May 052019

Dead By Wednesday
Dead By Wednesday
A kind of heavy groove metal, catchy songs, big grooves, clean and harsh vox, a bit of a metalcore/melodic death feel. Cool stuff!

Arch / Matheos
Winter Ethereal
Metal Blade Records
10 May 2019
Just amazing to think John Arch went all those years with doing nothing until his solo EP…and then to a “real” project with Jim Matheos, which is kind of basically current Fates Warning with Arch singing…best of both worlds. This album is heavy, gritty, prog-metal and with the classic and unmistakeable John Arch… still sounding the same too! Great stuff all around.

Sociopathic Constructs
Metal Blade Records
10 May 2019
Brutal classic death metal but with some awesome technicality… so yeah, brutal technical death metal! awesome stuff!

Amon Amarth
Metal Blade Records
3 May 2019
Really… at this point, you know Amon Amarth, you know they’re playing viking metal disguised as great melodic death… catchy, heavy and really just making you want to headbang and drink beer. Great stuff again!

Employed To Serve
Eternal Forward Motion
Spinefarm Records
A kind of basic doom/death metal with harsh vox (female)

Flesh And Blood
Frontiers Music SRL.
ALready a few Whitesnake reissues… it’s Flesh and Blood’s turn… I wasn’t into this stuff back then, so it’s cool to have a reason to listen to it now… this was some great stuff!

Revelations Of The Oblivion
Nuclear Blast USA
Classic!! But new! Brutal and grooving death metal.

American Sharks
The End Records
This is a bit of a punky grunge with a little doomy feel.

Church of Bones
Nine Records
6 May 2019
Doomy stoner metal. Big clean powerful vox…

Ritual Productions
10 May 2019
Chalk this one up to the dark post-metal… meh.

Vultures Vengeance
The Knightlore
Gates of Hell Records
10 May 2019
This is kind of a classic metal, maybe a classic prog metal? Just has that like, old school metal with a big voice.

Under the Witching Cross (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
10 May 2019
ANother classic sounding metal, this is probably more of a dark thrashy metal…

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
Release date: Friday, May 10, 2019
Some classic rock rock/hard rock (more like a Spock’s Beard/Yes/Genesis type thing) but the wrench here is Italian language lyrics! Looking into this a bit more… First album in 22 years! (founded in 1972) whoa.

Headbanging Forever
Rockshots Records
10 May 2019
CLassic thrashy sound… a bit more of a heavier technical sound though too… Great stuff.

Kings Under The Sand
Gates of Hell Records
10 May 2019
A bit of a stoner metal, classic grooving standard “metal”

Metal Shock
Gates of Hell Records
10 May 2019
A bit of a classic metal with a little catchy groove

Band: Decision to Hate
Album: Anti-human Art
Label: Self-released
Release date: December 8th, 2018
Something from late last year new in the inbox… great stuff, blackened death metal… plenty of brutal meaty grooves, but with a cold harsh evil edge… even a bit of a melodic death thing going on.

Ambition 999
Sleaszy Records
1 February 2019
A sort of modern metal with a little prog rock feel to it. Nice and catchy.

Black Pestilence
Urban Hell Rhythmics
25 May 2018
Another thing from last year just being sent out now… this has a grooving death metal vibe with a pinch of black metal to keep it evil.

Band: Terravore
Album: Unforeseen Consequences
Label: Heathen Tribes
Release date: January 14th, 2019
Another older one… extreme thrash… vox are harsh, but a fast kind of classic thrash music thing going on… cool stuff.

Album: Lords Of War
Release date: April 30th, 2019
Label: Sliptrick Records
Here we have a little bit of a melodic death / thrash / modern kind of groove metal. Harsh vox, melodic heavier metal…

Marianas Rest
Label: Inverse Records
Release date: 26 -04-2019
A kind of doomy black/death metal. Some melodic death type stuff happening. Good grooves too.

Core Artists
26 April 2019
Female fronted kind of gothy modern metal/hard rock.

Gen Nero
LSDIY Records
April 22nd
Solid grooving doomy metal… clean powerful soulful vox, head nodding catchy stuff.

Album: Rebelism
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: May 7th, 2019
Some major stoner type grooves going on here… just a catchy heavy kind of CoC brand of grooving hard rock. Cool stuff from Sweden!

Söhne der Sonne
MDD Records
22 March 2019
Black metal? death Metal? melodic death? Yeah, we’ll go the black metal/death metal way… not all cold and meedly, but more dark and cold, some melodic grooves mixed in with the blast beats and dark evilness.

Release: Midnight Bullet
Into the Fire
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: May 3rd 2019
Here is some just good old modern “metal” catchy grooves, vox are a little raspy, not quite growly, music has some solid riffs and easy to listen to without being boring and blah.

Gunpowder Gray
Lethal Rock and Roll
Midnight Cruiser Records
17 July 2018
Another release just sent out for an “if you have time, get awareness” type thing… a little bit of a bluesy hard rock. Found myself listening and air drumming along…hah.

Port Noir
The New Routine
Release date: Friday, May 10, 2019
As with most stuff in InsideOut, it’s going to be prog… this has a tiny bit of a Tool vibe (vocally), but a light melodic rock thing happening too.

Dark Heresy
Abstract Principles Taken To Their Logical Extremes
Svart Records
26 April 2019
We have some kind of death metal, with a bit of an extreme thrash thing going on… Cool dark evil stuff.

“Dawn of Domination”
Evil Spell Records/Undercover
30 April 2019
I’d have to call this extreme ohh… blackened thrash …. big black metal sound, but a faster heavy thrash type sound… but fast and dark.

Auric Records
22 March 2019
A doomy death metal thing… kind of a big meaty groove going on

Band: Marcia Funebre
Album: Marcia Funebre
Label: Heathen Tribes
Release date: May 6th, 2019
here is some basic black metal a bit more on the melodic death metal side of things…

Release: Scythe For Sore Eyes
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: May 3rd 2019
Hard rock, classic metal

15 April 2019
Kind of an epic prog symphonic metal thing… seemingly telling a big story… with some great catchy and epic moments too.

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