Nov 042018

“All Out Life”
A surprise single from Slipknot! It’s fashionable for “troo” metalheads to bash Slipknot, but they really are a solid metal band, and were a gateway for some to more undergound and other metal. This single sounds like it could have come from the Iowa sessions. Gritty, heavy, and unmistakably Slipknot!

Bamboo Star
No Hard Feelings
Classic metal, clean vox a bit of a pop metal thing.

Ashes Of Ares
Well Of Souls
Rock Of Angels Records
First album in 5 years! Former Iced Earth frontman’s band…, Matt Barlow… singing his ass off… and even though co-founder Van Williams officially left the band, he guests on Drums for the album. (yeah, right?) But yeah a good solid classic/proggy metal for fans of, well, Nevermore and Iced Earth!

Architects UK
Holy Hell
Epitaph Records
modern metalcore-ish type stuff.

The Sacrament Of Sin (EP)
Napalm Records
Solid power metal with a little folky metal feel. Decent grooves and a sing-a-long almost Blind Guardian thing happening. good stuff.

Red Dragon Cartel
Frontiers SRL
A hard rock Sammy Hagar sounding thing.

Stephen Pearcy
View To A Thrill
Frontiers SRL
Well, the voice of Ratt… here’s a single from the new one, just generic hard rockin’ stuff… just like Ratt. (i’ve never been a huge fan!) haha.

Forbidden Dreams
Fighter Records
Proggy instrumental power metal. Good guitar work, catchy licks, boopy keyboards.

Inverse Records
Heavy, fast and furious thrash metal with some melodic grooves. Great stuff!

Band: HEX A.D.
Album: Netherworld Triumphant
Label: Fresh Tea
Doomy stoner metal, big monster grooves, hammond organ, cool stuff…. a little like Trouble.

Jämna Plågor
A grooving classic metal, a little tiny punk thin, but a cool 70’s vibe with some modern feel.

AOP Records
A sort of classic black metal, but a bit more on the melodic side, not fully cold and evil..

None For One
Self Released
a sort of classic rock/hard rock with an alternative rock vibe too.

The Waters of Death
Cruz Del Sur Music
Grooving doomy female fronted metal. Some cool classic metal going on too.

Autumn Kings
Here we have some melodic blackened doom. Harsh growly vox, a little meedly black metal sound, but not all cold and harsh.

Norrøne Spor
Indie Recordings
Melodic blackened metal… A little bit of a Dimmu Borgir/Satyricon thing… A black n roll feel, great stuff.

Zealot Cult
Spiritual Sicknes CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
Vox remind me of Obituary, musically a bit of a classic death metal, so yeah, a lot like Obituary, but a bit heavier.

Scarlet Records
There are a lot of bands with this name… this is the one from Italy along the Progressive Death Metal persuasion. Brutal death metal a bit raw, but technical and when it’s not brutal, we have some straightforward prog metal type stuff…then transitioning into the good brutal stuff.

Apocalyptic Rhymes
Cruz Del Sur Music
Classic metal with a big voice and a bit of a heavier side pushing into thrash a bit. Cool groovin’ bass lines too.

Convent Guilt
Diamond Cut Diamond
Gates of Hell Records
Doomy classic metal

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly
The main guy behind prog band Beardfish has his own project, following along the same path with a classic prog along the lines of Yes/Genesis/Spocks Beard and a bit heavier. Great stuff.

Third Storm
The Grand Manifestation
Dark Descent Records
Blackened death metal, a bit more on the black metal side, some grooves and catchy melodic stuff too.

The Wall [Redux]
Airplay Date: Friday, November 9th 2018
Doomy post metal type bands doing Pink Floyd’s the wall.

Planet Silver Screen
Prosthetic Records
Gothy stoner metal.

As The Kingdom Drowns
Prosthetic Records
Technical blackened melodic death metal type stuff. These guys have been around a while and this album is great! Technical, heavy, catchy, brutal and yeah!

Dire Peril
The Extraterrestrial Compendium (LP) (2018)
Divebomb Records
This is sort of a thrashy proggy power metal. Along the lines of a Blind Guardian/Iced Earth. Heavier than a typical power metal, but catchy and technical too.

Heathen Witchcraft (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Melodic classic metal / doomy feel.

Fractal Cypher
Prelude To An Impending Outcome (EP)
HEre we have some proggy power metal. 4 longer tracks of good melodic and catchy standard prog metal type stuff.

Avantgarde Music
Classic black metal, cold, dark, evil, doomy. I feel like I’m lost in a cold foggy, misty forest at dusk.

We got some cool gritty classic metal/power metal-ish stuff. Good light thrashy edge, a bit of that German metal feel. (they’re from Austria –pretty close!)

Demetrio “Dimitry” Scopelliti
The Silent Watcher
Self Released
Proggy metalcore. Guitar virtuoso stuff, with a bit of proggy power metal and djent in this all instrumental stuff.

Band: Kjeld
Album: Banier fan Frisia
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release date: October 11th, 2018

Band: Theudho
Album: De roep van het woud
Country: Belgium
Genre: Pagan/Black Metal
Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release date: October 20th, 2018

Self Released
Power metal with proggy and classic metal elements. Decent stuff.

VYR – Release Date: Nov 9, 2018
Noizr Productions
Blackened death metal, brutal, groovin’ and just full on assault of metal goodness, and what? a flute? fuck yeah!

Ginger Red
Donuts And Coffee
El Puerto Records GbR
HEre we have some classic metal / hard rock. Female fronted stuff, catchy anthemic songs, a bit of a 90’s AOR feel.

Self Released
a couple tracks sent to the Mosh Pit, grooving melodic hard rock, a little bit of an alternative hard rock thing going on.

Ye Goat Herd Gods
Ashes Shall Be Made of Them
Self Released
A doomy death metal with some melodic death stuff going on too.

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