Oct 212018

Ape (Single)
Napalm Records
Great stuff, harsh vox, great grooves, female clean vox too

Kind of more of the same from these guys, catchy, yet cool hard rockin’ stuff. While probably not Mosh Pit material, I’ve always liked the catchiness and grit of Disturbed, this one keeps that up while having some more emotive tracks. I don’t think there’s much “OOO RAAH AHH AAAH AAA’s” on this one.

Fight The Fury
Still Breathing
This is some moderm metalcore, catchy and ripe for commercial radio!

Hear The River
Napalm Records
Catchy groovin’ stoner metal. A grungy guitar sound, but just monster grooves.

Play To Win
A sort of classic metal/power metal thing. A good edge to it, it’s catchy with a bit more of a heaver edge than a typical keyboardy power metal band. Cool stuff!

The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn
Peaceville Records
oooh yeah! Brutal death metal from these veterans… Gritty, grooving and yeah, even some melodic guitar work too, all while staying brutal!

Days Of Jupiter
Metalville Records
This has a classic metal thing, but a bit more gritty and prog/power metal but also a bit more melodic and musically almost has that melodic death proggy feel. good stuff!

The Browning
Spinefarm Records
Here we have some pretty straightforward melodic death metal, a bit Soilwork-like but with a bit more on the keyboard/industrial feel. Has a good heavy brutal side, while also throwing out some other stuff too.

Spinefarm Records
A commercial mall-core type metal… they have some melodic death heavy moments, awesome catchy riffs, but then going to some of those whiney clean vox… meh.

The Truth (Single)
This has a heavier classic thrashy base musically, with dual spanish/english vox, from Puerto Rico.. the thrashy stuff gives way to some melodic stuff too.

Ruin (U.S.)
Human Annihilation
Memento Mori
Grindy classic death metal with a bit of a doomy gory groove.

Memento Mori
This has a proggy tech death metal thing going on, pretty cool, it’s a little doom in parts, extreme in others, melodic, and that proggy tech stuff too.

Morbid Messiah
Demoniac Paroxysm
Memento Mori
A kind of classic death metal, a bit raw on the production, some black metal stuff going on… decent grooves though. Good, heavy and fast.

Life Is Not Beautiful
AFM Records
Here we have a power metal thing, keyboards, a little pinch of prog… good stuff.

AFM Records
Classic metal band doing 32 covers from all over the place. Africa, Eye of the Tiger, Jet City Woman. All done in a fairly true to form classic metal style.

“High Rollers”
Sliptrick Records
Catchy classic hard rock… very aor-ish.

These guys seem to be carrying the flag for classic prog/prog metal all in one. A busy year or two with tours, being Portnoy’s backing band for his Shattered Fortress tour… this has prog metal stuff, 80’s and 90’s prog stuff, melodic, catchy, all sorts of things going on. Great stuff!

Stridshymner Og Dodssalmer
Osmose Productions
A good extreme wall of blackened death metal sound… a bit of an epic feel, but nothing like symphonic or operattic… just a good full gritty, evil black metal thing.

Rapheumets Well
The Elder’s Anthology
Test Your Metal Records
This is pretty awesome stuff… this does have an epic symphonic black metal thing happening… and actually a bit of a prog thing too. Extreme symphonic blackened Prog metal? Yeah!!

Act One (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Old doomy classic metal throwback… some organs, a little bit of a “ghost” feel too… pretty catchy grooving stuff too.

Icarus Witch
Goodbye Cruel World
Cleopatra Records
Classic metal / power metal with some good catchy just “metal” songs… clean vox, good musicianship…

Illustra Nos
Redefining Darkness Records
Old school raw black metal.

The Ancient Pulse
Melodic, sort of unplugged, doomy “rock”?

Texas Metal Outlaws
Texas Metal Outlaws
Heaven and Hell Records / Texas Metal Underground Records
Classic thrashy metal, good raw edge

Excalibur (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Doomy stoner metal, big meaty sound, good catchy grooves with a more of a stoner sound than depressing doom.

II Dark Season (CD)
Shadow Kingdom
Here we have some kind of extreme thrash in the heavier parts… a little dark, doomy in some of the melodic parts… but catchy, grooving, kind of a horror metal thing too.

Blood Chalice (Finland)
Blood Chalice CD + DVD/10″ EP
Blood Harvest
Gory death metal, a bit grindy and raw.

Prosthetic Records
Grindy death metal, brutal, fast with no fuckin’ around.

The Bleakness of Our Constant
Bindrune Recordings (USA), Nordvis (Europe)
A sort of classic black metal with a little doom feel.

Band: Sorrowful Land
Album: I Remember
Label: Solitude Productions
Doomy death metal, mostly kind of a slow depressing thing, with some cookie monster sloooow groowwlllss

Skull Fist
Way Of The Road
Napalm Records
This has a clasic metal thing… a pinch of a thrashy feel and clean vox (kind of sounds like Klaus Meine!) decent stuff.

Cascading Inferno CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Death metal with a black metal feel, blast beats, brutal death metal, harsh vox.

CLONE CULTURE (Dark Wave/ Post-Punk)
Clone Culture
They call it “dark wave / Post-Punk” and yeah, there’s a little slow surf punk, melodic alt rock thing going on. meh.

Svart Records
Here is some kind of post metal… a bit black, a bit doom, a bunch of long songs that just plod along.

The Art of Conjuring
Groove metal, clean and harsh vox, a bit of a melodic death thing too, maybe metalcore? Good grooves, heavy parts are a bit brutal, melodic parts are just shy of metalcore… so yeah, a cool heavy melodic death I guess!

Melodic doomy black metal.

Holocausto (Brazil)
Guerra Total TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Rawly produced extreme thrash, or like a blackened extreme thrash with some death metal.

Band: Serpents Kiss
Album: Dragon Lord
Self Released
Classic metal, borderline thrashy, decent stuff.

Mule Skinner
Classic death metal, big grooves, quick fast and heavy songs. good stuff!

Band: Ashes Reborn
Release title: Contamination
Record label: Firecum Records
with a record label called “Firecum” how could you go wrong? This is some grooving brutal deathy thrash metal. Great stuff.

Martyr Lucifer
Gazing at the Flocks
Seahorse Recordings
A little goth, a bit industrial and a bit of an alternative post metal thing too. meh.

Anthems In Ashes
Burn it Down (EP)
Classic metal, female vox, straightforward more of a hard rock thing, melodic, clean vox, decent grooves, nothing’ too heavy, not all wimpy either.

Restless Dreams
Rockshots Records
A bit of a melodic death, but leaning more on the melodic side of things, pushing into a little metalcore and doom.

Artist: Circle Creek
Title: Past presents Future
Label: NRT-Records
Catchy stoner metal, with a little doom going on, did I just describe every stoner metal album? This is a bit more melodic and when it’s not doing faster tempo stuff, it’s a bit gloomy.

Artist: Bad Bullet
Album: Use The Energy
Label: NRT-Records
They call it: “Alternative Rock / Grunge / Metal” I hear the alternative and grunge parts… metal? notsomuch.

Self Released
Brutal, blackened death metal, heavy, and melodic, technical and did I mention brutal? Has some almost Amon Amarth type grooves too.

Divine Ways of Chaos
My Magic Mud
Well, this is some pretty awesome melodic death metal with some death vox, and then super high metal screams… music is harsh, grooving and catchy too. great stuff!

Mörkrets Intåg
Wolfspell Records
Old school doomy black metal

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