Feb 242019

Devil Master
Satan Spits on Children of Light
Release date: Friday, March 1st 2019
A melodic, cold black metal, has a throwback raw sound, but it’s their debut album, a pulsing punky black metal.

Tragedy: Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond
Tragedy Goes To The Movies
70’s / 80’s songs metal-ized! Might have more of a Scorpions meets modern classic metal vibe…. I’m a sucker for this stuff, so matt likes!

Malevolent Creation
The 13th Beast
M-Theory Audio
1 March 2019
One of the early purveyors of classic death metal, they keep chugging along… barked out harsh growly vox, freight train of bass/drums, great meedly gutiar work on top… good stuff!

The Heretics
Season of Mist
15 February 2019
A little bit black metal, some melodic death, a bit doomy too. Big grooves, and a little dark/depressing too.

In Flames
I, The Mask
Eleven Seven Music
feb 26
Don’t have the full length yet, but the two singles I have “officially” and the other couple online releases show some promise, I mean, after their last album it’s tough to get worse… one of these new ones is very happy metal core type stuff… a very “everyone jump up and down” then do melodic chorus type thing. The other is a bit more post clayman sounding and shows promise again.

Mark Morton
Spinefarm Records
Well, this guy… from Lamb of God decided to do a solo album, his signature guitar sound is present but with different singers, so far, one track with Chester from Linkin Park… has his vox, but with a heavier edge musically, also Alissa from Arch Enemy, Randy, Chuck Billy, Myles Kennedy and a bunch of who’s who performing other stuff aside from guitars… cool stuff.

Sisters of Suffocation
Humans Are Broken
Napalm Records
All female (except the drummer) blackened death metal… brutal, harsh, but with a deathy groove… great stuff.

Children Of Bodom
Nuclear Blast USA
We all know what CoB is all about… melodic guitars with keyboards and a wall of sound… these two singles (so far) keep that flag flying. I always liked what this band does and like the new stuff here too. So heavy, yet catchy and melodic.

Kings Destroy
Fantsma Nera
Svart Records
A little doom, a little stoner, and just some good grooving hard rock. (only a single so far)

Band: Obskkvlt
Album: Blackarhats
Label: Nooirax Producciones
Release date: January 21st, 2019
Lack of vowels in the band name shouldn’t affect the outcome, right? Cuz this band has it going on… Brutal, fast and furious death metal with a black metal harshness

Album: Evil Comes
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: February 19th, 2019
A bit of a classic speed metal/ thrash thing decent stuff.

Band: KGB
Album: Smert’ju Vosstavshij
Label: Metal Race
Release date: February 23, 2019
A thrash band from russia sounding kind of like it was mastered through a phone line. it’s a shame, sounds kind of some techy proggy thrash going on.

Band: Germ Bomb
Album: Gist Sucked Out
Label: Metal Race
Release date: February 23, 2019
They call it “Apocalyptic Rock’n’Roll” it has a little horror metal thing with some stoner metal grooves

Lucifera (Colombia)
La Caceria De Brujas
Dunkelheit Produktionen
25 February 2019
an extreme thrashy thing with female vox… super harsh almost black metal speed and heaviness… but with a cool thrashy death groove

Empires of Mediocracy
Non Serviam Records
28 February 2019
Some classic death metal with a little melodic black metal thing going on too

Heretical Sect
Heretical Sect
Redefining Darkness Records | Caligari Records | Vendetta Records
1 March 2019
Deathy blackened doom… echoey growly vox, a little bit of a cold black metal sound while being dark and depressing.

“No Solution / Dissolution”
Self Released
late 2018
Classic death metal, harsh and growly vox, blast beats groovin’ headbanging stuff too.

Tim Bowness
Flowers at the Scene
Release date: Friday, March 01, 2019
Some lighter prog rock.

The Naked and the Dead
The Naked and the Dead
1 March 2019
a punky gothy alt-rock

O Corac?a?o Negro da Terra
Ritual Productions
1 March 2019
basic black metal, a bit cold, harsh, a bit of a doom tempo, some raw production

Band: Target
Album: Deep water Flames
Label: Australis Records
Release date: March 1st, 2019
Melodic death, proggy metal… some atmospheric parts, otherwise some good harsh melodic death going on with some pretty sick prog stuff going on too.

Red Cain
Kindred: Act I – Out March 1, 2019
1 March 2019
Prog metal with a little melodic death in parts, otherwise, they have a groove metal thing going on.

Death Is Death
Death Wears Suit
Label: Concorde Music Company
Actual release date: March 1st 2019
A basic groove metal, a little thrashy, a little bit of raw feel.

Climate fo Fear
The Onset of enternal Darkness
Label: Demons Run Amok
Release date: 01-03-2019
Thrashy melodic deathmetal… good stuff!

Band: Hiss From The Moat
Album: The Harrier
Label: M-Theory Audio
Release date: February 22, 2019
Sometimes an album/band just grabs you from the start, and you know it’ll all be good. this one is it. Right off the bat (after the little intro)… BAM, a blackened death/tech wall of catchy brutality… great stuff.

Band: Downcross
Album: Mysteries Of Left Path
Label: Saturn Sector Rex
Release date: February 21th, 2019
Decent classic grooving mid-tempo black metal..

Solens Soenn og Maanens Datter Kapittel I
Genre: Norwegian Black Metal
Self Released
Released on February 15th, 2019
This is just one song of acoustic guitar work… nothing really more than a loop of a few chords?

No Stories Left – single
Metal Blade Records
12 April 2019
single of some intense blackened melodic death… big grooves, melodic hooks… harsh vox… all cool stuff.

Fractal Universe
Oneiric Realistions – radio single
Metal Blade Records
19 April 2019
Another melodic death thing, this one leans more on the death metal side of things… more prog tech death too. great stuff

Band: Reject the Sickness
Album: The New Chapter
Self Released
Release date: February 22, 2019
just 3 tracks… but a cool melodic death almost metalcore (more like brutalcore)… but I guess staying more on the death metal side of things… cool stuff!

A New Revenge
Enemies and Lovers
Golden Robot
Yet another of Ripper Owens’ new projects, this one has Rudy Sarzo, Keri Kelli, James Kottak… a good solid classic metal… Ripper is not quite over the top and a bit more just a good hard rock singer here

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