WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 5/8/17

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 5/8/17

Artist — Album — Label
1) Mastodon — Emperor of Sand — Reprise
2) Harlott — Extinction — Metal Blade
3) Body Count — Bloodlust — Century Media
4) Night Demon — Darkness Remains — Century Media
5) Infernal Majesty — No God — High Roller
6) Hate — Tremendum — Napalm
7) Pallbearer — Heartless — Profound Lore
8) Blood Feast — The Future State of Wicked — Hells Headbangers
9) God Dethroned — The World Ablaze — Metal Blade
10) Blessed Curse — Beware of the Night — M Theory Audio
11) The Obsessed — Sacred — Relapse
12) Ancient Ascendant — Raise The Torch — Candlelight
13) Helsott — The Healer — M-Theory
14) All That Remains — Madness — Razor and Tie
15) Fates Warning — Awaken the Guardian Live — Metal Blade
16) Ayreon — The Source — Mascot
17) Morbid Flesh — Rites of the Mangled — Unholy Prophecies
18) Tribulance — The Aftermath of Lies — The Entertainment Co.
19) Mammoth Mammoth — Mount the Mountain — Napalm
20) Prometheus — Consumed In Flames — Katoptron IX

Top 5 Adds
1) Dragonforce — Reaching Into Infinity — Metal Blade
2) Kobra & The Lotus — I Prevail — Napalm
3) Twilight Force — Heroes of Mighty Magic — Metalville
4) Vangough — Warpaint — Self Released
5) Sacrificial Slaughter — Genertation of Terror — Horror Pain Gore Death —

Other Adds/Reviewed: Motionless in White, Below, Goatwhore (single), Beastmaker (Single), The Unit, 3theth, Black Dreams, Sacred Oath, Tusmorke, Bittered, Red Beard Wall, Caina/Cara Neir Split EP, Sabbath Assembly, Summoner, Excommunion, Ensnared, Petere Graigs, Act of Sin, Humangod (single), Rithiya Henry Khiev, Miserist, Slant, Corvus Noctis, Il Pasaro, Nemesis Sopor, Lvx Heresis, Fellwarden

New Stuff This Week… 5/8/17

Motionless In White
Graveyard Shift
I recall this band being a bit more heavy… this seems to be more along the lines of a modern hard rock/metal-core-ish-light with some electronic stuff going on all over… a bit Marilyn Manson-ish/Rob Zombie meets a StoneSour type band.

A hard rock/ prog hard rock thing with maybe little prog metal.  Decent melodies, nothing getting too fast or heavy, just leaning more towards straightforward hard rock.

“The Evil One” [Single]
Rise Above
Doomy metal, crunchy riffs, meedly solos and a stoner metal thing

Reaching into Infinity (Special Edition)
Metal Blade Records
They’re back!  A new album.  It has the same elements that you’d expect, over the top guitars, then some more.  Big powerful anthemic stuff, cool vocal harmonies.  fast heavy and catchy… but as with all albums from these guys… sometimes it’s too much.

Upon a Pale Horse
Metal Blade Records
Kind of a doomy power metal, like a Candlemass or dark epic stuff.  Clean power-metalish vox, big power doomy riffs too.

Vengeful Ascension – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Usually this band grabs you straight up… This track is a bit more doom and down tempo… big grooves, just not fast and heavy like I’m used to.  Great vox and riffs and all that though.

The Unit
I Won’t Die
Pavement Entertainment
Female fronted… crunchy guitars, a bit crusty and hard rock/stoner-like musically.

Twilight Force
Heroes Of Mighty Magic
Metalville Records
Big epic symphonic power metal along the lines of Rhapsody.  cool stuff.

Kobra And The Lotus
I Prevail
Napalm Records
A little goth, a little stoner metal, some power metal feels too.  Good catchy hard rocking stuff with some cool female vox.

Cleopatra Records
I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce this band name.  Electronic metal, but a bit more gothy down temp

Black Dreams
My Hell (Single)
Grooving hard rock with a very Danzig-like sound.

Sacrificial Slaughter
Generation Of Terror
Horror Pain Gore Death
Brutal death metal, great fast and aggressive sound, maybe a bit on the brutal thrash thing… but grooving fast and catchy death metal.  Great stuff.

Twelve Bells
Angel Thorne Music
Kind of a thrashy thing, a bit of classic metal, clean vox, decent catchy music.  A mix of classic metal, a bit thrash, prog/power metal too.

Svart Records
Folky funky quirky art rock.

Album: Foreign Agenda
Label: Lost Apparitions Records
Crusty grindy classic death metal type stuff.

Argonauta Records
A little sludgey, with some monotone-ish vox, kinda like old Raw Nirvana type stuff…then you get some screamo going on… and an overall doom feel.

Caïna / Cara Neir
Broken Limbs
12 May 2017
Melodic, black metal, post-metal, decent stuff though, seems to have a good melodic death/black metal feel without getting too boring/post-metal-ish.

Sabbath Assembly
Rites of Passage
Svart Records
Some kind of old school sounding doomy classic metal, female vox …. a sound along the lines of alike a Ghost type thing.

Beyond the Realm of Light
Magnetic Eye
A little bit of a stoner metal meets like the guitar work of Iron Maiden.  A cool catchy sound, a bit doomy, but some quick solo work in parts… I guess there’s a bit of a Mastodon feeling too.

Dark Descent Records
Brutal blackened death metal.

Ensnared (Sweden)
Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
Heavy blackened death metal… great brutal and yeah, a little melodic in parts too.  Good stuff!

Peter Graigs
The Beginning of the End
Self Released
classic metal, clean vox, an ok groove… it’s just basic metal type stuff.

Band: Act Of Sin
Album: Casting the Second Stone
Self Released
Kind of a melodic death meets thrash thing.  A bit like a brutal thrash, but with some catchy melodic stuff too…

Real Me
A single of some proggy epic power metal, cool stuff!

Rithiya Henry Khiev
The Finite Cycle EP
Self Released
Melodic death, with production that sounds like a few layers of mp3s were compressed.  Cool music, great guitar work, crunchy riffs, and overall decent.

Miserist (EP)
Label: Krucyator Productions
Black-ish metal, doomy and atmospheric in parts too.  A lot of noodling around, then finally getting to some brutal good stuff then, just putzing around again.

With Or Without You
(Slant/PCM Live Entertainment)
Gothy emo-commercial hard rock/metal sounding stuff.

Corvus Noctis
Self Released
Spanish language power/classic metal.  Anthemic/driving guitars/vox and overall feel.  Catchy but nothing new.

Il Pasaro
Self Released
A dark grooving thrash sound.

Band: Nemesis Sopor
Album: MMXL
Label: Geisterasche Organisation
Clasic old school black metal… more on the melodic side…. meedly cold guitars and blast beats.

Lvx Hæresis
Descensu?s Spi?ri?tu?s
Label: Atavism Records (France)
classic black metal, a little on the doomier side of things.

Classic melodic black metal.  A bit of an atmospheric doomy black metal thing going on.