extreme thrashy thing with maybe a bit of a black metal style vox, super fast thrash, almost into black metal, but just not quite, no meedly guitars or blast beats… just cool super fast and raw thrash.

The Exploding Eyes
Svart Records
Old school throwback bluesy/doomy rock with keyboards, more of a melodic rock thing too. Can’t say that there’s much metal going on

Hammer King
Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
Cruz Del Sur Music
Classic metal, leaning towards folky power metal, with songs about kings, and wars and warriors and stuff. Cool stuff.

Unholy Baptism
Volume I: The Bonds of Servitude
Classic black metal, cold, meedly and evil… The soundtrack to being stuck in the cold, dark, damp woods.

More black metal? No way…. yeah. this one is more of a brutal blackened death metal. Not quite as cold and meedly, more brutal and groovin’.

God Of Thunder God Of War
Seance Records
Standing alone, this would probably be pretty decent, but reviewing 15 albums in a row and most of them are black metal, this just is “another one” good, evil, dark, more of a wall of black metal sound than old school classic stuff… but musically, it is that old school cold, sound with shreiking vox, and maybe a dark creepy undertone.

Mutilated by Zombies
Scripts of Anguish
Redefining Darkness Records
Grooving brutal death metal, great stuff, along the lines of a cannibal corpse.

Professor Black
High Roller Records
4 tracks, each are 11:06. Interesting. A doomy post metal thing going on.

Album: Infinity
Label: Sliptrick records
this is kind of an industrial death metal / prog metal. the keyboardy electronic stuff is almost something you’d just hear in some prog metal. Neat stuff.

Album: The Return
Label: Sliptrick records
Here you got some folk metal, mostly melodic death type stuff but with some good heavier and technical stuff going on all mixed in with a little bit of some folky stuff (mostly keyboards)

Pain City
Pain City
HEre we have some classic rock, a little bluesy hard rock

Split 7″ EP
Hells Headbangers
Abysmal Lord is a wall of noisy thrashed up black metal with meh production and Crurifragium is some sludgey blackened metal with howly vox and meh production too (not as bad )

Cirith Ungol
Witch’s Game
Metal Blade Records
A new single… first new studio recording since 1991! They just had a tour come through madison that people are still talking about. This single is a big meaty wall of riffs and classic metal with modern touches… great stuff.

HiFi Music For LoFi Kids
(Punk | Hard Rock from USA),
on Sliptrick Records
Punk rock / hard rock.. not full on punk, but very punky and basic with that attitude.

???? (Paranoid)
Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!
The Sign Records
This is some kind of classic thrash, a bit of a hardcore punk thing thrown in too… neat stuff.

Album: From Presence To Silence
Label: BadMoodMan Music
This has some melodic death, full on black metal, Prog metal… all sorts of cool stuff going on, and it works too! Some longer songs also with a little doomy dark feel in the slower passages (maybe a bit more blackened Porcupine Tree type stuff!)

The Phantom of Phobos
From a Dead Channel
Stop the Building
Femaled fronted gothy melodic metal

Season of Mist
A classic thrash/metal thing with a bit of a similar sound to Motorhead

Season of Mist
This is some melodic technical death metal, extreme vox, but more of a proggy technical take on the music. Fast frenetic and brutal in parts too. Cool stuff.

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